Monday, December 15, 2008


Criminal Minds: Mitch Pileggi is one of our guest stars in "Normal" written by Andrew Wilder. "Normal" airs on December 17th. Andrew Wilder will be joining us in the Criminal Minds chat room after the episode airs on the east coast.

BE: Last question: is there one TV guest spot that you’re most proud of?

MP: (Considers the question) That’s a tough question, because I can’t think of everything that I’ve done. Um…I couldn’t even answer that. But I’m getting ready to do a character on “Criminal Minds” that’s really interesting. The guy’s a real mess. He’s a character who’s kind of like Michael Douglas in “Falling Down.” I’m just starting to shoot it tomorrow, actually. But I’ve really got to prepare myself for that, because it’s gonna be a tough one…but it’s gonna be fun.