Friday, October 16, 2009


Criminal Minds: There has been way too much already written about Mandy P. guest starring on Three Rivers but I loved Ed Bernero's responses in this article so I am posting it. I think it should answer once and for all the emails I have been receiving the past few days asking me if Mandy is coming back to Criminal Minds!

The highlights:

Mandy: “They were some of the most beautiful, gifted actors I ever had the privilege to work with, and I miss them all very much,” he says. But a show about tracking serial killers “just wasn't the right fit at the time....The way I work, for better or worse, is to bring that material to life. My mind was immersed in Holocaust images 24/7. It isn't that I won't do pieces like that in the future, I'll just be cautious in terms of what I choose. I'll choose in a very Mandy-friendly fashion.”

Ed: The warm feelings aren't exactly mutual on the Minds set. “I can tell you that nobody misses him,” says executive producer Edward Allen Bernero, who says the last time he talked to Patinkin was just before the table read, when the star said, “I'll see you in an hour” and then didn't show. “We sent the police out,” says Bernero. “We thought he got in an accident on the freeway coming to work.”

“He really hurt a lot of people,” continues Bernero, who's currently working on Minds' 100th episode, slated for November. “We were going into our third season—it's one of the most important seasons—and nobody knew whether [his leaving] meant everybody lost their jobs. It was handled very poorly. I'm not hurt about it, although I won't ever work with him again. I'm just proud of this [Minds] family. Looking back on it it's like, wow, that really cemented us all.”