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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Memoriam" written by Jay Beattie & Dan Dworkin and starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

*** This is the original spoiler thread for the episode. Feel free to add new comments after rewwatching it tomorrow. ***


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to watching this episode. I just hope that Reid's dad isn't a pedophile.

Anonymous said...

Me too. That would completely suck. I'm really excited for the episode. I don't know how long I'll be able to wait for it. This si going to be interesting. You know I think that the dream is a symbol for something. Like a father figure in the boy's life did it. It would make sense.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't it Wednesday yet? I'm dying from anticipation.
I hope they won't torture Reid too much - poor thing, if I where him I would already joined mummy in the loony bin.

Anonymous said...

i wish it was wednesday also,can,t hardly waite to see this one

Anonymous said...

I'm so concerned for Reid!! Did you see how he was practically crushing the hypnosis-lady's hands? He must have been seeing something really awful, and it just makes me want to hug him!!

I like how Rossi is being there with him, because it shows how much he's become part of the team, and I miss having Reid have a father figure in his life. It really sucked that Gideon left. :(

I'm interested to find out what made Diana Reid so angry, because in the promo Reid asks her something and she screams, "NO!" so she's definitely hiding something.


Anonymous said...

when dose it air in Canada

Anonymous said...

It airs in Canada on Wednesday night, 9 pm Eastern. The regular time slot.

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to see our sweet, baby boy tomorrow night! Hopefully, his big brain is wrong and his dad is NOT a pedophile (or worse) because this poor sweet man has enough baggage for the whole team! But we will certainly enjoy watching him go thru all the gyrations they're hinting at in the promo to get to the answer...I can't wait either!

(I'd hate to see his mom experience a setback either, because she seems so much more on an even keel now than the last time we saw her. She seems genuinely upset at Reid's memories and doesn't want to go there... or him to, either.)

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about this episode! I'm feeling a new favorite coming on!!! Wooo-hoo!

I think the CM writers have come up with a new way to kill someone...with ANTICIPATION!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I totally can't wait for it to come on! I am so excited! of course a thriller eppy would be on my b-day! lol! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving us more background on Reid>>>...;-) He is one of the main reasons we started watching CM. Glad other team members are there too....And waiting for that little baby to come....:-0....:-).

Anonymous said...

Can't wait.... 2 hours and 45 min. to go! Not that I'm counting or anything.

lizzymmcf said...

yay for JJ having a baby! Jane Lynch delivered an absolutely brilliant performance. Good episode.

Anonymous said...

We finally have our BAU baby! I loved this episode. Reid'o'plenty.

Anonymous said...

Okay! This officially the BEST EPISODE EVER! I bawled my eyes out! Especially at the end! Jeez, I am still holding out on some reid and jj action. I LOVED when he said she looked beautiful! I just about screamed with delight! When He held the baby, i just melted into a big ol' puddle of caitlin! One of the BEST birthday presents EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

woooo that was a good one! so many twists and turns! and reid is adorable as ever. not enough hotch in this one for my liking though, and i reeeeaaaally hope he's not growing his hair out again! i liked the season 3 length :) and the hospital scene was adooorable! the comment about the baby not getting will's accent was great. and does anyone notice a happier mood about hotch lately? :) i didnt catch the baby's name though, did they mention it? i missed it. so, yea, this one was great, my fave so far along with mayhem. cant wait til next wednesday!

Anonymous said...

The baby's name is henry....

Reid with Baby....SEXY! ahhh!

Anonymous said...

woooo that was a good one! so many twists and turns! and reid is adorable as ever. not enough hotch in this one for my liking though, and i reeeeaaaally hope he's not growing his hair out again! i liked the season 3 length :) and the hospital scene was adooorable! the comment about the baby not getting will's accent was great. and does anyone notice a happier mood about hotch lately? :) i didnt catch the baby's name though, did they mention it? i missed it. so, yea, this one was great, my fave so far along with mayhem. cant wait til next wednesday!

Ztivokreb said...

Whoo hoo! One of the CMF wishes has come true...we got background info, childhood flashbacks, and personal time on Dr. Spencer Reid! On top of that, Reid got Daddy resolution and the awesomeness of Jane Lynch...how cool is that?

Back at the home front, Mommy JJ lets the baby out, and names Garcia and Reid Godparents...awww.

Yale as a safety school? Seriously? heh.

Awesome casting, great writing, and tons of fun to watch.

Rock on

Laura_G said...

What a great episode - wait a minute, I say that every week, don't I? Well, what a great show. Thanks Jay and Dan, absolutely loved it. The entire show. Especially when Hotch said "I'll get the car." I was rolling on that one! Great ep guys. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I was right….My new favorite!
I loved it. What an awesome episode!

Spencer has such strength and courage. Wow, to dig around in your own family’s past, to think your dad might have molested and killed a child and still to go after him. What courage and strength. Spencer has grown so much this season – this episode showcased that. What a pleasure he is to watch – and MGG plays him to perfection.

I loved that Morgan and Rossi stayed behind to help Reid – there is such loyalty there. I have to think they stayed, not only to solve the mystery, but for the emotional support they knew he would need. And I loved that it was Rossi who was there for Reid when he came out of the hypnosis.

The mystery kept me guessing until the very end. I'm still trying to absorb it all, but man, what a great story!

I loved the interaction of the Reid family. I hope there can be some understanding, healing and forgiving at some point in the future.

And the end…oh my gosh, Spencer being Henry’s godfather…and Garcia his godmother. How fabulous is that?

Thank you, everyone, for the best episode of CM yet!

And Matthew - you are fabulous - as I said earlier in this post, you play Reid to perfection. Thank you for always doing such a beautiful job.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I love Reid episodes! He was so traumatised by the thought of what his father might have done and he just couldn't let that go. Then to find out in the end that his father was only trying to protect the family and didn't hurt anyone. Great episode!


Ann said...

This was a truly amazing episode. I spent most of the time with my mouth hanging wide open. Phenomenal acting/writing by all involved. The story regarding Riley's murder kept me guessing til the end. Loved the birth of JJ's baby!!! Our team really does rock. Again, great job!

- ImpyChick

Anonymous said...

A bit of redemption for Reid's dad but he still left his child with a schizophrenic mother. He needs to work hard to get my forgiveness for that. Reid's reactions in this episode were fantastic. And being named godfather to JJ's baby was precious! Go Yale.

Welcome to the world Henry! Your mom is great but your godparents are out of this world awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow! This episode sure kept you guessing until the end about what the deal with Reid's father was. Glad it is finally resolved and that he wasn't a bad guy after all! JJ had a boy! How adorable was that baby???? Reid and Garcia as godparents??? Interesting choice!

Anonymous said...

Did you all catch Morgan watching "The Young and the Restless"???

Talk about a cookie!

Okay, why the name Henry. That has to be a cookie too but I can't figure it out.

Nothing not to like about this episode.

The case was not central to the episode, which I normally prefer, but the interpersonal relationships were handled beautifully. The BAU family was a great sight tonight.

Nice job!

Laura_G said...

Was Henry Will's father's name? I don't remember. Someone, quick, grab Jones and look it up!

Anonymous said...


I was concerned that this episode was going to prove that Reid's dad was a pedophile and killer and I felt relief that this wasn't the case. Jane Lynch is simply great. We need to keep her around full-time!

Anonymous said...

What a great show. The guest stars are always amazing and Jane Lynch is just the best. I wish Reid would leave me $2000.00! Wouldn't you love to go gambling with him! Glad his dad turned out to be a good guy instead of the UNSUB. Thank goodness JJ has a healthy boy! I am looking forward to seeing Garcia and Reid as the godparents...that should be fun! CM Rocks!

Anonymous said...

Since his name is William Lamontagne Jr, I am guessing his dad was William Lamontage Sr.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! JJ had a baby boy named Henry and the godparents are Garcia and Reid! Reid's dad was not the horrible person that Reid thought he was. Jane Lynch was awesome, as always! Prentiss shouldn't get drunk often and if you're going to Vegas, you want Reid along! Great episode! Thanks CM!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not even a Reid fan and I still melted when he held the baby at the end. I thought there were some great parts of this episode. Loved Reid being a card shark. Yale as a safety school. Okay. Prentiss having a hangover while JJ went into labor was great. Jane Lynch=love. Rossi has grown on me. I liked his support of Reid. Watching soap operas. Nice touch by the writers.

Laura_G said...

You're right! I'm an idiot! Maybe his middle name is Henry???

Anonymous said...

I bet Garcia's little office got crowded with half the team and a baby in there! I'm glad the issue with Reid's father is resolved. I really wasn't sure until the end who had actually killed the UNSUB. Good job keeping us guessing. Next week's ep looks interesting. Can't wait to see Jason Alexander! Great job guys!

Anonymous said...

"I just hope he doesn't inherit that accent!"-um, me too! I can still barely understand Will.

Wasn't it interesting to watch Reid struggle against believing that his dad was not guilty? PTSD in my opinion. I wonder if the writers will explore a relationship between Reid and his dad in the future.

Our newest cm member is here. Happy Birthday Henry and congrats to AJ Cook on her new baby.

Hotch- I'll get the car. Get it quick. Really good.

Anonymous said...

Hotch's face when Garcia told Morgan that she 'gave good phone' was the classic line in this one!


Anonymous said...

We can rest assured that mom and dad aren't murderers! Phew!

Boy was Reid an angry man in this episode. He didn't want his dad to be innocent of anything, I guess payback for deserting him when he was a child. He didn't want to hear that his dad was interested in him, that his dad had copies of Reid's disseration, any clippings that mentioned his name, that his dad still loved him.

Garcia was cute with JJ, saying that she wasn't a doctor and didn't play one on TV, but that she was fairly certain that JJ was in labor. Hotch was so cool-headed, saying that he'd get the car.

I liked that Rossi and Morgan were there for Reid and tried to steer him toward the truth and not vengeance.

Diana Reid is love. She wanted to go off her meds so that she would remember what happened, and I really liked that William and Diana came together to tell Reid what happened all those years ago. I hope there is reconcilliation there--not that they get together and are all one happy family, but that healing can begin and Reid can have a relationship with his dad.

The ending was sweet, with baby Henry and JJ asking Reid to be the baby's godfather. I can see him taking his position very seriously and being a very doting godfather, and trying to keep Garcia in check as godmother, because that baby won't know what hit him with Garcia as a godmother!

Really good episode, Jay and Dan!

Anonymous said...

Gary Brendan Michaels killed Riley Jenkins. Reid's mother had seen him approach Reid and play a game of chess with him. She did not like the way he looked at Reid so she told Riley's father. She accompanied Riley's father to Michaels house where she was able to identify him. Riley's father entered Michaels home and beat him to death with a baseball bat. Reid's mother went inside and slipped in the blood, wiping it on her shirt. When she returned home, William Reid burned her clothing/evidence. Riley's father disposed of Michaels body and it was discovered 10 years later at a construction site.

For those who haven't seen it yet and really want to be spoiled!

Jenn said...

This episode just became my favorite out of all of the episodes! Jay and Dan OUTDID themselves with this episode and not for the procedural side, but for the human emotion. I rewound my DVR four times to watch Rossi and Morgan watching Y&R. Hilarious. And "I talk good phone"...! I love the interaction with the cast, and I love getting to finally see some of Reid's past.

More than ever, this makes me wish I'd applied for a job with Ed or CBS. (P.S. I'm willing to move to California!) CM is The Best show, Hands Down, and tonight's episode -- INCREDIBLE.

Anonymous said...

Loved JJ calling him Spence.

I hesitated for a minute when she named Garcia as godmom because it is not a secret that Emily wants kids and she seemed like a perfect choice but then I realized JJ and Garcia have known each other a really long time. Wow. Garcia and Reid. This leaves a world of great CM moments for us in the future. Nice door opening by the writers.

jackie said...

I really loved this episode. It
was so awesome. I didn't want
to leave my tv for 1 minute for
fear that i might miss something.
This episode had everything from
excitement; intrigue; suspense
and closure. I am glad Reid
finally got an answer to what
was causing his nightmares from
all those years ago. I loved how
every one took care of JJ when
she went into labor and even
took her to the hospital. The
touching moment for me, was in
the end when JJ asked Reid to
be the babys godfather. That
was so sweet, it made me cry
a little. All in all, an awesome
episode all around. Can't waite
for next weeks episode.

Anonymous said...

i have one hour to go tell i get to see what everone has talk about so far, i am very excited to see it.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the episode because it tied up some loose ends and Spencer Reid will have some peace. Whether it makes Dr. Reid a better profiler remains to be seen. Now of course the writers will have to pick on someone else, lol. I did shed a tear at the end, though. I also enjoyed the Rossi/Reid interactions, and appreciated how the team was shown looking out for each other once again. The family dynamic was definitely back. Lots of cute moments with Prentiss’ hangover and Garcia and Reid as godparents!

I know it happens probably more often that we know where a law enforcement officer is friends with the suspect and looks the other way when he does something heinous. Through the miracle of modern technology some of those skeletons were removed from the closet. They were yanked out a little too fast, though. Technically it takes a bit of time for a DNA match to be released. The tech kitten would not have access to that database. I saw a slip into CSI territory on that one. A flashing screen with a match! Don’t go there!

Also from a technical standpoint Reid would not generally be allowed to work a case with such close personal connections. He would not have done an interview with a potential suspect, for sure. It would have hurt any criminal case.

Still liked the episode a lot, though. Thanks Dan and Jay.

Also Kudos to Matthew Gray Gubler for once again demonstrating his great emotional range in this episode! Great job.

jackie said...

I forgot to thank Dan and Jay
for another awesome episode
when i posted my blog.
Thank you to the both of you,
for another fine and awesome
episode of Criminal Minds.
I can't waite to see your
next episode. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

This was probably one my top favorite episodes ever! Matthew was incredible and did a fantastic job showing us all the different emotions he had to portray. He also really kicked ass and wasn't putting up with any crap at times. Don't mess with Dr. Reid! hehehehe!

I loved when he would start to become overwhelmed or tired, just the way he would start to act broke my heart. I wanna go up and give him a big 'ol For some reason, I was like if Reid really was losing his mind like his mom, he would probably start to act this way. I dunno, it was an interesting thought of mine.

I really enjoy when we have a chance to see Reid's mom in an episode. Jane Lynch is a great actress! I was really happy they chose the actor (can't think of his name right now) as his dad. He's pretty much a perfect match! That moment right before Reid was going to see his dad for the first time in 17 years was so sad. He couldn't speak and his buddy Morgan helped him out. I loved that small moment, so much emotion. The only thing I would've liked to have seen more is Reid with his Dad, maybe before he left Las Vegas. I wanna know what they talked about, or if they even spoke at all? I wanna know if they're going to have a relationship now? I can't imagine how hard it would be to overcome the anger and sadness Reid has because his dad left him and his mom. I hope the writers give us more of what happens later this season. Before this episode, I always thought of his father as a ruthless bastard who couldn't take it anymore and left both of them to fend for themselves. I thought he was a jerk, but now not so much. I still think what he did was wrong, but kind of understand why he left them.

The ending was very cute! I love JJ and Reid as friends. Reid talking to Henry was precious and it brought a tear to my eye! In about a week or so I'm going to become a first time aunt to a little girl and I'll probably act the same way.

I also thought she might give him his middle name or something. Henry is one lucky baby to have Reid as his Godfather!

This episode had it all: happiness, sadness, anger, bad dreams, crazy on the edge of your seat can't take your eyes off the tv what's gonna happen next moments and........ REID WITH HIS BAG!!!!!

Thank you writers!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

This was by far one of the best episodes of all time. Matthew was remarkable. I can't even put into words how great he did. I love this man. For a minute there though, I thought JJ was going to tell him she named the baby Spencer and I was like, "Dude, don't even steal my baby name!". LOLOL. I birthed the first CM baby!!!


Anonymous said...

Reid had such a wide range of emotions in this one. Everything from sorrow and loss to joy and renewal. Matthew did an outstanding job. The guys wrote a terrific script.

Nice one/two punch by Chris and Jay and Dan.

Now, may we pleeeeassse have the back story on one of the other characters. I don't even care which one. And could you do it like you did Reid. This was totally exciting.

A Criminal Minds fan said...

Wow what a great episode! Lots of background on Reid. I was so afraid that his dad would turn out to be a pedophile but thank you Dan and Jay for not going there! But boy did you kept us guessing! Lots of turn and twist and all because most of the case came unraveling from Reid memory, the memory of a little boy who despite being a very intelligent boy was still a little boy who didn't understand everything that was going on. The adult Reid was one angry son. Poor dad, he did try his best to protect his family. Very powerful scene with Diana Reid when she started to hit herself and had to be calmed down with the medication. Such great acting from Jane Lynch, Taylor Nichols and Matthew Gray Gubler.

Loved that Rossi and Morgan stayed behind to help Reid. For a guy who didn't get the 'team' when he came back to the BAU, Rossi sure knows now what it mean! And I so love him for this. Morgan is great in his role as big brother to Reid.

Finally JJ got her baby! He is so adorable! Reid as the godfather?!
The guy who was so uncomfortable to touch JJ's belly to feel the baby and now he took the baby in his arms and he is the godfather!
Loved that moment.

Garcia was funny with the 'gave good phone'! And she is the godmother too!

Only little complain was that I was surprised that once it was established that Reid father was a suspect, no one asked Spencer to removed himself from the case.

Thanks to the writers, Dan and Jay for giving us another great episode.


J_yellow said...

Okay How awesome was it that Morgan was watching the Y&R in the hotel room, honestly!
Fits with the background theme of the whole show I think.
Loved this show, but that is mostly because I love Reid!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it nice to see Dee Wallace!

Great episode. I was kinda wondering why Rossi and Morgan didn't go with her to the hospital but I guess neither of them really fits in a situation like that.

Yale! You have to love Reid. Not possible not to love him.

I wonder if Prentiss was hinting at wanting to be artificially inseminated. Was that line a hint or just nothing?

Anonymous said...

call me hotch

I was surprised he said that.

Anonymous said...

I would like to marry Criminal Minds and have its babies!

In other words, I loved it. Never posted here before but it was just THAT awesome.

Reid...I'm so glad that your Daddy's not a pedophile, and that the writer's didn't go down that road. Now, someone must hug Reid.

JJ not telling anyone about her contractions? Classic. Thought it was totally in character. And LOVED seeing more about what she does! Profiling without the profilers(But you can't tell them!)

Garcia..."Newsflash, you're in labour!" Awesome!

Did I mention that I loved this episode?

And finally, we got Reid and JJ back! Been missing that:)

Anonymous said...

this was best episode by far. reid had so much anger going on. his dad did care about him. i cry because reid was so sad and hurt. he through out so much emotion, it drain me. i felt so bad for his mom when she started hitting her self.then telling her doctor why she wanted to go off the meds.so she could remember and help her son. i feel his farther would like to get some time with reid and try and get a fresh start, but that has to be up to reid if he wanted to do that. i will be watching this one a few more times. i love the end when j.j ask him to be henry godfarther, i throught reid was going to cry.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful episode - def my favorite so far. It had everything - suspense, excitement, sadness, happiness, sentiment and lots of love! Love between the team, esp. Morgan and Rossi staying behind because of their concern for Spencer, love between Diana and Spencer, his dad who obviously still loves him and I believe this will help Reid to heal with this knowledge. And finally the love at the end, with JJ choosing "Spence" to be Henry's godfather. I wondered if we would hear her call him "Spence" again-that's a cookie, a throwback to season 1 when Reid and JJ went on a date but it was never discussed afterwards.

So many things came full cricle here: Reid seeing his parents again, together, acting kindly toward each other and him learning the reason for their split, which I suspect he not only resented but maybe felt guilty about and I'm sure it affected his self-esteem. Full cirle with Spencer helping to solve this case, resolving some of his issues and showing genuine caring for JJ and her for him and him maturing into a godfather all in one night! Wow!

I choked up a bit when MGG teared up apologizing to his dad but my tears came at seeing him holding JJ's baby - what a sweet, sweet surprise that was and to see him get caught up in it immediately shows how he has grown - he was talking to the baby and sincerely thrilled to have been chosen to be a godparent.

Matthew, you were absolutely superb tonight, I loved every minute of this show, every one of your expressions: anger, sadness, confidence, sensitivity, remorse and so very sweet - I will line up to give you a well-deserved hug! You couldn't have been any better and I mean it when I say you have to be one of the finest actors on TV. I hope you play this role for a long time - you were born to be Spencer Reid and no one could portray him any better!

We love our Reid! These last two episodes will keep us going while they concentrate on the rest of the team now, we have had our Reid-fix and it was a gem of an experience!

Anonymous said...

'That was your godfather's safety school'...I laughed so hard.

Deirdre said...

I must say I did enjoy this episode. Even though it was Reid focused I really was intrigued about the case and how it was all unravelling. I'm so pleased with the route they went down with neither parents involved in the Riley murder. It would've been too much. I liked how they just were involved with the cover up. It was a nice touch and also how this was what lead to the father leaving. He shouldn't have left Reid and I don't think reid is near forgiving him but he doesn't seem to be a bad guy. Anyway, my favourite part has to be JJ giving birth. As someone already commented, it was so typical JJ not to admit she was in labour. It definitly fit her character. I loved Garcia's,Prentiss and Hotch's reactions, BRILLIANT!! Especially Hotch so matter of factly saying, I'll get the car!! I loved the way JJ was telling Todd about how she chooses cases. It was really nice seeing that and fully explain how she chooses. The scene at the very start with Prentiss hung over was so funny, as was Garcia line to Morgan about phone, Hotch's reaction was priceless. I love how JJ and reid seem back to their pre-Revelations selfs, with her calling him Spence, asking him to be godfather, and at the start telling him to look after himself!! It was lovely. All in all a very good episode. No if only Prentiss and JJ could have episodes like that giving their backstory I'd be one happy CM fanatic!!

Geekette said...

I loved this episode. The actors were amazing and I absolutely love that the writers of Criminal Minds understand that being a genius does not mean being right all the time. It makes Spencer more human.

I also am bound to enjoy any episode with Jane Lynch in it. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I woke up thinking about this episode...

First, thanks so much Jay, Dan and Chris for two of the best episodes in CM history. Every moment of this one was a jewel. The case was great, the way it unfolded was interesting. The teamwork was great. The blending of personal and professional life was well done. Loved the funny moments, loved the touching moments.

Big sigh of satisfaction.

The CM team does it again.

Anonymous said...

Baby Henry is here! He is a cutie. We have a cute set of chubby cheeks to pinch. I'm glad that the team was there for JJ and helped her get to the hospital. However, I would have liked to see some of JJ family members come to the hospital, too. It seems odd that JJ's family would miss the birth of their new grandchild or new nephew. But that's just me and maybe they couldn't make it to the hospital in time.

I also admired how well Reid took to the new baby. I remembered how awkward he was around Jack a couple of years ago. I think Reid is a good choice for a godfather.

Anonymous said...

I liked the episode, but didn't love it. I had to settle for a Hotch-sighting instead of a Hotch-fix this week. Although his lines and expressions were good, his scenes were noticeably short. I hope TG got to spend his time off with his family during the week that they filmed that episode. I am willing to sacrifice a couple of weeks with few Hotch scenes as long as they keep TG happy and he stays for many seasons to come. And, for that matter, they should keep all 7 of them happy - I do like them all and how the team interacts. CM Rocks!!!!


Two words:


Anonymous said...

It was a nice episode but not my favorite (missed Hotch) but I bet Reid fans are still in heaven.
I liked how Reid parents were not guilty, I loved JJ´s baby and the end was really cute.

Lola said...

Yes, HEAVEN for Reid fans!
I loved the episode!

Anonymous said...

This episode was amazing!
I can't believe you guys just keep getting better and better. You know what, I do believe it.
I'm so proud of being a fan of this show.

Matthew was terrific and I think you should really consider having Jane Lynch become a regular.

Anonymous said...

Loved this episode. What fine writing. Thank you for involving all team members to some extent...Even if there could have been a little more Hotch..:-)
Fantastic back story on Reid. Worth the wait.
The end was sooooo sweet!!! Miss JJ already.

Anonymous said...

"I'll get the car!" Who says Hotch isn't the father figure now that Gideon is gone?

Loved this episode and I am very pleased that the elder Reids were good people, granted the secret mom held was illegal, but locking her up wouldn't have done any good for anyone.

Angry young man is our Spencer, he'll begin to forgive dad soon now that they have some contact.

Mom Reid was great and came through with sanity when most neeed.

Just a wonderful episode, the mystery was good, the small parts were wonderfully acted, epsecially the detective who was the friend of the dead kid's dad.


Anonymous said...

Reid's dad's not a killer/pedophile! but he's still an SOB for leaving a child with an obviously sick woman - Emily's hangover was too funny, and it was interesting that Hotch was already up and at the airstrip while the rest of them were still at the hotel.I loved Morgan and Rossi sitting in Reid's room watching soaps, and I forgot that SM had been on Y&R. Jane Lynch is made of awesome - her line about why mess with perfection when Reid asked her about having more children was BS, though - the more children she had, the more chances of bringing children with her illness into the world. I almost spit hot tea all over myself at Hotch's look when Garcia said she gave good phone - oh my God, what a line! what a look! They get the most adorable children to play young Spencer, and I loved how panicked Rossi was while the shrink was trying to wake Reid up, And Morgan was love - in full big brother mode the whole ep, and loved Garcia's "Young JJ is in labor", and Hotch calmly putting the coffee pot down, and saying, "I'll get the car". I felt so sorry for Diana Reid, knowing what her mind is doing to her,but willing to go off her meds again, for her son's sake - but aren't she and William in some kind of trouble with the law? they arrested that man for murder, so won't Diana being there and William burning her clothes put them in some trouble? I DID spit tea when Emily dissed Will's accent. That was a beautiful little baby, and Hotch smiling 2 eps in a row? I could get used to that... the ending was sweet; I was hoping JJ would ask Hotch to be Henry's godfather(but maybe she gave him 'Aaron' as a middle name - that's what I'm going with until I know different),but Reid and Garcia? that's going to be one cool, geeky kid,there - and did Reid kind of sob just before he turned back to JJ at the end? Awww... Great episode. Actually I liked the bookend episodes as a whole. Not sure either one would have been satisfying without the other. While I did like them both a lot I would like the show to start highlighting the team equally or change the names in the credit to put Gubler first. It does seem that the focus has been much more on him than the group as a whole or any other individual. Lets take a step back and reconfigure.

Anonymous said...


I can't imagine there could be anything else to focus on with Reid. They seemed to have answered all the possible loose threads and questions about Reid.

I do have a question. Who was Emily drinking with? Is she going to be the next preggo on the team?

Bb88 said...

Here is my post for the contest:

Reviewed by Rachele

Solid episode last night for this show which is steadily rising in the ratings these days. A great ensemble cast that works well together along with creative scripts and stories has made this show into must see TV on Wednesdays. Last nights father/family centric plots were a nice way to focus the family feeling this show projects.


Last night we finally got some anwers about Spencer Reid and his family, particularly his father who made an early cameo in a previous season. The image of his father walking out on him and his mother, frustrated and fed up with his family and wife has obviously left Reid with a I hate my dad complex which he still is working out. He takes Gideon and Hotch as substitute fathers figures, hoping they won't abandon him the same way. With his genius level mind and social awkwardness hes' always assumed this was the reason his father left. Last night he found out the truth, though he had break through a lot of walls he built up to get there. The biggest wall was the assumption that his father may have killed a child and perhaps been a pedophile! Yikes

Reid was great through out, as he clearly had an agenda to punish his father, using his FBI techniques to interrogate and assume that his father was hiding something. It was pretty clear he had no objectivity when it came to his dad, even when he learned the man had been living only 10 mins away and kept tabs on all his accomplishments. We learn that Reid has been having dreams about a child named Riley that has haunted him for many years. Reily died a grisly death and the case was unsolved.Since William Reid was around that time Spencer thinks somehow his dad was involved.Thankfully his fellow agents were understanding yet firm in not letting him get overboard. I loved the fact that they all understood Reid was really staying behind to investigate his father/past and that Morgan and Rossi were not going to let him do it alone. Even the colleagues back at Qunitico helped him out, even with baby issues around. Morgan especially is like a big brother, looking out for Reid. He was the one to suggest Reid knew Reily somehow in the previous episode and here he helps follow through. As for Rossi, I think he realized that Reid needed a father figure around, someone stable to help direct him and the group to stay on track. He was really there for Reid, particularly during the hypnotherapy session.

One person who I think really suffered and pulled off a great turn was Reid's mother Diana.Jane Lynch is a wonderful actress and deserves and Emmy. Diana has been through so much and this didn't help , though it may have been a break through she needed to get a bit better. We find out that it was a local pedophile who killed Reily and Reily's father found out who it was. He took Diana with him to confirm his suspicions because the same man had approached Spencer earlier and she got a bad vibe from it. Reily's dad decided to take justice into his own hands that night, beating the man to death. Sadly Diana decided to see what he was really up too and walks in on the killing, freaking out and getting blood on her clothes. When she came back home all bloodied William found out what happened and burned the clothes. Which little Reid saw. Eventually keeping the secret was too much for William and he left a few years later.

The confession comes out and William, Spencer and Diana finally have a family moment after 17 years. It was a good resolution and bodes well for William coming back into his son's life more. I look forward to this storyline being developed because I think it can only help Spencer become a better person overall.

The other side story that parallel the main plot was the birth of JJ's baby boy, Henry. JJ came 3 weeks early it seems but everyone was calm and prepared. It was a complete turn around from other shows where such things come off as a mess and everyone is running around panicky. I love how Hotch,Emily and Garcia just took control and calmly got JJ to the hospital and called Will her boyfriend.Not to mention they left the new communication liaison to field the calls and suddenly take the job instead of getting a proper tour and outline of what her new duties are. And then we got to see the baby! What a cutie and so generous and kind of JJ to think of the two people who have been quite close to her all these years as godparents, Spencer and Garcia. What a nice little comparison between Williams, the young William has gained a new son that he hopes to have a lasting relationship with, while the older William regained the son he had lost so many years ago. That last scene of Spencer holding the baby was beautiful, letting all know that Spence has a new perspective on life and he takes it seriously.

Great episode and strong character development for Spencer Reid. I'm going to miss JJ being around but look forward to the new communication liaison officer and seeing how she will cope

Anonymous said...

Wonderful episode! I think I gained 5 pounds from all those cookies ;). Everything was just brilliant.

Unknown said...

WOW...I loved absolutely EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING about this episode!!!

The baby is so cute.And Reid is the best choice for the godfarther.

I loved it how Rossi takes care about Reid and NOW I TRUST and LIKE Rossi.
Morgan was also so great with Reid as always.

Jane Lynch was so so so so so BRILLIANT!!!I felt so sorry for her.And of course Reid.

And I loved the end and as Prentiss said "hopefully he doesn't get the accent" (sorry if I have qouted it wrong) I had to laugh so hard and said "So true."

And as the girl gets closer to Reid I yelled at my screen "Back off bi***!" LOL

And WOW,Matthew was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I so LOVED this episode.
Thanks for this AWESOME epi!!!!


Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, it was AW who said that there was a Reid ep coming up and that MGG was brilliant as usual. I have to agree with AW. But I never realised the Jay and Dan could write Reid as well as AW does!

I love that Reid wears an American flag pin on his tie. I love that he looks comfortable holding the baby at the end. JJ calling him Spence again was great. I LOVE that Morgan was profiling Reid and didn't leave him there to deal with this on his own. That Rossi was so protective (as well as Morgan) of Reid and that Rossi "gets" what being part of the team is about. Could the shot of Jill from The Young and the Restless be a cookie within a cookie??? Even though there wasn't a lot of Hotch, he was brilliant when he was present! Love Garcia as always..."I give good phone"...LMAO! Prentiss was so funny in the opening scene. I can't believe she would talk to pregnant JJ like that! LOL! So touching that JJ was more concerned about helping Reid than taking care of herself. The guest stars were all great, but Jane Lynch needs an award.

All in all, another GREAT episode from the CM team. Thank you so much for all you give us fans each week. You are the best!


Anonymous said...

WOW, fantastic episode that is definitely my new alltime favorite!!! Thank you Jay and Dan for writing a beautiful story of a tall, skinny enigmatic loner/genius who's struggling to find himself among people who had trouble understanding him. Reid is like the Mr. Spock of Criminal Minds!!!! Reid already had more issues than National Geographic Magazine but you have managed to give him a balanced backstory with just the right amount of pathos to help us know why he became a profiler. It's a truly amazing feat. CBS definitely got their money's worth out of MGG this week as he was called on to display flashes of pain, hurt, confusion,anger,determination, and finally a cuddly scene with a baby. Like the Domino's Pizza Man, he delivered!!!!!
I also liked the feel of family to this episode. I loved how Rossi and Morgan were nonchalantly eating Reid's snacks and watching soaps as if it's to be expected that they would be there for him.
Loved the team looking out for JJ and her impending birth-so cute!!!
So Reid's alma mater is Cal-Tech,that was so cute for him to say he could get the baby in with one phonecall.
OK, I am a happy camper now with the last two episodes. You can bring on the others' backstories and we can learn how Hotch's Dad had a heart attack while dying of cancer while beating on them,etc.In fact,I'm good to go with my new favorite episodes that I can handle any bad economic and world news. CM is my choice of opiate for the masses so a big kudos to Ed and the CM team for a fantastic season 4 so far!!!!

Anonymous said...

An extraordinary episode!

Well written, well directed, well acted.


Kirsten said...

Jayne Lynch and MGG both gave outstanding performances in yet another good episode; great work the writers too! Loved the team interactions (so funny!) and the scene with JJ and the baby rocked. Bring on the next epi! [just a bit more hotch, svp! sorry, gotta ask!;)]

Hillary K said...

Wow--to be honest this was the best episode I've seen so far this season! Each episode just keeps getting better and better. Although I'm a die-hard Reid fan, I must say that the reason I like this ep so much wasn't just because of the Reid-centric-ness of it. This episode just poured out so much BAU familyness that I was grinning ear to ear at the end.

I love all of their relationships together, with Morgan staying behind to help Reid, Rossi sitting in on the hypnosis session, Emily having a hangover, Garcia helping JJ when she was in labor, Hotch getting the car ready, Garcia and Reid being godparents . . . I could go on and on. This was just a series classic and I am loving this episode. You CM writers are phenomenal and I applaud you. :)

The most touching scenes for me were when Reid was holding little Henry at the end and when Reid woke up from the hypnosis. MGG did a fabulous job acting the way he did and the way he grasped JM's shoulder was perfect. I've had to wake up my two younger sisters from nightmares from time to time and I swear they act just the way Reid did and it just makes your heart go out to him because he was so scared and frightened. The whole part where he was freaking out with his mother directly after was perfect. MGG's acting skills just never cease to amaze me and he is progressing so much as an actor.

**For those of you waiting for more background information, it looks like in the next three episodes there is going to be one where Morgan gets personally offended about a serial killer targeting police officers, so maybe there's some hope for more about him there? :)

I also agree about wanting to know more about Hotch's past. It was hinted about his father abusing him and his mother, and while we've gotten a lot of information about his personal life with Hailey and Jack, I would like some background information about him.

Basically--this was an amazing episode and I wish I could do more to let those know who are involved (writers, producers, actors, etc) that they just did a fantastic job and you all deserve a heck of a lot of appreciation and you all need to know you're just amazing. :D

Anonymous said...

i'm just so struck with what an extraordinary job casting did when picking Diana and William Reid! so often you see families in tv shows and go, sorry, just because you both have blonde hair and blue eyes you DON'T look alike, but in the last scene where Spencer finds out the truth, i was staring from one face to another going, ya know, they work as a family!

loved the 'dogs and their owners' comment from Spencer to his Dad at the beginning - a hint we were getting a GIANT serve of Angry Young Man.

and loved the parallel stories contrasting his genetic family to his BAU family ... if MGG considers acting his second string career - by jingo he must be an awesome director, because this was flawless, and a great example of emotional range and personal depth.

looking forward, as my hanky dries, to a good solid 'bad guy' ep next week, with room in the future for more adroitly handled personal story lines ...


Anonymous said...

Memoriam will one to remember. For the first time, Reid conclusively got the answers he'd been looking for about his family's dysfunction. When confronting his father, after 17 years, he lost all speech and emotional ability which was a first for the BAU to see. Also, be amazed that his mom's (Jane Lynch) mental health problems may not be all that serious. Reid will find out just how much he isn’t over his father leaving him, but to implicate his father being responsible for the death of lil’ Riley was a sure cry for help that Morgan will try to manage. Not to mention, the connection Reid has with the BAU team as they rallied up to help him with this cold case...a true family setting. Classic scene of Morgan and Rossi watching Y &R just as Reid entered his hotel room. Our new member to the team, Agent Jordan will have some big shoes to fill as JJ has a surprise emergency trip to the hospital...way to go Hotchner! Towards the end, Reid gets the best present that JJ could bestow. All in all one of the best episodes, well written and well played by Matthew Gray Gubler, Joe Mantegna and Shemar Moore.


Unknown said...

I loved this episode. The team interactions where amazing . Finally saw a little more of Garcia this episode. All together an amazing episode

Anonymous said...

omg! that ep was sooooooooo good!
i just finished watching it! and i am without a word because it was soooooo great!


Walburga Benker said...

It was fantastic, i like it. Thank you Jay and Dan for this ep. Great acting and great fun to watch it.

Anonymous said...

thankyou jay and dan fot this one. it was great. reid is my favorit. hope to see more later this season

Anonymous said...

This was an awesome episode! I honestly thought that
no one besides Chris Mundy could tackle Reid’s past
but Dan and Jay did an awesome job. They choose the
perfect way to handle it with just the right amount of
drama, emotion, humor, and sensitivity. They truly
amazed and delivered a masterpiece. Way to go!
Now I will give a detailed version of what happened so
if you don’t want spoilers stop reading now!!

It started with a previously on Criminal Minds with
scenes from “Instincts”: Reid’s nightmare with Riley’s
body behind the dryer in the basement, Morgan telling
Reid about Riley’s murder, and Reid asking his mom if
he knew someone named Riley Jenkins.
Then after the recap we see Morgan Rossi and Prentiss
in the hotel lobby. Morgan is playing a card machine
and Prentiss asks him to stop because she is nursing a
headache due to a hangover. Rossi is sitting on the
couch and asks her if she had a late night. She sinks
down on the couch with no response. Then JJ enters and
asks where Reid is. She starts to play the card
machine and Prentiss says “JJ I swear” and she looks
at her like what. Rossi then gives JJ a look that says
it all and JJ laughs a little. Reid then comes in and
says that he wants to stay in Las Vegas. He uses the
excuse that he doesn’t see his mom enough so he wants
to spend more time with her. Rossi asks him if he’s
okay and he says yes. Rossi then tells him to do what
he needs to do. He walks out and the others follow him
except for JJ who tells Reid to take care of himself
and he says “ you too both of you” (meaning her and
the baby).

Then we see Reid at the police station asking about
the murder of Riley Jenkins. A detective comes and
says he remembers the case and gives him a case file.

Then we see Reid in the hotel going up to his room.
He opens the door to find Morgan and Rossi sitting in his
room watching TV. Reid asks them what they’re doing to
which Morgan replies “what does it look like”. Reid
says “it looks like you broke into my room to watch
Days of Our Lives. Rossi corrects him and says that
they’re watching the Young and the Restless (a cookie
as Shemar acted in the Y&R). Then Reid says that
Morgan and Rossi should be on their way back to DC at
which point Rossi says “ aren’t you supposed to be
with your mom?” Morgan then realizes that the real
reason Reid stayed was to solve the Riley Jenkins
murder. Reid says his dad was a suspect.

Then the beginning quote is said: “ what was silent in
the father speaks in the son and I have often in the
son the unveiled secrets of the father” – Fredrich
Neitzsche. Then Rossi asks Reid if he’s sure he wants
to go down that road. Morgan is convincing him that he
doesn’t need to. He says “some rocks don’t need
looking under”. Reid says his mind is sending him
signals he can’t ignore. Rossi essentially says that
that’s what the subconscious is and does. Morgan then
says that the dream could symbolize his father killing
and burying Reid’s childhood because he left.

Cut to BAU: Prentiss is on the phone at her desk
finishing up a conversation. She hangs up the phone
and JJ and Agent Todd are behind her. JJ reintroduces
Todd to her. Emily tells her that she has big shoes to
fill. JJ says well big ankles anyway. Todd tells JJ
that she looks great and asks Prentiss if she has any
kids. She says “I think JJ might have snared the last
viable donor”. Just at that moment Hotch comes and
says “donor for what”. Emily says that they were just
talking and JJ skillfully moves his focus to Agent
Todd. He tells her to call him Hotch not agent

Cut to: Morgan Reid and Rossi going over the case details and creating a profile. Reid realizes that Riley and his family lived close to them. Then we see Reid talking to his mom. He’s asking her about what his dad was like with kids. She said that if it was up to him that he would have had a house full of brothers and sisters but she says that she didn’t want to mess with something perfect (though the real reason was probably that she was afraid of passing on schizophrenia to her children and the more children the higher the risk). Reid seems to accept this reason. She then tells him that his dad coached his little league team and was always trying to get him to do normal things (flashback to a baseball game…someone says the name riley). Reid tells her that he thinks his dad was involved.

Then we see JJ and Todd at the BAU. Todd asks JJ how she picks cases and JJ tells her that she chooses the one where another death is most eminent (“this job does require a bit of profiling”). She then gives Jordan (Todd) two cases and tells her to choose one. One is in Iowa with two men drowned in their bathtubs and the other one is a family murdered in Atlanta. Jordan chooses the Atlanta case because she said that even though the drownings look serial the family murderer is most likely to kill again. JJ tells her that her choice was good and to do that with the rest of the pile. JJ then gas a contraction.

Then we see Morgan and Reid talking to Riley’s dad. Reid asks him if he knew William Reid and if he had anything to do with it. He said no. Then Reid asked where his dad was. He tells him that he’s still at his same job. Then Reid Morgan and Rossi are at William Reid’s office. While they’re waiting for him to come out Reid freaks out. Morgan asks him if he’s ok. He says he’s going to go to the bathroom. Morgan then says to Rossi that he’s never seen Reid like that before. Rossi says that 17 years is a long time. Morgan observes that Reid is still angry to which Rossi replies “I’m starting to get that.” Then Reid’s dad comes out of his office and Reid comes back. William observes that Spencer doesn’t look like him anymore. Reid then launches into a speech on how people look alike because they unconsciously mimic the expressions of the people they are always with causing them to look alike to others. Then they start talking about the case. Reid says that the Ethan Hayes murder (the case in Instincts) got him to thinking about riley’s murder. He tells him that he thinks he’s the killer. Morgan notices that he doesn’t seem surprised and says so. He says that he stopped being surprised by Spencer’s mind a long time ago. Rossi tells him that he fits some of the profile and asks if would at least help them.

Then Reid is on the phone with Garcia and he asks her if she can hack into his dad’s computer. She asks him if he’s sure and he says yes and he wishes people would stop asking him that question. Then he finds an envelope containing case info under his door. He looks at it then has a flashback to when he’s a child playing chess and a man asks if he can play with him. He then shows it to Morgan and Rossi. Morgan’s phone rings and it’s Garcia. Hotch and Prentiss are with her. Hotch says that William Reid doesn’t fit the whole profile. Prentiss offers to tell Reid other things about his dad. He listens as she tells him that his dad is a workaholic, makes decent money but doesn’t spend a lot, stays away from casinos, doesn’t travel a lot , has a sick cat, and spends his free time reading and going to the movies. Garcia adds that he collected every article that Reid was quoted or mentioned in, pieces he wrote for behavioral science journals and a copy of his dissertation which was called “Identifying Non- Obvious Relationship Factors using Cluster Weighted Modeling and Other Geographic Regression” in engineering not profiling. Rossi comments to Reid that the fact that he still keeps tabs on him means something. Reid then becomes angry and walks out. Garcia says that she though they were giving him good news and Morgan asks her to look up Gary Michaels as he was a suspect.

Then we see Reid in the hotel and he’s playing the card machine. There’s a woman next to him who starts talking to him about what he has on the machine. Reid launches into a spiel about the randomness of the machines and the odds. She then lights a cigarette and Reid says six minutes. She asks him why he said that and he explained that that’s what he used to say to get his mom to quit smoking but it didn’t work. She says that she tried everything to quit but nothing worked and Reid suggests hypnosis. Then she asks him to buy her a drink but Morgan comes and rescues Reid. Morgan Reid and Rossi are walking away and the woman says that Reid just won $2000 and he tells her to keep it. Rossi then informs him that he just gave 2 grand to a hooker (poor naive Reid). Morgan comments on how it must have been quite a conversation.

Then we see Reid and Rossi with the therapist. Rossi wants to sit in on the session to make sure that nothing happens to Reid. She says that she doesn’t normally allow that to which Rossi replies “in case you hadn’t noticed there’s nothing normal about this.” Then we see Reid lying on the couch. She tells him to grab her wrist if he feels any fear. Reid flashes back to his childhood and he sees his father coming in and he doesn’t want to be there. We then see a shot of Rossi sitting in the chair looking concerned. Then we go back to what Reid is seeing in his mind. It’s the morning after the murder and his mom is standing at the window crying. He says nothing to her and she leaves the room. He goes and looks out the window and sees his dad burning the bloody clothes…he freaks out and Rossi tells her to wake Reid up…he wakes up and Rossi is there calming him down and then asks him what he saw.

Then Reid is talking to his mom. He begs her to remember what happened. He says he thinks his dad did it and she freaks out and denies it…the nurses come in…she calms down and sits on the bed and says “it could’ve been you”.

Then Morgan and Reid are walking together and Reid tells Morgan what she said. Morgan says that she’s ill and not to put too much stock in what she says. Reid is convinced that his dad was involved and Morgan tells him that he’s loosing his objectivity. Then Morgan and Reid talk to the detective. Reid is convincing him to bring his father in so that they can hold him for 48 hours. The detective tells Reid that maybe he has other issues he needs to work through with his dad. After Morgan persuades him the detective finally agrees to let them hold him for 24 hours. The detective leaves. Reid is angry at this point and Morgan tells him he has to keep his head. Morgan’s phone rings and it’s Garcia. She tells him about Gary Michaels. She hangs up and notices JJ wincing. She asks JJ if she’s okay and how often it’s been happening. She then realizes that JJ is in labor. Garcia and Todd help JJ up and they find Hotch and Prentiss. Hotch says he’ll go get the car and Prentiss takes JJ’s arm that Todd had been holding and she tells her that she hopes she’s ready because her job started right then.

Back to Morgan Reid and Rossi. Morgan says Michaels is the better suspect because he fits more of the profile. Reid is confused and thinks that maybe his dad did have something to do with it and the detective was covering up for him or that the detective did it. Reid then goes in and starts questioning his dad. His dad says that he won’t talk without a lawyer. Reid begs him for the truth. He says he knows the truth and that Michaels did it. Then Morgan is on the phone with Hotch who tells him that Michaels is dead. Morgan then tells Reid Rossi and an officer. Morgan also says that maybe it wasn’t Riley’s bloody clothes that Reid’s dad was burning and that they found a fingerprint on the vic’s glasses and that they could run it. The officer says it’s a waste to run it and walks out. Rossi says that he’s right and they don’t have if Reid doesn’t want to. Morgan says that all signs aren’t pointing to William Reid but Reid says he needs to know the truth and that he wants to run it. Then we see Reid’s mom Reid’s mom looking at pictures desperately trying to remember what happened. The doctor approaches her and asks her why she isn’t taking her medicine. She says she needs the moment of clarity so she can remember the truth. Then we go back to Morgan Reid and Rossi. Morgan is pacing and on the phone. He hangs up and tells them that the print doesn’t match Reid’s dad. It belonged to Riley’s dad. They arrest and question him. He says that William Reid wasn’t involved and that he killed Michaels himself and that he had found out from someone that he approached another kid but he won’t say who. Then Diana Reid comes in and says “it was me”. Then his parents tell Reid the truth of what happened. She said that she had seen him around and he approached Reid and she knew what he was. Then she says that she was with riley’s dad the night of the murder (flashback: we see her in the car with riley’s dad and she tells him that Michaels was the one…he tells her to leave but she stays in the car…after a few minutes we see her go into the house and she sees what he did. Then we see her at home with William with blood on her clothes). Reid realizes that he saw his dad burning her bloody clothes. He then apologizes to his dad for being wrong. His dad explained that he couldn’t live knowing what she had seen and that she could be implicated and that’s the reason he left and apologizes for leaving.

Then the ending quote is said: “There is no refuge from memory and remorse in this world. The spirits of our foolish deeds haunt us with or without repentance”- Gilbert Parker.

Then we see JJ Will Hotch Prentiss and Garcia in the hospital room. JJ has just given birth. Prentiss comments on the fact that the baby looks like Will. Will says that he hopes he’ll out grow that. Prentiss says “just as long as he doesn’t inherit the accent.” Reid comes to the doorway and asks if there’s room for one more. They say yes and he comes in. JJ says to him “how is it that I just went through 15 hours of labor and you look worse than I do?” Reid tells her she looks beautiful. Will says he could sure use some coffee and gets Hotch Prentiss and Garcia to go with him leaving JJ and Reid alone. JJ asks Reid to be Henry’s godfather and Reid says yes. She then hands the baby to him and tells him if anything happens to her and Will he and Garcia are responsible for making sure he get into Yale. Reid then says to the baby that Yale was his safety school and that he can get him into CalTech with one phone call.
The End

lovin-spencer-reid said...

i LOVED this episode..

i absolutly love spencer, and could not wait to learn about his past..

i would marry him ;)

gubegirl said...

Can't believe I am the first to re-comment - where is everybody? This was a great epi and I loved seeing it again. MGG, you are so damn good, I just want to reach thru the screen to hug "the kid." And so nice that Morgan and Rossi care so much to be so supportive when he really needed them. Not to mention the JJ-Henry/godfather scene - so sweet.

It's these reruns that will keep me going thru the summer while we sweat the outcome of Hotch (there's no way he can be dead - and I would love it if it were Reid who saves him from Follete.) Anyway, CM Fanatics, blog away, we need to keep the momentum going!

Debbie said...

I know I said it before (like in November!) but what a great episode! Certainly one of my favorites, if not THE favorite.

I loved Reid going after his own father - what a sense of right, what ethics, what courage and strength of character! And when he realized he was wrong...oh, you could just hear the broken-heartedness in MGG's voice. And his mom's courage..even through her illness to realize that she needed to think clearly to help her son, so she made the sacrific of her own mental well-being.

I loved that Rossi and Morgan stayed behind to help. True blue friends...loyal colleagues.

And Garcia! She was so beautiful in last night's episode and so...Garcia!

I know we all love the new episodes, but with re-runs like this...well, it's a chance to savor all the things we loved most about the season.

Happy Summer CM family!