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Criminal Minds contest: The rules are easy. Watch any season four episode of Criminal Minds and write a brief recap of one scene in which Hotchner predominately appears. Don't worry about your English or writing skills. If your entry completely describes the scene that you pick then it will qualify you to be a contestant in the contest. All contestants will then be assigned a number and a number will randomly be picked by an impartial person and if your number is a match then you win this Criminal Minds note page signed by Chris Mundy. The contest will end on Monday, July 20th at 10pm est and the winner announced on Tuesday, July 21st. This contest is open to everyone and I will ship this anywhere in the world.


Shadow said...

Hotch in Bloodline, interviewing Jim Scheuren, father of Cate Hale (abducted girl)

Part 1

Leading up to the scene Hotch is walking through the police station while talking on his mobile. He ends his call and turns his attention to the sheriff, telling him to alert his men that they are looking for a team of unsubs. The sheriff tells Hotch that the victim’s father is waiting in a room. Hotch asks about the fathers condition, and the sheriff replies that he smells awfully.

Inside the room the father runs his hands over his face and tries to compose himself as Hotch enters the room. Hotch greets the father, introduces himself and offers some coffee to the father which Mr. Scheuren declines. Hotch then starts questing the father about his ex-wife, asking whether she and her husband had any enemies, which Mr. Scheuren answers with no. But Mr. Scheuren is unsure, stumbling over his words and really doesn’t know. Hotch’s next question is about Cate and whether she told her father about anyone new in her life. The father replies pretty vaguely, saying Cate’s a normal kid who constantly meets new people.

Hotch gives a more detailed description of the unsub they’re looking for, explaining to the father that they believe Cate has been targeted specifically. The father can’t come up with any helpful answer, and Hotch, getting slightly impatient, asks if there is anything helpful at all the father can contribute. Mr. Scheuren replies that he and Cate go to the movies, but he answers in a very general manner again. Hotch’s next question is about how often the father visits his daughter, and Mr. Scheuren tells Hotch he’s supposed to see Cate every two weeks. Hotch questions whether Mr. Scheuren keeps to that schedule and explains visibly annoyed that at the moment time is very important and that if Mr. Scheuren can’t come up with any helpful information about Cate, Hotch’s time is better spent somewhere else looking for Cate than talking to her father.

Then Hotch gets up to leave the room while telling Mr. Scheuren he’ll keep him updated. He’s almost out of the room already, when the father seems to come up with something helpful. The scene then cuts to Morgan on his cell with Hotch, rummaging through medications in a bathroom cabinet. He finds a bottle and says to Hotch that he’s got it, so Hotch orders him to bring it with him to the station. At the station Hotch explains to Jordan that Cate has epilepsy and that the unsubs didn’t know about that and didn’t take her medicine with her. Jordan remarks that the stress could cause a seizure for Cate.

Shadow said...

Part 2

In the following scenes Jordan’s prediction is exactly what happens - Cate has a seizure, the unsubs dispose of her at the side of a road and she manages to get the attention of a car driver. Then there’s a cut to Hotch and Prentiss entering a hospital, Prentiss flashing her badge to a doctor, who explains about Cate’s medical condition and that Cate’s father is with her right now. Hotch orders Prentiss to speak alone to Cate. In the meantime Hotch talks to Cate’s father again in a kind of continuation of the scene at the police station.

The first thing a now compassionate and more relaxed Hotch tells the father is that the doctor informed him that hadn’t the paramedics known about Cate’s epilepsy in advance, Cate’s chances of survival would have been pretty slim. He assures the father that Mr. Scheuren helped save his daughter’s life with that piece of information. Mr. Scheuren asks Hotch about his experience with cases like this and if his daughter will come out of all this okay. Hotch is honest with the father by telling him it will take time and patience and that Cate is going to need him. Mr. Scheuren confesses that the day before would have been the first time for him to see his daughter in six weeks. Hotch consoles Mr. Scheuren by sharing that a colleague had asked him the other day whether Jack enjoyed the Christmas present said colleague had got for Hotch’s son and that he had to make up an answer because he didn’t know. All Mr. Scheuren can answer to that is that he’s going to get the cup of coffee now which he declined at the police station. As he turns to depart, Hotch gives him a comforting clap on the shoulder. Hotch himself isn’t allowed to dwell on his own bad conscience about not seeing Jack enough as Jordan addresses him with an update on the case and the search for their unsubs continues.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Shadow has qualified. Awesome recap but I want to point out to everyone that the recaps don't need to be so lengthy. I don't want people discouraged from entering the contes. Wow, Shadow you rocked.

Sonja/BlueCurl said...

Giving it a try :) I’ll do my best but I’m foreign English… :S
Scene: opening scene from Mayhem (4x01) where Hotch is trying to make sense of what has happened and is eager to find/help SSA Kate Joyner.

[3.20 LoFi summed up]

As debris is falling down in tiny particles almost making it a romantic evening on a New York street not far from Federal Plaza. But reality sets in in as one of the flocks makes it onto agent Hotchner’s hand covered in filth and blood. The yet still in shock unit chief stares in front of him and looks towards an electric store filled with bright flat lcd screens. It is there that he sees himself with a burning truck behind him and in a moment of confusion hits and at this point not able to process all what he sees. In an effort to make sense of it all he turns around and looks at the burning vehicle. But a young man interrupts him now he is finding himself trying to understand how this young man fits into this situation. He asks for the young man’s name but the answer of Sam isn’t ringing any bells. Sam repeatedly ask if he is okay but when Sam sees agent Hotchner’s gun he asks if he is a cop which triggers a small moment from his memory and he comes into action as he realizes he wasn’t alone. He now finds himself in despair. “Call 911, tell them that a Federal agent… …Kate?!” He runs towards the burning vehicle as some small explosions occur. He uses his suit jacket as protection but at the moment he sees Kate it’s a bourdon and he throws it away as he finds him now limping towards Kate eager to get there as fast as he can as Sam is calling 911 for the second time.

Kate is laying in the middle of the cold street with a long track of blood and desperate to find her purse. Hotch now calming Kate down and looking Kate over quickly and see the seriousness of the situation as he asks her to stop trying to move and lay still. Kate asks what happened to Hotch as she sees him hurt and he can only tell what he knows, maybe a bomb, an explosion but he isn’t sure himself. As Kate decides she needs to get up, Hotch tells her to lay still but she noticed she can’t and wants to know if she can move her legs but he cannot hear her for a moment as soon as he understands he doesn’t know what to say to his friend and apologize repeatedly when he turns her over to see where the blood is coming from, he doesn’t want to hurt her but he doesn’t as she doesn’t feel anything! He reassures Kate with that he’ll get here out of there when he looks up to see the lights of the emergency vehicle approaching and is in a moment of confusion when they stop in a distance while he is shouting “officer down!” with a waving hand gesture for them to come quickly. Kate however is becoming very clear and tells Hotch that they won’t come as they told them not to because the first wave of responders are the targets.

When he looks up to the emergency responders in a distance his desperation sets in and can be read from his face…


jackie said...

I'm going to give this a try.
I'm not very good at this, so
here it goes:

Hotch in Omnivore talking to
the Reaper(Foyette)and then to

It's night time, and we see
Hotch in his hotel room sitting
on the bed looking at the case
file about the Reaper that kept
haunting him for 10 years.
Scattered around him are also
photos of the past and previous
The phone rings, and Hotch
gets up and goes over and
answers it,"Hotchner".
All you hear is breathing, and
Hotch says"Who is this"?
The Reaper says"Stop hunting
me,and i'll stop hunting them".
Hotch tells him that he has
misjudged him, and that he
doesn't make deals. I'm the
guy that hunts guys like you.
The Reaper goes on to tell Hotch
that he'll regret this, and
Hotch tells him, that he'll be
seeing him real soon and then
hangs up the phone.
The Reaper is then seen
throwing his cell phone in the
trash and getting on the bus.
He then kills every one on the
bus and leaves behind the
wedding band of the previous
male victim.

Now Hotch and Rossi are on the
bus, discussing the way the
Reaper killed his victims on
the bus.
Hotch tells Rossi he left
the wedding band(forgot the victims name)of the previous
victim. Rossi asks Hotch well
what did he take, and Hotch
says "does it matter", and
then gets off the bus, followed
by Rossi, and they head into
the alley.
Hotch proceeds to tell Rossi
that these deaths are his
fault, because he had the
case for 10 years, and couldn't
solve it.
Rossi pulls out his gun and
says "here, use mine, you've
convinced me".
Rossi says "you can go on
blaming yourself if you want
to, but it's not your fault
that the killings continued.
The case was closed, and you
went on to work active cases
for those 10 years, because it
was your job".
Hotch tells Rossi to put his
gun away, and that it was a
little dramatic. Rossi said
his wives always told him he
had a flair for the dramatics,
and Hotch said "which one"?
Rossi says, "all of them".
As they are walking out of
the alley, Hotch says thank
you to Rossi, and he says
any time.

Sorry so lenghthy, but i've
never really done this before.

Walburga Benker said...

It is the first time , i tried to do my best. English is not my english is not my mother language.

TABULA RASA se0son 3

Hotch profiled in that Lawyer while being on the witness stand.

Hotch is calm and cool in the court room, he is answering Serling's questions clearly and explaining that behavioral analysis was one factor of the investigation that led the team to Brian Matloff.

Serling brings up the case of the Olympic Park bombing, when behavioral analysis led the FBI to suspect Richard Jewell, an innocent man.

The judge allows Serling to bring up facts that "speak to" the credibility of the science of profiling.

Hotch explains that, when the actual bomber, Eric Rudolph, was caught, the profile was found to be correct.

Serling looks over his notes and demands answers about profiles that have been horribly wrong, such as the Baton Rouge Killer.

"The fact is, behavioral analysis is just intellectual guesswork.

“You probably couldn't tell me the color of my socks with any greater accuracy than a carnival psychic", Serling snaps.

Hotch, with a smile on his face, cannot only tell him that his socks are gray to match his suit so that he appears taller, but also that he is having financial difficulties. Serling looks at his Rolex , Hotch said that Serling bets on horses and is getting race results on his Blackberry every twenty minutes.

Now Serling is nervous, claiming that Hotch is just telling a story, Reid grins from the benches, he knows Hotch well.

Hotch said “ just wait a few moments, then the results of the next race should be coming in at any moment.” Serling's cell vibrates on the table and the attorney is at a loss for words.

"Nothing further," Serling says.

fra235 said...

4x17 Demonology

Emily is interrogating Father Silvano.
She is sorely tried by the events of the past few days.
She presses him with questions, she speaks between the teeth, with anger, hoping that the priest will contradict himself.

The immunity granted by the Italian Government makes the federal agent angrier , she isn’t focused because of her involvement in the case.
Meanwhile, Hotch does an amazing diplomatic job, trying to avoid a diplomatic accident between US, Vatican City and Italian republic.

After the phone call with the State Department, Hotch breaks in the interrogation room, he apologizes with Father Silvano and says to him he’s free to go.
Prentiss is disconcerted, surprised and the anger against Hotch grows inside her.
Soon after Father Silvano goes out the interrogation room, Hotch stares at Prentiss with authority and he orders to her with a strong voice:

Prentiss enters Hotch’s Office at a spanking pace, head up, ready for the fight.
Hotch asks her immediately, without too much words, if she is accusing the Italian government of authorizing the priest to murder innocent people; his tone of voice is sarcastic, he doesn’t expect a real answer from her.
Hotch says with authority that the case is over.
He has an angry look, but he knows what his subordinates feel like when a case hurt their feelings…. It’s hard to manage with that.

Prentiss is surprised by this decision, she lives that as a betrayal. She talks back to him he gave her free way. But that’s Hotch closing decision and there’s no turning back.
She’s still trying to answer back, but he remarks he doesn’t want to see her in the office in the next days!
Emily goes away quickly and nervously.

Hotch, observes the whole scene, once again, his look is unbreakable and authoritarian, he doesn’t show his emotions.
He had to make a decision, whatever right or wrong, he had to make it for both.
For Prentiss, too.

Sierra said...

To Hell (1) ...

Hotch is standing outside the interrogation room where Sgt William Hightower is sitting motionless just staring. Hotch asks if "has he been agitated" and to which Jeff Bentwell reples "hasn't flinched". Hotch's next question "He knows we're here?" Bentwell replies "we told him". Hotch "good". Bentwell asks Hotch "you're not going to interrogate him" Hotch explains that if he goes in now Hightower is in charge. If he waits and gather information then it is his (Hotch's) interview. To which Bentwell replies "you let him sweat" and Hotch replies back "see what we turn up in Detroit". Next scene is Paget and Morgan in Detroit.

Cut to Hotch talking to Morgan and telling Rossi he is ready. Hotch enters the interrogation room and introduces himself. Hightower states Hotch is there to anaylze him and Hotch replies back he is there to take his confession and find out where he dumped his victims. Hightower states he gave him names and dates. Hotch still wants the dumpsite and proceeds to sit down. He talks about Hightower's military service. Hotch further proceeds to state that he was out there at night taking down names, checking them off in a notebook and taking photographs and referring to doing a bed check like in the army. Hotch states he confessed to a crime he didn't commit. Hightower says the people on the street are missing to which Hotch replies there are cases he could be working on and this is a waste of time. Hotch further states he watched the tape over and over and if he wanted to kill people he wouldn't have waited until the guards left the booth. Hightower screams out asking if Hotch is going to investigate the murders. Hotch answers back "that this is what it is all about". Hotch further states he should have gone to the police in Detroit. Hightower responds he did 3 times but the type of people on the street didn't garner an investigation. He further asks Hotch if he believes him about the people that are missing. Hotch states its possible and ask Hightower what happened. Hightower with tears in his eyes replies he did a head count like in the service and noticed a person missing. Hotch states that what Hightower is doing is out of Love not Honor. Hotch asked him who he was looking for every night.
Hightower replies that when he returned home his mother told him his sister was missing. Scene shown of Hightower finding his sister. She had his dogtags for luck and disapeared two weeks later back on the streets. He investigated himself about the disappearances.

Interrogation over Hotch is with the team at a table listening to the last call Hightower's sister made. Hotch had called in a favor to an army friend and the call came from a cell tower in Canada.

Helen said...

Episode - 4x09: “52 Pick-up”
Scene – Hotch, Morgan and Jordan after interviewing the victim’s sister and mother.

Morgan exits the victim’s home and walks down the gravel driveway toward the SUV, followed by Hotch and JJ’s replacement, Agent Jordan Todd. Hotch is questioning Jordan about some things she said during the interview with the family of the victim. He wants to know where she got her information about Vaness Holden, the victim, being the responsible sister, and Jordan informs him that she learned some of it online and guessed the rest based on the birth order of the two sisters.

“A guess,” Hotch says, “and in the process you lied.” Jordan protests that the mother was shut down, she didn’t want to let anyone into her house or her confidence, and Jordan needed to get past that barrier.

Stopping, Hotch turns to face her, as Morgan glances back and then keeps walking, keeping well out of it. Hotch sharply reminds his newest agent that despite the way things may have been done in the counter-terrorism unit, in the BAU, they make it a habit never to lie in order to get the job done.

Jordan, looking slightly disbelieving, points out that her strategy got them into the house, and Hotch fires back with a harsh reminder that she represents not only the FBI, but their team, in the face of the press, the police, and the victims’ families who are at one of the worst points in their lives. If she is caught in a lie the trust the team depends on to solve their cases is gone. “Do I make myself clear?”

Subdued now, Jordan quietly responds that it will not happen again. Morgan glances over from where he’s leaning against the SUV as Hotch responds that no, it won’t happen again, and then orders Jordan to prepare a press release about the UnSub as soon as they get back to the police headquarters. She is not permitted to release it, he tells her, and further, “from now on, everything goes through me.”

His phone rings, and he answers it and strides away from the stunned Jordan, listening to Rossi on the other end. Jordan slowly follows him to the SUV and pauses when she sees Morgan watching her, aware that he has heard the whole thing. He opens the passenger side door and stands, waiting for her.

She asks him in an undertone how badly she just screwed up, and he looks away for a moment before turning back to her, deadly serious. “On a normal scale of one to ten?” he tells her, “I’d say a six. But on Hotch’s scale? An eleven.” He climbs into the SUV, and Jordan looks away.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Contest closed and winner will be picked tomorrow.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

I asked my daughter to pick a # between one and seven. I did not tell her why. She answered #2 so please email me your address so I can mail you your prize. :)

Walburga Benker said...

Congrats to the winner !!

jackie said...

Congratulations to the winner
of the contest.

Shadow said...

Yeah, congrats to BlueCurl! I believe she is on holiday, though, and probably won’t know she has won until she’s back.

fra235 said...

Congratulations to the winner