Saturday, December 13, 2008


Criminal Minds: Kim Harrison is now in Hawaii getting ready to run in the Aids Marathon. She sent this note for the Criminal Minds Fanatics. What our Criminal Minds runner didn't mention in her email to all of you is that she broke her arm this past week. I think Kim is absolutely amazing to power through like she is doing! Please remember that the Aids Foundation is an important organization and worthy of contributions even now that the marathon fundraising is over!

Hey CM Fanatics,

I finally made it to Hawaii!!! It's been raining all day but I'm pumped for the race tomorrow. We had a AIDS Marathon pep rally a few minutes ago which only reminded me about how amazing this marathon is going to be. Rain or shine I can't wait to get out there tomorrow a 3:30am. Thank you for helping me raise over $8,000 dollars and donating for such a great cause. Jill, thank you so much for being the force behind this whole fundraiser. You've definately made a name for yourself over at the AIDS Marathon office. Please keep me in your prayers tomorrow.