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Criminal Mind: Is everyone tired of re-runs yet? Lets discuss Criminal Minds and season seven in this thread. Thoughts?


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Anonymous said...

Can't even wait.

Anonymous said...

It is gonna be GREAT!!!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

OMG!!! I can't wait for season 7!!! gahhhhh!!! :) <3

Una said...

I don't think you can ever get tired of re-runs of Criminal Minds :)

Anonymous said...

so excited. need some serious MG this season x

Anonymous said...

Here I expressed my feelings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAcbUsILSeY

Jo said...

nop i never get fed up of re runs. i have watched penelope 2 days in a row i think that is prob my fav episode and makes me cry. i just love it :D x

KrystalCM said...

I am stoked to find out what happpens this season!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 7!!!! I never get tierd of re runs but I wanna see what happens next tehee I'm esp excited to see mrGubler!

WheezieDoodle said...

I'm literally counting down the days! You know you need some fresh episodes when you can quote all of the old ones....

KrystalCM said...

I cannot wait to see how they're bringing Prentiss back?! So stoked to see what suprises are going to come this season! More Gubler yay ! :D

Amanda said...

It takes a village to get to September 21st!
I can't wait to see what's gonna be the team reaction after they find out about Prentiss!

Anonymous said...

So excited :)) can't wait anymore and curious about how Prentiss is comin' back ?? This season will be great :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, is it September 21st already? No? ...Bummer :( I can't wait to see what the writers have in store and I'm psyched that Paget Brewster is finally coming back (Agent Prentiss is my favorite character on the show along with Hotch and Penelope)

Anonymous said...

I will only be pleased if morgan and reid's secret relationship is revealed

Anonymous said...

I'm so damn excited!
I wish to see more story line for Morgan, Garcia, Rossi, JJ, i really want also Hotch and Reid (i'm a MGG fan) but it's just that the others should have their important part also..
I love the idea of being more team centric.
For Prentiss’ return to have a long-term effect on the team. I want to see the team feel betrayed and become angry and distrusting, especially at/of Hotch. I’m sure the team will feel betrayed that Prentiss faked her death instead of turning to them for help, but she really had no other option.
I don't want to see Reid as a baby, Present-day Reid is a very strong and confident person; he knows his place on the team.
And i want to see Reid's house.. :)

Katie Bateman said...

I hope the Gube gets a girlfriend this season! Or SOMEONE has a baby. We have Henry, but we need a new baby Criminal Minds.

Anonymous said...

i want more Morgan - Reid relationship!

Anonymous said...

I can not wait for Sept. 21! I can't wait to see how they resurface AJ and Paget's characters and tell the team everything! So Excited!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree with Katie, i want Reid to get a girlfriend

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the show to go back to the way it was before!! I just want to forget season 6 all together!

unknown author said...

Yes, tired of re-runs !

Meg said...

Can Prentiss plleeeeeaaasseeeee get a love interest this season!?

Anonymous said...

I'm so incredibly tired of Reruns, I think I know the complete dialogue for almost every episode.
I looking forward to Hotch's storyline, hoping they will deal with all the crap that has happened to him and his reaction to it. No one can go through that much and not have it manifest itself in some way.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait. Also hope we finally set some more Hotch & see him deal with the whole Foyet trauma. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that JJ is back as well !!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren said...

A girlfriend for Reid would be lovely. It'd be nice for him to get a positive storyline for once instead of the doom and gloom that seems to haunt him every season.
But I'd be happy with any sort of interesting Reid storyline and increased airtime. He got totally shafted in S5 and S6 didn't make up for it much.

Hoping for a return to the overall good writing and storylines of S3 & 4.

TJ said...

I have the dvds and I just watch S6 online whenever I want. Vintage CM eps never bore me.
Very excited for the new season and to see how it will be different. Hope that they work on the consistencies and tie up loose threads.
Some people may object to character development but I think CM could really use it. Its done some good character development in the past but not enough and I think its a great way to keep the show from going stale and running out of ideas.
Can't wait to see what JJ and Emily and Hotch will all look like. Hotch with a scruffy beard, OMG, he looks so good!
JJ as a profiler will also be awesome. I think this season will be darker tonally.
More family life please and I'd like to see how Morgon, Hotch, and JJ got into the BAU. We know about Rossi, Reid, Garcia and Prentiss already. I like flashback eps like Tabula Rasa.
Hopefully the Seaver storyline will also wrap up at some point b/c I loathe loose ends, and while I want a fan of Seaver, she needs a proper farewell.

brittany said...

I agree with the Anonymous that begins with "I'm so damn excited". And as much as i love re-runs, there's nothing like sitting on the couch anxiously watching a new episode and hoping that everything and everyone turns out alright. I hope that someone helps Reid with his headaches/light sensitivity/etc *cough* a girlfriend *cough*. I hope that Garcia dumps Kevin and gets with Morgan. I hope that Hotch doesn't take it to harshly when they find out that Emily's okay.And I hope that this season will be the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

We need to see more Emily Prentiss. There are not enough pictures of Paget, maybe that is part of the mystery of her return.

Anonymous said...

CM is a show that's gotten progressively better every single season. I look for season 7 to be no exception. I can't wait to see how the team is going to react to finding out Emily is alive. 50 days and counting!

Anonymous said...

The love interest for Prentiss is called AARON HOT-HOT-HOT-CHNER!

Averil from NZ said...

I second what one of the anonymous's said: I would like to see Reid's house too!! ;)
We've seen Garcia, Prentiss, and Hotch at home; and a glance inside Rossi's (beginning of 'Rememberance of things passed') but never Reid, Morgan or JJ. I think it would be a fun way to get to know the characters a bit more...
After all "everything in our house is an externalisation of ourselves" [Reid in season 3 ep "3rd life" ;) you know when you've been watching too many reruns when you quote them...]

Cannot wait for season 7 :):):)

RN fan said...

Did anyone notice that Paget Brewster stopped following Rachel Nichols and so did MGG?
Rachel Nichols also stopped following Paget Brewster, AJ Cook, and MGG.
Poor Rachel. None of this is her fault.
I really like her in other stuff.
Sorry, Hope I don't offend anyone but it was just something I noticed.

Anonymous said...

AJ Cook never followed Rachel Nichols but Paget Brewster did start following Rachel Nichols after the season finale and now has stopped. Strange. Kind of changes my opinion of Paget. Rachel is only reacting...

Magali said...

OMG! Im so happy the whole team is back!!!! Especially JJ, because i would not watch CM without her!!!

i´ve known that producerS will go deep on JJ/HOTCH RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!


and how Reid, Morgan and Garcia will feel about JJ and Hotch lying about Prentiss dead!!!

im counting days to get on September !!!!!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!

I hope i can watch online because im from Argetina.

Anonymous said...

Im looking forward to seeing Emily and JJ back with the team more than i have ever looked forward to anything in my life!! I just can not wait to see how emily comes back and everyones reactions to her being alive.

Teresa H. said...

Am optimistically cautious about
S7. Hope it will be a return to great things especially nuanced characters. Love them so much and want to see them at their best.

I'mACMer said...

I just can't wait for S7!! The blog should have a countdown for the start!!

I agree: is it Sept 21???

gubegirl said...

Tired of CM re-runs? Never! Not even when ion or A&E run the same one 5 times in one week; I will take whatever.

Speaking of which, Neilsen rates last wk's CM re-run (CBS) as #13 (out of 25), tied with Flashpoint, The Mentalist, The Big Bang Theory.

Not bad company, huh?

Looking forward to S-7 and am very happy to have our team re-united.
Seven great people entering what we hope to be a great Season 7, oh, yeah...Don't let us down, Erica! You go, girl! Whoo-hoo!

Anonymous said...

never tired of reruns, but the prospect of having the team back together - now THAT'S worth waiting for!!! :)

UnitChiefMorgan said...

I'm looking forward to more Morgan, Rossi, Prentiss, and Garcia!!! =D

Did I mention more Morgan? :P

Morley said...

Anonymous said...
"The love interest for Prentiss is called AARON HOT-HOT-HOT-CHNER!"

Couldn't agree MORE!!!
I hope we get some closeness between Hotch and Prentiss in seasson 7, we didn't get anything in Season 6. They are the perfect couple and already have great chemistry and connection. Come on Erica, don't let us down.

christyzachman said...

It will be great!

christyzachman said...

There is no such thing as too much CM. Re-runs are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Gubegirl and Morley,
With you urging Erika not to let us down. I want to believe.

Teresa H. said...

That last post was from me, too eager and hitting yhe keys too fast.

Teresa H. said...

What did I say about hitting the keys too fast?
I too am enjoying the reruns, will often choose to watch them over anything else.

Yolanda said...

I'm just looking forward to things getting back to normal in terms of cast. I'm hoping that the scripts live up to the talent that is finally back together again. I pray that lessons were learned in terms of not messing with a good thing. Personally, I sincerely hope that the show moves on from as much of last season as possible. Everything that is necessary to make this show a success in terms of cast is there, please, let's just work with that.

Anonymous said...

I'm so crazy excited for season 7! And I'm thrilled that all the cast will be back together. But at the same time, Criminal Minds re-runs NEVER get old :) I could watch them all day long... and I do <3

bmahina said...

Tired... what?!?! ;p Re-runs only remind us what an awsome show and cast we have! :-) I can't wait to see how Reid's story line continues to unfold (reaaaally love Jane Lynch's character of Diane Reid). A girlfriend would be a plus =D. As far as the rest of the cast, I can't even begin to imagine reactions and what their level of trust will be after Prentiss returns. This cast will give us one heck of a ride this season! =D

Anonymous said...

Sooo excited! I agree it would b nice to see the homes of some of the other characters. I dont think Prentiss and Hotch should be together though. That's just plain weird and awkward for the team.

I hope they don't wrap it all up in the first episode or two of the season. I do really want to see that everything will be okay with the team but I like to be on the edge of my seat. The show has so many conflicts they can work with which gives them wiggle room (especially after last season ughh disaster)so I hope they use that to make S7 great!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm also on Team JJ/Hotch! I've always thought they'd make such an interesting couple! If I can't have him, JJ should!

Anonymous said...

I'll be watching Criminal Minds re-runs...again tonight!!!

No matter how many times I've seen an episode, I never ever tire of it. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to Season 7 with great anticipation!!

Yep... it's gonna be GREAT!!

sdwally said...

Happy to see a new thread that easier to access. Thanks Jill!

I'm hooked on CM reruns on A&E and ION, watching Hopeless on ION right now. I'm anxiously looking awaiting the new season and will continue to watch CM reruns as long as they're on.

I'm hoping season 7 brings Much Moooore Hotch!!! I would love to see the writers finally deal with Hotch's ordeals-Foyet stabbing, ex-wife dying, Prentiss' near-death & on the run, Hotch keeping it a secret.

I too would love to see a lot of togetherness between Hotch & Prentiss, whether it's romantic or non-romantic. I agree they have great chemistry and talent, which was totally wasted last season because they were barely in a scene together.

I would love to see more character-oriented scripts and less focus on the unsubs and less gratuitous violence. Am I asking for too much?!

I hope you're listening Erica--we know you will deliver a great season 7. After season 6, there's no place to go but up!!

Shemmorgan said...

Love interest for Prentiss?

Two words. Derek Morgan!

Nobody has more chemistry than those two, with the exception of Morgan and Garcia of course, whom I also LOVE TO BITS! =D

Anonymous said...

I agree...I've always thought derek and emily have had a romantic connection that could be explored!

Teresa H. said...

Not a fan of romance among the team. I believe it would get in the way of telling the stories. They have enough complications to deal with anyway as they get back to normal after the craziness of last season. And while it's nice to think of our lovlies getting some loving I hope it's kept mostly off screen with just small hints to us.

TheEldersTKD said...

As much as I love CM reruns, I am soooo anxious for the new season. There should be some interesting things happening in the early episodes.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the new season!! I'm so excited and hope to see more Gubler! Definitely need to get back to seeing Reid more frequently like in season 1-4, he totally got shafted in seasons 5 and 6!! And with that sexy new haircut who doesn't want to see more of Matthew! ;D

Eleven said...

I'm not expecting anything from S7, although i'm very excited that it's going to happen. And frankly i don't want the writers to be influenced by us, at least not in terms of storylines. General views on music, visualisation, balance, yes, but storylines and what should happen to the characters, whom they should be with or not, nope. The writers should be in their own bubble and create genuine storylines and not be affected by externalities as they were in S7 with all the backstage drama. I never tire of the older episodes because every viewing reveals something new. They were that good! Almost like a theatrical experience. I'm grateful for all the seasons that they've had and wish all concerned the very best to keep it together, shut their ears to everything but their own muses, and give us something genuine and heartfelt. All the team!

Eleven said...

meant 'as they were in S6...'

Jessi said...

i wanna know how they are gonna bring emily back and how they are going to finish off doyle!!! can't wait to see team reactions and can't wait to see JJ's welcome back too! this season is going to be wonderful :))

Aaron said...

Many great stories that could be told and if we are going to explore character development, I would like to learn more of Hotchner growing up. In season 1 episode 8 titled natural born killers he gave the indication that he was abused growing up by his father. I would like to know more from that. And i have a great story idea that will probably never be used. Bring Elle back. Make her the unsub. She can be taking justice into her hands for the victims that couldn't get justice through the legal system. just an idea. Over all I am excited that every1 is back for season7 and i think it will be great. I have been watching seasons 1-5 on dvd. so EXCITED

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to JJ and Paget's reintegration in the team. But my favorite is Morgan so I cannot wait to see him!!

SSAMindsFan said...

I loved Season 6. Seasons 5 AND 6 actually have to be my top two favorite seasons.

I just re-watched the amazing Season 6 premier again. Can never get enough of that episode.

"When you needed us, we were there for you, this one is mine!"

Gah, I love it when Derek doesn't bow down to the system!!! =D

Can't wait to see how he reacts to being lied to about Prentiss. He has every reason in the world to have trust issues, and I can relate so much to him. That's why he's my favorite. I love them all, but I don't think I could watch the show without him. Derek Morgan made me a Shemar Moore fan. lol.

Still more a fan of Derek. ;)

Tiecollector said...

Re-runs are great - they are showing S1+S2 on one station here in Germany, and S3 on another. There's so much you can still derive from watching; scenes you have almost forgotten or scenes you've seen a couple of times but which don't pale. It's just a great great show. :)

That being said, I really look forward to S7 - it's fantastic to have the whole group back and I want to see new cases, and some great character moments.

Oh, and can we have more Hotch, please...?! S6 was somewhat lacking in the Hotch department.

Sam said...

Super excited for season 7! In the words if my friend, who doesn't really get into shows that much, "Criminal Minds is one of the best shows and never gets old."

While I would LOVE to see a Hotch/Prentiss romantic relationship and would support it if it did happen...It would get in the way of the team dynamics. This isn't one if the shows where all of the main characters are dating each other and it's always been that way. It's part of the reason is so amazing; there isn't any mushy love stories.

Definitely excited to see JJ and Emily come back, seen as how they're my 2 favorite characters. Since Emily could not come back until Doyle was killed off, I'm interested to see who exactly finished the job. Freak accident? That would be too convenient. Someone had to kill him purposefully.

Overall, I can't wait until the new season starts!!! Until then...I have A&E, ION, and CBS playing re-runs :)

A.Queen said...

Can you tire of Criminal Minds? Come on, no way! I have the previous couple of seasons DVR'd so I can watch them when they're not on TV lol. I am beyond excited, however for next season... SO happy JJ is coming back!!

A.Queen said...

Oh, and btw....one of the reasons Criminal Minds is the best is because the drama of at work romance does not exist. It should stay that way :) Outside love interests, maybe...but the dynamics of the team as close friends is how it should remain.

Anonymous said...

More Prentiss and Hotch! But not to the point of getting married and having babies - that would be very boring and unrealistic. Just acknowledge the attraction and move on, damn it!

More Garcia and Morgan! Again, we know they'll not get married and have babies but their sexy talk is fun and lightens up the sometimes dark and sinister mood of the show.

Reid and a potential love interest but please, remember, it's about the team, not just The Reid Show or Reid's Criminal Mind.

No romance between JJ and Hotch! She's married with a kid and I want her to be happy!

More awesome cases!

Anonymous said...

I don' want any love affair between the members of the CM team, it would break the harmony.
But som few hintches outside, yes, that would be great.

And I'll never get tired of watching old episodes, I love it !

Msbekss said...

How come no one is talking about Reids mysterious illness??? thou i do not get tried of reruns, started a marathon from season 1 for like the 10th time......

SO stoked about Prentiss coming back and excited to see the teams reaction once they find out Hotch ans J.J lied to them

Anonymous said...

to Ano who said this:

More Prentiss and Hotch! But not to the point of getting married and having babies - that would be very boring and unrealistic. Just acknowledge the attraction and move on, damn it!

More Garcia and Morgan! Again, we know they'll not get married and have babies but their sexy talk is fun and lightens up the sometimes dark and sinister mood of the show.

Reid and a potential love interest but please, remember, it's about the team, not just The Reid Show or Reid's Criminal Mind.

No romance between JJ and Hotch! She's married with a kid and I want her to be happy!

More awesome cases!

I could not agree more, if they should do anything, they could make a comment on the attracion between Hotch/Prentiss have some more sexy talk with Morgan/Garcia, and give Reid a GF but just hint it...
And please let JJ be happy with Will...

I don't want it to turn into something like Bones, where the cases are now more joke like (except Broadsky s6) and the use so much focus on personal relationships, after all out of a team with 6-7 persons it is actually a lot if you have pair up 2x2 of them with each other, so please no marriage and let's have babies together stories.

I want what CM stands for good and well developed crimes. Creppy UnSubs, great team chemistry... and a family between the team...

MH said...

"I want what CM stands for good and well developed crimes. Creppy UnSubs, great team chemistry... and a family between the team..."

Totally agree with you !

Anonymous said...

Can’t ever get tired of CM ever. The journey from CM Season -1 till Season-6 (for now) has been great. The episodes have smartly depicted the crimes taking place in real life. The whole crew of CM is exceptional.

For Season - 7 I hope to see the story behind Reid’s headaches, Prentiss-Doyle angle. Interested about the team’s reactions to JJ’s and Emily’s return. Would love to see more of “Team Bonding” & their personal lives. Also looking forward to see the whole team working together soon “as a team” in the Season 7.

Hope to see great cases in this Season.
Swamini, India.

Velandra said...

Wow a lot to comment on. I def. don't think CM need anyone to have a baby. As it stands the team members never feel like they have enough time for their children already, their job is all consuming ( one if the reasons Hotch/Hailey got divorced). I don't mind Reid getting a girlfriend but I prefer it not to be a show storyline. This is a show about profiling not a soap opera. Romance for the team would be great but as a side note. Also I'm def. not for team members getting together as was stated to many complications and their jobs are complicated enough already. As for the AS storyline (if you can call it that) there is nothing that needs wrapping up a simple she transferred would suffice. I would love to learn more about Rossi and his ex wives in little rid bits here and there. I would also love to see a Reid storyline where his genius is used isn't that why he's there in the first place? Will Hotch deal w/ his grief and all the trauma this season? I doubt it they haven't touched it yet why start now.

To the usual suspects: I posted a update on the other thread. I just couldn't see posting it here.

Anonymous said...

can't wait so excited for season 7.

Melanie said...

Sweet mother said...

"Oh, and btw....one of the reasons Criminal Minds is the best is because the drama of at work romance does not exist. It should stay that way :) Outside love interests, maybe...but the dynamics of the team as close friends is how it should remain."

I completely agree with what you've written!!! Whenever a crime drama has jumped into romance, especially romance between coworkers, oh God, that is when things go terribly, terribly wrong. Criminal Minds is one of the best crime dramaas out there exactly because all of that romance stuff is not taking away from the focus of the show (psychology behind murders). Also, I agree with something someone wrote elsewhere about the issue of Reid getting a love interest. Reid is not like JJ, Hotch, Morgan, Prentiss, Rossi, and Garcia in that a relationship for them is something they've had in their lives before. They know how to interact with the opposite sex, for that matter with the same sex. While Reid has grown, for him to get to the level of having a romance wouldd take time to develop because of his interaction with people in general, females specifically. I'm not saying that someone like Reid couldn't eventually find love, what I am saying is that it would take a lot of time to develop, possibly turning it into the Reid show (writing romance stories for shows that allow for them are hard enough, for a crime drama, that is usually the nail in the coffin when the focus starts shifting almost exclusively on that). Honestly, the show is fascinating and filled with drama without all of the romance stuff. The family dynamics of the team as well really hold up the show, giving it that personal touch with bits and pieces of, for example, Hotch and Jack.

I think, at least for me, the thing that I love about Reid is his mind. Unfortunately, Reid's genius has been underused for some time now. I would really love to get back to that. This show has a great foundation that was really messed with when some of the writers were let go and JJ and Prentiss were written out. The team is back (thank God!!!) and so the opportunity exists to repair the damage that was done with all of the changes and lack of writing quality.

CheetoBreath said...

I love CM re-runs and I never tire of them!

No romance please. This is CM, not Grey's Anatomy.

Cute pic of AJ. I just realized that I missed her bday thread. A very happy (and very belated) birthday to you, lovely gal!!! :)

Thomas Gibson I love your tweets LOL.

Gotta run, can't wait for S7!!! :)

cmwinner said...

I've got a countdown on my phone for the new season! It can't get here soon enough. Tonight would be great.

Ghislaine H. B. said...

Well, because it's Criminal Minds and because when we talk about BAU, we tend to refer to this service a loyal family (remember Rossi's comment in Lauren when he has explained why Emily walked away, he said that she has tried to protect those she loved and considered like her close family - maybe more than with her own mother!) it is pretty sure than right the moment where they will learn that Emily is alive but still in danger with Doyle waiting in the corner to watch, they will try their best to find her quickly in order to protect her and of course, to bring her back at BAU where she belongs. Ian Doyle should be killed before Emily reintegrate the team or just after for her safety.
As for the one who will « finish the job » in killing Ian Doyle, I’d say Derek (who still feels guilty to have there too late) or Reid but whoever will do it, will be helped by the team led by Hotch!

I can't wait the premiere! This season should be great !!! :)


Anonymous said...


I am glad that you agree...

I just really don't want CM to turn into everyone hooking completly up with eachother, and have babies together and get married... I don't wanti it to turn in to some kind of mix between Grey's Anatomy and Bones...

CM is the show I turn to when I think the relationship on Bones take over too much(which they have since seaosn 4/5), it is the show where I am always sure I will find the case interesting, and well developed...

do I mind the chemistry between the charcters no absolutly not I love it, why do you guys think you are discussing if Prentiss should be with Morgan, Hotch, Rossi or Reid, because she has chemistry with all of them, and she has great scenes with all of them, but that does not nessacery means there should be a romantic relationship with any of them, wouldn't it be better if there was not and all the shippers who thinks different things could make their own stories and have thier own thoughts of what could be going on...
because if the authors actually does go into a relationshipline between the charcters all of thos who "shipped" soemthing else would get angry... like all the Hotch/prentiss fans would not like it if she hooked up with Morgan, and all the Hotch/JJ fans would not like it if he hooked up with Prentiss...
I love that they all have chemistry between them, and they are all close, but I don't want it to turn into greys' Bones or parentshood... nope I want my lovely crimeshow, with lots of action, lots of unsubs, and lots of chemistry between everyone...

oh and one thing I am in no way against shippers (and yes I do have some of my own) I just prefere it left to fanfiction, and youtube videos, and prefere to just watch all the chremistry on screen, because a common mistake when going in to relationsships between main charcters is that they tone down their chemistry with other characters a lot, and I don't want that to happen...

angel said...

oh yes! i've been watching past seasons. but no, i never get tired of watching them. and i can't wait for season 7! just seeing behind the scene photos makes me want to fast forward to sept 21st! CM is <3

Teresa H. said...

I think the whole shipping idea is lots of fun - I'm showing my age when I say I only recently found out what it meant - I believe it should stay that way, as an idea, a fantasy. I think it's not so much that it would cause the storylines to go downhill but that it would be a sign that things have started to slip and the writers are running out of ideas.
The chemistry between the characters is great in this show and a sign of it's strength is that it keeps us wanting more. The fact that we're not getting what we want, in this instance, is a good thing.
I'm with Eleven, let the writers study the characters and their history and stay true to that in the stories. I hope they don't get pulled in all different directions.

Anonymous said...

I had been turning more and more to reruns ever since season 6 came on, to be honest. I just got ticked off with that whole thing, and want to chalk it up to a bad dream. I prefer my drama on the show, not going on behind the scenes.
That being said, there are so many ways they can now rectify this mess they created last season.Now that the team is back in its entirety. I am curious as to how the Emily return will play out, how the team reacts to all this, especially finding out that they were lied to. How and and in what capacity JJ returns to the team.
My biggest issue with them is the fact that Matthew and his beloved genius character seem to vanish more and more as time goes by,esepcially in the last two years. That needs to be fixed, BOTH deserve better. Give us back our statistic spouting Spencer who uses that brilliant mind for more than reading a map.
He was the reason I tuned in and stayed all these years,because the character is just so endearing, adorable, fascinating, yet tragic..like a little boy trapped in a genius' body. He can make you smile, yet break your heart at the same time.
I want a return to those great episodes like Revelations, Amplification, Memoriam, just to name a few. THAT is how it is done, and should be again.
CBS, the ball is in your court now, get some writers back and get back to those glory days of excellent storytelling where we recognize our beloved team of seven. For the last year, they just seemed 'off'.

heyya said...

I can't wait for season seven!!! Our team is back together and everything is perfect in the world again :)!
To everyone wanting Reid to get a girlfriend, well, I don't know, I think he deserves a richer storyline than some romance. I mean, he's the genius, the guy who knows everything, and that genius aspect whilst we saw it in bits and pieces in the past two seasons, I think has been sorely missing. I'd rather they come up with some material for him that will showcase his genius and once again show us all why he is an invaluable member of the team. I would also like for them to explore his relationship with the other team members, especially Emily and JJ, since he seemed devastated after eeach of them departed, and these characters played well off each other. More Hotch/Reid and Hotch/Morgan is also needed.
After the disaster that was last season in terms of casting, etc., this season I just want to see the team doing what they do best. I want intriguing, compelling cases, and team moments inter-laced in-between. They did this effortlessly for the first four seasons. I hope we see a return to those types of episodes!
p.s I don't want to see Seaver on Criminal Minds ever again. As far as I'm concerned there are no loose ends left to tie up with that character. Move on from the failed experiment once and for all, don't drag the past mistake into the new season.

Anonymous said...

Anything the writers do will make me happy, as long as it doesn't turn into a soap opera....( in as far as this one hooking up with that one, etc)...I will be anxiously waiting to see how "the family" gets back together.. since Hotch & JJ lied to the rest, Once trust is broken, tis a hard thing to get back, so that should add drama. IF they do it right. I Don't want them to just say o.. And BTW we lied Emily is still alive.. because in real life...the ones lied to, would "flip out"..I know I would... so I'm looking forward to seeing how THAT plays out. Also, Morgan needs to call Garcia.."baby girl" more..I noticed last season, he didn't as much,it seemed like THAT connection wasn't what it was. :( No matter what though.... Everyone who knows Me KNOWS under no circumstance do you disturb me on Wednesday nights!! So Here's to the Fab 7 for a Fab 7 season!!! Cheers to all!!

heyya said...

I agree completely with the Anonymous above me! Everything you said - DITTO!

Stefibaba said...

If you need a writer would think of me. I have a lot of great ideas in the new season.

Jasmina said...

I want more profiling. Like it was in the first two season when we didn't know how the Unsub looks like.
I just want to see them at their best what they do.

KatieBjordahllovescm said...

I just want the family back together again unlike many I liked Seaver but I understand that she is no longer on the show. The girls are back and I'm hopeful that this will be the best season yet which is hard to top because each season is fantastic. And I will never tire of Criminal Minds and re runs

Anonymous said...

I love all of the seasons of CM-but last season left too many story lines in limbo-Reid has severe headaches but later is seen functioning normally-can you tie that one up? Don't mess with the cast again-the chemistry between them is perfect-I'd also like to see more garciaisms-they are the glue that just makes the show so different. Maybe get her out in the field more-I'd also like to see the Reid character used like he was in the first 2 seasons-the guy is a genius and needs to bee seen using that brain of his-I'd also like to see some additional interactions with Reid and his mother-Jane Lynch is a terrific actress and I know she is probably busy with Glee but bring her back a bit more. More complex stories that twist in an unexpected way would be really exciting-like to feel like I am sitting on the edge of my couch while watching. No more babies or romances-too distracting from the intent of the show as a drama.
That said can't wait for season 7-my family is getting sick of "what disk shall we watch tonight" roulette! I don't watch too much TV but CM is one of my favorites!

Teresa H. said...

At one level, as a fan of both characters, I'm really happy to see AJ/JJ and Paget/Emily back. On another level I'm nervous. Their being back will only work and contribute to the storytelling if the characters are well written.
If it is only a capitulation to fans (myself included) who were validly outraged at the fact and method of their firing and not at the service of story development then it will not work.
I'm in wait and see mode.

Mel said...

All I want for season 7 is a damn Hotch/Prentiss hug! IS that soooo much for a fangirl to ask for? Really. Like really. Writers after the car wreck that was season 6, it's the least you could do. Please and thanks!

sf81387 said...

Seasons 1 thru 4 were excellent. Seasons 5 and 6, not so much. I'll be tuning into Season 7 with the hopes that it'll get back to being really good again. I would like to see the show return to the glory that was seasons 1 through 4, but I'm not overly optomistic that they'll get there.

Hopefully with JJ and Emily returning we won't get so much Garcia. I love her, but she is definitely a character who is better in small doses and I absolutely hated what they did with her last season. Put her back in her lair and leave her there please. She behaves too unprofessionally to be let out very often.

Oh, and please tone down the interaction between her and Morgan. It used to be sweet, but the last couple of seasons it's ventured into "creepy" territory.

I found the explanation for Reid's headaches to be quite satisfactory and hope they don't waste anymore time on that lame storyline. I'm not a fan of arcs and wish they wouldn't do them for any of the characters, but if they feel the need to do this, please give Reid something better than squinting and trying to rub his eyeballs out of their sockets.

I enjoy the little personal moments they toss in here and there and hope they continue with that without focusing too much attention on it. They also need a few more "team in relaxed mode" scenes, whether it's on the plane home or eating dinner together. They're supposedly a "family". They need to stop telling us that and actually show it on screen, but again, not excessively.

I'm hoping they get back to the forensic psychology that made this show so fascinating in the first four seasons.

I hope they don't spend a lot of time on the "ZOMG!!! YOU LIED TO US!!!" melodrama. They're FBI agents who are all very familiar with the "need to know" concept. Freak out initially, but then act like professional grown-ups and move on please.

I think the team learning how to embrace Emily Prentiss for who she really is instead of who they all thought she was would make a much better story as far as the team's issues go.

I'm not too keen on the idea of JJ being a profiler, but we'll see how it goes. When she was the media liason, she was unique, now she'll just be another one of the gang. I suppose it probably won't be that different since they had her behaving like a profiler quite a bit before she left. We'll see.

I like the idea of the NON-ROMANTIC relationship between Hotch and JJ being explored, but I'll be surprised if that ever actually happens. The showruners always talk a big game when it comes to fleshing out these characters, but typically fail to deliver.

I think it's too late to address any of Hotch's issues as far as the whole Foyet, wife being murdered thing goes. That window of opportunity has closed IMO. We've seen him and Jack making a life together and Hotch handling things fairly well all things considered. It'd be stupid to suddenly have him regress.

I don't much care about Rossi's ex-wives, but I wouldn't mind them delving a little deeper into what makes Rossi tick. We've seen glimpses of somewhat shady relationships and we've seen glimpses of a guy who apparently was pretty full of himself in the day. People like that don't suddenly change and it'd be fun to see that side of him slip out more often. He was a bit of an ass in Season 3 and now he's just become everyone's favorite uncle. Bring the ass back on occasion.

I know it doesn't sound like it, but I really am looking forward to a new season. I'm just not getting my hopes up that things will change all that much. Just think how pleasantly surprised I'll be if they do manage to recapture the greatness of the first four seasons. : )

Anonymous said...

The wait is killing me! I'm so excited. I really hope the Prentiss coming back arc gets wrapped up quickly so we can focus on the cases and the story lines again. As somebody mentioned above, I would also like to see more of the team just hanging out together, getting dinner, etc. I mean the emphasis is that they are a team, but a family as well.
I' also excited that they will be exploring the non-romantic Hotch and JJ relationship. I love them together (in a non-romantic way). In a way, I'm excited that JJ will be a profiler because then she'll get more airtime. But, I liked her being the liaison. I know this seems a bit random and trivial, but I really hope she keeps her old office and isn't put in the bullpen. Don't know why, but I liked that she had her own office, it made her unique.
Anyways, I think if they have balance of character driven and story driven episodes, then it would be perfect!

Stacey said...

I am so unbelievably excited for season 7... Can't wait to see Emily back but don't want them to dwell on the storyline too long. Looking forward to some awesome girlpower scenes with Emily and JJ... they can be fierce together... and ultimately can't wait for lots more Morgan & Prentiss... really interested to see how their relationship grows after the whole faked death storyline.... overall... Can't wait!!!

shivering_flame said...

I love re-runs they keep me alive on the looong wait for the new season.
Waiting and making theories about the new episodes and happenings are sooo exciting just like following the actors on twitter or whereever. Seeing that they are happy makes me happy as well.

Sam said...

Hopefully with this next season we'll see a little bit more of a bond coming between Emily and JJ, especially since they kept Emily's secret. And with JJ in the field, they'll have even more time together.

I agree with Sf81387 when they said that it's a little too late to go into Hotch dealing with Haley's death. They have already talked about that in season 5 and part of season 6. Obviously, it will always be a part of him for the rest if his life but we can't keep going back to that. They must move on with new storylines.

And yes, there is a bit of a loose thread with the storyline of Reid's headaches. One episode he had them and was spending so much time attempting to find out why he had them. A couple episodes later, it was as if he never had them. What happened? Is it early onset of schizophrenia?

Wilch said...

I don't want any romance ruining my show, but I do wanna see more Morgan and Garcia.

Both are my favorite characters and I can never get tired of their awesome bantering.

Loved Morgan so much the last two seasons and I hope there's tons of him this next season!

More Garcia, Rossi, Prentiss and Derek BAMF Morgan! =D

Fred said...

I'm looking forward to season seven !

I certainly hope to see much more of Reid. I missed him a lot during season five and six.

That said I do not want to see romance storylines on the show. They can find better storylines for the characters than giving them a love interest. I hope it won't go down that road, please !

I would love for the writers to dwell more on Reid's genius, on his uniqueness and on his bond with the team.

I'm so excited about Jane Lynch being back. Hopefully they have something planed for Diana Reid, even if it's sad (I would be disappointed if she was only here to have for a simple conversation with Reid).

I was glad to learn that the whole Ian Doyle story would be resolved quickly.
At least Prentiss will be back at the very start of the season and we can all move on and concentrate on the team, their bond and their cases.

I bet the team won't be too happy about Hotch and JJ lying to them about Prentiss.
It was said that Reid would feel betrayed, but I hope they won't make him overreact.

sf81387 said...

And yes, there is a bit of a loose thread with the storyline of Reid's headaches. One episode he had them and was spending so much time attempting to find out why he had them. A couple episodes later, it was as if he never had them. What happened? Is it early onset of schizophrenia?

I was under the impression that the Reid headache storyline was wrapped up in the episode where he and Morgan had the heart to heart in the bathroom and at the end we see Reid sleeping peacefully on the plane. I assumed we were supposed to take from that the headaches were psychosomatic.

Anonymous said...

Heyya (and other posters),

I totally agree with you, Reid deserves a much richer storyline than "a girlfriend".
I hope they write for him a much more interesting story about his genius and his relationship with the team (and leave his love life alone).

And once again, yes to more scenes between Hotch and Reid.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for Season 7! I never get tired of watching re-runs though, i hope this season goes more into the teams personal lives, and I would love more garcia/morgan scenes :)

sf81387 said...

Here's some pictures TG tweeted today.




Ilse said...

Hola a todos los fans de esta grandiosa serie! ..
he estado leyendo algunos de estos comentarios y estoy de acuerdo en que ya hemos visto la historia de garcia, hotch, prentis pero no mucho de reid, JJ y morgan.. me gustaria que tuvieramos un vistaso a la vida familiar de cada uno :).
esta temporada estara genial, no aguanto mas a que septiembre comienze. ver la transformacion de jj como perfiladora!.. eso hara que sucedan mas cosas emocionantes en el equipo.. me gustaria ver un episodio jj-reid como en el episodio 15 de la segunda temporada y el regreso de Emily, como reaccionaran los demas.. me gustaria ver mas la vida de JJ es mi personaje favorito! xD ..
asi que .. seguiremos esperando con ansias el estreno de esta temporada! :D

Anonymous said...

We'll I think this year is going to be Fantastic for one reason only-
THE TEAM IS BACK -you can't get any better than that.


Anonymous said...

Have to wait till 2 am to see it! I hate being in a different time zone. :(

Elisabeth said...

My biggest issue with them is the fact that Matthew and his beloved genius character seem to vanish more and more as time goes by,esepcially in the last two years. That needs to be fixed, BOTH deserve better. Give us back our statistic spouting Spencer who uses that brilliant mind for more than reading a map.

A big and resounding YES to that (even if I love scenes where Reid works on maps :) ).

To everyone wanting Reid to get a girlfriend, well, I don't know, I think he deserves a richer storyline than some romance. I mean, he's the genius, the guy who knows everything, and that genius aspect whilst we saw it in bits and pieces in the past two seasons, I think has been sorely missing. I'd rather they come up with some material for him that will showcase his genius and once again show us all why he is an invaluable member of the team. I would also like for them to explore his relationship with the other team members

Yes to that too, I totally agree.
Give Reid a proper storyline that doesn't involve romance, please.

Optika said...

Havent posted in a while cuz I lost my internet connection lol.

I agree with everything you said pretty much.
I dont want Hotch to get with JJ or Emily though. The only feasable romantic relationships that could happen are Emily and Morgan which I wouldnt mind being explored but at the same time, is prickly to do,
JJ and Reid could've happened until Will came along so now thats over, which kinda sucks because that was the one "couple" I wanted to happen. Oh well.

I think JJ as a profiler is totally plausible. A person is allowed to change their mind after all. In North Mammon she may have preferred the liaison role but that was 4 seasons ago. And she said in Supply and Demand that she had given 'it" a lot of thought and couldn't stop thinking about it.
I wonder how Emily's rentry will be explained.
Also very curious as to why Hotch as a beard. I REALLY want to know what happened to him over the summer. I think S7 will be the most interesting yet and I think its going to be different from tha past seasons.

Kitty said...

I just want to stop thinking about Season 6. If only it could all just be a dream ... but I'm confident that solid writers can make it all hold together.

Please, people: More team insight, more character development. I'm not really much of a shipper, but I'd like to see team members on dates with you know, like, OTHER PEOPLE?

Oh and lots more Hotch please, Santa. is that too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful to see Reid's genius highlighted again like it used to be. It has simply been too long.

I remember with longing scenes with Reid solving a crossword puzzle by remembering it in his head (season 1 "Unfinished Business"), doing mental mathematics ("Masterpiece" season 4), cracking various codes ("The Angel Maker" season 4), talking for fifteen minutes nonstop to an unsub to save his and Hotch's life ("Damaged" season three), and so on...

Those kind of scenes used to be "regular scenes" and they were my absolute favorite scenes. Reid's genius was shown regularly (without overtaking the episode), and I miss that terribly.

Like heyya said they need to show us again why he's an invaluable member of the team.
And concentrating on his relationship with his teammates could be a very good thing indeed.
Maybe his upcoming arc with his mother will manage to showcase Reid's bond with them.

In a nutshell : I don't need to see a romance for Reid, nor do I want to see it.
I need my genius back.

Anonymous said...

For some reason it seems that people are assuming that a romantic relationship must be synonymous with a trivial relationship. Much character development, plot intrigue and fascinating human interest exploration can take place through the lens of a romantic relationship. It can be a great way to learn more about the internal workings of our favorite characters, and is not something that has to be superficial and/or a distraction. It all depends on how it would be handled, as with any other character-driven situation. Plus, given the caliber of writing that we have historically seen on this show, I have no doubt that any situation, including a romantic one, would be given the weight and import that we have come to expect for all interactions that we have seen between characters.

Velandra said...

Anon under kitty: I completely agree, you said everything I was thinking. While I wouldn't mind Reid getting a girlfriend (outside the FBI) I wouldn't want it to be a storyline or even take up more than a moment or two. His brilliance is what set him apart,it needs to be showcased once again. He is why I started watching CM now I watch for all of them but I'd love more Reid. Let's get the show back to where it was S1-S5 1/2.

Anonymous said...

One more thing about the Genius/Relationship interaction: Geniuses are still humans, and like any other human, they thrive in loving, supportive romantic relationships as much as anyone else does. The brain cells don't stop firing just because a relationship develops. In other words, we can have our Genius and see him in a relationship too. The two are not mutually exclusive. They can actually happen at the same time, and may even enhance the things we love about the character as well, including the use of his mind.

Belinda said...

What is up with all of this romance talk? Geez, get a romance novel and call it a day people. This is a crime drama. The reason I watch this show is because of the way they track down killers. Yes, here and there it is okay to see some personal stuff, but c'mon, give this romance stuff a rest already.

Belinda said...

On another note, I can't wait for season 7!!! I am anxious to see how the whole Prentiss being alive situation is going to be handled. Oh, I hope the ball is not dropped on that because there is a big chance that it might be. I agree with the person who said that JJ being a profiler takes away the special angle she had on the team, but I will wait to seee how that fleshes out.

I'm so glad TG and SM got signed back on and that the team is finally back together. Two thumbs up for seeing Reid the genius back. His genius is what sets him apart and makes him such a delight to watch. I really miss that so much and would 1000% much rather watch that then him getting into some romantic thing. Profiling is what sets this show apart from all of the other crime dramas. Profiling is so interesting and exciting; that is what I want to see, that is what makes this show unique. It is cool that within the profiling circle they have managed to make this team like a family. I really hope they don't eff that up with interteam romance garbage or too much time spent on some romantic relationship stuff. Seriously, I'm done with kick ass crime shows being turned into mini- soap operas with romance junk. I don't need to see people having boyfriends or girlfriends. It's nice that they show Jack and I am curious to see JJ's son, but in moderation, please.

Eleven said...

SF - interesting thoughts there! I for one miss the ass. I don't like the fact that they all seem too nice, too adorable, too perfect. Loved Rossi in S3 because i felt that one could be an ass in some ways and awesome in others. They're not mutually exclusive as we know from life. I liked snappy and mean Hotch in, say, Haunted. I loved Reid being a pain in the posterior when he was struggling with his dilaudid addiction and found the relative newbie, Prentiss, to use as target practice. I loved Morgan questioning Emily in Demonolgy and Hotch in Mayhem. These reactions only make them human, more rounded. When the writing becomes loose and the writers afraid, the characters become shells and stereotypical, drained of content. So you're left with either a cuddly Rossi, a frowning Hotch, a headachy Reid, an angry Morgan or all of them like angels with few flaws. On an equally important note, the crimes themselves feel like ripoffs or hollow with a lot of superfluous action and gratutious violence and very little psychological analysis. I realise i've just described S6 and the latter half of S5.

Re the Haley episode, i don't think it's too late to explore the ramifications. We all have different ways of reacting to and dealing with grief. Maybe, just maybe, he has bottled it all up and there could be a tiny trigger somewhere that reminds him, all at once and without warning, about what he has lost. That might be interesting.

Anon above Velandra - i completely agree with you about romance not being idiotic or immature or negating. But i think that with how the writing has deteriorated it becomes increasingly difficult to incorporate this seamlessly withing the larger narrative of the psychology of crime. We'll see :-)

Thanks SF, again, for the links to the tumblr pics. Lovely lovely lovely! ha ha - to imagine Rossi and Hotch that close on the show....snort. That'd be a hoot!

Elisabeth said...

I agree with Belinda.
We don't need romance and Reid's genius is what is fascinating.
He's the prodigy who graduated high school at twelve, and his incredible brain power is what truly interests me.

Also, yes geniuses are still human with feelings, but we don't need romance to see that.
I won't care about a character whose sole purpose is to be the love interest of one of the main characters.

I want to see Reid interacting with his team, THAT relationship has depth and meaning. We see his human side, his emotions and feelings and it's conveyed in a believable way.
If they wanted to give any kind of depth to an outside romantic relationship it would take too much time and the relationship in itself would probably not satisfy a lot of fans.
All the fans have such different expectations where romance is concerned. A big part of them is bound to be deeply disappointed by the results if the writers tried to write a romance for Reid, it's like opening a can of worms.
Best to leave that to the fans imagination and to fanfiction.

They are much more interesting things to explore with Reid.
Just like the others I want to see his intellect being used to full potential and more scenes between him and the team members (more particularly between Hotch and Reid).

Belinda said...

Elisabeth, totally agree! I'm watching 100 right now on Ion. Reid cracking the anagram.. oh, how I miss that! I really want them to get back to that as well as his relationship with the other team members.

Anonymous said...

If CM becomes just a straightforward crime drama but with totally no exploration of characters vis-a-vis each other (and I'm not talking about romances, marriages and babies), it will become one-dimensional and the team members will not be well-fleshed out. All of them have chemistry with one another and therefore is a testament to the actors' talent. HOWEVER, if you look purely at the Prentiss-Hotch relationship from Season 2 all the way to Season 5 (I really find Season 6 as non-existent and somehow apart from the whole show.), there has been a lot of development and I hope the writers would continue to explore it, acknowledge it and resolve it IF there are any loose ends. No Bones, no House, no Grey's Anatomy type of storylines please. It takes a lot of skill to suggest something going on between them but at the end of the day, the BAU takes precedence.

Anonymous said...

This show is not one dimensional, the characters are already fleshed out and well written.
Still, I agree with those who said Reid needs to interact more with the team and I hope we’ll see good moments between him and Hotch in the future.
It’s also more rewarding to see team moments between our heroes than seeing one of them falling out of the blue for someone they have just met. So I’m firmly on the camp of avoiding romantic plots.

heyya said...

Elisabeth said:
"I agree with Belinda.
We don't need romance and Reid's genius is what is fascinating.
He's the prodigy who graduated high school at twelve, and his incredible brain power is what truly interests me.

Also, yes geniuses are still human with feelings, but we don't need romance to see that.
I won't care about a character whose sole purpose is to be the love interest of one of the main characters.

I want to see Reid interacting with his team, THAT relationship has depth and meaning. We see his human side, his emotions and feelings and it's conveyed in a believable way.
If they wanted to give any kind of depth to an outside romantic relationship it would take too much time and the relationship in itself would probably not satisfy a lot of fans."

I so totally agree! Also if they introduce a character with the sole purpose of being a love interest for one of the main characters, it may take away from the profiling aspect of the show. I'm guessing they will have to spend some time at least in establishing the relationship, and this may distract from what the show is really about. I'm not saying it can't be done, just that I'm skeptical, and would prefer for them not to go there. I think after all that went on last season, they should just concentrate on telling fascinating stories week in, week out, and concentrating more on the team and their interactions with one another.

Beate said...

I am no fan of romance within the team. I used to love Bones, but they turned it into a soap, and I really think the same thing would happen to Criminal Minds if they paired two characters up with each other. But a love interest from outside could work, if this character is treated strictly as a recurring guest. I think they introduced Will and Lynch very well, and there is just the right amount of romance to show that JJ and Garcia have a life outside of work. We don't need to see the relationship in all phases, therefore a new love interest probably wouldn't take too much time away from the main topics of the show. What is really important, however, is that there are great moments between the team members and thrilling cases. I hope every team member will have great story arcs this season and that all the open ends from season 6 can be solved satisfactory, especially Prentiss' return and Reid's headaches.

Anonymous said...

Just drooling at the prospect of S7. Lots of delicious story lines to develop. Confident Erica and team won't let us down!

Agree with Anonymous who said let's please have the stronger, more confident Reid of S5. Also, would be great to have the multi- dimensional Morgan of S5. The other characters keep evolving smoothly but Reid is alternately matured by his tough experiences and then suddenly infantile again, and Morgan's back to being an angry action figure.

And...may seem trivial but also hoping the styling of Prentiss, Reid and Morgan is more flattering to this good-looking cast. As FBI agents, they don't need to look glam but S6 was hard to watch in this (and every other) respect!

Blimey Limey said...

OK, here goes. Sorry if any of this has already been said - I have skimmed through the previous 126 posts. If it has - let's say great minds think alike?!

* More profiling! In season 6 the full focus seemed to be on the actual crime, rather than the psychology needed to profile the unsub as part of the investigation.

* More whodunnit episodes - by leaving WHO and WHY to near the end of the episode it gives the viewer a chance to "participate". I like to try to out-Reid Reid!

* More consistency in the writing. This includes the backstory on the team members (e.g. something as small as how many brothers Garcia has) as well as retaining their characterisation. Yes, people change, but sometimes they seemed so out of character last season.

* Romance. No snogfest soap opera please! By all means show the occasional snippet a la Will & Kevin to show people can have a love life OUTSIDE the office, but please no dipping of pens in the company ink. And they'd be breaking FBI rules, as I understand it.

* Prentiss. Wrap up the Doyle storyline quickly and effectively. I hope some members of the team do react angrily (verbally!) at first, but then realise why the cover up needed to occur.

* Hotch. Maybe they have missed the boat with showing any reaction to the grief/guilt he must be feeling over Haley's death? However, I agree with the poster who said people deal with grief in different ways - perhaps a case where a mother is killed leaving her husband as a single dad of a young boy may just resonate too much?

* Garcia. I agree with the poster who said she needs to go back to her lair and do more of the tech goddess stuff rather than... erm... work directly alongside the rest of the team. I think that makes sense? Probably not.

* JJ. As an actual profiler? I'll keep an open mind. Who's going to do media liaison now though?

* Reid. Wrap up the headache storyline asap. They had a golden opportunity to explore something like how the stresses of that kind of job can manifest, but I fear that ship has sailed.

* Rossi. Yeah, he's become a bit too "cuddly". I liked the slightly arrogant side we used to see from time to time. We also need to know a bit more about his backstory - and I'd love to "meet" at least one of his ex-wives!

* Morgan. I like the way he was/is portrayed as someone who cares passionately for something/someone. Whether for his team, a victim of crime or the homeless lady he was kind to a few seasons back - I hope that isn't ever lost.

That's all I can think of for now...

sf81387 said...

There's some nice pictures of TG and JM and the girls from last night's TCA party. I'd give links but they wouldn't show up.

Here's a spoiler, that's not really all that spoilery. All I can say is, please spare me the melodrama. Just the thought of this makes me want to roll my eyes and turn the channel.

[i]With Paget Brewster rightfully restored to the cast, the first order of business this season is “resurrecting” Prentiss, whose death was faked so that she could evade arch nemesis Ian Doyle. “The first episode [airing Sept. 21] is about how I have to come back,” Brewster previewed for me, “and people are surprised.” Well, not everyone. After all, both J.J. and Hotch were in on the ruse. As for those left out of the circle of trust, “Some of the gang are peeved,” says Kirsten Vangsness, “but I’m just like, ‘Whee!’ Garcia is happy.” Still, it sounds like Reid, Rossi and/or Morgan might feel snubbed. As A.J. Cook teased (quite dramatically, bless her): “Relationships will unravel!”[/i]

Eleven said...

Why does your spoiler make me want to run, SF? Gah, no...relationships will unravel? Eh, well, all we can do is wait i guess. But really too much of that's going to give me indigestion.

Nice pics at the top of the bog, really nice. Where are the other two boys?

Teresa H. said...

Hope to see more "man of the world" Rossi rather than Uncle Joe.
saw that so called spoiler too and when they're that lame I just want to yawn. Remember last season's "secrets" anyone?

Aaron said...

So am I the only one who wants to see more of the back story with Hotchner and what happened to him as a child with his father, referring back to season 1 episode 8 titled Natural Born Killer

Anonymous said...

Have heard that Garcia won't be upset about hotch and Jj's secret...which is good cuz when Garcia cries/is upset...I almost cry too:(

Can't wait for the new season!!!!!!!! Love all reruns but still...bring on the return of Prentiss I say!

Anonymous said...

About Prentiss and the team : even if I’m not overjoyed I’ll admit that It’s more than easy to understand why some of them will feel betrayed.
Like the article said they were “left out of the circle of trust”, so they will certainly feel betrayed at first.
And, I know that Hotch and JJ trust the team. The reason behind that big and most painful lie isn’t really trust and I think the team will know it too. But for them to feel betrayed and snubbed when they’ll learn the news is only normal.
A good part of the fans had guessed about Prentiss going into hiding under a fake identity before “Lauren” aired. But we also thought the whole team would know the truth.
What truly saddens me is that I was expecting to finally see some good moments between Hotch and Reid and it really seems like it’s not going to happen.
I’m so not looking forward to this….. Well, maybe we’ll get good and warm moments between them when the air is cleared.

About romance, it’s a big no for me. We don’t need that and like a lot of posters said, Reid deserves a better storyline.
I’m all for the writers showcasing his genius more, it would be much better and I missed that like the others.
I’m also looking forward to his arc with his mother, I hope it’ll be an interesting story and that it’ll show us his relationship with the whole team too. I want the team to bond together.

Just saying said...

Does anyone know why AJ and Paget never tweet their fans back? Same with Kirsten and MGG. Thomas and Joe seem to tweet back sometimes.
Just saying but aside from behind the scenes fun stuff, there isn't really a point of having a twitter if you're not going to tweet your fans back too. Once in a while would be cool. At least Rachel Nichols tweeted back regularly.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Season 7. Hope it's best season yet. Looking forward to how Prentiss is brought back and the Doyle saga is ended. I wouldn't mind if it took more than one episode; but if it's wrapped up in the premiere that's okay too. I really want to know the story behind Hotch's beard.

I can understand the team being a little upset about being kept in the dark, but I hope they quickly get over it.

I would love to see the Hotch/Prentiss connection explored in seasons 4 and the first part of season 5 blossom into a romantic relationship, even though it may be frowned upon by Strauss, maybe especially because it may be frowned upon by Strauss.
The writers should never take the cowardly approach and stick to one-dimensional characters and one-dimensional writing simply because some fans may not like it; or because it’s supposed to be canon.

What makes for good drama is when the characters are allowed to be human and demonstrate frailties and faults that all other humans are subject to. Yeah, we know Hotch isn’t supposed to be attracted to Prentiss because she’s his subordinate; but in reality supervisors are attracted to subordinates all the time, and many wind up marrying them. Executives of industry marry their secretaries, or other subordinates all the time. People who work in stressful, complex positions are attracted to other people in similar positions because they can relate to one another.

The beauty in connecting with what is supposed to be “forbidden fruit” is it leads to great drama. And good writers should be able to keep the “soap opera” melodrama in check if they want to. Those who argue that people who support other "ships" would be unhappy is not a reason for the writers to cop out on what is a natural and intriguing storyline. I don’t believe the networks or most fans will accept a homosexual storyline between the main characters since it’s already been established that they are heterosexual. JJ is with Will; Morgan and Garcia have an already-established close relationship, and Garcia has a romantic relationship with Kevin.

The Hotch/Prentiss connection has been hinted at in the past and should be further developed. For those who decry Criminal Minds’ lack of critical recognition; it is because the writers avoid exploring natural and instinctive relationships and good drama in lieu of the ridiculous and/or the sadistic. Someone said “… no dipping of pens in the company ink. And they'd be breaking FBI rules…” Pens get dipped in the company ink all the time, just look around your own work place. I don’t believe it’s against FBI rules, but even if it is, this is a fictional show, which is allowed to take dramatic license for effect and interesting characterizations.

The CM writers should not be held hostage or resort to copying the FBI manual, which may or may not legislate affairs of the heart. CM writers should be sophisticated enough to handle a romantic storyline with finesse, especially as a quality background story giving these talented actors something more interesting and weighty to explore, rather than a one-dimensional, color-by-numbers case exploration from week to week.

Optika said...

I think a really good theme for this season is the characters development and their moral ambiguities coming into play. There is no way one can do a job of a Profiler and not question one's moral compass. They kind of touched on it for a minute at the end of Demonology but I would like to see more of it. More Hotch especially.

Optika said...

I don't mind personal romantic relationships being explored on CM but I think that Morgan and Emily are a better match then Emily and Hotch. As much as I like Emily, sometimes she looks at Hotch as if she is in love with him and it irks me to no end. I think Hotch should try to start dating outside of the BAU and Rossi's romantic life should be explored as well as Reid's.
I am all for Morgan and Prentiss but not Hotch and Prentiss. There is chemistry and attraction there but I think that for a Hotch and Prentiss thing to happen, that ship has sailed and they are more at a brother and sister level now. Morgan was acting jealous though, among other things and I like their scenes.
Excited for Hotch and JJ's storyline as well. I think it will be interesting but not romantic. That would be out of character for both and I think Hotch sees JJ as a younger sister as well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the one who wrote on August 4: "What makes for good drama is when the characters are allowed to be human and demonstrate frailties and faults that all other humans are subject to." And, "The CM writers should not be held hostage or resort to copying the FBI manual, which may or may not legislate affairs of the heart. CM writers should be sophisticated enough to handle a romantic storyline with finesse..." This was my point exactly! Thank you for stating these concepts so succinctly!

Blue Sunflower said...

heyya said:

To everyone wanting Reid to get a girlfriend, well, I don't know, I think he deserves a richer storyline than some romance. I mean, he's the genius, the guy who knows everything, and that genius aspect whilst we saw it in bits and pieces in the past two seasons, I think has been sorely missing. I'd rather they come up with some material for him that will showcase his genius and once again show us all why he is an invaluable member of the team.

If I had it my way, I'd go back to TG's comment at the beginning of the sixth season about how the team has to pull together to help out one of their own - since this was such a missed opportunity back when Reid was on drugs.

My way is Hotch and Morgan finally call Reid on his lying ways. You know Reid's gonna take 1/2 a season denying anything is wrong with him, when it's obvious to everybody he's suffering.

Anyhoo, what I'd like to see is his friends finally force Reid to accept his diagnosis and to get help. Reid's so stuck on it possibly being schizophrenia he won't even consider any other options. The kid is pretty much making his pain himself with the Catch-22 he's currently cornered himself into.

More importantly, I want the team to realize Reid actually has to struggle with things. That it's not just a "quirk" of Reid's. I want them to be more understanding of the issues he faces. And better yet: HELP HIM OUT. Not just give him platitudes like "use it to make you better at the job." Bleh.

I'd also like to see the team help Reid out making more friends - and by that I mean not just shoving him out in front of someone. I think it's pretty obvious Reid's kinda longing for someone outside the team for companionship of some sort. Not only does he finally seem to be interested in trying to date, but the only relationships he has are about to be rocked. Prentiss notwithstanding, JJ's lies I think are going to be particularly hard on him. But then, I also think his relationship with Hotch will suffer too. Reid's been shown to look up to Hotch, and gets many of his more stubborn traits from him (lying about being field ready, anyone?).

I have more, but I'm finding it hard to write coherently. Sigh, wish I was a better fanfic writer.....

sf81387 said...

Some more pics. One of MGG and TG and a couple of the whole gang. : )




sf81387 said...

Well, for those who wanted to meet one of Rossi's ex-wives, you're about to get what you wished for. Hmmm...I thought Emma was the love of his life. Oops! Silly me, that was in Season 5. In Season 7 he can have a new love of his life. Why break pattern and start having continuity this late in the game. ; )


gubegirl said...

sf: TY for the pics, oh, twitter/tumblr sleuth GF. What is that in MGG's left hand in the first group photo?

Love seeing them all dressed up...even Shemar in a button-down! Lookin' mighty fine, every one of 'em...

The pic with AJ at the top of the blog has her looking stunning and oh-so-slim-but-curvy. Betcha I know a Texan fanboy who needs a bib right about now...LOL

See ya 'round the 'hood:)

gubegirl said...

I tell you, people: THEY ARE LISTENING!

The idea of one of Rossi's ex-wives has been kicked around for months by the TZ's and lo' and behold: here comes one!

I love it! Hopefully some other great brainstorms will surface as well. We can be useful as well as obsessed...hey, use us, Erica, Please!

Love the new pics, TY, Jill!

zagi said...

sf81387 said...

"Well, for those who wanted to meet one of Rossi's ex-wives, you're about to get what you wished for. Hmmm...I thought Emma was the love of his life. Oops! Silly me, that was in Season 5. In Season 7 he can have a new love of his life. Why break pattern and start having continuity this late in the game. ; )"

It is totally annoying that the writers and Erica Messer ignore already etablished backgound info of the characters. I liked the `Emma was the love of his life` storyline. And now there suddenly is a new love of his life. I thought Messer wanted the writers to study the characters and their backgound. Maybe that is what she too should do.

Teresa H. said...

My immediate thought: why couldn't she just be one of the ex-wives?
But perhaps it's just the showrunner ( as if I were familiar with that term, only learned it since my current obsession) getting a bit carried away.
Hope it'll be interesting to meet her.

Elisabeth said...

I’m far from being interested in seeing Reid getting a girlfriend.
I hope the writers have a better storyline planned for him.

I’m fine with thinking Reid already has a life outside of work (and maybe someone in his life) and I prefer to not see it.
I prefer to imagine for myself what his life outside of work could be like (instead of seeing another Lila Archer or Austin). It’s much more interesting and it'll spare a lot fans disappointment.

I never saw fans reaching an agreement on what kind of person he should date, so you can bet a lot of them won’t be agreeing with the writers’ choice. They will most likely end up disliking the relationship presented to them not only because they won’t feel connected to that new character but also because it won’t fit with what they have in mind.

And are we once again going to see a main character falling in love during a case with a victim or potential victim ? Please, spare me that. I think they can find someone outside of work and I don’t need to see it.

I would love to see Reid’s relationship with his teammates further explored because I know these characters and that relationship feels real. We know them and we care.
I could never say the same thing about a new potential love interest who is simply designed to be a crush/romantic partner.

On a side note :
we already have Kevin and Garcia/ JJ and Will. They tried hooking up Morgan. Same thing with Reid (twice). We had Hotch and Haley. Now from the latest spoiler one of Rossi ex-wife will appear (the love of his life apparently, even if I thought that title belonged to Emma from “Reckoner”).
That’s all the romance I need, no need to add more to that, please !

Teresa H. said...

While it's exciting to see that the writers may be paying attention I hope it's not a case of "be careful what you wish for". That it's not just a reach for a storyline. Oh, why have I become such a "Doubting Thomas"? Could it have anything to do with S6?

Optika said...

Just want to point out that the casting breakdown describes Rossi's ex-wife as the love of his life but when the episode is actually filmed/aired, he may not say that she's the love of his life, just like the secrets theme was teased around the beginning of season 6, it never happened. casting breakdowns aren't always accurate.

Teresa H. said...

Oh, really what do I know? I send positive thoughts to the writers as they try to keep this committed, opinionated fan base and the more casual viewers entertained over the course of a TV season.

Velandra said...

Just saying: MGG does tweet his fans back occasionally. The purpose of having a account IMO even if you don't tweet back is b/c fans enjoy seeing pics and reading about what's going on at the moment. MGG IS the reason I joined twitter.

Blimey: I totally agree w/ the Reid headache storyline. They say it's been wrapped and I think it was sf that said after he spoke w/ Derek he finally slept. This was supposed to lead us to believe it was physcosymatic. I believe she is right. It's just why all the build and Dr.s if it was just going to go where the rest of S6 went.... Nowhere. Maybe we expected to much. I also agree thatorgan needs to go back to the caring,sensitive sexy badass that he was. They wrote him so angry last season. I also like the Morgan/Garcia flirting I think it showed their unique connection w/ each other. Though it should be toned down a bit now b/c of Kevin.
As for romance on the show I DON'T want to see any of the team members get together and I'm more interested in them showcasing Reids genius than his love life.

Teresa H. said...

I'm not really expecting much in the way of closure or continuity from the storylines that were opened up in S6. e.g. Reid's headaches. I think there were just a lot of red herrings and ill conceived ideas to which there was no real committment because the spinoff took too much attention and energy from the original.
If they close up the Prentiss arc with some degree of credibility so they can move on I'll be happy.

Just saying said...


I agree with half of that. One purpose is to show what goes on behind the scenes, and its great that MGG tweets his fans back then. My mistake on that. But I don't think I have ever seen Paget or AJ tweet their fans. AJ's tweet-a-thon thing with her husband nathanandy and with Kirsten Vangsness was cute, but it would be nice if AJ AND PAGET TWEETED FANS BACK ONCE IN A WHILE, unless they think they are above it which I am starting to kind of think they may sort of think they are in a way. I like them but its dissapointing. I can understand that they dont want to answer personal questions or if they are busy with family stuff but if they have time to post up a few pics, then I'm sure they have a few minutes to tweet back as well.

As for S7, hoping to see more character development and consistency. Consistency is a key factor which I think is underrated, consistency in the character development and backstory is needed as well as in storylines. Great writers dont leave room for loose ends. Things can be open to interpretation but loose ends bug me. And lack of consistency.
Lack of consistency was the biggest problem with Seaver. She was written so up and down the wall that it was hard for her character to really find a place on the team. On paper she had a lot of potential but then the writers just didnt know what to do with her which doesnt make sense to me at all. Not Rachel Nichols fault at all ( who, may I add, does regularly tweet her fans back).
RN did the best she could with the material she had but really what can an actress do if the material she gets basically sucks?!
Now I hope no one says that i should go join an RN fan club, I am just pointing out that unfortuantely, Seaver was a prime example of how major inconsistencies can tear up show's foundation. And Ashley Seaver was one inconsistency after another, ie, is she a strong kickass Sigorney Weaver woman or a woman who gets backed into a wall and bursts into tears? Is she a rookie learning the ropes or is she someone who graduated and all of a sudden was a seasoned profiler?
I wasnt a huge fan of Seaver but I've gone back and watched all of S6 again and I must admit that AJ and Paget's firing did fuel my initial hate for Seaver. But now that they are back, that cloud has lifted.
I for one do want at least a one episode wrap up of the character.

Just saying said...

Also, another thing that I think the writers REALLY,TRULY need to work on is the teasing and foreshadowing. Please dont tease or foreshadow if it doesnt lead anywhere.
Joss Whedon did some subtle foreshadowing and a few times it took a season or two for it to come into play but the foreshadowing actually lead somewhere.
I love the show but it has its weaknesses and I think that it is capable of becoming a crime epic masterpiece if a few key things were worked on and maintained.
Apologies if these last couple of posts sound too much like ranting...

Maribel said...

I'm looking forward to season 7, to the cast back the way it should have been left in the first place, and for the love of God to put to rest all of the RN/Seaver talk. Just saying, I am not going to tell you to join an RN fan club, but seriously, that topic has been beaten to a pulp here. The fact is that the character, in my opinion, didn't work for the show for many of the reasons that you pointed out and a few more. That error has been recitified and I just don't see the point of starting that whole dreaded conversation back up. As for this whole Twitter thing, people can choose to do whatever it is that they feel like with THEIR Twitter account. No one, including actors, are obligated to tweet anyone back (fans included) whom they do not chose to do so. Is it nice when they do? Sure, but again, they are not obligated to nor do I think any less or more of them if they do or don't tweet back. The reasons they may or may not is something that only they know and IF they feel like it can share. Most celebrities use Twitter to get information out about current and future projects as well as some personal stuff here and there. Not many write back the I am sure hundreds of people that tweet them, some do and that is just as fine as those that don't. The CM cast that you point out wouldn't be the only actors that don't tweet back fans, although, as Velandra pointed out MGG does. The key is I don't expect him or any other actor to tweet back. I follow certain actors to get news about their projects, pictures, and with some, videos. Social media is nice, but with it I think has come an expectation on the other end that shouldn't be. I'm not saying you, I'm saying in general. Again, I see the social media venues with actors and singers to be a place to get information. Now, if they want to reply to something I or another person has asked, great, if not, whatever.

Above all, I hope that we can just look forward to the team back and hopefully some great scripts. I don't necessarily care for some so called wrap up episode with Seaver. God, that whole character was just a nightmare for me, but if they chose to do it, it should be like a bandaid, quick and then that is it. Get that one episode out of the way and let's get it back to CM. Again, I prefer no episode, but whatever, if that will end that talk forever, then let's get it over with as quick as possible.

Also, with the romance, oh God, how many shows have been absolutely ruined with that type of emphasis. I really hope they don't go down that path. There is a lot to repair in my opinion and the focus should be on that not possible hook-up's.

Sam said...

Someone reminded me of this when they mentioned Strauss on their comment...What is going on with Strauss? In one of the episodes after "Lauren", I believe, she and Hotch had a talk and she said that she would have to be gone for a while. When she said it, it sounded like a new storyline, rather than just the "things could be changing" bit they did because of the contract uncertainty.

Anybody have ideas about what was going on? Maybe her family...She has a son right? Hopefully this won't end up being another loose end they leave.

Maribel said...

Sam, I think it was the "Stranger" episode. On some level, I think they are going to deal with what she told Hotch because it seems like that may be playing a part, possibly, in JJ's return and it seemed that Hotch will have more responsibility while Strauss is out. Strauss has a son, and I think maybe 2 daughters, not sure. Is Strauss married? Well, anyway, people here were saying that maybe she was sick and that is why she left Hotch in charage of some things. It could have to do with her son, but who knows. It could really be anything, but again, on some level, I think they will have to at least touch on why she left the way she did. Oh, there was an article somewhere that Erica Messer said that more will be revelaed about Strauss season 7. Let's see.

Just saying said...


point taken about Seaver talk. I don't think its unreasonable for her to have one proper farewell episode, a *bandaid* episode is fine. I just hate loose ends and she was a regular... But maybe the explanation of her absence will be enough, so long as it makes sense.
I am on twitter to follow actors and their projects too but social media can also be used for interacting safely with fans. I stand by what I said but I wont go on about it. A tweet back would be nice, not just to me but in general.

In other topics, I hope that AMC alumna and current Torchwood: Miracle Day regular ALEXA HAVINS scores a guest star, as I think she is an AMAZING ACTRESS! And it would be right up her alley, she's guested on Law and Order Criminal Intent, Cold Case, CSI Miami and NY.
And maybe MATTHEW BOMER could guest star! I love him! He is a dreamboat!
I think Rossi's ex-wife storyline will be interesting. He is like the Godfather of CM while Hotch is clearly the leader, JJ is the den mother, Reid is the baby/damsel in distress, Morgan the big brother and Emily the big sister while Garcia is the techie/comic relief. I like that they have these roles that they all fit into but I would like to see the lines blur and for them to question themselves like in "Doubt" and I would like to see how and why the team members are the way they are, more background story. Its been done briefly but it would be interesting. I always like the character heavy episodes best. 100 was the most epic episode of CM though. Hard to top that but maybe they will.I think the 150th episode will be airing this season.

christyzachman said...

Aaron -
You are so wonderful because I also want to know more about Hotch's childhood. He referred to his childhood a bit in several episodes in the first season and I would love to know more.
Why does he get so upset when young boys are hurt? I have noticed that he really gets upset by boys being molested moreso than girls being molested. He figured out what Morgan was trying to keep secret before anyone else even had a clue. He doesn't trust women very much. Just a few thoughts that make me wish I knew more about this man.

RMF said...

I'm not too worried about the "relationships will unravel!" spoiler. If AJ is delivering that in a teasing tone of voice, it can't be taken at face value. There'll be some upset, surely, there should be, but I don't assume a protracted dramarama.

Count me among those giving a thumbs down on intra-team romance, especially between Hotch and a subordinate. It wouldn't be startling to find that team members were attracted to one another, since this has got to be the best-looking FBI unit on the planet. But they have established that in this universe, there are anti-fraternization rules at the FBI, and in the larger picture, the potential for abuse of position and poor judgment in a boss-employee relationship is obvious. The issue here is not whether someone somewhere might  give in to such faults and frailties, but whether it makes sense for these people to do so. This is not Jack Malone we're talking about. This is Aaron Hotchner. One of the hallmarks of his character is his integrity, and far from it being bland or boring, there's actually quite some dramatic tension in maintaining one's principles in the face of all the cynicism and selfishness in the world. I believe it's one of the reasons for the popularity of the character.

Avoiding romantic story lines is not evidence of cowardice on the part of the writers, either. Adding romance into the mix might actually be the easier path to pursue, because flirtation and UST pique the interest of the audience so readily. I think the more challenging and rewarding path is to keep it professional and collegial between team members and concentrate on illuminating what it is about who they are that informs their devotion to their jobs and their bonds with one another. I find it hard to reflect back on episodes such as "100", "Revelations", or "Profiler, Profiled" and reckon that the choice is either add romantic story lines or be confined to one-dimensional case exploration.

Velandra said...

Just saying: I'm going to touch only quickly on the RN Seaver sub. B/c as maribel said it's been beaten to death here. I dong consider a 13 ep actor a regular. IMO she needs no last ep there are no loose ends and a "she transferred" from Hotch would suffice. There are to many other things to rectify from last season to waste tome on a charecter that is gone and won't be coming back. Though I do agree they need more consistency and follow through. No inter team romance though PLEASE!

Velandra said...

I meant don't and time. Excuse the typos it's late here :)

Sam said...

Another reason why they would NOT do a Hotch/team member relationship: Hotch obviously loved Haley. It was said Dave in one of the episodes, "You and Haley didn't separate because you stopped loving each other; it's just that your job got in the way."

Oh and JJ has a boyfriend who she has a child with!

Just thought I would throw that out there.

Just saying said...


I see your point. Seaver was wasted potential. I believe I did mention that if her absence is explained efficiently, then I guess that would be fine. I just don't want to be left hanging. But, I guess we shall all anxiously await since A LOT has to be answered for either way.


it was said by Jessica in Salve of Duty that quote you mentioned but my issue with that is I dont really believe it. Haley was Hotch's high school sweetheart and first love. Its never been said that she was *the* love of his life. I think at a certain point Haley stopped loving Hotch romantically but still loved him as Jack's father and a friend. Also, my issue is that in the episode 3x02 In name and blood, it was implied (to me) that maybe Haley was cheating on Hotch. The phone rang, Hotch answered and the person hung up then Haley's phone rings and she takes her bag away. WTH wasn't that followed up on? I detest when writers hit at little subtle things then don't play them out. Its really,truly annoying.



Anonymous said...

Wow, 163 comments. You fans are really fanatical! Do you all think Erica Messer and gang really read all these comments and take them into consideration when writing the scripts? Do you all think they might feel very protective towards their show and not let the show become the property of the fans?

Aaron said...

At ChristyZachman. Thank you for saying Im wonderful but I hope some1 like erica messer reads these because I really would like to see them address his childhood. i feel it needs to be.

Optika said...

To anonymous above Aaron at comment 164,

the wonderful blog owner has said that the cast and writers do read the blog sometimes. There may be legal issues involved in actually "considering" the ideas of the fans (FANATIC BLOG AS ITS NAMED! DUH!) but if they weren't considering the fans, I doubt either JJ or Prentiss would be coming back. Fan impact matters. The writers and producers may not read all the comments but i'm sure they get the gist and are glad that people are very passionate about CM and choose to comment on it either way the wind blows.

So get off your high horse please:)

Optika said...

Anonymous 164 above Aaron,

also, the show may not be the property of the fans. TV is a writers medium so I've heard, but it would be nothing without the fans so...IDK. We like commenting here on the blog. Its fun, interactive and its not like we don't do anything else but comment on the blog. Its a great show and everyone wants feedback.

Eleven said...

Random thoughts on some of the posts and the topics they touched upon:

Twitter: I agree with Maribel about the actors not being obligated to reply/retweet. When they do, it's really nice, but it's normal for them not to - mgg, tg and jm do it sometimes, but when you have the number of followers they have it gets well-nigh impossible to please everyone without also becoming catatonic :-) I enjoy their tweets and have never tweeted myself.

Romance: No comments, really. It's just that history suggests shows suffer greatly when it's introduced, but that's primarily because it is written badly. Perhaps people are just wary.

RMF - I always love your comments on Hotch. Yep this is Aaron Hotchner we're talking about. (quick aside - I call my hatchback Hotchback :-) - unfortunately can't make it glare like him)

Rossi's first wife - please let them remember Emma, please! That was one of the most impassioned dialogues between Rossi and Hotch (before R became a teddy bear). Hope it's not set in stone. It's time they stopped making plotholes the size of Texas. I don't pretend to be a writer or belive myself to be the repository of all things CM, but they are; so there's no excuse for sloppy research (and it is research). Sometimes I wish we could go back to pre-spoilery days just so everything could be a surprise. But we're curious and the showrunners would want to take advantage of that. Fact of life I guess.

Prentiss-is-back-from-the-dead drama - while a preliminary reaction of shock, hurt and anger would be natural/justified, I'd rather not have a protracted sense of betrayal, either against Prentiss or against hotch/JJ.

General inter-team moments: A really good Morgan/Hotch scene is long overdue (I like the bit of tension they have - the characters, not the actors). Wait - a really good anyone/anyone scene is long overdue. Although the Rossi/Hotch soccer scene was cute, it was merely that - cute, as was the Jack/Hotch Halloween cookie scene. Omnivore or Zoe's Reprise or Damaged or Nameless, Faceless - those are the kinds I'm craving. Morgan/Reid in Elephant's Memory was so much more poignant than the bathroom scene in S6 (in my opinion). At the risk of repeating myself, I'd say that the question is not always about realism; rather it's the truth of the universe in which the created work operates. The genuineness of the reactions has lost out to filling plotholes with anything that would please fans. Haven't seen enough Hotch? Well, let's give them a smiling Hotch. Not too much Reid? Let's give him a series of unexplained headaches. Not much of Morgan - let's get him to kick down some more doors. Garcia or Prentiss. Really, the spy who came in from the cold and got lost in Siberia really bored me to tears - and media liaison Garcia was just too much and the Morgan/Garcia banter has gotten a little old. It's cute, yes, but move deeper why don't you - does not have to be romantic or unromantic or post romantic or proto romantic - sorry, all the romance talk has gotten to me.

I still love them to death - I just want them to rediscover what made them this special. Great stories told honestly, written truthfully (truth again within the moral universe of the show) and portrayed sensitively.

heyya said...

Maribel and Velandra, I totally agree with you guys!
About the twitter thing, I'm sorry to keep dragging this on, but I just have to say it. AJ and Paget have also occasionally responded to their fan tweets. Go check their timelines. Also they have like over 60,000 followers compared to Rachel Nichols' 22,000 or so, therefore, so the amount of tweets they get may be too much to read through. And I really don't care. They don't have to respond to anyone if they don't want to. I care about what they bring to the show. And the show is a lot better with them in it, and sans Rachel Nichols. She may be the sweetest lady in the world, but her character was a failure, and that's all that matters to me. And this is the last thing I'll say on this subject.

Bluesunflower, as always I agree with what you said. I really hope Hotch and Morgan call Reid out. They're amongst his closest confidantes and best friends. I hope Morgan/Reid, and especially the Hotch/Reid relationship is explored. It makes for great story-lines, like L.D.S.K, Revelations, Tabula Rasa, Damaged. I really liked those episodes.

I'm really looking forward to season7. I'm almost positive it will kick last season's ass!

sf81387 said...

The phone rang, Hotch answered and the person hung up then Haley's phone rings and she takes her bag away. WTH wasn't that followed up on?

She took her bag away because she was leaving. She looked as though she was headed out to the gym or something and you clearly hear the front door close when she walks away from him. I think it wasn't followed up on because there was nothing to it except that the marriage was in trouble and him being suspicious was just his way of acknowledging that his marriage was in trouble. I doubt she was having an affair and I'm fairly certain he wasn't surprised when he came home and found that she'd left him. I think they loved each other until the day she died, it's just that neither one of them was willing to compromise on the job situation.

Teresa H. said...

You put it so well about the writers writing true to the spirit of the characters. And I agree that that's what's needed more rather than more screen time for any of them in particular or even romance in their lives.
I did love those scenes in Uncanny Valley where we saw Reid playing chess in the park, a glimpse of his outside life which captured the true genius that he is.

kk said...

im so excited more of dr.spencer reid :) yay !!! super excited

Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed watching Criminal Minds in the midst of a busy week of school. Season 7 is highly anticipated, and it will certainly be AWESOME!!!! :D

angiestamatelos said...

i just cant wait im overly excited and just cant wait to see what happens with the team and how all there relationships are after prentiss and jj return! im just really excited <3

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think it would be cool if Frank Abagnale wrote an episode for Criminal Minds? I think it would be awesome! Something about profiling and security.

Anonymous said...

Frank Abagnale? That would be cool.
That would be like Neal Caffrey coming to write for Criminal Minds. i love Neal Caffrey and Aaron Hotchner.
Is it too much to hope for a White Collar and Criminal Minds crossover? I love both these shows! They are both very different but both have a family unit tone.

Jenny (UK) said...

CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 7! I need more Reid cause I love him immensley and the whole team. NO HOOK UPS! It would ruin the whole feel that makes the show stand out. More unSubs, more team and more Reid! Counting down the days xD

Gwen said...

Really looking forward to S7. I can't wait to see more on Reid's headaches storyline and I am chuffed to pieces that Jane Lynch will be making an appearance this season.
Personally I'd rather not see any romance on the show. If I wanted to watch romance I'd tune into the soaps.

Teresa H. said...

For some people, and friends you know who you are, this will be almost a repeat of something I've said on another thread.
The other night I watched the CM episode "Damaged" and there were elements of the writing in that which I hope they can recapture in S7.
Others, particularly Eleven, have captured this much more eloquently than I but I'll try.
There were some scenes that with tight dialogue and good direction so much was said in a few moments.
I'm thinking particularly of the scene as Hotch and Reid drove back from the prison.
We saw a subordinate in a multifaceted relationship with his boss: curious about what might be going on in that boss's life/head; tentatively trying to be a friend; pleased with the praise from said boss and also a little self satisfied at having saved a situation that might have gotten ugly; trying to bring humour into their exchange. And we got to see a chink in the Hotch armour with a restrained "what I want I'm not going to get".
Neither dominated this short scene which was totally dependant on dialogue and the interaction between the two of them and it was so true to them, their relationship and to the story.
The writers knew and respected their characters and who they are in this world of CM.
How Rossi was written here was also a lesson for those who will write him in the future. He was: the sophisticated, wealthy man about town; the experienced profiler; the lone ranger reluctantly accepting help; the impulsive man who buys a house that he plans to give away; and finally the human being haunted for years by the cries of those children. No one aspect of his character was pushed on us.
This episode was almost like a workshop in how to write good dialogue for nuanced, well rounded personalities.
Please, this is what I want for the coming season.

Eleven said...

Thanks, Teresa, but you really captured all that was right with the previous seasons and all that was wrong (in some people's opinion) with S6 with your analysis of Damaged.

The latest interview with the girls has some interesting points. I'm kicked that the first episode is going to be non-linear. Perhaps that's the only way to bring some closure to the stories that unfolded this past season. Is it September yet??

Eleven said...

Chanced upon this awesome interview with tg - the best i've seen and solely focused on Minds. And he said something intriguing. He says the team has lacked internal conflict, that there are huge arguments in the real FBI. That the networks are maybe afraid of showing any conflict within the team as it would, they probs feel, take away from the concept of the team. But, tg says, the team can be team and still argue (specifically on a csae). I absolutely love the idea. Not the melodrama of 'you hurt my feelings so i hate you', but conflicting ideas of how to solve the cases.

Teresa H. said...

Saw that interview about the conflict idea, I think it's interesting and if handled well could really add to the storyline.
There's another where he talks about exploring the relationship between single dad Hotch and Jack. Would like it so long as it's not just "cutsie".

Eleven said...

Teresa - yes, liked the hotch/jack idea as well. Didn't get the sense he wanted or expected it to be cute - let's hope the network is a little less afraid to hint at the less-than-perfect facets of all the characters. The flipside is that there could be SOME less-than-palatable reactions to these potential grey areas. But there'll always be negative reactions to some things from some quarters - everyone can't be pleased and trying to do so would be a fatuous exercise in vacuity. So yes, basically, writers - don't listen to us and do your thing - you definitely are better equipped to handle the nuances than most of us :-)

RMF said...

I suspect that there was a deliberate decision on the part of the writers to minimize intra-team conflict. The criminals that they tackle are so deadly and so destructive that if they spent time showing the characters squabbling with each other, worrying about recognition, fretting about their career paths, who was right, etc. it would look too petty. There's also a certain pleasure in watching smart people do smart things and put the work ahead of personal considerations. The writers may be on safe ground introducing more conflict about solving the cases themselves, as long as things don't get too prickly. It would be sort of odd to watch a team that was focused and disciplined for the first 5-6 years, then started arguing over every case thereafter.

Eleven said...

RMF - agreed, but that would be another extreme. Personal squabbles would be hard to digest and they just don't have the time to do so and disagreeing on every case would be equally odd and inconsistent with the rest of the seasons, but once in a while it could inject some granularity in my opinion.

Teresa H. said...

Some disagreement (and I emphasize "some") among the team on the profile might just be an approriate counter to the cookie cutter lines we were getting last season. It felt as if they were just going through the motions and the lines were just interchangeable.
They don't have to have big arguments about it but differing opinions now and then that are aired assertively but with respect would be, I think, interesting

Anonymous said...

I hope they try to focus equally on all the characters this season and show how JJ and Emily are different in the new season than compared to previous seasons. Hope more Hotch, more Rossi, Reid, Morgan and i hope that the writers are more consistent with the writing of the characters story lines, background histories, personality characteristics and etc.
Please, no more dumbing down of characters and no more pointless foreshadowing of the characters either. its happened over the years and for a tv show, for a smart tv show that CM is supposed to be, it makes the writers look like they dont know what they are doing.
Persoanlly, no more episodes like Corazon would be great. I don't like the "supernatural" element. COld Comfort worked well enough but Corazon was my least liked episode.
If Seaver is brought back, it better be done carefully and only for one episode. Please tell Rachel Nichols to act like she did in The Stranger, humble, rookie learning the ropes and trusting her supervising agents and not acting superior to her superiors. Poor thing but her acting was really annoying and whiny up until With Friends Like These, then after that she just started acting overconfident. Actually, it was from that badly written scene in Lauren when Rossi forced Seaver to profile what was already clear to the audience. Anyhow, I suspect that RN's acting was due to the fact that she was trying to hard to please the fans and not be annoying in the second half of her episodes but it backfired on her miserably.

I think though that last season's casting changes did beneift the show for this upcoming season because you realize that even though JJ and Emily can be at times badly written female characters, they still belong on the unit and contribute and give the show the something extra that is missing from a lot of other shows. Yes, I do think that JJ and Emily can be written badly too but not as badly as Seaver. Garcia has been pretty consistently written throughout except that her style has just gotten much more outrageous. She was somehwat conservative in the first season.
The men are usually written better. I think that the show was in need of a new showruner though because Bernero had lost his touch. Hopefully Erica Messer can fix the show. Its not ruined but last season...definitely more character development is needed. CM isnt as enjoyable without the character development. Otherwise you dont care about anyone in particular. I think it would be really exciting to learn how and why these profilers became the way they are. More profilers, profiled type of stuff.
Also, no loose ends.

Anyone know if Sebastian Roche is coming back as well?

Anonymous said...

Best CM episodes:
Extreme aggressor
Charm and Harm
Secrets and Lies, The Fisher King 1-2
The Last Word
Lessons Learned
The Big Game-Revelations
No Way out 1 & 2
In Name and Blood
Children of The Dark
7 seconds
About Face
The Crossing
Tabula Rasa
Minimal Loss
The Instincts-Memoriam
Brothers in Arms
Pleasure Is My business
A shade of grey
Nameless Faceless
The Slave of Duty
Risky Business
Mosely Lane
The Fight
The Internet is Forever
Our Darkest Hour-The Longest Night
Safe Haven
Devil's Night
Reflection of Desire
Valhalla-Lauren (although Valhalla was better)
The Stranger
Supply and Demand

This is my list

Anonymous said...

I missed:

The Fox
Natural Born Killer
Unfinished Business
The Tribe
The Aftermath
The Boogeyman
Ashes and Dust

from the first couple of seasons

Aaron said...

Natural Born killer is a very good episode and it hints at a past for Hotchner. I have the first 5 seasons on dvd and I watch them every chance I have.

gubegirl said...

Anon: Did you miss Elephant's Memory or really did not like it? I ask because it is one of my faves and thought the acting was superb. Not just MGG but everyone. kinda like one of the first lines after the house blows up: "Hell, just send everybody."

Anonymous said...


I did like that episode.

Also include Elephant's Memory.

Cant believe I missed it. I even love elephants lol


Natural Born Killers was great. It had all those subtle hints about Hotch's past. I would like to see them followed up on and advanced.

Anonymous said...

I hope they keep the characters balanced and don't overdue once again Hotch this season. A little bit of him goes a long way, and too much turns me off from the show.

He's had his fair share in the past. I hope they please focus on other characters, like JJ, Rossi, Garcia, and Morgan. :)

~ Sylvio

Morgan fan said...

In Natural Born Killers, Morgan said that he did 18 months deep cover.
I think it would be cool to find out what that was about and learn more about the team's individual pasts.

zagi said...

@Morgan fan
I don`t think the writers remember that Morgan spend time deep cover. Or if they remembered they deliberately choose to ignore it for the Prentiss/Doyle storyline. Because if they had thought of Morgan`s undercover background they should have written him as the most and not the least understanding for Prentiss` behavior. He also would be the most understanding for Hotch and JJ having to keep her `death` secret. But Morgan and Reid will feel the most hurt because of the `death`lie.

Even if the writers remember Morgan`s deep cover time it will probably never be mentioned again, because the gave the undercover storyline to Prentiss instead of giving it to a character whom they already had invented an undercover background for.

Velandra said...

I agree w/ everything zagi said. Also to add my own 2 cents didn't Morgan lie to his aunt in "The Big Sea" to give her peace and essentially protect her from anymore pain.? So the writers want us to believe Morgan is such a hypocrite that he thinks it's ok to lie to his aunt to protect her feelings but it's not ok to be lied to to protect a friends life? I hope they bring the Morgan of S1-S5 back, the one that was loyal and caring and would do anything to protect those he cared about. I really wasn't into the angry hothead Morgan of S6.

zagi said...

@ Velandra
Only the difference between Morgan`s and Hotch`s and JJ`s lie is that as you correctly said Morgan lied to give his aunt peace and ease her pain. Hotch`s and JJ`s lie caused pain and grief. But I agree that the writers and specially Erica Messer often write Morgan in a way as if they don`t know the character at all.

Velandra said...

Zagi: but couldn't the same be said for Morgans lie? His aunt thinks her daughter has finally gotten justice and now she can rest in peace. His lie has brought her the closure she so obviously needed. Don't you think if she ever found out he lied that it would bring her immeasurable pain and grief? They all lied out of love and while that might not make it right it does make it understandable.

Teresa H. said...

Sometimes I find myself scratching my head at the way a character is written. As you say as if they did not know them at all. I know you were referring specifically to Morgan but it could apply to all of them at one time or another. This is what I hope for most in S7 that the writers pay attention to the character and write true to them. Either they study the character's history or someone with a long time knowledge of each team member supervises the new writers or both. Maybe that's easier said than done but it seems simple to me.

Velandra said...

Theresa H.: totally agree w/ everything you said. Maybe the theme for this season should be charecter consistency.....

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