Monday, June 01, 2009


Criminal Minds: Happy Friday everyone! I've got just a couple of reminders this morning from the Criminal Minds moderators and then a new question of the day.

1. "Memoriam" written by Dan Dworkin & Jay Beattie airs on June 3rd and will be followed by an episode chat in the Criminal Minds Fanatic chat room.
2. Ed Bernero plans on sending us some questions to answer in the next few weeks. Please be on the lookout for them and give him your input.
3. Lee, the owner of one of the Gubler groups,was voted a Top 50 Power Mom by Nielsen Ratings for her blog so if you are a mom with young children you might want to checkout her blog.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: During the chat with Thomas Gibson, Aaron Hotchner on Criminal Minds, many chatters had suggestions for him on which episodes from the fourth season of Criminal Minds that he should submit for Emmy consideration. What two episodes should each Criminal Minds actor/actress submit for Emmy consideration???


Anonymous said...

TG: Omnivore and Mayhem

MGG: Instincts and Conflicted

Anonymous said...

Thomas Gibson : Omnivore and Mayhem, too.

Montainer said...

mayhem and omnivore, with no hesitation for TG

A Criminal Minds fan said...

Thomas Gibson should send Omnivore and Mayhem. Such great episodes, well written and acted.


Unknown said...

TG- Omnivore & Mayhem (he did such a great job in both!!)

MGG- The Instincts & Aplification

simone said...

Paget, "Minimal Loss" and "A Shade of Gray"

Reid, "Minimal Loss" and "Soul Mates"

Thomas, "Omnivore" and "Normal"

Joe, "Masterpiece" and "Mayhem"

AJ, "The Crossing" and "A Shade of Gray"

Laura_G said...

Wow, tough question.

TG - "Omnivore" and "Pleasure is My Business"

PB - "Minimal Loss" and "Demonology"

MGG - "Amplification" and "Memoriam"

AJ - "The Insticnts"

I'm going to have to watch all of season four again to finish this. Darn!

Anonymous said...

Thomas Gibson: Omnivore, To Hell and Back

Matthew Gray Gubler: Memoriam, Minimal Loss

Joe Mantegna: Zoe's Reprise, Masterpiece

Paget Brewster: Minimal Loss, Demonology

Shemar Moore: Conflicted, Catching Out

AJ Cook: Cold Comfort, Amplification

Kirsten Vangsness: House on Fire, Mayhem

amelialor said...

Thomas Gibson: Mayhem and Omnivore.

Matthew Gray Gubler: Memoriam and Amplification.

Paget Brewster: Minimal Loss and Demonology.

Joe Mantegna: Masterpiece(!) and Cold Comfort.

Shemar Moore: Mayhem and Brothers in Arms.

Kirsten Vangsness: Mayhem and House on Fire.

AJ Cook: Cold Comfort and Amplification.


Chooky said...

Thomas Gibson: "Mayhem" and "Omnivore"

Anonymous said...

TG:Omnivore and Mayhem

DianeDJ said...

TG- Omnivore, Pleasure is My Business

MGG- Amplification and Memoriam

A.J.- Amplification & A Shade of Gray

Joe: Masterpiece

Paget: Minimal Loss, Demonology,

Shemar- Mayhem, Brother in Arms

Kirsten- Mayhem, House on Fire, To Hell and Back

DianeDJ said...

Oops! Forgot another one for Joe: Cold Comfort

Kate said...

Without a doubt....

Omnivore and Mayhem!!

Anonymous said...

I disliked MAYHEM but it was a great showcase for all of them. It should be on all their lists and HELL yes on OMNIVORE for Thomas Gibson

Gaby said...

Thomas Gibson: Mayhem and Omnivore.

Matthew Gray Gubler: Memoriam and Amplification.

Paget Brewster: A Shade of Gray and Demonology.

Joe Mantegna: Masterpiece(!) and Cold Comfort.

Shemar Moore: Mayhem and Brothers in Arms.

Kirsten Vangsness: Mayhem and House on Fire.

AJ Cook: Cold Comfort and Amplification.

Vali said...

For Thomas Gibson: Omnivore and Mayhem. Pleasure is my Business would be also a good contender.
Good luck, Mr. Gibson! I am glad you're going for it. You certainly deserve it.

Eleonor said...

For Thomas Gibson without a doubt Omnivore and Mayhem or Pleasure is my Bussiness.
For the rest I must watch again but Joe M was also very good in Omnivore.

Anonymous said...

hi!!in my opinion:Mayhem" and "Omnivore"

Ripley said...

TG: "Omnivore" and "Pleasure Is My Business" or "Mayhem"

PB: "Minimal Loss" and "Demonology"

JM: "Zoe's Reprise" and "Masterpiece"

MGG: "The Instincts" and "Memoriam"

SM: "Brother's In Arms" and "Mayhem"

AJ: "A Shade of Grey" and "Cold Comfort"

KV: "House On Fire" and "To Hell...and Back"

sandradd said...

Thomas Gibson



I would like to see TG with an Emmy!!

Anonymous said...

'Omnivore' for both Thomas and Joe.

'A Shade of Gray' for AJ and also Matthew

'Demonology' for Joe and Paget

Anonymous said...

PB: A Shade of Grey & Minimal Loss -or Demonology :)- (okay so I cheated)

Kate said...


Lynn said...

Since this is asking about ALL cast members:

1- Angel Maker & Minimal Loss for Thomas Gibson
2- The Instincts & 52-Pickup for Matthew Gray Gubler
3- The Big Wheel & Normal for Shemar Moore
4- Amplification, The Crossing & OR Cold Comfort for A.J.Cook
5. Masterpiece & Omnivore for Joe Mantegna
6. Demonology,& The Instincts for Paget Brewster.
7. To Hell..And Back & House On Fire for Kirsten Vangsness

Kirsten said...

Thomas Gibson:
-Omnivore: alley scene
-Finale: final scene & monologue

-House on Fire

MKT said...

TG: Omnivore & Mayhem

JM: Omnivore & Masterpiece

AJC: Amplification

PB: Minimal Loss

Anonymous said...

Tough choice...

Thomas Gibson: "Omnivore" and "Pleasure is my Business"

Joe Mantegna: "Zoe's Reprise" and "Masterpiece"

MySentimentExactLee said...

I'm going to have to think hard on this one as this has been my least favorite season yet. But the actors have done good jobs!

I'll get back to you tonight!


Anne said...

Thomas: Mayhem & Omnivore

Paget: Minimal Loss & Demonology

Kirsten: House on Fire & Mayhem

Shemar: Mayhem & Catching Out

Joe: Masterpiece(!!) & Zoe's Reprise

AJ: The Crossing & The Insticts

MGG: Memorian & Amplification

Andrea said...

Hi, and best regards from Germany! If I had the choice, I would take "Mayhem" and "Omnivore". Simply excellent! I like to come out that I am an absolute fan of Thomas Gibson/Aaron Hotchner.
I hope for the best for Hotch and all fans of Criminal Minds...


Mira said...

Thomas Gibson: Omnivore and Mayhem

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest Omnivore and Normal for Thomas Gibson and possibly Minimal Loss.

I'm having a difficult time picking some for Shemar. He didn't really have any shining episodes this season.

HardKOrr said...

Thomas Gibson: Omnivore & Mayhem

Paget Brewster: Demonology & Minimal Loss

AJ Cook: The Instincts & Amplification

Kirsten Vangsness: House on Fire & Mayhem

Joe Mantegna: Masterpiece & Zoe's Reprise

Matthew Gray Gubler: Memoriam & Amplification

Shemar Moore: The Big Wheel & Mayhem

So interesting to see everybody's take on this question. And yes, AJ Cook was great in The Crossing but I don't think it can be submitted because it was from Season 3.

Cerine said...

Thomas Gibson:
"Minimal Loss"
"Pleasure is My Business"
"To Hell and Back"

Carol said...

Lots of good choices. Here are mine:

TG: Mayhem, Pleasure is My Business (or Omnivore)
SM: Mayhem, Normal
KV: Mayhem, House on Fire
AJC: Amplification, Roadkill
PB: Minimal Loss, Demonology
JM: Masterpiece, Zoe's Reprise
MGG: Minimal Loss, Memoriam

Anonymous said...

Paget: Minimal Loss, Demonology

Gobson: Omnivore

MGG: conflicted-memoriam

aj. amplification

j mantegna zoe's reprise

shemar moore: brothers in arms

KV: house on fire


Anonymous said...

Pleasure Is My Business, and Omnivore. Mayhem is another possible. Keep up the great work Thomas, we love you here :)

Lanna said...

Thomas Gibson : Omnivore and Mayhem

Paget Brewster : Minimal Loss and Demonology

Joe Mantegna : Masterpiece and Zoe's Reprise

A.J. Cook : Amplification and Cold Comfort

M.G.G. : Amplification and Memoriam

Kirsten Vangsness : House on Fire and Mayhem

Shemar Moore : The Big Wheel and Mayhem

Irene said...

Thomas Gibson: Omnivore, To Hell and Back

Matthew Gray Gubler: Memoriam and Amplification.

Joe Mantegna: Zoe's Reprise, Masterpiece

Paget Brewster: Demonology, A Shade of Gray

Kirsten Vangsness: Mayhem, To Hell and Back

Shemar Moore: Mayhem, The Big Wheel

AJ: A Shade of Gray , Amplification

Kimmie said...

MGG - The Instincts and Amplification

TG - Omnivore and Mayhem

PB - Minimal Loss and Demonology

AJC - The Instincts and Amplification

melissa said...

TG - Omnivore and Mayhem

PB - Demonology and A Shade of Gray

MGG - Amplification and Memoriam

SM - The Big Wheel and Soul Mates

JM - Zoe's Reprise and Cold Comfort

AJ - Amplification and A Shade of Gray

KV - House on Fire and To Hell...And Back

Hotch said...

Thomas Gibson: "Omnivore" and "Mayhem" or "Pleasure Is My Business"

AngelLeah said...

I'm going to have to totally agree with Omnivore and Mayhem for TG. These two should definitely be submitted!

I have to think about the others.

jackie said...

Thomas Gibson: Omnivore
Joe Mantegna: Demonology
Matthew G. Gubler: Instincts
Minimal Loss
Shemar Moore: Soul Mates
The Big Wheel
Paget Brewster: Demonology
AJ Cook: Instincts
Kirsten V.: Mayhem
House on Fire
These are the ones i think they
should submit for the emmys.

kimmycat said...

I was going to comment but it looks like I'm with the majority on everything!

geli said...

TG: Mayhem , Omnivore

SM: Brothers In Arms , Soul Mates
or Catching Out or The Big

JM: Zoe`s Reprise , Masterpiece
or Demonology

MGG: Memoriam , The Instincts

PB: Demonology , Minimal Loss

KV: House On Fire , Mayhem

AJC: Amplification , The Instincts

Lemony2rb2 said...

Thomas Gibson:

Omnivore and Pleasure is my Business

Matthew Gubler: Instincts and Memoriam

Paget Brewster: Demonology and Minimal Loss

Joe Mantenga: Masterpiece and Zoe's Reprise

Helga said...

Omnivore and Mayhem for TG

Minimal Loss and Bloodline for Paget

Zoe's Reprize and Masterpiece for JM

Minimal Loss and Amplification for MGG

Cold Comfort and Roadkill for A.J.

House on Fire for Kirsten

Brothers in Arms and Soulmates for SM

Anonymous said...

there all to good to choose

Jenn said...

Thomas Gibson should submit Mayhem and Omnivore!

Anonymous said...

Omnivore and Mayhem

elle said...

Thomas Gibson:Omnivore and To Hell and Back

Paget Brewster:Demonology and A Shade of Gray

AJ Cook:The Instincts and Amplification

MGG: Conflicted and Memoriam

Shemar Moore: Brothers in Arms and the Angel Maker

Joe Mantegna: Zoe's Reprise and Masterpiece

Kirsten Vangsness: House on Fire and Mayhem

Anonymous said...

mayhem and onnivore

Kathryn said...

Everyone did great on was an intense episode, I love it! even though Paget was the major star in this episode, Thomas also did a good job here...:) I'd also say the same thing with The Big Wheel. But, Alex O' Loughlin was so superb I forgot the main characters for a while...hehehehe!

morti_addams said...

that is really hard.....
i liked them all, but which one have been the best?
i liked omnivore and amplification

to hard to decide lol

Helen said...

Thomas Gibson: "Omnivore" and "Mayhem" or "Pleasure is my Business"; or "A Shade of Gray"

Joe Mantegna: "Masterpiece" and "Zoe's Reprise"

Kirsten Vangsness: "House on Fire" and "Mayhem" and "To Hell and Back"

Paget Brewster: "Minimal Loss" and "Demonology"

Matthew Gray Gubler: "Memoriam" and "Amplification"

AJ Cook: "Amplification" and "The Instincts"

Shemar Moore: "Mayhem" and "The Big Wheel"

azura said...

Yikes a tough one. After a long mulling and trying to recall the episodes, my choice as follow:

Thomas Gibson: Mayhem and Omnivore.

Matthew Gray Gubler: Amplification.

Paget Brewster: Minimal Loss Demonology.

Joe Mantegna: Omnivore.

Shemar Moore: Mayhem.

Kirsten Vangsness: Mayhem.

AJ Cook: Amplification

rachel cotts said...

This really is hard. I agree with everyone's choices!

The 4th season was not as good in my opinion as the 3rd season but we still had some great ones.

The show should send in OMNIVORE and A SHADE OF GRAY.

TG- definately OMNIVORE

Celina said...

Paget: Demonology (my favourite episode of Season 4. Paget was absolutley amazing!!), Minimal Loss or A Shade of Gray

Thomas: Omnivore and Mayhem or To Hell and Back

Shemar: The Big Wheel, Mayhem

AJ: Amplification, The Instincts

Kirsten: House on Fire, To Hell and Back

MGG: Amplification, Minimal Loss

Joe: Zoe's Reprise, Masterpiece

Anonymous said...

Whole cast: Omnivore and Demonology.

JM: Zoe's Reprise & Masterpiece
MGG: Instincts & Conflicted
PB: Minimal Loss & Shade of Gray
SM: Conflicted & To Hell ... And Back
AJ: Amplification & The Crossing
Kirsten: Mayhem & To Hell ... And Back

Walburga Benker said...

TG - Omnivore & Mayhem

MGG - Memorian & The Instincts

PB - Minimal Loss & Demonology

JM - Zoe´s Reprise & Masterpiece

SM - Brothers in Arms & Mayhem

AJC - Cold Comfort & The Crossing

KV - House on Fire & To Hell and Back

Franzi said...

TG: Mayhem, Omnivore and To hell... and back

Anonymous said...

Memoriam and Amplification: Matthew Gray Gubler

Omnivore and Mayhem: Thomas Gibson

Minimal Loss and Demonology: Paget Brewster

Brother in Arms and Catching Out: Shemar Moore

Memoriam and Amplification: A.J. Cook