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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "3rd Life" written by Simon Mirren and starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness. Guest starring Gina Mantegna.

*** Spoilers are in the comment section. You've been warned ***

** This is the original spoiler thread for the episode. Please use this thread for any comments you have after rewatching the episode. ***


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that we are getting a new episode. Christmas in January.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for tonight, it's been way to long!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait! Too bad I will only be able to watch it tomorrow morning so please, don't spare any details, people, as soon as you have them, spill.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

This was originally posted by Bear on the CMF message board:

When one teenager is found murdered and her best friend is abducted in Chula Vista, California, the BAU assists local authorities in determining whether the Witness Protection Program is involved.

[note: this episode's name has been changed from "Second Life" to "3rd Life."]

Airdate: 19 December 2007 !NOT!
Episode #: 57


Lindsey: Gina Mantegna
Det. Payton: Rick Otto
Jack Vaughan: Fredric Lane
Pat Mannan: Michael Harney
Bruce Owen: Brian McNamara
Lori Owen: Cheryl White
Katie Owen: Hayley McFarland
Grant Silverman: Alex Hyde-White
Taylor Coleman: Curtiss Frisle
Ryan Phillips: Riley Smith

Writer: Simon Mirren
Director: Anthony Hemingway

Tempermental Libra said...

O ok thnx Jillie I was wondering about the name I keep getting confused I still think its 2nd life for some reason I read the posts on the train WE have fake tv on our transits station

Anonymous said...

Garcia calls Morgan Angelfish and he says right back at ya.

So cool. Gruesome crime. I can't believe Rossi came up with the parents listening to the voice message. OMG that is gruesome.

Anonymous said...

Prentiss and Hotch were great at the movie theater watching the girls smoking and talking to the boys.

Prentiss lied to her mom as a teen and smoked. Naughty Prentiss.

Reid looks like crap in this one. His eyes look like racoon eyes.

Anonymous said...

Katie begging for her life and her dad will keep me up all night. I'll never forget that scene. Ever.

Too many commercials. So what is the deal with Lindsey? Witness protection and then abduction. This is a thinker.

I agree about Reid. He is acting like his normal genius fact machine self but his pallor is off and his eyes are really dark.

Anonymous said...

Hotch is on the top of his game in this one. The man is back. He is really running the show.

Rossi says all the killers have one thing in can see it in their eyes. I am liking him so much better now. He really is a part of the team. I think he is going to work out great.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. First it is a mob trail and now it isn't. Prentiss, Hotch and Rossi are terrific. Great teamwork tonight, so far.

Anonymous said...

Lynda, I am confused too and why the hell are there commercials every two minutes!!!!!!!

Okay so now one of the unsubs is dead and they think the girl is with the other unsubs.

I'm thinking the unsub is the girl.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Reid looks like crap in order to further the drug storyline??

Anonymous said...

Chilling episode. Loved the story but it seemed choppy to me. I give it a B.

Great Hotch moments.

Anonymous said...

Garcia was so awesome tonight. She really invested herself in this one and omg that phone call with that girl pleading for her daddy!

Good story.

Anonymous said...

Woot! that was a great episode and had some great surprising moments. I was hit anew by how intense this show is, seeing a new one after so long.


Anonymous said...

why did they kidnap/murder the girls? Did I miss something? It made sense when it was the mob payback storyline... otherwise?

Anonymous said...

hey I love the therey about Reid's drug addiction reappearing!
That would be great!!!
When Reid was in the bathroom & everyone came in my mom was like 'dude close your mouth'.
but I thought it was kinda cute!!!

Reid's hair was awesome in this episode though.
Not frizzy like the other episode.

There wasn't much JJ though, that made me mad.
I love JJ.

Now I got Umbrella going through my head & I kinda hate that song a lot.

oh well..

I am so glad I recorded this one!
Can't wait to watch it again in an hour or so.

LeeT911 said...

If I remember right, Matthew Gubler actually has a medical condition that causes the dark eye thing. I think they say that somewhere in the special feautures of the season 1 DVDs.

As to this actual episode, I liked it, but there wasn't very much profiling involved (just Lindsey's room and Reid's magic map). I think the ending really brought it all together though. The ending was great. I'm glad that Jack ended up shooting the unsub because that guy totally deserved it. And let's face it, Reid didn't sound too convincing when he was trying to talk Jack down.

The absolutely most touching bit was the final scene though. She introduces herself as Katie. That just blew me away.

Nita said...

I really enjoyed the episode, excellent writing. This season has truly been different and interesting.

The ending made me catch my breath, Reid tried so hard to talk the guy down. My heart went out to him as he stood there stunned.

Anonymous said...

It was fantastic. I missed a few minutes here and there so I also missed the reason behind the kidnapping (if there was a reason). I loved the suspense. After I re-watch the ep I can give a better review. It was so heartbreaking when the mom identified the voice but the dad refused to believe. The scene with Morgan and Reid doing the victomology was great. Garcia was fantastic as always.

Anonymous said...

I really thought Joe's daughter did a really great job. I liked this episode. I thought the editing was wayyyyy off but the story was tight.

Anonymous said...

I loved that Reid was the one who contronted Jack. I wasn't expecting it. I thought the episode was really great.

Anonymous said...

Prentiss kicking in the door was super cool. I thought the acting was great in this episode and the story was wonderful. The guest stars did awesome jobs. It's all good for me. Lots of Reid.

Anonymous said...

The ending was awesome. I liked this episode and I needed a CM fix.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andrew and Simon for the chat!!! You guys are awesome. Keep up the amazing work.

Anonymous said...

Overall, it was quite an effective episode. I always feel like we don't see enough of certain cast members (JJ, for this one), but I guess that happens with an ensemble cast.

Those last few scenes really made the episode. Unexpected and chilling.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the episode. There was plenty of the team and some profiling going on. The unsubs were not particularly interesting to me but at least there was not a huge amount of time spent with them. Typical bad people are boring to me so the less time they are onscreen, the better.

The truly sick people were the father and daughter, and the last scene with them was great. We saw the fine line between “victims” and unsubs… Gina did a good job with the character, particularly in the last scene. She went from looking helpless to evil in the end.

As for our team…Reid made a contribution to solving the case, with the geographic profile, and in this episode it was easier to follow what he was doing than in previous episodes. The reaction to the murder in front of him was definitely in character. Prentiss kicking the door open was good, and our tech kitten did a fine job- and seemed more driven than on previous case. Easy to tell her empathy level has been raised by her experience

Anonymous said...

I liked this episode a lot, though I did find it a bit hard to follow. The whole, "Irish mafia is after my family..oh wait no, just stupid teenagers with no plan" thing kinda threw me off. I don't know if we ever actually figured out WHY those teenagers kidnapped and brutally murdered the girl either? Hmm...still good though, really good!


LoraLee said...

I really loved this episode. I think my favorite part might be when Reid figures out the probable location they're (by that time he's) holding Linsdey, and Hotch just tells him "be careful" no doubts about his abilities, he trusted him to do his job, because that is his job.
I also liked how they showed the unsub's body, they showed the body, but carefully hid the head (or lack thereof). It harkens back to the old horror movies which let the viewer's imagination take care of the actual horror.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I wasn't paying attention very much til the second half. Wasn't having a good day. but that's my problem.

Anyway, the part that got me was when he (the dad) shot that kid. I was totally shocked! I held my hands to my nose and month the whole time until the calvary came. I just knew what Reid was saying would talk him down. but it didn't and he got away with it. Holy Cow.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the episode a lot! I echo the enjoyment of Prentiss kicking the door in. I bet Paget had fun with that! I also enjoyed Reid trying to talk Jack out of shooting the kid. Garcia's scenes were top notch as well. Great stuff tonight!

Anonymous said...

Whew, just back from the chat. Poor Simon, his internet was acting up and Andrew Wilder stepped in and relayed the questions to him via the phone and then typed out his answers! Andrew, thanks so much for helping out and we owe you a hand massage for all the typing you did! Simon was able to join us and we had a great chat. Thanks to Simon, Andrew, and Jill for such a great time!

The episode was great! We came into it with the team at the site where the body of one of the girls was dropped. Two girls had been abducted from a movie theater and one of their body's had been found. The parents were all there and they were all hurting so much! They couldn't tell which girl it was because the face and hands were messed up.

Katie, the girl who was killed sent her mother a voice mail on her cell phone and Garcia cleaned it up and was able to hear Katie being killed. Garica was horrified! The only way to figure out who it was in time to save the other one was to have the parents listen to the message. It was Rossi's idea, and Garcia pled with them not to let the parents hear it, but in the end, Hotch, reluctantly it seems, agreed and the father's of the two girls listened to the voice mail message. Hotch, by the way, was very Hotchly in this episode (YAY)!

When the team went to the other girl's house (her name is escaping me) to create the victimology, they noticed how nothing was on the walls, how no personal items were in the girl's bedroom and that the computer's internet surfing was wiped clean each day. Garcia found their backstory and Reid said that it sounded familiar. Garcia remembered a book with the same story, and the girl in the book and the 2nd victim had the same name!

When Jack, the girl's father lost it, his friend tried to console him and his jacket raised up and everyone saw a gun. The guy was a US Marshall and Jack and the girl were in the witness protection program. It turns out that Jack was to testify against some members of the Irish mob in Boston.

That lead to a red herring--having Garcia check out all flights from Boston, to see if the Irish Mob members were responsible for this.

We aren't told, but it was inferred that Jack was a mob hit man. He kept popping pills and we are led to believe that the pills are keeping him from being a homocidal maniac!

Turns out that the girls were abducted by 3 boys/young men. One of the boys was found dead in a house. This was a cool scene--it showed Prentiss kicking in a door of a house, then cut to Rossi entering a house, then cut to Morgan walking up the stairs in a house, and then cut to Hotch reaching the 2nd floor and finding the body. They were able to identify the boy, thanks to our tech kitten, Garcia.

Jack didn't recognize the boy, but the other father did, and knew who he hung around with. He asked Jack to go find them and take care of them after what they did to his daughter Katie.

He caught one of the boys at the boy's house trying to get into his father's gun locker. Jack broke open the gun locker and threatened the boy and shot him in the leg to find out where his daughter was.

In the meantime, Reid was doing his magic with the maps and figured out where the girl was being held--at the high school. Hotch told him to go there and they would meet him there.

Reid drove, yes drove, to the high school, arriving after Jack. Jack found his daughter and the final kidnapper. He had a shotgun and was holding it up at the kidnapper when Reid found them in the boys bathroom. There was a cute scene of Reid running around the outside of the school with his gun--he runs like a girl!

He tried to talk Jack into putting the gun down, but the daughter (Joe Mantenga's real life daughter) was telling him to kill the kidnapper. Reid tried his best, but the girl kept urging Jack on, and he killed the kidnapper.

The rest of the team shows up and Jack and his daughter walk out of the bathroom. Cut to Reid who is standing in the bathroom, mouth hanging open, still trying to take in what happened.

Prentiss asked what would happen to Jack and Rossi said it depended on how good his testimony was going to be against the Irish Mob guys. Kind of sarcastic, but very true.

The episode ended with Jack and his daughter in Atlanta, greeting their new neighbors and the daughter introduced herself as Katie.

It was interesting--the new Katie seems as if she is just as bloodthirsty as her father. But I felt sorry for her, because of all her father did, her mother was killed in a car accident, and since they went into the witness protection program, she really didn't have a childhood because she had to be constantly vigilant and not get too close to people.

Anonymous said...


I was wowed!

Really good episode. Not enough JJ but it was still wow. Amazing episode. And Reid's reaction to that shot. I seriously was in as much shock as him.

Anonymous said...

Best episode of the season.

Lots of good Reid stuff, especially with the geographic profiling ( finally seeing how it helps the case in the end is great). He was desperate in his attempt to talk Jack down, and his reaction to the shooting was so complete ly real.
Great garcia stuff, too, with the multiple screens searching everything and the cleaning up of the cell call.
Prentiss kicking in the door was fabulous.
Hotch was totally in charge. Rossi has melded with the team well now.
Gina was great in her role as well.
I'm totally loving this episode. The intensity was terrific, and it had me guessing.
Yeah, the unsubs were twits, but sometimes they are. Not all of them are criminal masterminds. And the reason not being given kind of annoys me, but sometimes reasons are never given.

Anonymous said...

i think the motives were simple .
what probably started out as boys just carousing with alcohol and drugs escalated.
they were going to have their way with those girls one way or the other.
if the girls wanted to have sex with them fine ,
but if they didnt then they would force the issue.
good episode.
loved the ending .

Anonymous said...

The beginning through me. I thought I had missed the first few minutes of the episode. I am guessing this was some new way of opening an episode.

I liked the episode but I was confused for the first whole half. I was having trouble following the story. I'll rewatch it tomorrow and come back with more comments.

I thought the cast was terrific and the ending could not have been better. More after rewatch.

Tracy said...

First of all, I thought the overall episode was great. There was a lot of good teamwork in the episode with quick thinking and moving action.

Secind, I am a huge MGG fan so I was happy to see this episode relay heaily on he and Reid and they both delivered. I thought Reid said all the right things to try and talk the unsub down and myheart broke for him when it wasn't enough. Another thing his fragile psyche now has to deal with.

Overall, all characters were really on their game. Very well written and put together episode from every aspect.

And, thanks to Andrew and Simon for the chat afterward and for answering my questions.

Anonymous said...

hotchnerprentiss--I thought I'd missed the first few minutes too! I taped it because I had to work and was starting to get ticked off because I thought I'd accidently set the VCR wrong so I fast-forwarded until I saw the opening titles.

I loved this episode! Intense and disturbing, especially the scene where the parents are listening to the voicemail. Hotch really stood out for me in this one too; the scene where he tells the dad, "Everyone in this room, with the exception of him, is here for your daughter" and then he tells the US Marshall "Then enlighten me or stay out of my way" showed what a strong leader Hotch is. He's not taking anything from anybody!

I would've like to have seen more of Garcia but she was great in her few scenes, especially when she was listening to the phone message and then telling Rossi that he can't let the parents here it. It showed what a compassionate person she is.

Gina did a wonderful job in her guest starring role. While I'd would've liked to have seen some interaction with her and Joe, I can understand why there were no one-on-one scenes with the two of them. She looks alot like her dad and the family resemblence with them side-by-side might've had some people wondering if Rossi had been hanging around Boston 17-years-ago!

What I really appreciate about this episode is it didn't have the pat "happy ending". Reid was unable to talk the dad out of killing the unsub and then had to watch as the man literally blew the guy's head off. MGG did an amazing job in that scene and I hope we'll see some psychologial affects on him in future episodes.

Deirdre said...

Haven't managed to watch it yet. Have to wait to this evening :( All your comments will keep me going though

Sigrid said...

It was a good episode, a very good one.

However, for me, it was a bit disappointing. I was hoping that, after last episode's conclusion, there'd at least some allusion to Hotch's personal life. But I guess we can't always get what we want:)

Anonymous said...

i waited for this one. it was great. hotch was great tonight . and i like that there was alot more reid. his eye problem was very noticeable tonight. and i plan to watch this again later. a few more times

Anonymous said...

I loved this eppy! It was great. The scenes with them going through the houses was really neat.

I loved the bathroom scene. Reid looked so devastated! I wanted to reach through the screen and hug him.

Anonymous said...

They kept saying "holiday weekend". What holiday! I was thinking maybe Labor Day, but that makes it September, and for some reason I think it was later in the year.

Lisa said...

Such a good episode!!!!

It makes me so sad that we only have one episode left, but everyone one was at the top of there game last night. I like how the had a completly different approach to the unsubs-teenagers in gangs, which is happening so much now, rather than having one deranged unsub!

Such great Hotch moments too! They really highlighted his leadership in this epi, and Rossi molded with the team so much better last night. Oh, did anyone notice Hotch did not have his wedding ring on?? I thought someone would definalty mention that! Poor guy...hope they keep him off the market for a while and concentrate on the stories (if we get through the strike-GIVE THE WRITERS WHAT THEY WANT!!!!!)

The song choice at the end with Rhianna, a little wiered, I burst out laughing actually. It really didn't fit!

Reid, ah poor Reid! He really tried his best!:)

Hope everyone is well:)

1 more left everyone, lets keep making our voices heard. Thanks to Jill and Stacy for your tireless work, and everyone who speaks there minds!

Anonymous said...

Excellent episode! Proves once again why CM is such a great show. Intellectually challenging and emotionally powerful, time and again. It was great to see Hotch take charge of the team again. Reid presented himself with more authority and had me on the edge of my seat, head spinning, heart pounding, throughout the big scene with Jack, Lindsey, and Ryan. MGG nailed the shock Reid would have felt – emotionally and mentally.

I’m dying to think that we’re down to our last episode now and so angry that our writers are being treated this way. Why don’t the suits realize what they have? How many more MILLIONS of dollars must they lose before doing the right thing and paying our writers what they deserve?

Phoenix said...

Great episode. One of the reasons I liked it was that it was about extremely dyfunctional people being led into criminal behavior vs a psychotic personality.

These people weren't insane (the teens or Jack), but it is shows how dysfunction can escalate. There are alot more unstable teens who are suseptible to being led into something like this than there are "Franks" out there. I think this type of crime happens more than we really realize. It was very plausible.

Oh, and by the way Anonymous, don't assume Gina can't act. Yeah, Hollywood functions very much on "who you know", but that doesn't mean she doesn't have talent in her own right. There are a lot of "acting families". It would be just as likely to say "she's Joe's daughter, therefore she must be great." Watch the show please, before you jump to negative conclusions. Once you see the show, you'll see that she handled the part masterfully.

Anonymous said...

I thought Gina did a wonderful job playing such a complex character.
Lindsey's dad was sending me the creepy message from the minute we met him.

I thought it was a really great episode. I'm really glad that I'm not the only person who thought they had missed the first few minutes. They pulled one over on us. The episode starts with them already at the scene. Tricky but I will be ready for it next time.

Anonymous said...

Poor Reid! He actually thought he could talk Jack out of killing the unsub. This guy was a professional hit man who killed without remorse for money and was certainly going to kill the person responsible for kidnapping & torturing his own daughter. You could almost feel Reid's pain and shock. This was the perfect scene. It's the reason I watch the show.

Anonymous said...

For me the most powerful scene was them searching the abandoned homes. What awesome teamwork and camera work.

This was a great Reid episode but I really liked Rossi in this one. The character is growing on me.

Deirdre said...

Just watched the episode and loved it as usual. But am I the only one who misses the plane flights? I also way thought they were a great end to the episode and I loved seeing the teams reflections on the flights home. I hope they bring them back soon.
But aside from that, it was a very tense episode with a great balance of the team.

Anonymous said...

When Rossi said that the call sounded rehearsed I thought maybe Lindsey had helped kill her friend. I think this girl has the same sociopathic genes as her dad or at the very least her past life experiences with him have damaged her beyond repair. Watch out Atlanta. "Katie" walks amongst you and she is on her 3rd life.


Anonymous said...

'When does it stop?' Reid said and then Jack said 'Tomorrow' and he shoots the unsub. So Reid is in shock but my question is why was he in shock. Was he shocked at his own inability to stop Jack or was he shocked to see someone shot infront of him? I'm not sure.

This was a very good episode. There were some camera glitches in a few places but they were easy to move past because the story was so interesting.

Just call her "Katie". I think the girl is a future unsub if ever there was one. We'll see her again in a few seasons. Scary girl!

Anonymous said...


I think I missed the explanation of what the pills were that Jack was taking. I loved the first scene with him and Hotch when Hotch observed him popping one.

Were they tranqualizers or anti-psychotic pills?

I loved the episode.

Anonymous said...

I think Reid is trying to fill Gideon's shoes and it takes years to get that good plus I don't think anyone, even Gideon, could have stopped Jack from shooting the guy.

Powerful episode. I didn't like the first few minutes. Like so many other people, I thought I had missed the first scene.

respectanimals said...

Wow! It sure was nice to see a new episode for a change!

I thought this episode was really good. Great idea for a show! Great writing! Well acted! The only negative I could say about it, was the lack of main character development storylines. Although I have to admit that I totally missed that Hotch wasn't wearing his wedding ring. I also really liked the way they ended it with Reid not being able to stop the guy from shooting and the look of devastation on his face. Reid is in need of some major therapy, what with all they keep putting that poor guy through. If I remember correctly he does occasionally open up to people. He did it once with Garcia about his Mom, once with Gideon in New Orleans about his job and once with Emily about Gideon and his father, but those moments seem to be very few and he always seems to be somewhat guarded emotionally. It just seems to me that he's heading for a breakdown, if he doesn't open up to somebody soon.

The main characters were ALL wonderful in this episode. The scene at the theatre with Hotch and Emily, the guys (and Garcia by phone) profiling at the girl's house, and the ending bathroom scene with Reid, were all fantastic.

I never thought I would say this, but I am starting to get a little sick of Garcia and Morgan's interplay. That used to be something I enjoyed about the show, but now it just seems like they are forcing it on us. It's not fun to watch anymore.

I thought Gina did a great job in her guest-staring role! Kudos to her!

Anonymous said...

Wow, there could be a few life lessons learned from this episode.
For teenage boys, if the Dad of the girl you're interested in looks like a hitman....he probably is.
Crime doesn't pay...except for two one-way tickets to Atlanta,GA.
It's a very interesting episode with a surprise ending. I'm starting to get used to Rossi's "no questions asked-fire away" approach. If you've been around the block a few times, you should know if you're going in the right direction by now.
Poor Reid, there's a reason why it's called a family business. Nice try,sweetie, but the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree and she was already a rotten apple. Gina did a great job and will make a great future unsub.
And a big thank you to Simon and his wingman Andrew for the chat last night. What a team! You have elevated tag team-relay answering to an Olympic sport! A perfect 10 out of 10!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic episode. Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I had no idea what was going to happen next.

Sorry I couldn't make the chat.

Anonymous said...

I just want to give a shout out to Andrew Wilder and Simon Mirren for visiting us in the chat last night. Thanks guys!

Those of you who don't join us a missing out on some fun. Last night we even had a tap dancer...

Anonymous said...

"Kill him, daddy"

The girl is seriously frightening.

I liked the episode. I didn't like the immediate segway into the case. Haven't the team be already on the scene didn't feel right to me. I felt a step behind but that is just me.

The story itself was engaging. I didn't trust Jack from the first minute we saw him. He looked like a bad ass. I really like that they don't always come out ontop. Sometimes the team is just too late or can't get the job done. It makes it much more realistic.


Just enough Reid to make me happy, he looked pale and I found him more beautiful than ever (I have something with fragile beauty)
I lllloved this ep! And Mr. Mantegna's daughter was quite good!

Anonymous said...

Loved last nights episode!
To be honest I was kind of rooting for the dad with the shotgun. He would know more than anyone how poor the justice system can be.

I can't believe that they let Ried go into an obviously dangerous situation alone, I thought he was in a police station, do you think he could have taken back up with him?

Reid should not be allowed to run in an episode... ROTFL

Anonymous said...

Another good episode. I really enjoyed the fact that Reid was the one talking to Garcia the most. I really love seeing their relationship.

Poor Reid at the end...I see flashbacks being triggered. One of those little nuggets the writers like to tease with, no doubt. :)

Great plot line, very shocking ending. Great writing as usual!!


slashgirl said...

I thought this was a great ep. I did find the way they cut it before the credits a bit disconcerting but thankfully they didn't do a lot of it after. I loved the way they cut the scenes where the team is searching the houses--it was cool.

Ah, Hotch's hand looks so good without that ring on it. Poor boy.

Lots of Garcia tonight--which was wonderful--and she rocked, as usual. It must be so hard on her, seeing and hearing all the things she has to.

Reid was great tonight, too. The scene in the bathroom with Jack--wow, totally blew me away. I had to laugh when he calls Hotch to give the location--he can't help himself but to explain.... And it was so good to see Hotch's trust in him, sending him to the HS. Loved the "Be careful, Reid."

I thought Gina Mantegna did an awesome job--and I agree with other people who think she just might be a bit too much like Daddy. The guy playing Jack was creepily good too. (CM does get some of the best actors on the show.)

Oh, and how could I forget? Hotch in kevlar with his gun.../ shallow moment. *hee*

As I said, great ep--lots of profiling and lots of the team, although I kinda missed the "plane moments", I like seeing the team in those not-case type moments but it wasn't a biggie.

Although I will say, the Hotch/Reid phone call aside, there really wasn't enough H/R tonight and there hasn't been for a few eps. *sigh* Oh, well. Sucks to be me.

I'd like to thank Simon and Andrew for joining us in the chat last night. Andrew went above and beyond in what was truly an Internet Relay Chat (and not in the irc sense, either!). I'm glad Simon was able to join us, too. CM writers rock! :D

Anonymous said...

I really liked watching the different characters entering the abandoned houses. I loved how Prentiss gracefully kicked in
the door. Go Prentiss. Derek was his usual wonderous charging bull running through and checking his house. Hotch was thorough, serious and showed just a touch of emotion before entering that room.

Cool episode.

frogdawn said...

The dad listening to the last moments of his daughter's life - I had to grab a pillow and kind of hide behind it to watch that scene. about broke my heart in two.

I was halfway hoping this episode would be sort of blah, to make it easier to resign myself to the fact that there's only one more new one left, but it was awesome. Durnit.

Lots of my favorite elements in this one, twisty plot, complex characters, and of course Reid and his map, and driving! and running (at which point I laughed with delight at what was supposed to be a tense moment - sorry!)

And that M.C. Escher of an ending - I still haven't decided what I think about it. I have to keep holding it up at different angles, and my conclusions are different every time. I don't think Lindsey will go unsub though, just DON'T mess with her friends lol.

Lola said...

This was a great episode! I think all the actors did a great job and I also loved the plot. And we saw Reid drawing, driving and running - what could beat that?

Anonymous said...

Things I really liked in this episode-

"Then enlighten me or stay out of my way" Hotch was great!

Prentiss kicking down the door.

Reid running- Now that we have seen that this one time let's no see that again. *g*

I wanted him to shoot and kill the unsub. Am I a bad person? I would have killed him if it had my kid.

Anonymous said...

Liked the episode once I caught with it. Funky way to start it but oh well. I didn't like the song choice but maybe I just didn't understand why it was picked. It was so nice to have a Reid episode but where was JJ? Did I blink and miss her! The Garcia and Morgan banter was CM magic. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode. I was so totally caught up in the case itself that I couldn't concentrate on the subtext at all. The last time that the case meant more to me than the characters was Lucky until the third segment started and then oh well.

The song did not fit this episode. I agree with everyone who has said that.

I hope that we are not being introduced to a new way of starting an episode. I really didn't like it. I know they are trying new things this season but this doesn't do it for me.

So our Prentiss was a bad girl as a teen. Loved that scene. Good for Emily. I could picture her dressed like those girls, smoking a cig and hanging with her friends. Totally could see her.

Anonymous said...

i loved that ep! so many reid moments and the guest actors were great. although i don´t like the song umbrella, it fitted very well in this ep.

Anonymous said...

I hate being the wet blanket but this wasn't my favorite episode. It had some parts that I liked but for the most part I just thought it was okay.

I did like that he shot the unsub and I liked the scene of them each entering the houses but I never felt connected with the episode.

I would give it a B.

Anonymous said...

Finally got round to watching it and have to say....another notch on the score sheet for CM writers!

Reid moments aside *g* it was a good episode. I wasn't too sure I liked the way the 'format' had changed a little. Just little different things...I guess we get used to things playing out in a certain way - and yes, I agree with Slashgirl...the plane moments before and after the case. Still...very good, although I was as shocked as Reid at the end! I was naively believing that Jack would put his past in the past and NOT kill the evil little toe rag who had killed his daughters best friend...even though he was pointing a shotgun at him!!!! I really thought that this time...after all the other times...Reid would finally be able to talk someone round without them, or someone else getting killed! Maybe next time Reid!

Overall, liked it a lot, but as was mentioned earlier...did we ever get to know WHY the unsubs killed took/killed the girl(s) in the first place? Will watch again just in case the answer is in there and I missed it (any excuse for more Reid moments!)

Elizabeth said...

Just seen this and wow - very very good. Interesting that we were thrown straight into the action, with no introductory section, figuring out what was going on.

Poor Reid, loping along nervously, with nervous-looking hair, and thinking he failed, when most likely, Jack was always going to shoot.

Sarah said...

I liked this episode.

Prentiss smoked when she was a teen, but Hotch almost definitely didn't. If he had, he wouldn't ask, "DO you think their parents know?" That's something the good kid asks.

Poor Reid. He was just staring, and I felt so sorry for him.

Fantastic episode.

Anonymous said...

Ok the freakest part about this ep was the dads having to listen to the recording of one of their daughters being tortured and killed. The ending really surprised me. I really thought this guy is not going to blow some kids face off with his 15 year old daughter standing right there. Knowing what her father does (or did) is a whole lot different than seeing it also knowing some got their face blown off and seeing it is very different too. And I'm glad we didn't see it.

I wanted to huge Reid. The poor thing was just standing there in shock. I know we asked for more Reid but does more of him always have to mean something bad happening to him. How about something nice like he wins a new car, or goes on Jeopardy and breaks the bank, reunites with his MIA dad. Something where he's not looking like a wounded puppy at the end. One more tragedy for him to have to overcome or drive him even more to his ever questioned drug habit.
I did like the very serious "don't move or I'll blow your head off" look he gave the U.S. Marshall when they all saw the gun in his belt. It was only for a moment but it was great.
Over all it was a great ep. Thumbs up to Simon for the story and the surprising ending, and thank you for Reid. Even if he if was sad for him.

Anonymous said...

I too missed the ringless Hotch. I am a little surprised that he would stop wearing it so soon. I guess he figures continuing to wear it is just fooling himself. I loved Hotch putting that U.S. Marshall in his place. Very Hotchly. Go Hotch!
I also missed the plane scenes, the reflections by the team and such.
Reid driving... Hmm? The boy has only driven twice that we've seen and the second time he's squealing tires and driving like a bat out of you know where. Maybe a paranoid schzo. was not the best choice in driving instructors. Diana might have been better off teaching him how to not run like a girl. *g*

Anonymous said...

Last to post from the first showing First to post for the repeat. Wow weird!
Anywho, Loved the first time. Loved it the second.