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Criminal Minds Fans: Please use this thread to post any questions you might have for any of the Criminal Minds actors, producers, directors, writers or crew and we will do our best to get your questions answered. Joe Mantegna, David Rossi on Criminal Minds, will be in the chat room on Tuesday. Any questions you post for him will be asked at that time. :)


Ashira Datya said...

What was it like coming in to take over essentially Mandy Patinkin's place? I love your character btw. I have a friend that looked like Reid (until he cut his hair anyway.)

Anonymous said...

Stunt people/Directors:

What happens if you only have one possible chance to shoot a shot that involves blowing up something or crashing something and you just don't get the shot you were striving for?

Anonymous said...

Ed Bernero: Hotch cleaned the bloody message off of Elle's wall at the end of FK-2. What did you want us to think he was feeling in that scene, guilt or concern?

Great episode btw!

anne said...

Joe: Do you prefer working on movies or tv?

Kirsten: We know you enjoy acting in plays but would you consider doing a movie?

Shemar: Can I please see your abs?!?!

Thomas: Were you surprised by the out pouring of adoration and appreciation you received after the finale?

marcia said...

hello. first let me just say this is the very best hour on tv.
ok. here's my question. i'm not sure if this can be answered but i just have to ask.
is thomas gibson leaving the show? my heart will break into a million pieces if he does. ;'(

celeste said...

Question for all involved with the show:

Which episode had the research that hit closest to home for you and was hard for you to get out of your mind?

janice quintson said...

Why don't the reruns go in the same order they were aired? It jumps around and sometimes I have to wait a long time to see an episode that I may have missed.

Anonymous said...


Hello - did you really write that piece for 'The Onion' (May 19, 09), and if so how many glasses had you drunk? I love Rossi, and Mantegna for that matter.


Anonymous said...


How are you going to write in Matthew's injury and crutches?

gayla said...

How many episodes will there be in season five?

NayAppreciation said...

If you could do a cross-over show with CSI...which one would you choose...Miami or Vegas?

khalid said...

Actors: Are you ever in awe of an actor that is a guest star?

wren said...

The casting dept:

Kudos on four great seasons!

Is there an actress/actor that you have tried to sign for the show that has turned you down?

NayAppreciation said...

my question is for AJ Cook : well first of all I would just like to say you are my favourite character on the show(along with Reid)...but my question you think that any chance of a future romance with Reid has been ruled out because of Will...or would you like to see JJ and Reid embark on some kind romance in the future?even just a kiss in a life or death situation?

NayAppreciation said...

Joe : did you watch Criminal Minds before getting a part on the show?

NayAppreciation said...

Cast : Do you actually watch the show when it comes on tv?

Anonymous said...

Kirsten, Thomas, Joe, Shemar, Gube, AJ and Paget:

What do you like the most about your character? The least?

NayAppreciation said...

AJ Cook: if you could be any other character for a day...who would you be?

marianne said...

Ed- Please pick the single episode that you are most proud of. Why?

rickie said...

Thomas and Joe: Have you played golf together and have you tried converting your fellow actors/crew to play golf?

A.J.: How is the baby? Will we ever get the chance to see some pics of him? Congrats.

NayAppreciation said...

Kirsten: Do you get lonely having to film alot of scenes on your own while the other characters go off around the country??

Anonymous said...


Where you concerned at all about having your character accepted when Mandy left the show?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernero,

If there any possibility that you could ask/facilitate a chat between CM fans and Jim Clemente? We've been hoping for that for a long time!

frances a. said...

Does Reid have Aspergers Syndrome?

libby said...

Why aren't full episodes of CM available on the CBS site like so many of the other shows?

robin lucas said...

Mr. Bernero,

Even with your police background and experience on crime shows are there ever stories that are either presented to you or that are written that get to you? We live in a world full of crime and disrespect and I guess I am wondering if any of the cases you look at ever shock you anymore?

Anonymous said...

Writers, do you ever worry about running out of ideas for new episodes?

sherlockette said...

Mr. M:
I along with many others am the fan of a show that’s been off the air for almost forty-five years. The actors from that show are amazed that anyone remembers their work. Good bad or indifferent, due to new technologies your work will be remembered by a lot of people for some time. Does that affect the types of roles you take or what you decide to put in your portfolio?

julie carponne said...

Some of the episodes have been extremely graphic. How do you decide on how much you are or aren't going to show us? Obviously you leave lots to our imaginations but sometimes it is just right there. I still have flashbacks from Ashes and Dust.

Debbie said...


What drew you to CM - why did you audition for the part of David Rossi?

Debbie said...


How much of David Rossi is your vision/understanding/creation of who he is?

Anonymous said...

Ed B.

Regardless of why or how they left, would you consider having Mandy, Lola or Meta guest star on the show in the future?

In real life co-workers do visit or call the place they used to work at.

Spymama said...


What have you found most challenging about playing David Rossi? What do you enjoy most?

abbey said...

MGG: More docs soon?

Debbie said...


What have you learned while being a part of CM that you can one day (in the far, far future) take with you as you pursue your long-term career goal to become a director?

Sue said...


I love your sense of style! Do you influence Garcia's fashion choices or does she influence yours?

WordNerd said...

The writers:

How do you keep track of what facts have been established about the main characters to avoid or at least decrease errors?

Debbie said...


Have you ever been surprised about how a scene or an episode has turned out? If you have, please give an example and tell how it was different from what you expected.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a Hotch/JJ pairing down the road if the show ever gets shippy? Not that I don't appreciate the show being case driven vs. a focus on relationships.

Anonymous said...

Would you consider filming an episode in another country? Having the BAU help a non-US law enforcement agency.

gardenprophet said...

At or about Mr. Gibson:

What's going on with your character's back story? How is Hotch supposed to have done all the things he's done in any sort of reasonable time span? There is also much rumor and speculation about the glaring inconsistencies in Hotch's relationship with his father.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what the last book that each of our writers read.

kimmie said...

Could we have more green screen in season five please.

Anonymous said...

Who do you consider the most notorious serial killer of all times and why?

carole said...

Directors & Producers:

When you watch tv shows or movies do you just watch them or do you watch with an eye of a director/producer?

Anonymous said...


Are there any scenarios that you’d consider taboo for the show? Are you the final word on this subject or does CBS have the final word?

nolatulip said...

To anyone:
Who causes the most "trouble" on set and who is usually the "victim" to the trouble? Who jokes, or pranks or teases or just generally makes everyone else smile the most?

tina said...

To All The Actors:

When did you realize that you wanted to be an actor? Was there an actor that inspired you?

rosie said...

There are tons of guesses but I would like Ed or Chris to finally answer this and put it straight.

The last scene of 'Demonology' when Emily is alone in the snow infront of the church and she gets the nose bleed, what was your intention?

geli said...

Is there a chance we get a background story about Morgan`s time undercover?

How did you like Morgan`s character development in season 4 where he seems to be a lot more calmer compared with the first 3 seasons?

What do you like most of David Rossi`s character development?

On the soundtrack of the thriller Underworld from 1996 where you starred opposite to Denis Leary did YOU sing the beautiful song "Happy Fathers Day"?

DianeDJ said...

1. Will we ever get a JJ backstory and is there a possibility in the future that she will become a profiler?

2. Will we ever see Hotch's son Jack again?

3. Will Emily's father ever make an appearance?

4. Do you think Reid's drug problem will come up again?

5. To Joe, how well do you get along with your cast-mates?

6. Shemar- What do you hope will happen to your character Morgan?

7. Kirsten- Do you wish to have more Garica/Morgan moments?

Anonymous said...

Shemar: do you think Garcia and Morgan will get together? would you like for them to? will we see your abs more in season 5?

Unknown said...


I am following a MGGubler on twitter and I was wondering if that is really you?

Shemar and Kirsten:

I love the chemistry between your characters.Will we ever see a kiss?

Cathy H. said...

Ed: Will Matthew's knee injury be incorporated into the show or will you shoot around it by having Reid sitting down all the time.

To all the actors: If you had the opportunity to sit and chat for a few minutes with anybody in the world, alive or dead, who would it be and why.

rayna said...

Everyone at the studio: Do you watch the show?

CHampton said...

You're my favourite Actress, and Emily Prentiss is my favourite character on Criminal Minds.
If is possible, I'd like to do some questions to you.

1_ Do you prefer working on movies or TV Shows? And what is the difference between working on movies or on TV Shows?

2_ What you have found most challenging about playing Emily Prentiss and Beth Huffstodt(Huff)?
What do you enjoy must on this two character?

3_ Normally, When you watching your work on TV, you're very critical about your work?

4_ How many hours do you work for day?

5_ On Criminal Minds, You spoke Spanish and Italian sometimes. Do you really know speak these languages or you had some classes to learn the pronunciation and words?

Have fun on season 5 and good work.
You're the best... keep going like that!
Kisses from Portugal.

mom to 2 said...

Question for Joe:

Dave Rossi is my favorite BAU team member. How are you like Dave Rossi and how are you different than him?

srangerfan said...

To whomever it concerns:

Is there ever going to be a crossover episode between Criminal Minds and another CBS show? Which CBS show would you like to crossover with?

Ghislaine H. B. said...

To producer, directorEd and/or even Paget,

Any chance to know more about Emily's past (relatives and friends and/or on herself) and even her future inside and outside the group? :-)


morti_addams said...

if you could choose to do something you want to do that is not in the script in a scene....what would you do? what weird thing about the character is it that you want to show the rest of the world of the role/ character you play?

Shadow said...

To all cast members and Ed:

You’ve been doing the same job (on CM) for several years now. Do you ever get bored or annoyed so that you think of quitting and starting something new? If so, what has kept you with the show during such times in the past?

What do you do to reduce stress when long working hours, tensions on the set and maybe even some of the cases start getting to you?

To all cast members:

Is there something (good or bad) you wish to happen to your character, that you’ve always wanted to play, but that hasn’t found a place in the show yet?

To Ed:

Snow flakes make a rare appearance on CM. Will we ever see a real winter episode with lots of snow and cold? Or a Christmas episode?

To MGG and Ed:

Matthew said in one of the chats that he convinced Ed to have Reid use a revolver instead of an automatic gun because that fits with Reid’s vintage style. Wouldn’t Reid always associate a revolver with Tobias’ game of Russian roulette and wouldn’t therefore his own gun be a permanent reminder of his worst(?) trauma?


Do you wear long hair because you personally like it that way or because it’s a requirement for your role as Dr. Reid?

Do you like Reid’s purple scarf as much as your fans do?

To Joe and TG:

How did you like your trip to Quantico? Thanks for the pictures you sent to Jill. Any memories you’d like to share?

To Paget and Ed:

What kind of reactions did you get after Demonology? Was there hate mail, were you threatened for the way you handled a topic that’s a very sensitive issue in some parts of the world (and a minor issue in other parts)?

mom to 2 said...

Question for Joe:

What did you do on your recent hiatus from Criminal Minds? Any new projects in the works?

Raphael0877 said...

Whose decision was it to switch Reid from a Glock to a revolver, and why? Also, will we see more of Jane Lynch in Season 5? She's my favorite guest star.

UK Viewer said...

To the writers:
Are there any plans for more two-parter episodes in season five? Love the greater scope for development that allows.

Who comes up with those quotations, and are they ever the first thing down on the page or a guide to writing? Eg 'I've got this great Conrad/Montaigne/Wordsworth line, now, what situation and plot would let me do that...?'

Lemony2rb2 said...

What do the cast (Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Paget Brewster, Matthew Gray Gubler, AJ Cook and Kirsten Vangsness) think of their own charcters?

Sandra said...

To Ed Bernero:

You repeatedly commented on the unique relationnship between Morgan and Garcia. In season 4 we haven't seen much of it though (except of "Mayhem"). Is there any chance we'll see more of it in season 5? And is there any chance this relationship will move beyond friendship one day?

babruin said...

For MGG,
what is your role in Cornstalk Recording?? Is it your very own label, and if so, what kind of bands do you want to promote?

Silvinha said...

To awesome Paget:
Does Emily has any aspects of your own personality?

To Ed:
Any chances to find out more about Emily's family? And also I still have my hopes up for being a Hotch and Prentiss shipper, maybe in the long future... ;)

Why Hotch is too cold with his teamates? He doesn't even hug them when they're suffering, like Emily in 'Demonology'. Is he afraid to touch them?

Regards from Brazil!!

Silvinha said...

To Ed and writers:
Have you ever read any fanfics?
There are some talented writers out there...

Thank you all for this oportunity and I can't wait to see the Season 5!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernero: You repeatedly talked about some important moments between Morgan and Garcia that would have shown how deep their feelings were for each other and, forgive me if I'm wrong, aside from Mayhem and a few witty lines on the phone I don't recall such a thing. Anyway I love this show and the whole cast and I LOVE the chemistry between Morgan and Garcia.

Anonymous said...

To the main cast (Thomas Gibson, A.J. Cook, Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Kirsten Vangsness, Matthew Gray Gubler and Paget Brewster): What was the storyline that hit home most?

elle said...

To the writers:
Of all of the episodes you have personally written which are you most proud of?

rebekah said...

Two questions:

Joe- Don't you miss Chicago!!!!!!!

Edward Bernero- How in the world are you going to incorporate Matthew Gray Gubler's injury into the show? Are you going to have him get injured in a dance competition?

sherlockette said...

Any writer:
There are as many plots as there are crimes, providing much fodder for new stories. However, once developed, a character can only go one general direction and becomes predictable. Do you feel there is such thing as too much character development?

Anonymous said...

To Shemar;

I loved you in Lucky, Penelope, Soul Mates, Amplification, Hell and Back. I love EVERY scene you're in but I especially love it when you are interviewing perps. You're just awesome and hot and sexy. Opps. I'm getting a little bit off track :)
Q1 Will we get to see you interviewing the perp like you did in Soul Mates?

I loved the scenes between you and Garcia in Penelope especiallyt when you wrapped your arms around her and kissed on the forehead.

Q2Any chance you and Garcia may go out on a date in Season 5?

I also like your scenes with Prentiss. Any chance you guys will get to work undercover as a couple? I like the whole feminist/manly man dynamic going on.

And I hope we get to see more of the Morgan/Reid big bro/lil bro dynamic. It's one of my fav type scenes.

Sera said...

Thank you for your time and to anyone who answers any of my questions (in advance) x

1.) @Anyone who can answer: If any of the episodes were based on actual events, which ones and how many were there?

2.) @Cast: Which episode frightens you the most? / Would you ever really want to work for the FBI? / Do you ever try to profile real people outside of work?

3.) @Mr. Mantegna: Does anyone ever tease to you about voicing Fat Tony in the Simpsons? (which I think you do an amazing job!). Also, someone told me you do the voice for Vinnie The Panda in the Fox's Biscuits advert, is that true?

4.) @Mr.Thomas: Do you ever miss doing Dharma & Greg? I think you you're much more suited to CM. What is Hotch's relationship with the other member's of the team like, does he see them as family and as which members? (ex: ? as a brother)

5.) @Mrs.Vangsness: Would you ever wear your character's clothes? / Are they made or bought? Ms.Garcia's clothing is so much the bomb. Do you enjoy fashion? / Are you as quirky as your character?

6.) @Mr.Moore: Here, more men fancy you then women, does that bother you? Also I think Mr.Morgan talks kinda 'ghetto-y' in some episodes, where does that come from? (it might be just me, if it is I apologize)

7.) @Mr.Moorse/Mr.Gubler: I see your characters relationship as a brotherly one, are you like that outside of the show?

8.) Mr.Gubler: I adore your website, would you ever make Gublerland real? / Is it possible to get any of the movies on DVD or watch it online? / Do you prefer working on CM or making your own movies? Do you prefer to be your own boss? / Will you/Have you written an episode of CM?

mom to 2 said...

Question for Joe Mantegna:

I loved how Rossi became such a support to the other members of the team in season 4. Do you have a favorite episode?

AngelLeah said...

For Thomas Gibson:

Hotch is my favorite CM character but I also enjoy seeing you in other roles. (especially those colorful ones like Psycho Beach Party)
Do you have any other projects that you have been working on?

For Ed/Simon:

Any chance we could get a Simon Mirren on screen "cookie"? Preferably a speaking role. :o)

- mmadeen

jackie said...

What made you decide to leave
the Young and the Restless?

Are we going to see the Hotch/Reid relationship that we had in seasons 1-3?

Why is it so difficult for
your character to deal with
cases that deal with mothers
and children?

Out of all the episodes you
did in season 4, which was
the hardest for you to do,
and why?

How do you like playing the
part of a genius?

Your character has difficulties
dealing with cases that involve
young women. Why is that?

Do you miss the funny banter
that goes on between you and

Since joining Criminal Minds,
what has been your favorite
episode and why?

Mahële said...

Questions to ED and MGG :

1) Is Reid's past going to be brought up in future seasons (for example his traumatic experience at the hands of the football team) ?

2) Do you intend to focus at some point on Reid's relationship with the whole team, and more particularly on his relationship with Hotch ?

Thanks a lot !

Anonymous said...

Two questions for Joe Mantegna:

Rossi talks a lot with his hands and he gives away his feelings with quick facial expressions. How much of that is scripted/directed and how much is left to you?

Interesting to watch Rossi talk to the worried relatives where his sympathy is almost exactly matched by the desire to pull more information out of them. Fascinating because not obvious. In that team of specialists, what would you identify as your character's area of expertise? I want to say 'people' are his specialism but that seems too broad!!


Cynthia Tan said...

@Ed Benero
1. Will we get a JJ-centric episode?? Maybe on season 5? :)

2. Will you consider Criminal Minds doing a crossover with NCIS?

3. Will Gideon or Elle make a surprise return? Maybe guest starring??

@All the casts/crew
1. Do you all have Twitter or a blog? ( I know MGG has one, LOL)

from Malaysia :D

MySentimentExactLee said...

For Joe:

You have quite the resume. Which character have you enjoyed playing the most and why?

Lee :)

Akira said...

My question is for Thomas Gibson. How would you like to see your character Hotch being further developed?

Akira said...

Will we see more of Hotch in Season 5?

Anonymous said...


Are there any chance to get JJ and Hotch together in the future? They look so sweet together..

Ohh.. and Elle come back? I hope so. I liked her.

Thank you!

Silvinha said...

To Paget:
Why Emily has this special bond with kids?

Walburga Benker said...
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Walburga Benker said...

Question for Paget !

Every episode of CM shows a cruel crimestory. Is your real life getting influenced by this? Are you more carefull? If so, how?

Silvinha said...

To Ed:
Have you ever thought about writing a episode about The Zodiac, the serial killer that has never been caught?

Anonymous said...


who would be your dream actor/ actress to guest star in a role and would they play a good/unsub character.

Vivien Quek said...

How are you? And how's your family?

Will there be a JJ-centric episode? Since we don't know much about her, I should think the season should concentrate more on her past, since the other character's past has mostly been reviewed.

I heard that MGG is hurt and might not be walking for 2 months. Will this affect his character?

Anonymous said...

Matthew what did you do to your knee? Get well soon.

Elle said...

For MGG:
Would you be interested in directing an episode of Criminal Minds?

For whomever is in charge of these things : )
If Matthew says ‘yes’ to the above question, is there any chance of him directing an episode of Criminal Minds?

amelialor said...

Writers and producers:
What are you planning for the 100th episode?


DianeDJ said...

It's me again!

Got some more questions ;)

1. Do you take suggestions for music choices?? For example, is there a way you can play Aerosmith? Steven Tyler a while back sold some of his catalog. ;)

2. Will we ever see Reid's dad and mom again?

3. Also, will ever see Reid and Garcia with baby Henry??

Cathy H. said...

To Ed or Matthew or anyone in the know:
Was that wonderful scene in Amplification where Reid leaves a message to his Mom shot after the filming for that episode ended? Could be my imagination but Reid's hair looks shorter in that scene to me than it does in the rest of that episode. His hair also looks shorter to me in the finale so I was wondering if it was shot during the episode To Hell and Back.

Anonymous said...

Did you prefer being in Ripper: Letter from Hell or do you prefer playing your character now on CM

Sue said...

To ED:

JJ really needs more screen time. Is it possible that she's finally getting a 'centric episode' this season?

Matthew said...

what type of ring does joe mantegna wear on criminal minds, it's a big round one I thinks it's on his right hand.