Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The songs played in tonight's Criminal Minds repeat airing of episode "Psychodrama" are:
"Hate": Drowning Pool
"Love Without Pain": Fucious
"Pain": Three Days Grace
"When the Music's Not Forgotten": Deadman


Anonymous said...

I bought a couple of these tracks from Itunes after the episode originally aired. Good music choices on this show and also Cold Case.

Anonymous said...

I love almost all the music selections they make for the episodes. They do a great job with this.

Anonymous said...

love deadmen

Anonymous said...

The music selections couldn't get better if they tried. They match CM and the content so well!

Jemma #74

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the titles. I love the music they choose for CM, I just hope they don't change the music again when the season 2 DVDs come out.

Sabine #74

Anonymous said...

they tend to have some great music in every episode, but this one seems to have been particularly amazing for the music.

jacqui #80

Unknown said...

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knew the name of the last song played on the repeat episode last night? I tried to listen for words but all i got was... "We'll get by but we don't know how we feel." PLease help i really liked the song???!!!