Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Spoiler Thread: Epilogue

“Epilogue” – The BAU search California’s Angeles National Forest after a number of bodies mysteriously turn up in the mountain lakes there. Also, Rossi struggles with an agonizing decision regarding his ex-wife, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, Nov. 2 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Isabella Hoffmann returns as Rossi’s ex-wife, Carolyn. Zach Filkins from the hit music group OneRepublic guest stars as a forest ranger.

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Careful in case you haven't watched the episode yet... comments might contain ***SPOILERS***


Martin from Sweden said...


My name is Martin and I'm from Sweden. I've found a major fault in the latest episode (S07E06) that I think should be brought forward to the writers (perhaps Erica Messer) so they don't make the same mistake in future episodes!
Would you please contact me at "" and I can explain what is wrong. It's in the scene where "the boy is listening to music on his iPod/iPhone and the murderer knocks on the window"!

Best regards, Martin from Sweden

Martin from Sweden said...


My name is Martin and I'm from Sweden. I've found a major fault in the latest episode (S07E06) that I think should be brought forward to the writers (perhaps Erica Messer) so they don't make the same mistake in future episodes!
Would you please contact me at "" and I can explain what is wrong. It's in the scene where "the boy is listening to music on his iPod/iPhone and the murderer knocks on the window"!

Best regards, Martin from Sweden

khalid said...

I am loving this season. Rossi episodes are always my favorite.

Beate said...

I liked this episode a lot. The ending took me by surprise and broke my heart. It was a good way to solve Rossi's dilemma. The case was interesting and there were a lot of small details which made this episode worth watching; the victims were very real, especially the dialogue between the mother and son before the mother walks off. The only bad thing I can say about this episode is that sometimes the episode was a little bit slow-paced, but I think the basic concept was so great and it was so well executed that the little flaws hardly matter.

gubegirl said...

Did not see the correlation between what happened in the unsub's past and what he was doing now - seemed abit far-fetched, as did his terminal condition. Where is he finding all the energy to do this?

And on that same subject, how is it that Carolyn (Caroline? can't 'member) was looking so good two weeks ago and not that bad last nite but still so ill that she was ready to go? She just did not appear that sick nor do I think Dave would have been using words like "feeling the spark" given a sickly appearance.

Reminding myself, "It's just TV."

Liked the basis for the story,tho', and cried at the end with him in the cemetery in front of headstones for both his ex-wife and infant son. Kind of explains his fatherly-introspective take on parenting, that he maybe never really had the chance to be a dad?

Reid observing Rossi reading at a slow pace was also abit out there but any op for Reid to show off his penchant for details/trivia I guess, is in character altho' this one was almost uncomfortable. He has matured and is not quite as geeky as he once was and could have just stated his observation that Rossi's reading was not what it usu was instead of coming across like a total weirdo. Sorry, Matthew, love you anyway; you can only speak the lines you written for you:)

Hotch did not look quite as gaunt last nite as the photo-promo, thank God. Liking JJ more in her profiling role but miss her in the liaison spot. Glad that the Garcia and Morgan banter was minimal despite her continuing to spout strange comments while presenting cases and doing her research - that I can deal with.

Liked the mom and son toward the end - they were both good and being the mom of a teenaged son, I can totally appreciate the caring he displayed for his mom.

OK. That's all.

Where is everybody? Why didn't we get this thread sooner?

Sindee: Can we get the promo with comment access a day or so before so that we can start conversing earlier? Helps to get us pumped up for the show and we love to share, too! Please? Thank you for your consideration. So glad the blog is back up and running and hoping it will take off again and having a place to "talk" would help, I think.

CMFan11" WTH are you, bro? We miss you! V: Are you back from your vaca yet? Hope it was nice and relaxing after the past sev stressful months.

Hello, Teresa! Pat! Blimey! sf!
Where are you, syd? Haven't seen you in awhile, either.

Anyway, miss you all and last summer's closeness but keep coming back here hoping to find it again...sigh...

have a good day, y'all.

Pat said...

Hey gubegirl

I commented on the message board but will comment here as well. I totally agree with you about Carolyn. I was a nurse on a palliative care unit for almost 30 years and you don't go down that fast with ALS. I think she gave up far too soon. Even if she couldn't walk, she could have been in a wheelchair for a while and not be hospitalized. When she started to lose strength in her hands and needed to be fed, then I could see it, but this seemed way to early. Perhaps she was one of those people who didn't want to decline at all. That being said, it was a nice, albeit sad ending to the arc, seeing Rossi beside the two graves. The grass on top of the grave and the blooming trees kind of got me. Have we gotten to spring already?

The case was interesting, but indeed strange. I did enjoy the team moments, especially where Reid and Prentiss shared their experiences. I can do without Prentiss as Dear Abby every week though.

I agree gg with you about Reid being so concerned over Rossi's reading and approaching him with his watch held out in front of him like it was some kind of race. I did like when the girls were talking and Emily cueing Reid to "insert statistic here".

Eleven said...

Hey there, TZs, i'll review this one later - lots of stuff brewing in my mind.

But 'faster than a hotch rocket", Garcia? Where did that come from? heh

Eleven said...

So……I enjoyed this one more than many of this season's 42min nuggets. I, for one, like that they took a little pace off, although I would have preferred it to have been more during the profiling than with the unsub's history. Some parts brought Revelations back to me, specifically the father/son scenes, and I'm glad both Reid and Prentiss spoke a little about their experiences. Hotch's lack of contribution to this was conspicuous and telling. The Rossi storyline had the potential to be stretched out over a few more episodes, I thought - it could have still been a two-episode arc but spaced out more, which imo would have made it more believable and given us the opportunity to get into the skin of Rossi's grief and Carolyn's end. The grave scene I really really liked - little drama, silence and the loneliness of it all. And sometimes this is what I feel - they no longer have their 'only me and my pain' moments, not a crowded mourning. It was very beautiful.

I could see the connection between the unsub's past and his present devolution - to me it was a desire to make sense of an impending end by delving into a nightmarish life. Erich Fromm's quote at the beginning gives some clue to this. And while I thought the idea of an afterlife was a good topic to tackle, especially given Rossi's circumstances, it could have trashed out more, just as they'd done with Madoff's memory/culpability conundrum. Nothing has an easy answer, least of all death.

Eleven said...


Also something that struck me while I was lying in bed thinking about the episode (yes, I'm sleep deprived. Now you know :-)) - all of them seem to be far less affected by the cases these days, which was always CM's heart. Revelations is a wonderful example because it told us so much about not only Reid, but also about JJ, Hotch, Prentiss and Garcia. I rarely see the conflict, doubt or the angst any more. Which sort of translates into less of the survivors, the ones that get left behind in the wake of death. Who can forget Gideon's memory book or the burn victim and Abby in Ashes and Dust or the father in Tabula Rasa or the children in Profiler, Profiled or the mother in Mosley Lane…..And our seven characters/actors are (were?) are our conduits of empathy - we won't care if they don't. A lot can be dismissed as happening off-screen, but to make us care, some of it has to be shown. When Rossi sits alone, outside, in Zoe's Reprise, it isn't just about Rossi - we are mourning with him for a young life snuffed out.

PS: I wasn't complaining about Hotchrocket - it was funny, particularly the speed at which said man turned off the laptop and the priceless look on Garcia's face. It was hilarious. Now I'd add the word to Urban Dictionary if only PG would kindly explain WTH it meant. Wait - do I even want to know?

Eleven said...

Sorry for the typos/grammatical errors above. Not enough coffee!

Kim_M said...

Hotch Rocket is, I believe, a play on the term "crotch rocket", a type of street bike used in a lot of racing and high-speed stunts.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a good if not outstanding ep. It is clearly tough to balance the team member arcs that we all love and build deep empathy and connections with the unsub, and I agree that in past episodes this was achieved more successfully. That said, I congratulate the writers (esp. Rick Dunkle) in allowing the team members and their interrelationships to evolve and mature. I think the producers, writers and cast are all finding their footing again after the difficulties of S6. All in all, still a huge fan who looks forward to every Wednesday.

Trivial note: in the past I criticized the styling of the team, which is vastly improved this year. They all look GREAT, except for Reid. MGG is a beautiful man but his styling this season is heinous. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is I thought this was a fantastic episode............loved it........the Celt

Anonymous said...

Best episode of the season so far. Solid case with a surprising wealth of team moment. I really appreciated the continuities with Reid and Prentiss talking about their facing death as well as Rossi's arc with his ex-wife. Very excited for next week!

Nanci said...

Haven't been able to bring up this site for a few days, very frustrating!

Oh well, loved the episode - always do when Rossi is the center. Doesn't happen often enough, tho.

Very surprised at the end with the revelation of an infant son. Maybe that tidbit will spark a conversation with the group later on...possibly another Rossi-centric episode.

In general, am glad the team is back together and the writing seems to be back on track. Some things are different i.e., JJ not presenting the cases, but at least this last week the Garcia/Morgan banter was not as glaring.

SSA_Carpenter said...

I loved this episode! I see a flashback theme starting to take place! I like it! I think it's important to show people that people are effected by what others do to them and to make a positive influence on them rather than a negative one. The unsub was really strange in trying to find out if other people saw it too. At least, unlike most unsubs, his intention was only to become near-death in a twisted way, but it was still really cool how it reflected on how Reid saw the same thing and Prentiss was in the cold, dark place. The scene with Rossi and his ex-wife was really sad! I'm glad Rossi said no though. I liked the arc on showing that he had a son as well.