Friday, September 02, 2011


Criminal Minds: Are you ready for the seventh season of Criminal Minds?


jenna collins said...

Really can't wait for the new season!!

Anonymous said...

I'm counting down the days until the new season starts. Prentiss is back!!!!!!!!

Sydney said...

The gangs back together!! ahh I'm excited!! Such great actors and writers, keep it up.

Kitty said...

Ohhhh, dear Lord, am I ready. I am looking forward to Sept 21st with ridiculous enthusiasm, maybe because the rest of the world is going to hell in a hand-basket.

Really hoping that Erica Messer gives us just the right balance of plot and character development. I read recently an essay that referred to CM as a drama about smart decent people whose lives were slowly being destroyed by their soul-crushing jobs. The more I read that, the more I realized it was true.

Hoping to see more of the BAU team members' coping mechanisms, on and off the job, this season.

(And more scruffy, casual-dress Hotch would rock, too!)

Stacey said...

season 7 cannot start soon enough for me!!!!! It's TORTURE waiting to see the whole gang back together again!!!!

LindaCinCalgary said...

Can't wait! Bring it on already ... Sep 21 can't get here fast enough! Thanks again for bringing our favourite group of people back together again! :-)

Anonymous said...

Very anxious waiting for season 7! to arrive quickly on Wednesday 21!

anonymous said...

damn... ! he is really sexy... just sayin

christyzachman said...

I am so pumped up for the return of my boys.

christyzachman said...

Glad for the girls too, but I watch for the boys.

Emma said...

I cannot wait for the new season! SO GLAD PRENTISS IS BACK! It wouldn't be the same with out her!!

Roll on the 21st with excitement && possibly a smile from Hotch?!

E x

Follow me.

ImACMer said...

Ready?? I think I've watched the promo a 100 times! To Erica, Cast and Crew: Good Luck! I'm ready for you to rock my CM world!!

Anonymous said...

So many spoilers are out for the first episode. Almost too many but I am excited to see how many of them are true.

celeste said...

Yes I am!!

JJ and Prentiss are back!!

Britt said...

I am counting down the days until the 21st! I am just SO elated that all the people that deserve to be there, are. Season 7 is going to be amazing and I just know that Erica is going to rock it! Sad to see Simon and Ed leave, but...this may very well be one of the best years yet. Can't wait to see every member of the cast together again, the way it should be. :)

Anonymous said...

I am waiting with enormous impatience to learn more about Reid's headaches and drug abuse. I am feeling that Erika and company will be more invested in getting to the depth of characters than the production powers that be may have been in the past season.

crasedblonde2 said...

I am so ready. Rossi keeps hinting about someone from his past. Love to know whom.

fangirl said...

I am very excited about the new season!
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm kind of hoping that they'll change the theme song opening credits. Maybe more Buffy style. Buffy had the best original theme song in my opinion. True Blood has a great theme as well.
I cant wait to see Hotch!!!!!

Cindy said...

I am so freaking excited for season 7 to start!!!! AJ and Paget are back, YES!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hell ya -bring on the new season -the summer has been to long -

2 weeks and 5 days away

E.J. Jahnes

Anonymous said...

Longest 19 days Of my life until the premiere:( stupid CBS...but so happy Prentiss will be back (as will JJ)!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the whole team to be together again :)

catherine said...

catherine haverty i cant wait any longer for the new season i am counting down the days on my phone calander i am so excited to see everyone back together after waht happened last season esp the last few eps of s6 i ahve watached the promo tons already looks like it should for a new season full of tense and shock and exciting times i cant wait to see the scene when Prentiss walks into the room i live in iRELAND so i will watch it on you tube till it comes back here might skip to that part also i cant wait to see about REID and his headaches and drug abuse storyline and for to see where the team goes form here and what awaits them this season esp Morgan tks to Erica and crew and everybody for bringing our team back to us bring on Sep 21st

Teresa H. said...

Entertainment Weekly has a video interview with the gang about being back, nothing big but if you need an up to date audio/visual fix of your favourite guy or gal it's available. Not going to put any links on here but it's easy to find.

Anonymous said...

I really would like to thank the cast for a great show.I've seen some great T.V. shows in the past 25 years that have been great.But CM is a fantastic show that keeps there fans on the edge.The unique chemistry between all of you is special-we the fans see it in the show and off camera -with the interviews. I would like to say Thanks from all of us fans.

PS: Remember to always have fun at what you do. E.J.

Anonymous said...

Omg,saw the previews on my computer. it looked great wished it was on now.only nineteen days until we get to see it.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to see the original team members back together again:-) Season 6 was a disappointment, Hotch was barely there;-( Hope to see Hotch smile more this season, I think he will since Prentiss and AJ are back;-)Hoping there is more Hotch in season 7, not dominate but a little more screen time would be nice.

khalid said...

The promo looks great. Bring it on. I am more than ready.

Anonymous said...

Tongue on the floor, drooling shamelessly for CM S7 now that our beloved cast is intact again. Trailer and promo pix just poured salt on my thirst. Hope the cast, producers, writers and crew are as amped up as the fans are!!! Is it Sept 21 yet???

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe we got our whole family back. Feel like getting a T-shirt that says, "I survived CM Season 6!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for listening, CBS, and giving us our much-loved BAU team members back! Looking forward to a rejuvenated CM!

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to season seven. I hope to see a little more of Reid the genius regularly (I love to see his intellect being used and I felt it was lacking these last two seasons).
I also hope that his storyline with his mother will be interesting and deep.

Tasha said...

How do you get these pictures and stuff? It's freaking amazing.

Tish32 said...

YES YES YES!!!! SO ready for September 21st!!!!!! Cannot wait!

Samantha said...

Anonymous said:

"I still can't believe we got our whole family back. Feel like getting a T-shirt that says, "I survived CM Season 6!"

I'd like to get one of those t-shirts too! I am relieved and thrilled that the overwhelming sentiments of the majority of the fans were listened to and both AJ and Paget were brought back and the ridiculous character and story line were abandoned. Nothing personal against that actress but it was the best decision to let that go and move forward with the team that should have never been torn apart. Please let's never go back to that storyline/character ever again, please!

I simply cannot wait for season 7 to start!!!

Samantha said...

Anonymous said:

"Thanks for listening, CBS, and giving us our much-loved BAU team members back! Looking forward to a rejuvenated CM!"

Ditto to this Anonymous comment too!

Holly said...

I didn't think I would be watching this season because I thought the show was going to go on without AJ and Paget. Thanks for listening to the fans and bringing back AJ and Paget!!! The show was not the same without them. The team is back together again and I am anxiously waiting to see them all back in action :) Yayyyyyyyy!!!!

Beate said...

I just can't wait for season 7. Last season just didn't feel like the CM I love so much, with AJ and Paget missing and some story lines that were just unbelievable. It felt like the behind the scenes drama had a bad influence on each and every part of the show. I really hope everyone involved is just as excited as the fans and this will have a GOOD influence :-)

LunaM said...

fangirl said: "I am very excited about the new season!
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm kind of hoping that they'll change the theme song opening credits. Maybe more Buffy style. Buffy had the best original theme song in my opinion. True Blood has a great theme as well.
I cant wait to see Hotch!!!!!"

I don't know. I hope they don't change the CM theme song. It's associated so closely with CM, it has become kind of the signature of CM.
But I can't wait to see Hotch, more Hotch, in charge Hotch, Daddy-Hotch, smiling Hotch, kick-a** Hotch, dry-sense-of-humor Hotch either.

What a difference this is to last year this time. Back then we dreaded the upcoming season with the looming loss of AJ and Paget. We were complaining, we were annoyed, we were apprehensive, we had been disappointed with large parts of the back half of season 6. This feels so much better. We are looking forward to have our team back and are excited for the new cases.

15 days. :D

Fred said...

I too hope to see more of Reid's genius. His scenes where his off the charts abilities are used and acknowledged by the team are my favorite scenes (and he's not a genius who graduated high school at 12 for nothing).
I love to see him interacting with both Hotch and Rossi, so I hope to see more Reid/Hotch and Reid/Rossi scenes. Two very different dynamics, but they're both really interesting (especially Hotch/Reid).

Can't wait to see what they've planed for Jane Lynch, I'm excited.

heyya said...

Samantha, I completely agree with everything you said! I'm so glad our efforts to restore the season5 cast paid off. I sent sooo much feedback to CBS, it was really tiring. It felt so good to know that my hard-work didn't go in vain! Thank you, CBS/TPTB!
I'm super psyched for season7. JJ and Emily are back and everyone's together and it's going to be magic. It's going to rock! I'm literally counting down the days.
Like Samantha, I too hope we never have to see Ashley Seaver again. I couldn't enjoy season6 because of her. The character was a mistake. Let the past mistakes remain in the past, and move on with the incredible characters that pull in the audience and are all well-loved.
I'm with the people that want more genius Reid. I'd like more Reid in general, yeah but the genius aspect is the most intriguing and I'd love for them to explore it on a deeper level. The same goes for his storyline with his mother. I adore Jane Lynch and it will be great if she can make an appearance or two! <3

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with the above statement. I'd love more Reid in general, but I'd especially love to see more of his genius, and more of his coping mechanisms. I love the interaction between Reid and his mom as well.

Is there any way to encourage MGG to direct more episodes?

I also highly agree with an earlier post calling for more information on the entire team's coping mechanisms - that would be very interesting.

Criminal Minds is a wonderful show, and I'm so glad we're finally gearing up for Season 7.

Now, if we could just make each episode 3 hours long, and have 5 of them a week...

Elisabeth said...

Yes, yes and yes to seeing more of Reid's genius and seeing more interactions between Reid and the team.
Since Erica Messer told us Jane Lynch would be involved at some point this season, I hope we'll get an interesting story for Reid.

heyya said...

Anonymous above Elisabeth, MGG is directing episode 19 this season!!! I'm already so excited for it :D! He's a great director. His first CM directorial venture 'Mosley Lane' is my favourite episode. Although I couldn't really enjoy 'Lauren' given the behind-the-scenes circumstances that led to it, I think he did a great job on it. He's so talented and I do hope he directs more in the future, but then that will affect his screen-time, so I think perhaps one episode, maybe two a season will do.

"Now, if we could just make each episode 3 hours long, and have 5 of them a week..."

Hahaha...I wish! I'd be watching CM all week!

Ward said...

I'm ready to get the season running with one of the best cast on TV. Prior to finding out about AJ, Paget, and Thomas getting his contract signed, I was done with the show. To me, it had degraded significantly wise and character wise, both the new character and the way the other characters were being written around her and in other sceanrios. I'm crossing my fingers that the writing has been sharpened up and that the mistakes of season 6 are left in the past. I am not particularly wanting to see the whole Reid headache storyline pop up again in season 7, but it seems that is something they are going to explore and if that means Jane Lynch coming back for a guest stint I suppose I'll be cool with it for a couple of episodes. Dr. Spencer Reid is a genius beyond description and I want to see them get back to that, it really is how he shines in the show.

I'm glad that the casting nightmares of season 6 are dead and buried and hopeful to see where season 7 goes with the BAU team.

Anonymous said...

I didnt mind the character, Ashley Seaver and I think Rachel Nichols is a great actress and I think the critism she got was unfair! Of course everyone was angry about AJ and Paget as I was, but I thought Rachel did a great job!
Saying that, I can't wait to see the team back together again for the new season! I just hope they haven't changed JJ too much! And I can't wait to see how everyone reacts when they find out Emily is alive and Hotch and JJ knew!
Woop Woop! Roll on the 21st September :D

Maria said...

It wasn't unfair Anonymous, it was an opinion, just like you have an opinion of the character and the actress. The "unfair" criticism you speak of is what I would venture to say a good portion of the fans felt for different reasons and it is what it is. I don't think she is a good actress, in my opinion, based in stuff I have seen her in and CM, and the character of Seaver was abysmal! If you want to share a positive take on the actress and/or the character she played, by all means do so, but don't get on others for sharing opinions to the contrary. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

Leaving that dead horse behind (thank God!!!) and moving onto more positive things, I am on the edge of my seat counting down the days to the premiers of season 7. The first episode looks like it is going to be instense. I'm so happy that the team is back together again. Please, please no more behind the scenes drama or contract strife.

Anonymous said...

I was just saying that in my opinion I thought it was unfair. I respect everyones opinion and I have no problem with you or anyone who disagrees with this, everyone is entitled to their opinions :)
I have used the word 'opinion' far too many times there hahaha!

Maria said...

Anonymous, I wasn't trying to get snippy, sorry if it appeared that way. I just want talk of that character to cease as the overwhelming majority of it was negative for different reasons. The team is back together again and I don't think it is a stretch to say that the majority of the fans wanted it that way, and not just based on what has been discussed here to death, really anywhere where that character was discussed. What I am sensing now is a surge of positive energy that has been missing around CM. People are excited that the team is back together again and a good many are relieved that the character will no longer appear on CM. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don't and there are many reasons why they don't but it is what it is and now the team is back and I couldn't be happier. It would be a mistake in my opinion to go back to that character in any shape or form. It is time to move on and start focusing on the team. Did I mention how excited I am about season 7? I wish it were this Wednesday!!! I do hope like you that they haven't changed JJ too much.

KatieBjordahllovescm said...

I've been ready since the finale of season 6 in May. I'm so excited for Season 7. JJ will be having a more involved role instead of being the face of the FBI. Prentiss will be out of hiding and Doyle will hopefully be taken care of. And hopefully Reid's headaches will stop.

Anonymous said...

No its cool Maria I know you are only expressing your opionion and I respect that! I completely agree with you about the team being back together! I couldn't be happier :D

sdwally said...

I'm open to whatever the writers & producers have in store for us in Season 7. Now that we have Paget and AJ back, we have the promise of a fantastic season because things have been set right again. So I'm keeping an open mind hoping the writers will surprise and entertain us, and not frustrate us with too much violence and over-emphasis on the unsub like in season 6.

The one major requirement for me, LunaM already stated:"..., more Hotch, in charge Hotch, Daddy-Hotch, smiling Hotch, kick-a** Hotch, dry-sense-of-humor Hotch..." Simply put: MORE HOTCH!!.

And please don't spoil the wonderful cast reunion and prospects of a promising season by finding it necessary to bring back the Seaver character. Maria provided an eloquent explanation as to why that would be a big mistake.

Jasmine said...

I really can't wait for Season 7. I haven't been with CM for as long as many people but about a week ago I bought the Season 1-5 box-set, downloaded Season 6 and went on a CM marathon, I'm thoroughly addicted!

The only question for me is when is it coming out in the UK on Dvd! I don't get to watch TV all that often so Dvd is the only chance I'll get to see them all unbroken. But anyway, give us a release date for the UK! C:

Anonymous said...

I hope Reid gets a lot more screen time this year.
He drew the short end of the stick during season five and season six, I don't want season seven to be a repeat of that.
Can't wait to see what is in store for Diana Reid (good or bad).

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed by the show runner's creative/ethical standards. It's going to have to show early signs of being a terrific season to make me watch.

So, I'm not really 'ready'. They could drop it for ten years and bring it back retro. I'd be ready then.



NYC said...

UKV, do you know the show runner personally to make such statement? I think that we all need to be careful and mindful of the things that we say on forums, blogs, social media outlets, etc. You may not like a creative decision that the show runner has made, okay, but to take it to an ethical level is, I believe, taking it too far. Show runners, producers, writers, story editors, and the like on TV shows and movies have to make a host of decisions based on things like financial concerns, story lines, present and future characters, TV executives (TV executives have an enormous amount of say and power; at the end of the day they are the ones that give the okay and sign the checks), etc. etc. etc. What may seem like a straight clear cut decision to us may not be the case at all as we don't know what other forces are at play in the decision making process. One thing to be cognizant of is that the story that we get is most likely missing a lot of factors that these different individuals have to take into consideration, and for a variety of reasons, do not, should not, and may not be able to share with the public.

A show runner is tasked with having to not only make a mind- bending amount of decisions to keep the production flowing, (keeping in view all of the aforementioned external forces) but must also reconcile the impact of those decisions to the satisfication of his/her employers, the people he/she is tasked to manage, the actors, viewing audience, and a whole host of other individuals and entities that I haven't touched on here. A show runner will never be able to satisfy the desires of all of those who watch the show, the only thing he/she can do is try and find the pulse of what it appears like the majority of the viewing audience wants (after all the show is made with these people in mind because if they don't watch the show will fold whether one likes that this is the way it operates or not) making sure that this falls in line with what the employer wants and will sign off on (show runners don't work for themselves, they have to answer to people, a lot of people).

This type of show is not made in a bubble and while some may not like a variety of the creative decisions made in recent times, calling into question someone's ethical standards is akin to calling into question their integrity. It is a serious charge to make without knowing all that led to and has gone behind what has been done in past seasons, along with what will be done in present and future seasons. Again, show runners are not a separate entity. Yes, a show runner has a lot of say in terms of how the show will run, they are given a lot of rope to play with, but the rope they are given comes with its own set of parameters. I am sure that this is a rewarding job, but it is by no means a simple one.

I am glad that the cast has been restored. In my opinion, season 6 was perhaps one of the weakest Criminal Minds seasons. I am hoping that lessons were learned and as such there will not be the type of casting, story line, and writing steps made in season 6 that I believe were made to the detriment of the show. Only time will tell if I will like all, some, or none of the creative paths taken with the show this season. As of now, I am hopeful and ready to see what's in store for season 7.

Anonymous said...

I didn't like the way the show gave in to the fans. That is an ethical and a creative issue. It's a purely fixed and limited issue, but it's ethical.


NYC said...

I think you may have an argument for it being a creative decision, but ethical. Again, you are calling into question someones integrity which is serious. And as far as what you perceive as the show "giving into the fans," make no mistake about it, the show is a success because of the fans and would cease to operate without it, just as a store would not continue to run if the majority of its customers stopped shopping there. The fans are the ones that tune in from week to week, the fans are the ones that buy the shows merchandise, the fans are the ones that make up the demo that advertisers are willing to spend on ads during the show (revenue that sustains and keeps the show afloat). You may not like that this is the way things work, but it is the way things work. Shows need revenue to be able to pay cast, crew, creative, catering, location permits, stunt doubles, etc., millions of dollars. This all takes money and if what appears to be the bulk of your revenue source is unhappy, common sense dictates that you do whatever it takes to correct that situation or you will no longer have anything to work with. All of the promo's for this show and other established shows (TV and print) are pandering to the current fans with the hopes of perhaps picking up new fans. As a show ages, it is not uncommon that they lose fans. However, you do not want to potentially egg that on by angering and possibly losing the core base of your viewing audience.

Sometimes shows take creative risks that many balk at initially and think are a mistake. In some instances, those creative risks work and enhance the show. This was not the case season 6 as evidenced in virtually every venue where the show is discussed. It was just too much to ignore; indeed, it would have been foolish to ignore. If things had been left the way they were season 6 coming into season 7 would people have continued to watch the show, I suspect they would, but others would have left. How many others is not clear, but take into account that the spin-off for this show crashed and burned (millions of dollars down the proverbial drain), both NBC and ABC have what many are predicting to be fierce competition for CBS, and let's not forget about American Idol and the X factor. Do I like the fact that the creative process for some shows and networks that I watch are led by these sorts of considerations? No, not always as these sorts of considerations lead to what I call junk TV like the "Jersey Shore." Don't mean to offend anyone who likes the Jersey Shore. But the fact is that these shows are produced for an audience to consume, it is how they are able to create, market, and place it on television.

While this show is able to be creative in its own respect, it is not solely a creative entity. This TV show must ultimately align the creative in a way that will keep the core fan base intact, with the hopes of attracting potential new viewers along the way.

TV is a creative outlet, but it is also a business that is dependent on the consumer to keep it running. Were it not this way, I suspect the face of television would be far different than what it currently is with possibly far fewer reality shows which are a hit with television studios because they are so cheap to produce relative to shows like Criminal Minds.

NYC said...

Let me just briefly add that more than just the show runner, the writers (story lines), the TV network and studio, advertisers, and any individual actor depend on the successful management and production of this show, all of those behind the scenes who work diligently to make sure there is proper lighting, cameras are operating, etc. are at play as well. These hard working individuals have nothing to do with the behind the scenes drama or the individual creative preferences of the audience. For many of these individuals, this is the bread and butter that sustains them and their families. In some measure, they are dependent on the continued success of this show, a success which is dependent on many of things that I previously mentioned stated. Unfortunately, these individuals are often thought of last but they are a major part of the production of the show (I'm not suggesting that you have overlooked them, just that they are oftentimes overlooked).

sf81387 said...

I was disturbed when I heard the showrunner state that when they wrote the Prentiss arc they were striving for it to be the best thing they've ever written. Thankfully she never came out and said that they achieved that goal or I would be very worried about the upcoming season since I and a great many CM fans feel that the Prentiss arc was easily the worst thing this show has ever created.

One of the things that really concerns me is that the showrunner and her underlings don't seem to grasp just how bad Season 6 was and how much so many of the fans detested it and the issues went much deeper than Ashley Seaver. She was the least bad thing about Season 6 in my opinion.

I'm going to remain cautiously optomistic and wait until I'm six or seven episodes into Season 7 before I decide whether or not they've righted this ship.

Ele said...

So happy.....glad all are once again together!!!!!
Can't wait to see A bearded Hotch!!!!!

Silvia said...

I actually enjoyed Prentiss-spy arc a lot. Even if I know that the story was not planned until the very end, I think it gave new depth to the character and helps making sense of some of Prentiss’ past actions and behaviors. It also allows to change and improve the way the character will be written from now on – which is something most fans have been fervently asking.
Obviously having the whole team back together is great, but I also hope Prentiss and JJ’s return will bring something new to the show. They can be at least a little different from the past and this may also change their relationship with the other characters, which again may imply some new angle for the others as well.
I think the need for changes that’s been behind the questionable choices made in season 6 is actually a real necessity, but the introduction of a new character – and the elimination of two very loved ones – was not the right answer.
So let’s hope that season 7 will surprise us with great development within the same very appreciated cast!
I really hope for more and unexpected interaction between the characters. Rossi/Morgan, Read/Garcia, Garcia/Rossi, Hotch/Prentiss are all pairs of characters whose interaction has been virtually unexistent and would be interesting to explore.

Anyway... I cant'wait and I couldn't be more ready!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to having the season 5 cast back. I hope that every character gets quality screen time and a fair quantity (but quality first of all). I hope that they're all recognizable and any changes are organic and believable without losing the core of the characters that had been developed through the years. I hope that there isn't too much focus on shooting and chases and explosions. I know CM likes their boom, but hopefully it's kept to a minimum. As good as Kevlar looks on a person, I prefer to have more questioning people and profiling places and interrogating living unsubs and using their brains to beat them.

I also hope we get something that I felt was missing last season. Making the victims important. They used to show that by showing the team interact with the loved ones of victims or sometimes the victims themselves if one was found early. Not just asking questions, but giving information or comfort or reassurance or just sympathy.

And, one thing I really really hope is that they never feel the need to pair up team members.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely excited and glad to see that our beloved team that we followed for 5 years is back, stronger and closer to each other than before!:-D
Plus, I can't wait to see how Prentiss (my favorite character in this team!)return in States and of course, at BAU, will be explained though we already got some tips thanks to Erica Messner and the girls themselves! :-D

Anyway, Criminal Minds is back in my agenda AGAIN !!! :-D
My only hope is that from this season, they focuse a bit more on criminals and their state of minds like in first seasons (I mean, I like when writers base some of their storylines on our profilers BUT alas, they never go deeply (Reid's headaches, Emily's doubts concerning the religious believes, widow Hotch raising alone his son, etc...).
And pleeesae, less Morgan in this season! I can't stand him anymore!


Meg said...

Fred said...

"I too hope to see more of Reid's genius. His scenes where his off the charts abilities are used and acknowledged by the team are my favorite scenes (and he's not a genius who graduated high school at 12 for nothing).
I love to see him interacting with both Hotch and Rossi, so I hope to see more Reid/Hotch and Reid/Rossi scenes. Two very different dynamics, but they're both really interesting (especially Hotch/Reid).

Can't wait to see what they've planed for Jane Lynch, I'm excited."

^^^ Ditto to this. I'm really looking forward to seeing what's in store for Reid this year, especially anything regarding his relationship with his mother. Plus I'd love to see more of the Reid -Morgan friendship and more scenes between Reid abnd Hotch.

I'm very much hoping that we get to see more of my beloved genius boy than we did in S5 and 6.

TheEldersTKD said...

I cannot wait for the new season to start. So happy the gang is back together and the preview has me very excited.

Joe Mantegna's comments on twitter about the upcoming episodes being super intense have me extremely psyched for September 21st.

Two more weeks!

Silvinha said...

I'm more than ready. I'm extremely excited and at the same time I'm at peace because Paget and AJ are back and we have our Seven Wonders back together. I feel I can breath now.

Really...I'm the happiest fan in the world!

Come to us September 21st!

sf81387 said...

Lots of pictures, interviews and spoilers from last night's PaleyFest. Links don't really post well here, but google and you'll find it all or you can go to TWOP. They've got a lot of the links.

Alana said...

I'm so ready for the new season, and I actually get more excited with every new spoiler I find. It seems like we have a great new season ahead of us.

Just one thing, from TV Guide:
6. Garcia will control the remote. Since JJ's now profiling, she won't introduce the cases. That duty falls to tech analyst Penelope Garcia, whom Vangsness said will be in the field, "at least in the round table room, at least holding that remote, explaining some stuff, which she does not enjoy doing. She likes being with them, but she does not enjoy the violence, so there's a lot of 'Here's the thing' [and] look away."

I'm kind of disappointed in this.
One of the things I missed the most about JJ (and I really missed her) was her briefings. And I don't get it, if Garcia can pull double-duty and be a computer technician and a liaison, why can't JJ, who actually has the experience, be doing the same?

But that's my only problem though, I'm ok that JJ is a profiler now, I'm happy Emily would be back right in the first episode, I'm happy the team will deal with the lie and I'm just happy the best team is back together.

Welcome back Criminal Minds!

Glynnis said...

I'm excited for the premiere and have been since they re-signed Thomas Gibson. NOW we have our team back. :)

I want MORE HOTch, more Reid and am delighted that Seaver is not returning (no insult to RN, the character was too inexperienced for the BAU).

LunaM noted how different things are this year RE expectations, that last year at this time we were anxious and angry. Looking back over S6... we were RIGHT to feel those things. I love my S1-S5 DVDs but will not buy S6. I can look at the few clips I like from it on YouTube. ;)

Oh, I hope this season is better! Having our cast back was the essential first step... now let's see what they write for them... *fingers crossed*

Angela said...

I'm kind of disappointed in this.
One of the things I missed the most about JJ (and I really missed her) was her briefings. And I don't get it, if Garcia can pull double-duty and be a computer technician and a liaison, why can't JJ, who actually has the experience, be doing the same?

I feel the same way, only more. And, episode-wise, it really shouldn't be a problem to have JJ present the case and profile. Heck, she could do it and bounce off ideas during that very scene.

Also, I hope AJ was joking about JJ becoming more like Morgan. The show has a Morgan. I participated in fan campaigns last summer because I didn't want to lose JJ. And, didn't just mean AJ Cook. That meant her being the character that existed for 5 seasons. All I hear now is how JJ has changed. How badass she is. (And JJ was PLENTY badass before) I understand that people do change over time, but they still keep their core character. It sounds like she's JJ 2.0. And, I'm getting the feeling that they think original JJ was chopped liver.

Anonymous said...

I'd feel better if people on the show would stop using the word "badass" to describe the new season. How about intelligent? Compassionate? I don't want to lose things like Reid taking the time to talk to Darcy's father in Tabula Rasa. Or Hotch telling the sheriff that caring and personalizing the victims is a good thing and only a problem if it's reckless in A Thousand Words. Or JJ taking the time to listen to Sarah Hillridge in Mosley Lane. Or various other examples where the fact that they cared about the people was written into the episodes. I don't want to lose that for a lot of "badass" shooting and running.

gubegirl said...

I, for one, hate to see anyone other than JJ doing the job as liaison which she excelled at. I have no problem with her also being a profiler: she has the experience and the disposition for it and has even verbalized that much of her job is profiling, prior to even selecting a case to work; that tells me she is excellent at her job.

What I don't get is that last season the liaison duties were spread around somewhat with Garcia doing most; while she continued in the technical analyst capacity.

So why can't JJ profile AND be the liaison? Also, she was always tough enuf to suit me; tuff as needed while being the "mom" of the unit, showing great caring and sensitivity whenever it was needed. Which was alot.

I hope that all this "badass" talk is just for show because we TZ's prefer the "old" JJ that we know and love. I don't care to give up on the "heart" of the CM family and JJ playing a female Morgan would not be in a good thing, in my book.

Plus, she has a powerful, visible and very key position; look at her role in getting Prentiss into the witness protection program and hiding the details about EP's "death."

But I'm not the boss. Just an avid fan. Nor do I know much about the inner workings of such law enforcement work as the federal level.

Just MHO.

sf81387 said... made by the cast and crew of Criminal Minds.

Wheels Up (The Hotch Song)

Teresa H. said...

I switch between being excited and being nervous. Excited about new episodes with my favourite cast and nervous because they talk about how things have been shaken up. Well we had "shaken up" in S6 and look where that got us.
Also not a fan of the "badass" idea. Again it has echos of what they tried to do last season to bring on board a different type of viewer. Having said all that I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will wait and see.
I am really looking forward to have new episodes to talk about. I do better with something concrete, all this future casting and imagining is taxing me. Some of you are amazing how you can analyze and dissect this show, it's people and it's history. Thank you. This is my CM entertainment for the Summer.

gubegirl said...

sf: Very, very cute vid - I love it! How funny and how telling...I hope not! Or else JJ is getting a mump on her "badass" image - hah!

I love how each member of the team mouths "Wheels Up" and it looks pretty new/current, too. Who is the singer? I didn't re-play it to see and maybe I missed it.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about the news concerning Reid and his mother.
I hope it'll be an interesting storyline !

Anonymous said...

Ahh, love this picture, and in addition to that, I'm hoping to see more Morgan this Season. He was excellent the last two Seasons, so I would like to continue to see his ascension of screen time. He's such an interesting character that I feel needs to be explored from all angles, especially his anger and his trust issues.

With this lie from Hotch, I could understand if he never trusted anybody ever again. He's had good reason to be defensive with everything he's gone through in his life.

lad our cast is back!

Can't wait for Season 7 and Derek Morgan!! =D

.Genises said...

MORE JJ, Rossi, and MORGAN!

Can't Wait for Season 7, and I hope our beloved Derek Morgan pounded Doyle's face to a bloody pulp for what he did to Prentiss!

Anonymous said...

I want to see what's been going on with Strauss. I know her character isn't one of the mains, but I've always found something interesting about it.

Anonymous said...

Gah, I hated the spin-off, but I am a massive Richard Schiff fan. I wish they'd bring him over to the main 'Minds and have him play the FBI Director. I love bureaucratic battles, and I'd love to see Fickler vs. Strauss. haha!

ShemarGubler said...

More Reid and JJ. Reid's been pretty non-existent the last few Seasons.

I also second the more Morgan chant as well. I love his character and love the interaction he has with Reid, Rossi, Garcia, and Prentiss.

Anonymous said...

OMG, the picture used for this thread is so *muah* <3
shemar is the sexiest man alive! Gibson's handsome, but only with the beard. haha. shemar definitely takes the cake for the best looking of the guys tho. <3
i want more of everybody. I don't want the impact of any cast member minimised. they all make the show.

i do want them to expose why morgan is so mad all the time tho. his aggressiveness is sexy so i'd like to see him unleash it but i also wanna know why he is so angry.

Posie said...

I've always hated Strauss, but I do agree her character is interesting.

Oh, and LOVE Schiff. Toby Ziegler was so awesome. haha!

Can't wait for Season 7!

Anonymous said...

I really don't see Morgan as being angry all the time. Yes, he gets angry sometimes, but that's ignoring a whole lot of other things about him to only see that. What about him talking to Reid about his headaches and Prentiss being gone? Or his interactions with Garcia? Or offering to continue doing some extra paperwork to take some of the load off Hotch? Or how he handled the interrogation of the unsub in Big Sea and then gave his aunt closure? I purposely picked examples from the most recent seasons. He's also grown into the person on the team who won't accept a pat "I'm fine" from his teammates.

And when he is angry, it's usually pretty clear why, to me. Hurt children or anyone on the team, and that really gets him. Feeling that his trust has been broken is another thing. Feeling helpless and like he didn't do enough or worse that nothing could be done.

MorgansGlock said...

@ The anonymous.

Amen, brother/sister!

I for one ADORE Morgan and he has grown to become a hero to me, perhaps the hero of the team. Someone like him could have easily taken the bad route and could have been in and out of prison, or possibly on death row because of his violence, but he turned his life around, joined the Chicago police force, and then became a big shot FBI Supervisory Special Agent, and then Acting Unit Chief. Simply amazing feats and that's because of Morgan's integrity, passion and drive. As Shemar said in a recent interview, Morgan is the most passionate of the bunch, and that's why I and many others loves him.

I hope more is explored about his character, and I want to see his beautiful family again. His beautiful mother and beautiful sisters. How is James doing?

I'm looking forward to promising things for Derek Morgan in Season 7. :)

RMF said...

I'm not looking forward to more squeamish Garcia next season. That was one of the most annoying things last year. If she can't cope, why have her do it, especially when they have the very professional JJ back in their corner? It seems they've also succumbed to the idea that JJ did not justify her own existence in her original conception, and have decided to change her role so she is more exciting or what have you. I thought the very reason that the viewers objected to her loss was because she did fill a very specific and worthy function on the team?

CM4life said...

that was a cool video, interesting tribute to the show. Love Thomas Gibson!
Did anyone else think that AJ was practically giving him a lapdance though?

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited : Reid will get a storyline concerning his mother/family, yes !

Eleven said...

SF, thank you for the video - it's so funny! Haven't seen tg's twitter in a while - am on a work trip. Let us know what else is happening there or elsewhere that's interesting. Am ever grateful :-)

Not sure how i feel about the spoilers. Garcia's introducing cases is my least favourite. Some tension between Morgan and Hotch is ok, but if they draw it out over the entire season it's going to be a bit much - plus we'll have the small but vociferous morgan vs hotch brigade going at each other again. I like Hotch's (well, tg's analysis of hotch's analysis) simple analysis of why he made the choice he did and i also understand Morgan's reaction. The only good thing to come of it is that Prentiss is alive. They all had little choice in what they did and they will just have to come to terms with some changes. But hey somebody in charge better have a few good murder mysteries to offer too lest we forget this is indeed criminal minds!

Anonymous said...

I too am looking forward to more Reid, JJ, Rossi, and Morgan.
I want to see more of the protective Morgan, especially with Reid.

Something about a man willing to do anything to protect you. Shemar Moore can protect me any time. <333

Yesenia said...

I can't wait!! I am so amped that the cast is together again. September 21st needs to get here quick!!!

Jade said...

I'm not too fond of the spoilers that I keep reading across the internet.

I absolutely DO NOT like the changes they are planning for JJ's character, and we DO NOT need two Morgans. There is only ONE beloved Derek Morgan who is passionate, kicks down doors, takes down perps, and kicks ass.

JJ is a completely different character, and when they start making them all one in the same, it takes away character traits and that sense of unique-ness.

There are things that Derek is known for, and giving them to JJ takes away from him, and it's completely unfair.

What, are they going to next darken her skin, shave her head, give her abs and pecs and have her walk around the set shirtless all the time, because essentially it's headed that route, and this fan isn't too keen of it. In fact, I hate it.

-Hotch is the stoic leader
-Reid is the genius
-Garcia is the tech goddess
-Rossi is the witty veteran
-Prentiss is the multi-lingual book nerd female badass.
-JJ is SUPPOSED to be the representative FACE of the team, which takes nothing away from her profiling abilities, but gave her, her own thing.
- Derek Morgan is SUPPOSED to be the uber passionate, gun toting, ass kicking, door kicking, face smashing, child loving, highly intelligent badass profiler.

They step away from these character principals, and the characters are no longer who they are supposed to be, they're other people, and I do not support that.

sf81387 said...

I just hope if they are going to have JJ kicking down doors they give her some proper shoes. If she tries to kick a door down in those ridiculous heels she's often seen sporting all she'll do is poke a hole in the door and probably get her foot stuck.

I've just been rolling my eyes at all the talk of the "badassery". I think anyone who does what they do is already bad ass enough. What I always loved about this show was that most of the time they caught and took down their bad guys with their brains and not some constant comic showing of badassery brawn. Once in awhile is fine, but if they're about to turn them into action heroes 24/7 I don't imagine I'll find that too appealing. Wait and see I guess.

Anonymous said...

I'm sooo excited for season 7! I'm such a big fan and (with the exception of the Lauren story arc) I found season 6 so tepid and disappointing I actually contemplated not watching CM anymore.

Thank you PTB... for listening to the fans and making our Team whole again.

Anonymous said...

With due respect, I disagree with Jade. I really like seeing the team evolve; who in life doesn't change and develop? My only objections have been: Reid, who had matured substantially S1-5 and then turned baby-ish in S-6; and Morgan, who'd grown ever deeper and more thoughtful S1-S5 and then seemed to devolve into more of an angry action figure in S6. Let them all keep growing as people and agents, please!!!

Anonymous said...

Characters should grow and not be confined to a box. But, the growth should be believable and not tossing away the core of the character. At least in the latest thing in Entertainment Weekly, they said that along with the changes, JJ's still the same core character. Hopefully that's true, and they realize that no one watching would have fought so hard to keep her if we didn't like who she was before.

And, that we're not supposed to take "JJ's becoming more like Morgan" literally. That it was just a humorous way of describing whatever "badass" stuff is going to be added to her character. But, that it's not going to be the primary aspect of her characterization.

Iona said...


Anonymous said...

I'm completely excited that the team is back together. It seems like the spoilers we are getting that Reid isn't getting much of a storyline. It seems like nothing the first episode and then just touching upon something in the second. It's a shame since he hasn't been given much attention in S5 and S6 except Corazen. Even that, it felt like they didn't conclude the issue. I'm not sure why they brought it up if they weren't going to conclude the storyline properly.

I read that Reid will acknowledge his previous drug abuse but it seems like it'll just be a brief statement. I don't know, I'm just a bit concerned because I know his contract is up at the end of the season. I love Reid as do many so I really hope he gets the attention he deserves.

A 2 Z Merchandising said...

I'm actually not fond of the changes JJ is going through. I don't know why she is going to be a profiler. I liked how her role was different and to be honest I prefer her presenting cases over Garcia. Garcia is best behind her desk. I understand that JJ is going to be more experienced but why does she have to be tougher in the field. I agree with some that is Morgan's role.

I also hope Reid gets a good storyline this season. The guy has been ignored for a couple of seasons now. The stroyline they tried for season 6 wrapped up poorly and didd't have time to develop. We'll see what happens but I'm going to be annoyed if they keep leaving him back at the station. I'm kind of tired of him not being around for the end scene when they get the unsub. I think he's proven that he is capable in the field so I don't know why he's left behind.

I know I sound completely negative but I'm actually quite excited that the team is back together. I just hope they do it right.

Anonymous said...

I agree about Reid and I hope he gets a real storyline this time.
I hope the story about his mother's problems is a developed story and not just something he'll mention once or twice.
After season five and six, Reid deserves a real story and screen time devoted to his character : quality screen time (and not something revolving around a romance).

Leah said...

First and foremost, I am excited that the team is back together again!!! I really couldn't stand that both AJ and Paget were off the scene and probably one of the dumbest characters ever for Criminal Minds was inserted instead of them. God, I hope we never see that character again. Season 6 was more than enough of that car wreck, thank you very much. That character and last season's writing, OY!

I'm with the people here about JJ. I'm kind of sad that she is becoming a profiler not because I don't think she is not able or credible to do so, it is just that she had a distinct role that she played on the team. That role was a refreshing departure from the rest of the pack. I guess we'll see how it all fleshes out. I also agree that Reid should get more screnn time that highlights his intelligence not some dopey romance story. God please, use the character and MGG's talent for more than that, please!

I already put people on alert not to disturb me on the night of September 2st. I plan to do as much school work as I can on campus prior to the start of the first episode.

Anonymous said...

Who is this new blonde they're bringing in? She looks like a poor man's version of Seaver.

Karla said...

Are you serious Anonymous??? Watch the show much?? Wow... I think that statement is definitely true the other way around. Assuming that you are not just trying to start something and be difficult, which is where I'd put my money on, check out the CM reruns on A&E and ion and you will answer your own, umm, question. Even, oh, I don't know, reading any of the articles posted on this blog will answer your, er, question and appear like you have actually taken the steps to form a question based on a little elbow grease on your part. JJ is back, yes!!! Prentiss is back, yes!!! The team is all back together again and hopefully the "poor man's" character version will appear on the show this season or any other season CM will be on TV. Time to move past the woes of season 6 and enter into a fresh new start in season 7 with the team back together again.

I get the apprehension with JJ being a profiler but it may tirn out to be something that gives her more substantial screen time. I have to confess though that the fact that Garcia is going to present the cases upsets me. The way she presents the cases is off- putting and sometimes silly. I like the polished way that JJ would present the cases which I suspect had to do with the fact that she screened and chose the cases the team would take under consideration. Maybe mid- stream they will have JJ present the cases again which I don't think would interfere with her now being a profiler.

heyya said...

Anonymous said...
"Who is this new blonde they're bringing in? She looks like a poor man's version of Seaver."

Wow...that is the single most atrocious thing I've read on here x_x
Thank goodness JJ's back! She's been with the show almost since its inception, a part of the original cast. A character that has purpose and substance and isn't just there to be your token female(that is exactly what the poor man's JJ was).
I actually don't mind JJ being a profiler. I loved her in her media liaison role, but that job also required her to profile a fair bit anyways, so I really think that her evolution into a profiler will be interesting, and if that means increased screen time for her, then hurray! She was greatly missed last season, and I'm hoping we get more JJ, Emily, and Reid this season. I didn't like Garcia presenting the cases last season either, but I guess it's okay if she continues. As long as they're all back together I can overlook these minor details. The suspense and anticipation is killing me!! I really hope they release a sneak peek of the season premiere sometime this week. Fingers crossed!

heyya said...

Anonymous said...
"Who is this new blonde they're bringing in? She looks like a poor man's version of Seaver."

Wow...that is the single most atrocious thing I've read on here x_x
Thank goodness JJ's back! She's been with the show almost since its inception, a part of the original cast. A character that has purpose and substance and isn't just there to be your token female(that is exactly what the poor man's JJ was).
I actually don't mind JJ being a profiler. I loved her in her media liaison role, but that job also required her to profile a fair bit anyways, so I really think that her evolution into a profiler will be interesting, and if that means increased screen time for her, then hurray! She was greatly missed last season, and I'm hoping we get more JJ, Emily, and Reid this season. I didn't like Garcia presenting the cases last season either, but I guess it's okay if she continues. As long as they're all back together I can overlook these minor details. The suspense and anticipation is killing me!! I really hope they release a sneak peek of the season premiere sometime this week. Fingers crossed!

heyya said...

Eh..sorry for the double post. Something might have gone wrong.

cmwinner said...

Of course!!!!!!!!

Cynthia said...


Anonymous said...

Is it september 21st yet? Is it September 21st yet? Is it September 21st yet? No? Darn it!!!

Overall I'm just glad everyone is back together, and gotta admit, Hotch looks fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine with the beard :)

gubegirl said...

Nice pics, thanx Jill! (or one of your staff.)

Is it my imagination or does TG look almost as thin as MGG? I wonder if that was intentional along with the beard growth?

Anyway, they are looking good and I can hardly wait to see the best-looking cast in TV back in my family room!

Teresa H. said...

When I see those pics, TY Jill, I get totally positive about the new season. Any doubts get pushed aside. Doesn't really take much.
Only 9 days to go.

Erin said...

Glad our entire cast is back, and really want to see more HOTCH, Emily and Rossi. Interested in seeing where the Strauss storyline goes too. Optimistic about Season7.

April said...

OMG, bearded Hotch is so sexy! Then again, any Hotch is HOT! More of the Unit Chief this season, hopefully in combo with Prentiss or Reid. And Jack!!!

ErikaRocks said...

So awesome Paget is back and TG's contract got sorted! I can now relax a bit and hope to enjoy the season. Hope to see waaay more of our Unit Chief and can't wait to see how he is making out being a single dad. More Hotch/Rossi, please!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Season 7!!

I hope to see more of our former Unit Chief Derek Morgan. Loved how the character has evolved over the years to be this dark, serious guy who shows that just because he is pretty, (and Shemar Moore is foiiiinnnnneeeeee!!!!)doesn't mean he won't rip your throat out!

Definitely want more Morgan/Prentiss, Morgan/Garcia, and Morgan/Rossi. I always love their scenes. Some Morgan/Reid would be nice. Love their brotherly relationship, and think it's so cuute. (:

Oh, and I hope Ian Doyle dies a slow, agonizingly painful death at the hands of our Morgan for what he did to our Emily!! =D

Alina said...

The cast is back together, that is a major step in the right direction! Last season was pretty much a bust for me and I am sure that I wouldn't have tuned back into the show had the cast remained the way it did. Now I can let out a sigh of relief and sit back and see where the writing takes the team this season. No turning back the clock to ridiculous characters and storylines please. By sheer force of good luck, the show managed to get the team back together. There is plenty to work with there and that is what it appears everywhere that the majority of the fans want to see.

Season 7!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally ready!!!! Wheels UP!!

Anonymous said...

Seeing the Criminal Minds Season 7 sneak peek on Youtube, and reading the press release for episode 3, Looks like there's going to be lots of Morgan this season! YAY! Can't wait to see some Morgan/Prentiss, Morgan/Reid, and Morgan/Garcia scenes. They all have such great chemistry together.


Anonymous said...

More screen time for Morgan is okay. I like Morgan. He's authentic and I think the most human of the bunch, as they tend to point out his flaws enough to where he doesn't seem like a super hero who does nothing wrong, but still comes off as cool and a hero nonetheless. He's probably my favorite member of the team.

What I want to see more of, is the unsubs. This is Criminal Minds, after all. The show is supposed to be about the Criminal Mind, not the cast members and their many quarrels with life.

I think Season 6 did a great job of focusing on the unsubs so we got to learn a little more about each one. I hope they keep the same trend, but balance it to where the unsub's tribulations don't take up the WHOLE show.

Also, hook Morgan and Prentiss up already. lol. Not really, but I do think they have the most chemistry. Always love their scenes.

Anonymous said...


1MoreWeek said...

I hope each of the characters get an arc like Prentiss has gotten.

Also, I distinctly remember Derek saying he did 18 months deep cover. It makes sense that he should have gotten the spy storyline. Meh, hopefully they'll come up with something amazing for him.

Also, Garcia. She seems to be just...there lately. They should do something with her. I don't like Lynch. He's too in the way of her true love crush...Derek Morgan. lol.

Can't wait to see what's brewing with Rossi's ex-wife.

So ready for Season 7, and yes, I saw the sneak peek too. Looks like Rossi is defending something that Morgan did to Doyle, which didn't sound too pretty. :0

The suspense is killing me!!!

LaShawna said...

YES!!! I am very ready for season seven, and can't wait to see what sort of stories they have in store for us. I'm very glad to see the cast back to the way it was before last year. I have very high hopes about this season. :)

mzkitteh said...


emily punch said...

me an family cnt wait we r alll in love wit the show n its cast !

katep said...

This is the first summer I've followed this blog and actors/show people on twitter. Everyone is doing a great job building the anticipation. The DVR is fired up ready to go (life is WAY too busy to watch anything live).

sf81387 said...

While he's glad that the old team is back together, Thomas Gibson says the characters will deal with "fallout from what went down. There are trust issues that take a while to come back." As team leader Aaron Hotchner, "I've told certain members of the team to get over it, and we'll see if they do or not," said Gibson, who admires Hotch's integrity. "He's a pretty stand-up guy. He takes fidelity, bravery, integrity very seriously — maybe too seriously."

This made me LOL. I can't wait to see Hotch tell certain members of the team to GET OVER IT. I'm sure it'll take more than that to get them to stop pouting and move forward, but I love that he's going to take on an unapologetic attitude over doing what he had to do to keep Prentiss safe. : )

Really? said...

OMG!! I know I'm probably late, but did you guys see that Criminal Minds music video??? Too funny!!!!

Maribel said...

I'm so happy that the cast is back together again :) It was a terrible idea to spilt them up. The writing, the new character, well, just about everything about last season was hard for me to get threw. Honestly, I didn't think I would be watching this season but when I heard that the cast was getting back together sans last seasons addition I was super thrilled!! I can barely wait until the season premiere!! It is like the order has been restored in the CM universe. I'm glad that TPTB got it together.

Anonymous said...

To sf81387

I didn't like at all that part of the article to be honest even if it didn't surprise me.

I don't have a single problem about Hotch not second guessing himself (as he said in a previous article), he stands by his choices, which is normal.

But given the amount of pain the team went through because of that lie, telling them to simply "get over it" isn't right.
Morgan spent seven months believing Prentiss died because of him, because he arrived a little too late. Reid will have to seat next to Prentiss all day when he believed she was dead for seven months (and when he probably mourned her ever day while looking at her empty desk).
Do you really think they can let it go and magically move on that quickly just because Prentiss is actually alive ?

Don't get me wrong, I perfectly understand Hotch wanting to save a life even if he has to hurt the feelings of his subordinates in the process. I'm not criticizing his choice here or the fact that he isn't second guessing himself.

But there's a difference between second guessing yourself (regretting your actions) and standing by your choices while acknowledging and regretting the pain you caused to people you supposedly care about.

From what Thomas Gibson said, (that Hotch "doesn't have a problem with it" and that he told his agents to "get over it") it seems Hotch doesn't care in the slightest about the fact that his team was hurt badly by his lies.

I would have preferred Hotch to deal with the situation in another way.
He could have easily said something like 'I know it hurt you and I'm sorry about that. What I did was still necessary and I hope you can understand it'.

But his speech is probably going to something like 'I stand by my actions and you need to get over it. If you can't no one is forcing you to stay in the BAU'.
Why am I not surprised by that in the slightest ?

sf81387 said...

Do you really think they can let it go and magically move on that quickly just because Prentiss is actually alive ?

If they were just ordinary people in ordinary jobs, I'd say it would probably be a bit more difficult to understand why things had to be the way they had to be and come to grips with it, but because of what they all do for a living and because of the amount of secrecy they are used while they do that job, I would expect them to yes, be intially upset and then, just let it go. Nobody malicously or purposely planned something to hurt them and after all they've been through together they should know that. It was just something that had to be done. They're grown ups doing a very intense and dangerous job and know how things work. Yes, they should just get over it and I'm glad Hotch isn't going to coddle them over it and hopefully won't put up with dissention in the ranks over it for very long.

Anonymous said...

I want to repeat again that I don't have a problem with Hotch not being sorry about his choices.
He did what he felt was necessary, I don't have a problem with that part.

I would simply like him to show a little more understanding and compassion toward his team, instead of simply telling them to 'get over it' (we aren't talking about some stolen lunch money here).

I really get the feeling that he isn't sorry at all about the hurt he caused them.

Even when it's for the 'greater good' and even when you know that it was necessary, you can still regret the hurt some of your actions caused. That doesn't mean you'll regret your choices or actions altogether, just the hurt it caused. That was my point and that's what I would have liked to see from Hotch.
Alas, this is probably not what we're going to get.

sf81387 said...

I doubt it'll be anything as cold and unfeeling as that. That would be out of character. I'm thinking it's going to be something more along the lines of, "I did what I had to do, and I hated keeping it from you knowing how much it was hurting you, but I had no choice and if I had to do it again I'd make the same choice and I'm not going to apologize for that. End of discussion."

Like I said, they'll most likely continue to pout, but I'm just glad that Hotch isn't going to walk around feeling all guilt-ridden or letting their attitude toward him bother him because he shouldn't. He didn't do anything wrong.

I suppose since episode descriptions have Reid giving Emily and JJ the cold shoulder he may pull Reid aside and strongly suggest he find a way to get over it or consider transferring to another department. They really can't function well as a team if two members (in the latest article TG specifies that it is two members who have their noses out of joint) aren't currently buying into the "team" concept.

Anonymous said...

To sf81387,

I have a problem with the way you're presenting things (don't take this the wrong way, please). You seem to think the team will deliberately try to make Hotch feel guilty, that them expressing their anger or their hurt beyond the first episode is a way to make him feel bad.

The thing is, the team isn't doing that to get back at Hotch, JJ or Prentiss. Morgan and Reid will probably just express/feel sincere and very strong emotions.

Reid giving the cold shoulder to JJ and Prentiss during the second episode is something I can understand.
The situation is going to be awkward and I don't think Reid will know how to react to Prentiss presence and JJ's part in this.

How do you react to someone you thought was dead for seven months ? It takes time to adjust to such a situation and for the relationships to be normal and comfortable again.
It can't be 'Wow, you're back from the dead, cool. Want to grab some lunch ?'

It doesn't mean Reid will be bitchy, I think he'll try to get some space at first and try to not interact with both of them (unless absolutely necessary) in order to gather his thoughts and feelings.

The summary said that Reid was doing that while he was trying to deal with the situation. I think that part (him trying to deal with it) is important. He's trying to adjust but hasn't managed that yet, so he prefers to not interact with Prentiss and JJ on a personal level.

Maybe you think Reid isn't dealing with this quickly enough ?
Well, it's not something he can control and this isn't some sort of ploy to get an apology from anyone. It's simply him trying to deal with it in his own terms.

I also think the "cold shouldering thing" will be something that will be mostly felt while they're in the bullpen (and not on the field).

And, just for the record when someone asked AJ Cook (some time ago) how her character was handling the work of a profiler and if she needed help, she said that JJ had "Encyclopedia Reid" and that he was "pretty handy to have around".
This means that Reid won't let his feelings get in the way of the professional relationship he has with JJ (and the same can probably be said about his relationship with Prentiss).

I also wondered why Hotch wasn't included. I think the answer is also the same : Reid will need some time to deal with the whole thing, and he doesn't have to see Hotch much while he's in the bullpen.
But he can't avoid Prentiss and JJ, so he's giving them the cold shoulder because he doesn't want to interact with them on a personal level just yet. He probably isn't ready for 'social moments' with them.

At least, that's my interpretation of things.

Yes, Reid is a grown adult and a very intelligent one at that, but he's still human and humans can't always repress their feelings.

Katy said...

I want it to be September 21st already!!!

Anonymous said...

I really want our beloved genius back with his most attractive quality being used to 100% again:

his brain.

In my humble opinion, our dear Spencer seemed to pull a magic act and virtually disappered gradually in seasons 5 and 6, with a few exceptions. I was drawn to the show in the first place for the complex,heartbreaking, charming, and fascinating Dr Reid. Yet he seemed to be nothing more than an extra reading a map and hanging pictures on a board. That is a waste, and to me as a viewer, a waste of MGG's amazing talent. We KNOW what he can do given the chance, just go back to any 'Reid' episode to see it. That is what I miss.Come on CBS!
It should be interesting how Jane Lynch's/Diana's story is brought back, she and Matthew together are terrific. I just hope it is not an illness that does it, however juicy a storyline that would give Matthew to portray. It would be heartbreaking to watch.
I am not sure I like the 'JJ as profiler' idea. Time will tell.
I think the greatest anticipation is for that spoiler scene where Emily walks through the door.
"Happy together"? I don't think so. My opinion, it is going to hit the fan big time, when the team finds out who REALLY knew what was going on.So many possibilities with that story: anger,betrayal of trust,etc.
As for season 6, I just want to forget it ever existed if I could.

Anonymous said...

To me, a scripted show is first and foremost the main cast. If it's not, then there's no point in having a main cast. So even though I still have deep reservations about some things, I do like seeing more about them. Because I don't think seeing that is going to in the least bit overshadow the profiling. I'm guessing the personal aspects will be shown in one of two ways. One, that it will directly connect with the case. That it will either be brought to the attention of the team by someone a team member knows personally, or a team member will have a little added drive because it relates to something from their past. And, the second way will be simply showing their personal lives in the part of the episode before or after the case plot. Which they've been doing from way back. From the pilot actually. What was the first image of Hotch? Not in his suit and tie at the BAU or in the field. At home, building a crib.

They said they're going to show why these people continue to do what they do. Which I find a very intriguing question. What does keep someone in a job like this when you know it's not going to get easier and stay easier. That sooner or later there will always be that case that hits you hard. And, taking a look at that is not really that much different than when they explored what made these people who they are in season 2. It's a show about profiling unsubs. But, it's also (and not secondary to it) about the people who profile/catch them. And, as has been said before, it's a show about a family.

Also, after the utterly tiresome and annoying repeated use of the word "badass" I was very heartened to read JM tweet that they got choked up watching the screening premiere. I tend to think badass stuff doesn't lend itself to those kind of responses. So, it seems they're not going to be all flash and no substance.

sf81387 said...

It can't be 'Wow, you're back from the dead, cool. Want to grab some lunch ?

Sure it can, it would be for me, but that's just the type of person I am. I don't typically make things about myself. I'd just be happy the person wasn't dead and go forward. I'm a fairly no nonsense type that doesn't spend a lot of time dwelling on things that don't matter so I find the whole "ZOMG!! You lied to me!!" melodrama to be just that....unnecessary melodrama, but I can see that others may find it interesting and expected that some of the characters would react that way. We can agree to disagree on this. K? I'll laugh when Hotch tells them to get over it and you'll be upset with how insensitive he's being and life will go on. No big deal.

Hmmm said...

I'll laugh when Hotch tells them to get over it and you'll be upset with how insensitive he's being and life will go on. No big deal.

WOW!! To each his own. I'll just think he's an ass. IF he really says that.

heyya said...

So I was highly bored and stumbled upon Rachel Nichols's twitter account. And she told someone that she was hoping to come back for a few episodes to lie up some loose ends. What loose ends is she talking about?!
I hate to keep going on and on about this and no offence to Rachel Nichols, I have nothing personal against her, I don't particularly care for her acting, but please CM producers/TPTB don't bring up this character to tie up any loose ends since there is nothing there. It will be a waste of time to bring back a worthless, useless character whom most of your audience didn't really care for. Move on from season6 already. PLEASE!!! You have a wonderful cast, pay more attention to them, come up with more original stories and ideas for them instead of bringing back a cliche of a character who won't stop crying about her serial killer daddy. Concentrate on the ladies who missed large chunks of last season.

sf81387 said...

I read an interview with Thomas Gibson in TV Guide I think and he mentioned that she might be back at some point this season to finish telling her story, but it seemed like it was an idea that was just being tossed around, nothing concrete........yet.

I was never bothered by the character so I don't care one way or another as long as they can make it fit into the case of the week in a way that makes sense and it doesn't become a distraction.

heyya said...

IF they bring her back I hope it's only for one episode. I don't know what she meant by "some episodes." And it will be related to her father, of course it will. And then she will take over the entire episode much like she did in her introduction episode. That was just painful.
I just want to move on from that character once and for all...she got reassigned. It's simple. She was a probationary agent. Her probationary period got over and she got reassigned. That makes complete sense. There are no loose ends left to be tied. So why waste all our time by bringing her back to tie up some "loose ends" ?
I hope better sense prevails and she doesn't return. EVER.

sf81387 said...

Well, I think Erica Messer was proud of that storyline and feels a bit offended by the idea that it's stupid so she's going to finish it no matter what dammit! LOL

I haven't been excited about much they've bragged about for this season so far and finishing up the Seaver saga doesn't seem anymore lame than seeing more of JJ and her home life or meeting Rossi's ex-wife or seeing another arc of Reid and his mommy and addiction issues so I guess bring it on.

I don't mean to leave the other characters out, I just haven't really heard what they plan on doing with them this season. I'd kind of like to meet Clooney. Maybe Sergio has been hanging out with him. ; )

Anonymous said...

They are not going to make Reid's addiction issues a plot point.
From what they have stated it'll just be mentioned by Reid himself very early this season, that's it, a simple reference. They are not going to revisit the whole story, Erica Messer herself said that Reid had already been there.

I would love to see his mother again ! It'll have been three years since Jane Lynch made an appearance, so I really hope she can come back again (even if it's her last appearance on the show).
Reid only had his headaches that went nowhere last season, I hope he'll get much better storylines in season seven.

sf81387 said...

I don't mind seeing his mother or JJ's kid (cute!) as long as it's kept to minimum much like they do the scenes with Hotch and Jack or the little moments when members of the team are out together or when their having their post case moments on the plane. Those little moments are nice and necessary in an otherwise dark show.

I'm just not a big fan of arcs for any of the characters, but I'll get over it and take the ones that play out this season in stride.

Peggy said...

Heyya, I couldn't agree more with you!! Seriously, season 6 was largely lame for me and many of the viewers that commented online, along with people who sent feedback to CBS via their the CBS CM forum and mailed letters to them, because both the JJ and Prentiss characters were gone. Now that they are back, why in the world would you go back to character that many stated they did not care for and a storyline for that character that people thought was dumb and/or just a plain bad rip off of a movie character. The season finale to me was the perfect tying up of that character. First of all, as a probationary agent, she had no business being there in the first place, but even if you want to stretch the creative point that far, as soon as her probationary agent period is up, bye bye, time to go to a field office. Why after so many people lobbied to get the JJ and Prentiss characters back, and from what Messer herself has said she feels like was a huge victory, getting the ladies back and Gibson re-sigining, would you want to go back to the whole Seaver saga. There is simply no reason to go back to that. You have 7 characters that there is more than enough to play with, that is what appears to be what the large majority of the viewing audience wants the show to focus on especially after last season, come on already, let's role with the cast back together again, some fresh ideas, and some good unsub and profiling. I don't want them to create some lame What Happens at Home type episode again just to bring this individual back to tie up a story that doesn't need tying up. Whatever, move on. The cast is back, that is what I want time to be focused on. This is a cast that, when given good material to work with, has hit outside of the park. They need to get clear about that and focus on the current cast and the writing.

Unlike the JJ home story, Reid family crisis and addiction issues, and Rossi ex- wife drama, at leaat that can be woven into what they maybe gearing towards for this season, something they consider to be fresh using the 7 characters, not some stupid Silence of the Lambs rip-off that as far as rip-off's go didn't even get it straight. If the JJ, Reid, and Rossi stories end up being lame, then so be it, at least they are moving on so to speak, not going backward (with the exception of Reid's addiction crisis and continuing headache story).

If you are a storyteller, your pride should take a back seat in lieu of good storytelling that does not include wasting time on a half-baked character and storyline that in my opinion was doomed from the get go. If that message wasn't received loud and clear last season, hell, I don't know what it will take. Even some of the major media outlets like TV Guide (remember that whole Seaver stepping up article) caught wind to the fact that the character wasn't working out.

I hope common sense prevails not only with ditching the whole Seaver nonsense, but with getting back to good storytelling using a cast of characters (actors) that are up to the task. I am looking forward to moving forward with this cast. Season 7 seems like it could be a great season. I am holding out hope that things will be done for the enhancement of the show as it is currently made up, not something done out of pride or whatever else. I forget who said it, but sometimes an idea works, sometimes it doesn't. The trick is not to get caught up in ego but to continuously learn, grow, and press on.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the new season to start! The promo looks promising and Reid's out in the field!

Reid is my favorite character and I'm really hoping to see more of both the drug abuse storyline and the headaches storyline. I know there will be family issues with his mother as well but I'm hoping the main storyline arc will be centered around Reid and his issues NOT hers.

Love Reid/Morgan scenes and Reid/Hotch as well. I'm hoping that both relationship combos are given more screen time in Season 7!

And will we see Clooney--Morgan's dog? If so, I'd love to see him in a scene with Reid!

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm interested by Reid's family problems. I'm looking forward to it and I hope it really happens on the show.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to anything and everything Derek Morgan!! <333

CheetoBreath said...

YES! So happy that AJ and Paget are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got to see those two lovely ladies at Pageant of the Masters and Paley Festival and they are 10 million gazillion times more beautiful in person than on TV. So happy that your lovely faces will be gracing my TV screen again. <3

And, of course, my favorite... Thomas Gibson... was unspeakably beautiful in person at the Paley Festival. Love the glasses! Can't wait to see what Season 7 has in store for Hotch. THE only Unit Chief for me!! <3333

heyya said...

Wow...great post Peggy! Thank you for stating that, I completely agree.

sf81387, I agree with you. I'm not a fan of character arcs either. I'm hoping they get back to the earlier format of the show. Seasons1-4 were perfect I think with regard to the balance between the personal team moments and cases. We discovered things about the characters through the cases. I think it was very well done, and this aspect of the show has been missing in the last two seasons. I hope they get back to that type of writing at some point next season, after all the Emily coming back dust has settled.
Having said that, I'm curious to see what they have in store for the main characters this season. I love Reid, and I love his mom(totally biased opinion here), so I'd welcome any story arc that involves them.

Anonymous said...

OMG I can't wait!!!!! Thank goodness! This show ROCKS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just read a spoiler about the fifth episode, it seems Hotch is worried that his son, Jack, may be a victim of school bullying.
I don't know where they'll go with that story, but it seems the perfect time to have some nice Hotch/Reid interactions.
If the writers didn't include some nice scenes between Hotch and Reid on that subject they'll have totally missed the boat on that one and I will be disappointed !

Anonymous said...

It concerns the fourth episode ("painless"), not the fifth.
Sorry for the mistake

Anonymous said...

I agree Anonymous! When I read the press release that was the first thing that struck me. Poor Reid.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know why this blog is on hiatus? Such a pity.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

There is already the Criminal Minds Fanatic message board. Please do not advertise other boards on the blog. Thanks

Velandra said...

Criminal Minds Fan: Sorry Jill I mistakenly thought everything was on hiatus including the message board. My PC is OOS all I have is my i phone @ the moment can I access the message board w it? Sometimes I have probs. accessing certain things b/c it's not a PC. Again I'm really sorry I didn't realize the message board was still active.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

The message board is run by a ton of moderators and is alive and very active.

Teresa H. said...

I'm trying for the third time, once already here and once by email to get on the message board. I would love to be on it. Actually I don't see my post about it here so perhaps I messed up. Anyway, I applied to get on the message board about a month ago now. My application was acknowledged and I was told to wait for acceptance.
Well that has never happened, now perhaps I should just start over but I'd like to know. All things CM are fun and I would like to stay associated with what you've set up here.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Signup again and let me know what name you use and I will make sure you are activated and signed up.

Teresa H. said...

OK. Thanks. I've registered again as Teresa H.

TheEldersTKD said...

I signed up for the message board a couple of times as well, but did not receive a response. I would love to participate there. Thanks.

Teresa H. said...

Hey, any of you TZ's out there who may take a look at this thread. Miss you. I've moved over to the message board. I'm figuring out how to navigate it but it's lonely w/o y'all.

gubegirl said...

Teresa H: Sorry I have been out of commission (sick X past wk) and now my annual breast CA fundraiser is Monday-YIKES!

Want to talk to all you guys: missing everybody like crazy and everyday when I ck my e-mail, go automatically here to talk to you guys, and no one is here!

Have not used the message board. Signed up years ago, found this, never went back there and may not be active anymore, because I cannot navigate it no matter how hard I try-Boo-Hoo!

Like last nite's epi altho' Reid was a little over the top with talking about wanting to take Dilaudid again and the manner in which he wat speaking to JJ put me off. He even called her "Jennifer!" That little turkey - I wanted to shake him instead of pinching those cute cheeks of his -hah! Scene at Rossi's at the end was cute, a little too cute but, cook-mom-softie me liked it anyway:)

Later. Must go do some work before I peter out...

Velandra said...

Jill: I signed up for the message board but did not receive a response either. I would love to join.

Gubegirl/ Theresa: nice to see (hear from) you guys! I've missed everyone. it's like everybody dissapeared when the other thread closed. I missed the ep due to a migraine (a la Reid) how was it ? Can anyone give me a quick recap? Reid calling JJ Jennifer is something I would have loved to see. He is too adorable. Hope you feel better gubegirl. Chicken soup and lots of CM reruns should you right up.

Teresa H. said...

I thought I had posted on here a couple of hours ago in response to seeing gubegirl. Sorry to hear you've been sick but oh so good to see you here and you too Velandra.
I know the message board is not as straightfoward as the blog and it can be a bit confusing but if I can do it anyone can. There's a thread on there about last night's ep. started by the famous sf, that's where I started off and I've been navigating around a bit to try and figure it ( the board) out. Also asking what I suppose are some obvious newbie questions. There's even a thread on there that's like our hidey hole used to be. I see Syd on there now too. I will keep in touch here but I'm just nervous that this will shut down eventually too. I think it's also possible to send people direct messages from the board.
Velandra sorry you missed the episode. If I get a chance in the morning I'll try to summarize it for you. Right now it's late and I'm off to bed.

Eleven said...

I'm now on the Message Board - i've seen you Teresa, and you, Syd! Gubegirl, Velandra, do join us there - it looks a little intimidating, but it can't be that hard! And Sf's there to help ;0) And where is Blimey?? Glad you're feeling better, Gubegirl, and gah migraine Velandra - hope you can catch the rerun.... How is your hubs? Miss you all very much :-(

gubegirl said...

I will jump on my 'puter next Tues after my brunch/fundraiser is over on Monday (I'll be watching CM reruns and sipping my red wine at that point!)and try and figure out the message board so we can resume our "penpal" relationship!

Jill,if you are reading this: when I get on their it greets me as gubegirl on the homepage, where it says I have no messages and I cannot get any further than that! Try and believe me when I say I am not THAT stupid, but it just does not

Rewatched ep 1 last nite and for the life of me, why is Reid angrier in Ep 2 at JJ for witholding Prentiss' death from him, (and not at all at Prentiss in either)? And in Ep 2, saying he went to JJ's "to cry every nite for 10 weeks?" WOW!

Just a little writer's kink, I guess...again....

Good to see you guys and talk again! Miss you all mucho...

Yeah, where is Blimey? Where is CMFan11???

Hope things are looking good for your hubbie, Velandra, and that your headache goes away really soon.

Velandra said...

Eleven/gubegirl: headache gone finally it persisted for days, I thought my head was going to explode (just a bit too much stress I think) hubby was supposed to DVR the ep but forgot, I think he was so excited to finally get to watch wrestling (to each his own) all else slipped his mind. He is doing much better now. He starts chemotherapy next week.

The ep sounds so good I can't wait for the re run! I can't even imagine Reid mad at JJ. Well off to run errands. It's great to talk to you guys again, when I get a moment I'll try the message board again. Blimey,cmfan11 if your out there cone back.... We miss you.

Teresa H. said...

It will be great to have you all over there. Eleven I was happy to see my fellow Hotch/TG fan over there. TGfTG.
OK I'm getting back to my cleaning, my dust bunnies have been on steroids.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

If you are having problems registering post the name you are using as your screen name here, reapply and I will personally approve you.

Teresa H. said...

gubegirl, hope your fundraiser goes well and good luck gettiing on the board, it'll be fun you'll see. We'll figure it out together.
And yes, Blimey, CMFAN there's an APB out for both of you. Miss you both.

TheEldersTKD said...


I am using TheEldersTKD.


Teresa H. said...

Oh my dears, come on over. Eleven, Syd and I are lonely w/o you.

Eleven said...

yep, pleeeeeeease, girls and boy! We miss you! T, i've sent you a private message in response to yours :-)

gubegirl said...

T, Eleven: Sorry I am lagging here. I intend to join the message board but will def need help learning to navigate it. Not so straight forward as blabbing away on here:)

I am re-cuping from the brunch/fundraiser which was a success (our new 3-Day walker attended and was thrilled at the support.) Socially, it was very enjoyable (love being the Activities Director!) but am totally wiped out.

I am currently on an anti-viral for a case of shingles which has been going on for two wks and having difficulty focusing on much because I want to jump out of my skin! Think all the stress of the past few months caught up with me. I am supposed to be resting and not doing anything I don't absolutely have to do in order to get over it and not have long-lasting neuralgia (feels like the worst sunburn of your life).

Any of you reading this, if you have had the chickenpox as a child, the virus lies dormant in your body and can attack in later years as shingles and it is miserable. You itch, burn, and the pain/neuralgia that accompanies the rash is quite painful. Know that there is a vaccine called Zostavax avail and I strongly suggest any of you over 40 run to your Dr. to get it, even if you have to pay cash for it! I know sev others in their early
40's who have had it and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. Your chances of contracting it increase as you grow older, too.

Happy to feel "wanted" and I miss you guys, too, but I just need a couple more days to recup. Maybe I will be fired up after tomorrow nite's epi...

Have a good day.

Teresa H. said...

gubegirl, so sorry to hear about your attack of shingles. I imagine it must feel awful. So sorry, take good care of yourself. I hope tomorrow night's ep. will be a nice treat for you.
And of course we'll help you navigate teh message board, it looks confusing but you can find a foothold and branch out from there.

Anonymous said...

I love how they're really using Morgan this season. He was very prominent in the premier, and the looks of this weeks episode show that he may be prominent once more as he gives Prentiss hell during training. haha!

I adore those two, but I adore Derek more. He'll always be the rightful Unit Chief in my eyes. (:

Eleven said...

Sorry to hear about that, Gubegirl. Take as much rest as you can - i'm sure we'll still be here (and there) when you're ready to rumble again. I've seen that you keep the positivity alive; Teresa and i tend to go the other way (maybe that's why we like damaged Hotch?? Profilin' now am i). So we want you to keep us bright and happy :-) And we need Blimey's bonny blues, Velandra's enthusiasm and CMF11's umm 'other' perspective (oh you poor lone XY chromosome, you).

On topic, for a change (ha!), I'm still not a fan of S7. I am with UK Viewer on this - show runners - PLEASE stop listening to us, unless you really believe in the things you want to do with the show. Being vocal about actors is one thing (and i am ever grateful we have everyone back together - sincere thanks to the voices and the belief that helped to accomplish this), but how a character should behave, what they should do and with whom, that just messes with the creative authenticity of the writers and the palimpsest universe. Please, writers, stop asking yourselves what would please the audience (you can't please everyone all the time); rather ask yourselves what would please YOU, what FEELS right. It doesn’t feel a 100% convincing yet. And it's very true i might not be pleased with the result either, but at least i'd know the creator believed in it and made it happen no matter what. My saying this doesn't affect anyone i know and it shouldn't - obviously 14m people love it still. But i just thought i'd put it out there you know? Venting it's called :-) (maybe i should post this on the message board, too).

MorganGarciaPrentiss said...

As long as everyone gets equal screentime, I'm happy. Too many episodes in the past have been Hotch centered, and I get that he's the "lead," but the show is about the entire team, so if they're going to go in depth with his home life and family and whatnot, do it for the rest of the team.

We've seen Hotch's family numerous times, but what about Morgan's mother and sisters? We've only seen them once. Derek's my favorite, but I love the whole team. I would just really like to see more of his beautiful family, and how about where he lives? We've seen Hotch's house, Rossi's house, Prentiss's house, I'm sure we're gonna see JJ's house. What about Morgan's?

Little things like that is what makes us fans happy. Not focusing on one character, but making the show feel like it really is an ensemble, although Gibson is currently making the most money, which I disagree with totally.

Everyone on the team is equally as important. Without all of them, the cases wouldn't get solved.

I loved Morgan leading the Doyle case in the premier, and how the team kind of picked up and helped him finish it. He set out to get justice for Prentiss, and he did just that. He caught and apprehended Ian Doyle, and even got to beat him up a little bit. LOVED THAT! Loved the scenes with he and Garcia in his office. Those scenes are what made the premier great for me, but I REALLY hated last week's episode. It just didn't fit.

gubegirl said...

'Mornin', everyone!

So missing you all. Have been super busy and continuing to feel lousy but am eager to talk. I so need a CM fix; watching A&E jump from 2006 (Reid w/ short hair) to 2009 (Reid w/long hair and at Haley's funeral no less, with no Reaper in between, last nite) is just not cutting it.

Went to the message board again; it acknowledges me as gubegirl but despite using my password (I checked to ensure it was correct) not letting me in. Very frustrating and the instructions are so lengthy, I'm just not up to deciphering it all right now.

PLEASE! I am knocking, but no one will let me in! LOL. (Not really.)

Jill, sf, Teresa, ANYONE who can help, please do. I am worried that no one is coming here after so many days have passed and that I will not be able to find you guys again! Have Blimey, Velandra and CMFan11 found their way over there? I feel bad everytime I sit down at my computer and do not have the lot of you to talk to anymore!

On another note, this week's epi was better than last in that the characters were more IN CHARACTER if you will. Reid was not acting like a snot and Morgan was less angry. Must watch it again tho', because it is so hard for me to sit still and focus well these days.

Teresa H. said...

I'm here and hearing you. Hopefully Jill will help you get in but I'll put in a request to the moderators for you. Let's hope it works.
I will be so excited if you get on there. I have a little surprise in store. I think you'll like it.
I'll stay in touch here as long as I can until you get on the board.

Teresa H. said...

ok sweetie I've put in the request for help. I trust I conveyed the urgency of the situation.
Perhaps it would help if you confirmed for Jill that "gubegirl" is the name you want on the board too. I assume it is.
I can't believe I'm helping anyone with website related issues, dinosaur that I am.
Velandra, Blimey, CMFAN come on over.

Teresa H. said...

Try again. It looks like a whole slew of new people have been accepted. I so hope you're in. If you don't post on a thread at least find me and send me a direct message. I last posted in the thread for 7/3. You'll find it under S7. Just click on my name and I think you'll be given the option of sending me a message.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Let me know what screen name you are registering with and I will approve you myself.

Teresa H. said...

YAY, it looks like you're on the message board. I saw you under what I think is something like "recent member activity". I've already sent you a message. Oh, I'm happy.

gubegirl said...

Jill: Looks like I'm on the board; now I just need to learn to navigate it! TY!

Glad Sindee is taking over the blog. This served a purpose as well and I want to keep up with both, if poss. Heck, I have many hrs. invested there and made sev. "good friends" and had lots of interesting convos! Have been missing it like crazy!

Blimey, Velandra and CMFan11: Pls join us on the board! The ol' gan is eager to hear how you have been the past few weeks! We have grown too close to let a little hiatus stand in the way of us continuing to carry on! Hah! Hope all is well, and that we "meet" again soon!

gubegirl said...

That would be "ol' gang" not gan...that might be short for "gannets", the derogatory term Blimey uses for the piggies at work who clamor for her baked goods and we are not that...but we could be...LOL

Blimey: If you are reading this, we are missing you!

Anonymous said...

can you please do an episode about self harm and/or eating disorders please:)