Tuesday, November 29, 2011

News: Advent Calendar

We're happy to announce today that we are having an ADVENT CALENDAR on the Criminal Minds Fanatic blog this year !!

This is what will happen:

Every day there will be a ADVENT CALENDAR post on the blog looking like this...

Your task is to guess the episode the screencap is from and note down the letter according to the number given in the post. Note: when you click on the picture it'll pop up a bit bigger...

In this example:

- episode is 7x06 "Epilogue"
- the number is 6
- the sixth letter is "g"
- note down "g"

The ADVENT CALENDAR starts December 1st and runs until December 24th... on the 24th you'll have 24 letters which need to be combined to a solution word...

During the run time of the ADVENT CALENDAR we'll have little extra posts... these can but must not include hints on number of words, hints on words, possible prizes to win, etc. etc. ...

If you happen to have any questions regarding the ADVENT CALENDAR please send your email to cmadventcal@sindee.de and we are happy to help.