Thursday, September 28, 2006


A message from the photographer of these pictures below:

:: Re: Criminal Minds

Feel free. If you could link to my site at with the text link of "Survivor
TV", that would be great.

Even though I not a fan of CM, I run a fan site for
Survivor, so I understand the whole fan site thing. I knew
someone would care about these photos. I'll link to you if
you link to me. :-)

This was for "North Mammon" which is Nov. 1.

The brick building, which was actually the city hall back
80 years ago, but has been Anthony's Music Studio for the
last 40, was the "Police Station". I know these 2 girls in
blankets were walking up the alley toward the building.
Everyone from the show, plus police, come running out of
the building like they heard something. They all look
around in different directions. Then someone sees the girls
and the FBI guys run to comfort them. The police hold back
the "grieving parents". "Let us handle this" they say. 

The girls are also seen in the back seat of the red car. It
seems like they are driving around in the red car, then
released in the alley. There is also a blueish 68 Mustang
with some close up shots. I didn't recognize anyone in it.
There's a long shot of the deserted street at night with
the blinking traffic light and the banner across the

They also shot at the beach, but I didn't see any cameras
when I drove by, so I have no idea what that was about.



Criminal Minds Fan said...

I think it was really awesome of him to shoot and share these pictures with us when he isn't even a fan. :)

Anonymous said...

This is so cool. What a nice person to share.

Anonymous said...

These are great. Thanks for posting them.

Anonymous said...

What a great man to allow us all to see the pics. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

This is really nice and let me say thank you for him for taking and allowing us to all see these pics.

Anonymous said...

This is so great. Love the pics.

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What a great thing for this person to do for all of us and the pictures are wonderful. Really wonderful.

Sigrid said...

A very, very cool gesture - but I do wonder, did it feel like you were spoiled when he came with these pics?

Sigrid #2

Anonymous said...

What a nice man to shoot pictures and show them to us fans!

It's interesting to see how many people stood around and were working on this "little" scene. I've never been able to watch a shooting.

Sabine #2

Anonymous said...

Aw! He's so cool, shooting these pics, and posting them, even though he isn't a fan. What a great guy!

Jemma #2

JJ said...

This episode was one of my favorite because we really got to see JJ step out of her shell a little bit
Jessica # 8

otontv said...

Thanks again to the photographer for sharing these pics.
I haven't been able to watch this ep for a long time but in the meantime I've seen it and it was *great*.
The whole subject was a bit scary though but it was a JJ centred ep and that's always a good thing.
CU sindee #3

Anonymous said...

this was possibly one of my favorite episodes, simply because they FINALLY gave JJ some much deserved character development. the need to do more of this.

jacqui #3