Saturday, February 21, 2009


Criminal Minds: Happy Saturday to everyone! I have just a few new items and a few reminders from the moderators to share with you today. First, thank you to Oanh Ly for the wonderful chat yesterday. Oanh is a delight in the chat room and her episodes are always fan favs. "Zoe's Reprise" is one of my favorite episodes so far this season and judging from the poll and the number of chatters from outside the US who woke up in the middle of the night to chat with Oanh, I'm assuming that I am not alone in my appraisal of the episode.

This Wednesday we are adding a new twist to our chats. The "Crim-a-con" planning committee will be watching "Pleasure Is My Business" at the Criminal Minds studio at the invitation of Ed Bernero and Breen Frazier. I am happy to say that many of the show's writers will be joining us. After the episode airs we will be hosting a NOT TO BE MISSED chat. Please email Laura or Debbie at for the password.

The pens for Kirsten project is now officially over. I will take a pic of the wonderful collection of pens prior to delivering them. Pens from around the world. What a great way of thanking Kirsten for her wonderful portrayal of Penelope Garcia.

I've received over 500 emails to date asking me if I have any idea of what Ed has planned for the 100th episode. I don't have a clue and I would remind everyone that our 100th isn't until next season. We are just now at 81. Take a deep breath everyone! Lets let them finish season four before we start nagging them about season five.

Also, NO, I don't know anything about the casting, stories or content of "Washington Field". I know what you know. I think it is terrific that CM fans are excited about Ed's next project and I promise that when I know something that I will share the info with the group. If I have the opportunity to discuss the new show with him then I will find out what I can and report back to everyone.

Lastly, Please remember we are still collecting donations for Kim's American Heart Association marathon. New auctions will be starting on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone! Great new episodes coming our way! Lots to love in Criminal Minds land. :)