Friday, April 04, 2008


Criminal Minds: Several people have commented and emailed asking about the sign behind Prentiss in the Criminal Minds episode "Damaged". I have the answer from Ed Bernero, Executive Producer and writer of "Damaged". I am posting it as a comment so those who have not yet seen the episode will not have a spoiler unless they want it. ** There will not be any other comments on this post. Please use the spoiler thread for all comments about the episode. Thanks. ***

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Criminal Minds Fan said...

The answer from Ed: The store behind Prentiss (across the street) is called "Legacy" and, while we were shooting, I noticed that, if we positioned her just right, all you could see was the word Gacy (the Killer Clown from Chicago). Since they were looking for a killer clown, I thought it was a perfect little cookie to hide in the episode, something I could mention on the DVD Special Features and you could all go back and look. However, as usual, you guys were too smart and caught it on your own.