Monday, June 20, 2011


Criminal Minds: Thomas Gibson, Aaron Hotchner on Criminal Minds, has signed a new contract!! Criminal Minds has their entire cast back together! A great day for fans!!


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Anonymous said...

Thank God!

mom to 2

fishskinz said...

Great news, he is the rock of the show!

Laura said...

Yes, good news!
With AJ and Paget back and now Thomas Gibson, I can say it: Criminal minds is back!
Now I really can't wait for season 7!

Jenn O'Neil said...

Thank Goodness!!!

Lilith said...

I've been getting more and more nervous about this, especially since his chat. I did NOT want to watch the show without him, but I also didn't want to have to make the decision to give up on it.

THANK HEAVENS that's not an issue anymore.

Anonymous said...


Kitty said...

Hooray, hooray, best cast in history is back and ready to kick some butt. TG, I hope you got everything your little heart desired!

Jessica Busam said...

I'm so glad to have the whole cast back. Criminal Minds wouldn't be CM without Thomas Gibson. I'm so happy that TG signed a new contract :)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy he signed, the show wouldn't be the same without him! Love the show & cast

Anonymous said...

Ya'll have just made my summer. That is the best news. Hotch was/is my favorite character. He is the anchor that kept rhem afloat.

I'm A CMer said...

*runs through comment section spraying champagne on everyone*
Yeah Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

karen said...


Yesenia said...

Ha ha.. that's what I'm talking about! Season 7, the whole team back together again, let's get it!

mzkitteh said...

SO SO SO SO STOKED!!!! We have our Team back!!! :) :) :)

TheEldersTKD said...

Woo Hoo!!!! I think that is all I can say right now. So happy. Not to rush the summer, but can't wait for September!

Glynnis said...

I'm sooo happy! *happy dance, happy dance*

Eleven back from the dead said...

wow wow wow wow wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Lexell Cassini said...


I'm so glad that they understand!

I feel happy!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad this is over ! Now , on to the show. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! So happy to see CBS came to its senses!!! This is one solid cast and I can't even begin to imagin how the next season would've been like had Thomas not returned. Great news! Can't wait for season seven to being :)

Anonymous said...

Poor Rachel Nichols. I didn't even like her character, but she got a crappy deal in all of this. And I would LOVE to know what this blog's and this blog's Twitter feed's big issue was with her.

Velandra said...

I think we should all celebrate w/ some patron/martini/mint juleps and some of Gubegirls' now famous EC! Now that our CM family is back together Im finally excited for for S7! Now we can all laugh at our previous foray onto insanity:)

Velandra said...

PS: nice to have you back Eleven ;)

Anonymous said...

Yahoooooo!!!! Thank you Lord!!! Finally, I now can rest and enjoy my summer. Thank you CBS and TG.

PGunn said...

Great News. Its great to have everyone back...

Cindy said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Loving it!!! I seriously cannot wait for season 7!!! The opening credits will be pure bliss :)

Please, please, please ABC Studios and CBS do not mess with the perfection that is the cast of TG, MGG, PB, AJ, SM, KV and JM ever again, please!

Patron for everybody!!!!

Velandra said...

Anon above velandra: why beat a dead horse? Just let it go.

Eleven back from the dead said...

Valendra, it's good to be back in this happy happy world...i exaggerate of course, but free manicures from tg, why not i ask :-) whoop di dooooo!!! i think i may have burst a vessel of sorts....dunn dunn da dunn, let the fun begin!! two more years, too!! it's like getting a year as bonus....

Sergio, Sergio, Sergio......purr purrrrrrrrr purrrrrrrrrrr....where are you???????? Gubegirl, your mile-high cake, please? Pretty please? Blimey, sunny in your neck of the woods today? Hugs everyone....

CheetoBreath said...

Congratulations Mr. Gibson. Well done :)

Eleven back from the dead said...

Plus i think there will be indiscriminate hugging at work today. Maybe they will send me off white the men in white coats...

Kirst said...

So about time, CBS. Congrats, Mr. Gibson, so incredibly well-deserved! Now I can get excited for next season and know my Wednesday night is intact. Yay! Love me my Hotch-man!

CheetoBreath said...


I have a confession: I was protesting as Sergio the Cat during the contract negotiations ;)

Steph said...

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy and gentleman. Finally TG gets some status and some reward for the wonderful work he's done on CM. Bring on Hotch and the team for S7!

Eleven back from the dead said...

Cheeto, as much love to you as your feline doppelganger....!!

Magic Catterfly said...

WOOHOO!!! The "family" is intact, we have our Hotch, and I can stop pacing and go out and buy new shoes....PARTY!!! lol

Katherine said...

Cannot WAIT!!!!

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Message from Thomas

Amy said...

Such a gentleman! So happy for TG and so happy for us CM fans! Yipiee!

Mandy said...

I'm moonwalking, break dancing, tap dancing, you name it. The team is back!!!!!!!!

Eleven back from the dead said...

Oh TG TG TG! Thank you to you and Jill for giving me my life back :-) Now i can get back to attending to the real mr. dimples (hubs) and yes my house is a right mess. Ohhh it's unreal that the whole team is back!

MySentimentExactLee said...

Great News! I love me some Hotch.


Ripley said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Happy Dance! I was soooo worried that the wonderful cast would be broken apart.

Anonymous said...

Finally!! This is great news! I was really getting nervous, but now our show is back!!

Rochelle said...

Thank goodness.

Does this mean we can all just pretend the hot mess that was Season Six never happened. They should totally do it Dallas style: Reid fell asleep on the jet on the way back from a case and it was all just a dream XD

Seriously though, I'm thrilled he's coming back and that our BAU family is all back together and things are as they should be. :D

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that this finally was set in stone that this is the true cast and BAU family. Hopefully Ashley Seaver will also get a proper goodbye. Not a fan of the character but I like the actress and its not her fault at all so please.


marcia said...

OMG OMG OMG I WAITED FOR THIS DAY SOOOO LONG!!! this is the best news ever!!!

Dori said...

OMG, YES BABY!!!!!!!! The team is back together, the team is back together!!! Let the festivities begin!!!!!

Season 7 can't get here fast enough!!!! I'm just going to make pretend season 6 NEVER happened.

Mephisto said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, FINALLY:) Thanks Thomas. Hip Hip Hurra, and now I can sleep...

Yvette said...

Season 6... skip... Season 7, please come soon!

Patty B. said...

So happy about this!

bose.barnali said...

Yippee! That's all I can say...
I had almost lost all hope but was still fervently hoping that the entire family would be back together.
Gibson's signing or not on the dotted lines was in itself like a nail-biting cliffhanger episode of CM!
Gotta go for my manicures, soon after my nails grow back a little!Hehe! ;) :D

Averil Alex Edwards said...

Best. News. Ever!!!!! So happy that TG gets what he really truely deserves!
I am happy, excited, jubilent and just can't wait for season 7 to start! :):):)

Really looking forwards to seeing AJC and PB back on the show and seeing how their characters have evolved.

(This is seriously the highlight of my week after having more torrential rain/landslides/earthquakes)

Can not wait for season 7! :)

Lena Ocean Taylor said...

Yes, finally !!!!!!
We've got our show back together, we've got the BAU dream team !!!
Thanks CBS, but please please please, no drama next year with Joe and Matthew !!
Now bring on season 7, I'm ready !!! Woohoo !!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks CBS/ABC studios for giving a great contract to Thomas Gibson. Hotch is my favorite character, and for months I was worried he was not coming back. I am so happy we received great news tonight. Now I can enjoy my summer ! I am looking forward to Season 7 this fall. I think it will be a great season of Criminal Minds since we have all the team members back !!

CMFAN11 said...

I cannot wait for S7 now!

Yay our CM family is back.

It's gonna be an awesome season!

Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah

Thank you CBS for being smart.

RMF said...

TV's coolest, most scintillating, and best looking cast, back together again.

Now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?

Sylvaine said...

yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss (6:20 am here and a great news!)


gubegirl said...

YES!!! High Fives all around!

Wish we could all be together and Blimey and I could provide enuf Earthquake Cake and Mile-High Apple Pie AND Patrone (we deserve it and I will buy the biggest jug I've seen - Costco - and get the blender going!) Whoo-hoo: maybe if they knew, our guys would show up?! PB, AJ and KV: you are welcome too, just keep your familiar-family mitts off our guys, we need a turn here, hugging and smooching their handsome faces right off!

Can you tell I am very happy? I may have to get up and do a little dance when I am done here and after jazzercising and doing yoga classes today, I don't know how much more my body can take!

And Cheetobreath: When you re-surfaced today, I wondered to myself where you had been. I had tried to analyze the writing of Sergio a few wks ago, and I knew it was a long-timer with a fun attitude so I am not surprised it was you! Hah! (Few more loving strokes and he purrs happily...right along with the rest of us...

Too bad we are not close in proximity but we are close in heart. We are part of the extended CM family (that's how I feel!) and I can't wait to see our ENITIRE CM FAMILY together again in Sept.!!!

Love you guys! Let's not be strangers over the summer - it has been a stressful time but I feel close to many of you. It reminds me of when I was a little kid and had "penpals." I like it. Let's keep it up, OK?

Jill? Can you put up with us for the summer whilst we hang out waiting with baited breath for S-7?

Have a peaceful nite everyone. We should all be resting with smiley faces tonite, huh?

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear the show will be worth watching still. Great writers, great cast..DON'T change it please!

Eleven back from the dead said...

Gubegirl, couldn't get past 'smooching their handsome faces off'. yes, yes, yes....of course we'll not lose touch - we're family! Happiness is such a friggin' high.....(leaps over mile-high apple pie while grabbing a huge bite).

Bohemian Chick said...

I am SO SO EXCITED!!! I've been checking my emails for over a month waiting for this. I'm so glad that Thomas has gotten some much deserved recognition and appreciation. And SO happy that all of us have our CM family back, just the way we like it! I may be moving to a new city all alone soon, but at least I'll have my CM "family" to spend every Wed with.

Leanne said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Infinite love for criminal minds, i'm so ecstatic that the cast is back together, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *cannot put ecstatic feeling into adequate words and goes nuts*

Celine said...

Yes, it's the best news ever!! Can't wait for the new season.

Katie said...

Well thank bloody christ for that!!!
It is about time that we heard this news!!

Blimey Limey said...

My recent early morning check-ins before heading off to the daily grind (mustn't grumble, it pays the the mortgage...) have finally paid off.

Excellent news!!!

Big sighs of relief all round - now we can look forward to season 7.

@ Gubegirl:
Hope you're enjoying a late Monday evening celebratory tipple?! I also agree that we need to hold cyber-gatherings over the summer and hope Jill will kindly bestow the occasional "What's on your mind?" thread on us (just humour us, my dear - you know how dereanged we can get).

@ Eleven is back from the dead:
PMSL at that one. Coincidentally it's p***ing it down here this morning (and the house is chilly) - quelle surprise.

Right, time to seek out the kettle, teabags and - as and afterthought - maybe a bite to eat.

Laters people - hope you all sleep well/have a good day (depending on where you are).

**Over & Out**

Magali said...

I'm so HAPPY ... I'm wake-up and I discover this very good news. I can't stop smiling. All the cast come back!

Last words said...

Rachel Nichols is a good actress, just not on Criminal minds. Not entirely her fault cuz her character was written so backwardly and inconsistently. I just rewatched all of season 6 and have come to the conclusion that Ashley Seaver never would have worked for the show. Her first episode, up until she is held against the wall at knifepoint, she was likeable and understandable. She was supposed to be strong but didn't even defend herself. Couple that with why is she profiling, she's only a trainee, well that grates the nerves. Then once she had her "breakthrough" moment in Lauren, which really was just Rossi forcing the profile he already had in his mind out of her mouth... her acting drastically changed. i think Rachel tried to hard and failed miserably because then Ashley became way too confident and she has never actually kicked any ass on the show, thus Garcia's kickass Sigourney Weaver tough reference makes no sense. Although, the only episode she is fully likeable in is The Stranger.

The show probably would've survived without AJ or Paget but the strengthen the show and give it a combined family and girl power feel. The show will never survive without Hotch and THANK GOD he is back!

Really cant wait for next season. ALl of the above said, I would like to see Ashley Seaver's storyline wrapped up properly and nicely and just out of curiosity, I want to see the main credits with all 8 actors and see how AJ and Rachel look on camera in a proper scene that just shows for the sake of the fans and for the sake of what could've been and for the sake of curiosity what the show would have been like with both AJ and Rachel interacting together and with the team. i actually really want to see the onscreen matchups.

These are my last thoughts n this whole situation. SOrry to bring it up again but I felt I had to one last time. So please just give Ashely Seaver a proper good bye and don't leave loose ends hanging.

Msbekss said...

I woke up all grumpy with a stuffed nose but I can proudly tell you that an fine now after this amazing news........ So excited everyone is back on board

Anonymous said...


Thanks, this news totally made my day. :)

Tiinanen said...

Yes! Finally! I'm so happy! :D

And thanks to CM Fanatic Blog on keeping us updated.

Anonymous said...



Rach said...

woo hoo!!!

I'm A CMer said...

Thank you for all that you have done through this situation. I know that you have been overrun with emails and tweets. When JM retweeted your message to CBS about your email box, I marveled at what you were putting up with. But hey babe, you are the CM fan's source!! And I, along with everyone else here, truly appreciate all that you do for us lunatics!!!!!! Please know you are absolutely AWESOME!!

Having said that (and yes, you know me, the other shoe is going to drop!!), so when are we going to get a chat with TG and Erica? As you can tell, all of us are super stoked for S7!!!

TIffanyRN said...

YAY!!! Our family is back together! Super stoked for season 7! :D

christyzachman said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!! The man has signed and I am all so giddy inside knowing that I will see that sexy, intense character he portrays each week. The show is weak without his presence and that he has been given a great new contract which rewards him for his great work is fabulous. He is worth every cent that he makes and is part of the great cast of the best show on television. Now if only the awards shows would see that. But I can't stop smiling now that I know that the man has signed and is back.

christyzachman said...

The fans can breathe easier now but lets still keep on the writers to give us great new stories and I look forward to the new chats with our great cast and crew.

Regina said...

You know what? I'd almost given up hope on all of this and wasn't even going to check the blog today. I'm SO glad I did! I hope Thomas got a good deal and I'm very much looking forward to a great S7!!

In regards to RN, I think Seaver will end up being transferred. I liked the character, but I just think that with all of the loose ends S7 has to tie up (with JJ and Prentiss coming back, Reid's headaches etc.), there probably won't be enough time for a proper exit.

Hope everyone has a good day and can now stress a little less with TG finally signing a contract!

Anonymous said...

YEESSS!! he is back!!

Tiecollector said...

Haven't danced for years - will do now!

CM life's good again!!!!!!!!!!

Maria said...


THOMAS, congratulations on your deal and thank you for wanting to be back with us crazy CM fans!!!!!!!!!!!!

FANS, congratulations to us, we have got our whole team BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

ERICA, congratulations to you too 'cause now you can put your dreams for the series on scripts, but just a piece of advice...


Lin from Ohio said...

This is terrific news. Congratulations, Thomas!

I wonder who's happiest -- TG, the writers, or the fans?

I suppose this means I can stop checking in here ten times a day. (Well, just until the new season starts.)


Anonymous said...


I had made up my mind that the show wasn't going to be on my viewing schedule this fall. So very happy that it's back on.

I never liked Seaver but had no issues with Rachel Nichols. Ms. Nichols was given a difficult task made impossible by the terrible writing and concept behind the character.

I'll mince no words that the writers made a mess of this character, poorly conceived and then poorly executed (all in the writing). I get that the idea was to add a 'freshness' to the team and by that they thought very linearly and went with young and inexperienced.

However, on a show that has in the past made a point of having characters struggle to prove their worth (Elle, early seasons of Dr. Reid -- especially when he thought his nightmares would somehow have Hotch looking at him as incapable, JJ during the Season 2 Big Game/Revelations, and then the addition of Emily) to bring on a cadet with zero experience aside from the history that her father had been a serial killer (and thus makes her a candidate for guilt, low self-worth and PTSD) was a monumental failure.

Better if the 'freshness' angle came in the form of a character who was a trained/skilled/respected psychologist with knowledge and experience into the innerworkings of the mind. A different hairdo and attire would have sold Ms. Nichols in the role without stretching credulity.

As it is, aside from a few episodes, I'll happily 'forget' Season 6 ever happened -- this isn't the only show that's had a sixth season I've 'forgotten'.

As for Season 7, I'm eager to see the writers do what they've said they'll do, follow through on storylines. I don't care about Reid's headaches but Emily and AJ have great storylines to return them as does Rossi getting some more backstory and hopefully some follow through (finally) and some ramifications to all that Hotch has endured, Haley murdered, blown up, stabbed/stalked, single father (who now coaches his son's soccer team with Rossi -- another fun time out of the office please) as well as the whole Erin Strauss angle and what that means.

The season also might include some more opportunities for Morgan to continue in his greater responsibility role (but I agree with others who wrote that when he's 'in charge' it detracts so much from the character we know and love) still, a bit more responsibility/authority for him allows Hotch to take on some of Strauss' work load is good for everybody; especially as Morgan who is quite talented needs a reason to remain not a leader of his own team (aside from the fact that that would be yet another casting breakup.)

Season 7 could be quite excellent, it's all up to you, writers, you have the storylines, you have the actors; don't let them or us down this season, please.

Anonymous said...

Well done to him for remembering Rachel Nichols too.

Teresa H. said...

So glad Thomas is back with us for season 7. Better yet Eleven is back from the dead. I too hope we will have threads here where we can keep in touch, it's been great even with no good news.
I wonder what Hotch's job will be next season: head of BAU or will he have broader responsibilities?
Either way with good writing and being true to the characters it should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Hope the prolonged negotiations don't mean this character will hog all the action again like in Season 5. CM works best with good plot lines and an ensemble cast, IMO

MissA said...

wooooooohooooooo :))

sweewon said...


Nanci said...

Let the party begin! The cast is back, the odd one is gone (no feuding intended) and life at Criminal Minds will be back to normal. Can't wait - bring on Season 7!

Now we can discuss, happily, the shows each week and get back to the 'way things were'.....Thank you CBS/ABC and all involved for putting our family back together!

heyya said...

I'm been waiting for this news since a long long time, now we can finally breathe easy. I'm super psyched that the entire team is going to be together again next season. I honestly can't wait for it. It's going to be amazing. I can just feel it.
Many congratulations to Thomas Gibson for doubling his salary. He definitely deserved it, and I'm very happy for him.
p.s. CBS/TPTB, I hope you give MGG whatever he wants next season when it's time to re-negotiate his contract. He deserves to get paid whatever he wants. He's worked his ass off for six seasons, now it's time for you to give him his due.

heyya said...

Ummm...not to keep beating a dead horse or anything but to the people saying that Ashley Seaver deserves a goodbye episode just because the failure of the character wasn't Rachel Nichols' fault, well, I understand what you guys are saying, but CM is a show, it's a business, the fact is that Seaver was a failure and I sincerely hope she doesn't figure in season7, not even to tie up her storyline( I really don't think there are any loose ends to fix there either). The Seaver character created a lot of controversy and division amongst the CM fans last season, her inclusion also led to a lot of negativity, so I would prefer for seeason7 to start on a fresh slate with the season7 cast, and without any distractions, I'm sorry, but for me Seaver was always a distraction, completely unnecessary. I may sound mean and selfish but I don't want another moment wasted on her.

heyya said...

ehh..sorry for the typos!

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Congrats are in order not just for Thomas but for all the fans for sticking together and fighting once again to keep one of our actors. AJ, Paget and Thomas all needed fan support this year and once again CM fans banned together and worked as a team. I think this is a time for us all to be happy and let disagreements stand alone in a corner. Please lets let Ms. Nichols not become the topic of this thread. Lets all thank her for her service and wish her well in the future and leave it at that.

Sydney said...

Amen Criminal Minds Fan! We are approaching a new season with things back the way they should have remained. It is time to look forward to that and wish all past and present the best.

I'm so glad that things worked out and am beyond thrilled at what season 7 has in store. Here's hoping to some great writing and character interactions :)

sf81387 said...

Hooray! Now I don't have to find something new to do on Wednesday nights! : )

Kathryn said...

I will definitely be looking forward to season 7! The greatest news ever!!woot!XD

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news! The family is back together, as it should be and we can all do our happy dance :)

Elevenses said...

Re my umpteenth name change - i'm just being pesky or maybe i've got my appetite back or maybe it's just shorter.

Amen to what Jill said. I don't think we would have survived without each other and without good humour!

Teresah H - TGfTG (thank god for thomas gibson) sounds good to you?

Bose dot barnali - girlfriend, stop the madness and leave tg for us (salivates at prospect). Otherwise i swear your kid's going to come into the world looking like Hotch (and what is wrong with that you ask? I'll direct you to your hubs for the answer to that one).

righto - all for one and all for one and all that....

Love, purrs and hugs,
Eleven (etc)

heyya said...

Sorry Criminal Minds Fan, for getting sucked into the Seaver debate, I'm going to stop now!
And I completely agree, it was amazing that the fans stuck together for AJ, Paget, and Thomas, it's not often that fired actors get re-hired,(in the case of AJ, and to an extent Paget). I'm so glad we fought for them and the show. The fans really do have a voice. I'm really proud to be a CM fan, it's the best, with the most loyal fans. I've never loved any television show as much as I love CM.

Mar said...

Yes! Now I can watch this coming season; I wasn't sure I could do that without Hotch! I'm really looking forward to the show where Prentiss comes back from the dead and how those who mourned her react to being fooled. Logically, they might undersand that, but emotionally? This could be good!

As far as Rachel Nichols goes, I feel sorry for her but she was in a totally no win situation, brought in to replace a very popular, long-running actress. I did not like the way her character was written and I don't think the character brought anything to the show. I hope Ms. Nichols gets another acting gig where she creates a role that is not an "instead of" character. Heyya, I understand what you are saying but I also understand what those who are asking for a wrap-up of her story want; I'm hoping for a passing reference that she decided she didn't like profiling and is pursuing another career path within the agency and they just let it go.

However they handle it, Hotch is back and I'm soooooooo happy!

Hotch said...

Thank God...such a relief.
This is the best news...congrats to Thomas and thank you CBS. Soooo looking forward to Season 7 now!!!

Fuzzypurzel said...

I'm so happy Thomas Gibson will stay...Hotch is saved...Criminal Minds is saved!!!Thank you,CBS!!!:D

LindaCinCalgary said...

Thank goodness! I can continue to watch CM! I love the whole cast (and it's soooo great to have them all back again!) but it would not have been the same for me without the anchor, Thomas Gibson/Hotch. The news is all good, CBS has done the right thing (thank you!!!) and season 7 with Erica running show is going to be amazing!

Now I can enjoy the rest of my summer! :-) Thanks again CBS!

Stacey said...

THANK YOU for doing the right thing and putting our family back together!!!!

Anonymous said...

So Happy now that Hotch is back. Thomas deserved it! He is Criminal Minds and the show wouldn't be the same without him! Now we can all be happy!

Anonymous said...

Not sure there is anything left to say that would be new. I am delighted Mr. Gibson is back and the rest of the team will be back also. As for Rachel, I am sorry for her. I, like "Last Words" think she is a fine actress but this show just was not in her heart and even though she tried hard she just didn't make it work for herself she never found ownership of the part and that came across on the screen.

Anonymous said...

Indeed , great news - many of my friends n i dont hv to worry about hunting for a new series to follow!!

Anonymous said...

I can breath again!! ^.^

Anonymous said...

Finally, that cast intro can look the way it used to be and the way it should have stayed!The team is finally back together. Now all we need is some writers who actually KNOW these characters(er,maybe go back to the dvd's for a history lesson, guys?)and write us up some decent stuff, so we can maybe attibute this past season to a bad dream or drug induced haze?
If you sense a 'but' coming, I do have one.Sorry to be a wet blanket here but:
All this great news means nothing,zero,zilch, to me unless I start seeing my fave character/ a certain genius used to his full potential, the way he used to be in seasons 1-4, and not as a guest star, on the phone, or a set prop. Matthew Gray Gubler is far too talented to be wasted like that,CBS.

supermanbbp said...

I'm glad he's back. This show has the best cast imo and I'm glad CBS realizes that too. It's not even about the bad guys for me in the show. I tune in to watch this cast and characters. CBS had a great thing going, ruined it, and realized they made a mistake. I'm glad everyone is back and I'm looking forward to a great season 7.

Pat said...

Glad to see you're back from the dead eleven. At this point I thought you'd be entering heaven.

Wow, great news, break out the champagne, the patron, the EC cake or anything else we need to celebrate. I feel late in getting the news but I haven't been tuning in as frequently, usually once a day and I'd see the MC photo and get totally depressed, so it was good to see this this morning. What a great start to summer.

I'm glad TPTB have come to their senses and finally realized that, despite their great talent, each team member adds to the chemistry of the team. Take one away and you don't have the same thing. It's like a missing ingredient in EC. That would never do!!!!

I'm sure Reid would explain it as a chemical equation:

TG+PB+JM+AJC+MGG+KV+SM+DU(dangerous unsubs)+LM(lighthearted moments)+SGOOT(small glimpses of our team) ---> PERFECTION

Kashmira said...

OMG! The old cast is back! I'm so happy!

jillysolo said...

Whewwwwww! I can take a breath again. Wait. Here it comes. Ahhhhhhh! Oxygen, I missed you.

Jenn said...

** Setting Fireworks Off **

Yahooooooo, Congrats Thomas. Cant Wait 4 Season 7 Now... Its Gonna Rock !!

Sierra said...

I am sooooo estatic that you are coming back Tom! I can't wait until the new season starts with the cast back and Erica being showrunner! Woo Woo!!!!!!

LunaM said...


My daily mantra:

NO HOTCH / NO ... wait, wait ... I have to change my mantra :D


I am so happy that TG is back. And for two years too, so at least the Hotch-fans won't need to have the same worries next year again. Hopefully the negotiations with JM and MGG (and KV?) will go much smoother, not to mention faster. LOL

Now I can start looking forward to season 7. Hopefully, the writing will be better than for most of season 6. And we need: MORE HOTCH, MORE REID and MORE ROSSI.

Blimey Limey said...

Back from the daily grind (t'was OK, I think it's silly season at our 'Loony Bin' which made the day go faster) and was contemplating the final scene of season six with Rossi & JJ's knees on my drive home.

At this point I'd like to establish I was comtemplating the scene as a whole, rather than specific aspects or body parts of either cast member.

Anyway, I digress. We know it was originally planned to be Sir Hotch of Hotchalot in that scene rather than Rossi, hence it didn't work *that* well. I wonder if they shot the scene in turn with both the guys, but as TG was still looking for his pen at that point (oooooh yeah - glad he found it!) they had to use the Rossi option? Think I'm being coherent here???

If they didn't shoot two alternate scenes I was wondering about the likelyhood of it being re-shot with TG to be included on the DVD - and the version with Rossi to go in the extras/deleted scenes section?

Just thinking aloud, btw.

I notice, according to, the US DVD release date is September 6th (as usual, here in the region 2 Third World it'll probably be next Easter as usual) so they'd maybe have time to think about that, if it hasn't been done already? Hmmmmm. Pretty please.

@ Jill:
I'll also add my thanks for providing us with a place to let off steam AND keep us up to date with all CM-related developments, seemingly within seconds of them happening. ;-))

Right, I'm off out to Body Combat shortly. I'll comtemplate my season 7 wish-list whilst pretending to wallop seven shades out of the last person to annoy me.


Anonymous said...

I must say that I'm quite indifferent to the news. While I think TG is a good actor I've lost a lot of love for the Hotch character since the, IMO, disappointing Foyet story line so I really wouldn't have been disappointed if he left.
As for Seaver not only do I like RN but I like the character as well so I do hope that she makes some guest appearances in the future or that they give her a good episode to send the character off.
All the behind the scenes drama have really turned me off the show. Along with the mediocre writing the past 2 seasons I'm debating whether to watch CM this fall.

CMFAN11 said...

I'm so stoked for S7. It's going 2 b awesome. Good job everyone! Def was easier 2 deal w/ having other ppl 2 vent with.

I'm so happy our CM fam is intact again. Let's get prentiss back in an awesome storyline( explain JJ's return as well) and quit w/ the story arcs and get back 2 the season 2-5 way of doing things. More psychology 2 figure out the unsub, and NOT knowing who they are till the team does. Less drama and just short and to the point snippets of character and alot more family hang out time outside the BAU

Heck yea! I'm sooooooo ready for S7! CBS owes us a good season 2 make up for S6

Walburga Benker said...

Now it´s perfect, the family is back together. All nail bits and fearness are forgotten. AJ, Paget and now Thomas Gibson all back. Can´t wait for Season 7 to see the family in action !!
A big thank to Rachel Nichols !!

gubegirl said...

How refreshing - to find that so many of you have obviously "lurking" but not posting...I am beginning to see that MANY people were so down after S-6 and the TG-limbo situ, they didn't care to put forth the energy to post eventho' they were obviously checking this blog.

That's perfectly understandable...but I am glad we Overly Optimistic & Slightly Crazed CM Fanatics kept talking and humoring each other. It got us thru when we needed it. It's hard enuf to go almost 4 months with no new epi's, but this past month or 6 weeks have made the "dry" season a miserable one but we leaned on each other. All our rants have finally paid off and the ensuing convo's were enjoyable, too!

When in doubt: Eat. Drink. Make merry even when there seems nothing to be merry about: something good could be lurking just around the corner!

Jill: Thanks again, we hope you can breathe a sigh of relief that will feel really good after the past several weeks of collective stress that it sounds like was coming at you from all directions! And thanks again for indulging us in entertaining each other (maybe you a tiny bit, too??) with our insanity!

Pat: You put it very well, my dear, and let me add: Our ENTIRE CM TEAM and the CM FANATICS are unbeatable!

I also totally agree that the RN topic is one that should be dropped immed. If there is an early S-7 epi that RN exits in, so be it; I'd like to think that maybe she has the option of leaving immed and the prev-ninnies-now-restored-to-once- again-thinking-clearly PTB at CBS will certainly understand. At this point, we must accept however the two decide to wrap it up and let's look forward to great plotlines for our entire cast, a FEW great guest stars (don't be afriad to use some lesser-knowns, Erica and CBS - they have been great, too!)

Occas. glimpses into the personal to tantalize us and endear us more are welcome and I am with heyva:

USE MGG MORE! His talents are so awesome it would be a total waste not to use them more. Altho' I am happy to see him get directing ops because that's what he wants, I want to see more Reid rants, more trips with the rest in the field, more personal-opening-up moments (like he did w/ Emily toward the end about his headaches.)

In other words, more time in front of the camera. LOVE his expressive face, voice and body language that is unmatched, IMHO. NO ONE could ever do Reid like MGG! Love you, sweetie & love you,too, Hotch Man!

Blimey: Hope you're working up a good sweat smacking whatever you do during your "body combat" to best prepare for the MHAP recipe! If only we could share addresses here, I would have Amazon send me a 2nd
S-6 DVD for you and Overnite it to you! You might be able to cram in most of it again to be fresh for the new season which will prob'ly start 9/21!

Do we really wanna go there? I am buying it to complete my collection but have mixed feelings about watching much of it again and agree with those that have suggested it should be dismissed with a Reid nightmare. I would like to think that S-6 never happened and I'm guessing that most of you here are feeling the same.


Teresa H. said...

TGfTG. I love it.
Your's was one of the posts that I was always happy to see over the past couple of months

Sandra said...


Its great!

sf81387 said...

No matter what goes on there's one thing you can always count on in CM fandom....There's never enough Hotch or Reid! LOL Ah, it's so nice to see things back to normal in CM Land. : )

I think Season 6 should be Morgan's nightmare. They could just cut back to the Season 5 finale where Billy Flynn clobbers Morgan and have Season 7 start with him waking up in the hospital from that and saying....." just had the strangest dream. JJ left the BAU, Garcia was presenting cases on IPADS, I approached a suspect doing a slow clap [shudders], you allowed a cadet to join the team and, she was the most ridiculous of all."

Just think there would be no Morgan/Ellie storyline, no JJ being forced to leave but allowed to come back because she wants to storyline, no Garcia presenting cases, no Reid blinking and twitching due to severe headaches that are miraculously cured with a pep-talk. There'd be no awful Prentis Super Spy arc and no "ZOMG!!! You knew she was alive and didn't tell us!!" melodrama to bring her back.

They could just spend an entire season focused on writing really creepy stories about creepy unsubs and the Magnificent 7 who hunt them down. No story arcs, no distractions, no nonsense. That'd be my dream Season 7.

LaShawna said...

Yes! Finally! The dream team I love so much is back together again in total- the way this show should be. :)

Glynnis said...

Well... I'm still flying high RE TG's contract (hope HE is, too). And now I've started thinking about S7 (couldn't bear to, before). One funny thing is that we've noted many times that the writers are not strong on continuity... w/that in mind, inconsistencies to S6 dreck can slide by pretty easily. ;) LOL

I would imagine they've focused mostly on the cases for the upcoming season in their writing efforts and then went back to the team/family/personal stuff so they could deal w/the TG uncertainty. I HOPE that they will use Hotch LOTS to justify his new paycheck. :) I also hope that they will use MGG lots because he's one of the things that sets CM apart from other shows (and he's talented, delightful, etc.). A few flashes of Morgan's abs are about all I really need from that character/actor. ;)

I kind of fall in the "wish last season were a dream" camp. The Super!Spy nonsense, JJ inconsistency, etc. SIGH. First, for instance, they've got to explain away the weirdness of JJ's legs going to see Rossi instead of Hotch. And then, Emily... *rolling eyes RE spy stuff*

I think highly of Erica Messer and hope that she will craft a S7 we deserve and the cast is up to. A bit anxious given all the bts weirdness, but HOPING now. :)

Bill Collinson said...

hey its good that gibson is back but i never had any doubt.

But the way they treatet Rachel in this debacle is a disgrace. and if i were Rachel and asked me to come back i would. Kiss my ass!

They don't deserve anything from her. But she deserves an apology from the pitchfork fans and Messer by how they treated her. There is no doubt this will leave a black mark on CM for this unjustified behavior towards Ms. Nichols.

t said...

Deep breaths everybody.

Aaron said...

I have to be honest, I was going to watch CM with or with out Hotchner. As much as I like him, on CM there is no stand out star. They all get equal screen time. I was actually preparing myself for his departure but now that won't be a problem. The cast of CM is back and I am Happy.

Now I could wait to say this later but I may as well get it over with now. Yes this is good news that we have our full cast back but there are going to be problems down the road. Derrick Morgan contract renewal is for 1 year right?? And Paget is for this year. What happens at the end of S7 with all these contracts ending, and then in S8 when bot AJ and TG contracts expire again??? Lots of Questions and serious concerns over the next 2 seasons!!!!

Anonymous said...

THANKS!! This is great news..Nice to see the old cast together again...Excited to see how the writers will spin the stories for Season 7..

As for Rachel Nicholas, she is a fine actress n wish her luck in future endevours..

Eagerly waiting for Season 7!!! :)

Swamini, India.

sf81387 said...

Now I could wait to say this later but I may as well get it over with now. Yes this is good news that we have our full cast back but there are going to be problems down the road. Derrick Morgan contract renewal is for 1 year right?? And Paget is for this year. What happens at the end of S7 with all these contracts ending, and then in S8 when bot AJ and TG contracts expire again??? Lots of Questions and serious concerns over the next 2 seasons!!!!

Aaaaccckkk!!! I refuse to think about this time next year or the year after that. The TG thing exhausted me. I think I'm just going to enjoy the moment and hopefully the next season and then maybe around the 1st of May I'll pay attention to the contract ugliness again.

Clarissa said...

Yahoo!! This is such totally awesome news!!! I am on the edge of my seat waiting for season 7. I am hoping Erica Messer will knock it out of te park with the team season 7. In my opinion, this is not at time to look back but a time to look forward. I don't need anything to be wrapped up beyond the Prentiss/Doyle story line. Of course, that is not up to me but I just would rather leave as much of season 6 behind as possible. Right now, I just want to enjoy the awesome news that the team will be back together again and cross whatever bridge will have to be crossed come the end of season 7.

Beate said...

I am just happy that the cast of seasons 3-5 is back together! Hopefully, there will be no more behind the scenes drama in season 7 (and if I could make a wish, all seasons that might follow), because I want to just get back to enjoy my favourite tv show. But for now I will enjoy the moment!!! I even start to look forward to re-watch season 6 in German now.

Blimey Limey said...

I'm still chewing over my "wish-list" for next season.

However, I'm looking forward to the season premiere more than I was this time(ish) last year. ;-))

@ Gubegirl:
Thanks for the thought, but my DVD player only takes DVDs encoded for region 2 (Europe). Unlike with music CDs there's no point buying US DVD releases unless you've got a multi-region player.
I have to confess, I usually pre-order my CM DVD from Amazon's UK site and pay circa £25 as I'm usually desperate to get my grubby paws on it - but I might wait a few extra weeks or so until season 6 falls below the £15 mark as I'm not that desperate to rewatch a lot of it.

Incidentally, did the region 1 DVD release also come in a really naff skinny plastic case? I was horrified when the region 2 version landed on the mat in such a revoltingly cheap and nasty case AND it looks rubbish next to the nice BOX sets of 1-4.

OCD? Anyone? Anyone?
(Love a bit of Ferris Bueller...)

Blimey Limey said...

With regard to the crappy DVD case I meant to say for season 5...

Teresa H. said...

Yes, please let's not start worrying about future contract negotiations. There is nothing we can do about them now.
I'm with sf81387, let's just enjoy the moment and TGfTG.

CMFAN11 said...

Unlike some of my fellow CM fanatics...I personally thought the prentiss spy arc rocked. Granted it wasn't completely consistent with her character, but it undoubtly gave her more layers and a interesting past and more depth. I love the fact she's multilingual and used her skills and knowledge about foreign affairs to serve her country, and then joined the FBI to do the same.

Now obviously I want to get back to the old ways of storytelling and no more arcs but I loved that part of S6, it just sucks she had to leave along w/ AJ.

Anonymous said...

Great news, So writters now the ball is in your court......please please please step away from the shark you came real close to jumping it last year

I ve gone from not really caring when the new season starts to being reved up

zagi said...

Aaron said...

"Now I could wait to say this later but I may as well get it over with now. Yes this is good news that we have our full cast back but there are going to be problems down the road. Derrick Morgan contract renewal is for 1 year right??"

Shemar Moore signed a two years contract. That was said in some article from the daytime emmy awards yesterday.

gubegirl said...

Blimey: Think Region 2 got short-changed, GF. My S-5 is in the same cardboard box as the previous 4 and only noticeable dif is that seasons 1-4 had black covers and S-5 is kinda gray-white.

Sorry, I tried! You don't sound like you're living in the dark ages...what did you call it - something about a once-removed 3rd world country?

Thanks, Teresa H! It's mutual!

And, pls, guys, let's respect what Jill has asked and drop the RN business. Let's just be happy and try to move on; let's not get dragged down by any unnecessary negativity. We like this blog and I'd like to keep it in my life:)

Later, y'all.

Anonymous said...

As I said earlier
Everyone just breath

Teresa H. said...

That was me

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information Zagi :)

SSA_Prentiss said...

OMG! "Now everything is as it should be" We have our family back together again! Can't wait to see 7.1!

Blimey Limey said...

Right, here's some season 7 wishes. Sorry if I repeat anything already said (well, great minds think alike don't they?) btw:

* Consistent writing please. This involves being totally familiar with the characters and their backgrounds.
I mentioned before about one UK soap apparently having a file containing every snippet of information about all characters past and present so ensure no continuity errors are made. Perhaps the CM writers need to compile one while they have a DVD marathon - if they haven't done so already?

* Mostly "whodunnit" episodes, rather than knowing who the unsub is within a minute. I like to try to out-Reid Reid and solve it before he does - ha!

* Hotch - Some good fallout from knowing Prentiss was never dead. Also, he's been bottling up too much stuff (Haley, the Reaper, horrors of the job) for too long.
I don't want him to end up bouncing off the rubber wallpaper, but it would be interesting to see him open up. Who to, I don't know. Maybe Rossi if it has to be anyone on the team, Hotch seemed to loosen up marginally when they were supping whisky in the office towards the end of last season?

* Prentiss - A feasible return, nothing too over the top. Hopefully Doyle & his boys will be swiftly dispatched and we can move on to how the team receive (welcome?) her return.

* JJ - Hopefully still the same caring person despite probably having changed during her stint away from the BAU. No power-crazy career woman type metamorphosis please!

* Morgan - A return to the tough guy who's actually a bit of a softy underneath. I don't think the leadership role suited the character, although that's not decrying Morgan's capabilities.
Maybe a gentle introduction to such roles if that's the direction in which the writers want to lead the character?

* Reid - Return of the geeky genius please. I'd also like to see the headaches storyline cleared up, but without too much fuss as after half a season it's gone right off the boil.
Although I'm torn as I'd be interested to see how they'd show some people's theory that he's heading for a breakdown (bad cases, JJ & Prentiss leaving under distressing circumstances, assumed lack of social life/friends/special ladyfriend), a theory to which I semi-subscribe.

* Rossi - Backstory. We don't know enough about the character and JM is a very under-utilised member of the cast.
I'm wondering if he guessed Hotch and JJ knew about Prentiss and so has pulled a few strings to get JJ back? I reckon he has friends in high places and I confess to wondering *how much* history he has with Strauss (cringe).
The writers need to come up with an explanation as to why he was having that chat with JJ, rather than with Hotch (of course, we know the real life reason).

* Garcia - More tech goddess geekiness as in 1-5, I never understood why they had her presenting the cases. Surely in the absence of a media liaision the unit chief would have assumed that role?

* Sergio - Mooooaaaaaar pleaz. That cat can haz as much cheezburger as he wants!

@ Gubegirl:
As for the Third World season 5 region 2 packaging... if season 6's reverts back to being like 1-4's my "DVD bookcase" will look hideous. ;-))

Velandra said...

I can't wait for S7! I would love to see some charecter centric eps. But done in the way of S1-S4. Revelations is a good ex. It was Reid centric but it didn't take away from any of the team. I would also love to see Morgan kicking down a few doors. Getting back to his bad ass but w/ a caring side self. I love that people brought up Strauss/Rossi possibly having a past.... that would certainly explain some things. Hopefully this season will get back to good storytelling and also feature more of the wonderful Dr. Reid

Thanks to everyone you guys kept me "partially" sane through all this. If it wasn't for the delicious recipes and humor instead of just testing the waters of lunacy I might have dove in head first... lol!

Velandra said...


Jane said...

I’m glad to learn that Thomas Gibson will be back.

I hope season seven will be goo d and will feel more like ‘old school’ Criminal Minds (season 1 to 4).

I also hope that we’ll finally see more of Reid. I’m not a fan of the headaches storyline but I’m certainly rooting for “more Reid” on the show. The last two seasons have certainly been disappointing in that regard.
I hope we’ll get to see our genius back, let Reid prove time and time again that he’s a genius, let him amaze us and the rest of the team with his brilliant and unique mind. Use his huge potential, please !

gubegirl said...

Yes, Teresa H, just BREATHE. Our mantra is now "we're good, they're good, all is good" and let's not get riled up about anything because we already have won our battles and have all of what is IMPORTANT: all we were fighting for and who cares who doesn't agree here? Why are they here if they are not a Fanatic? They will go away soon enuf, we will just continue to ignore them.

sf81387: I'm totally OK with Morgan having the dream instead of Reid...heck, why should Reid have a monopoly on ALL the nightmares, right?! Relieve him temporarily of those headaches and give one to Morgan - it works for me! Just, please, let one of them have it! If the "bad dream" was the first epi, think how many more stories could be fit in that might be good ones; we need no re-hash/explanation of why things were the way they were: totally screwed up. I want to use stronger language but am refraining:)

Blimey: I am in total agreement with your suggestions re: each team member. Writers: Are you listening? We're trying to help you out here...and don't forget to call the "writing assistants" if you get tripped up on any history - one of us ladies will board the plane within the hour (I guess I would be jumping on the freeway) to offer more eyes, more hands, more FACTS and as much EC as it takes to get the job done PROPERLY...:) BTW, we usually work in pairs, so be prepared for TWO of us at a time, we like to MUCHO.

Anyone catch The Talk today with our hunka-munka Shemar? I could kick myself for not setting the DVR as soon as I realized I could not watch it. Am dying to know what he talked was probably taped awhile ago, maybe after his raise but long before TG's contract was signed so I am curious.

That's all. Unless any of you got The Killing finale Sun.nite and want to guess at his (her?) ID.

Damn. Now I must dust off my LOVELY MATCHING S-5 DVD and catch some fairly recent but still excellent CM epi's...Sorry, Blimey, but geez, that bookshelf of yours looks like s---! (You really need to move to a more civilized place - like S.D. Hah!)

Anonymous said...

Gotta wonder Deadline article states two years but Thomas keeps saying he is happy to be back for Season 7. Is it really a two year deal or one?

cmwinner said...


CMFAN11 said...

@ anonymous:

I think your reading too much into it fellow CM fan. I think he just ment he was happy 2 b back. So let's just enjoy the moment and the great upcoming season w/ the full CM family.

pearlseattle said...

The whole family is back together. Can't wait for season 7!

sdwally said...

I’m ecstatic to have Thomas Gibson back! With Paget and AJ, we now have the band back together.
“I hear Gibson has signed on for two more years in a deal worth mid-to-high seven figures, plus a signing bonus, with the actor more than doubling his previous salary.”

At 100K a year, Shemar Moore earns in the low seven figures, which would be approximately 2,200,000 for a 22-episode order. In order for Thomas Gibson to be in the mid to high seven figures he has to be earning well over 250K an episode, which put him in the mid-seven figure range ($5,500,000 for a 22-episode order), so it's probably higher than 250K. Not sure how much he’s really making in order to be on the high-end of seven figures or how much the signing bonus boosts his salary; but whatever he’s earning, CBS/ABC obviously believes he’s worth it, and so do I. And I hope the writers don’t undermine the character as they did in season 6 by giving us far too little Hotch and inconsequential material.

CBS/ABC obviously believes TG is worth the investment; and I hope the writers/producers appreciate that recognition by giving him respectable, intriguing material to work with; and not the continued disappearing Hotch from season 6.

I happen to love story arcs. For me they create an intensity and continuity that makes the episodes that follow a must-see. I prefer they be no more than two to three episodes in length, however; because anything longer takes an investment from the viewer. I’m an avid fan, so I know I’ll watch; but the casual viewer may not be as driven to follow the storyline.

Overall I enjoyed the Lauren saga because it finally gave Paget Brewster interesting material to work with after the writers wasted her talents for the entire first half of the season. However, the manipulations of her past and the unnecessary undermining of her character made the story somewhat contrived. But Paget played the heck out of the material that was given her; and I was enthralled by her performance.

I look forward to the writers unraveling the Hotch/Prentiss/JJ secret; which may take a few episodes. I also look forward to them finally addressing many of the other character crises that have long been ignored. Season 6 was definitely a Morgan season. I want more Hotch and Prentiss, JJ, Reid in season 7.

For me, there can never be enough Hotch and TG’s worth every cent of the big contract ABC/CBS is paying him. I hope Erica Messer and the writers appreciate the importance of the character to CM; and how use of the Hotch character and TG's talents enhances the quality of the episodes.

Anonymous said...

I am SO happy!!!!!!!!!!! I've been going about my daily business with a sense of dread that I forced into the background. Now I feel a sense of lightness. By the way, I do have a life.

An Old Lady

Elevenses said...

Barring the arcs in S6 (I think we could have still had Doyle/Prentiss w/o a second-rate reproduction of le carre), I've been quite fascinated with the character-centric episodes - it's like going from a pan shot to an extreme close-up, where all the cracks, lines and hollows are visible and the world seems to stand still. To quote Cohen - there's a crack in everything - that's how the light gets in. I don't care which character is at the heart of an arc because until S6 the line between the centre and the periphery was blurred – in a good way – with interplay and liveliness. I recall 'profiler/ profiled', 'revelations', 'ashes and dust', 'mayhem' and 'omnivore' (I exclude '100' because I'm proudly biased and consider it one of the best 42mins on TV). I'm just reiterating what Valendra said - a character-centric episode need not diminish the other characters. It's just that the writing needs to be pitch perfect, which is of course easier said than done. Plus, screen time per se is secondary to me; a short, almost fleeting scene, can pack in a punch. In 'revelations' one of my fav scenes is when Reid 'chooses' Aaron Hotchner to die and the trust between the two is almost immediately understood/established. I don't care if Hotch (or any of the characters for that matter) is there for 5mins in an episode as long as it's meaningful/pivotal.

PS: I like SF's dream (nightmare) idea for S7.

PPS: Are Prentiss and Hotch 'scar twins' of sorts now? Great potential there if the writers don't keep them a 100 miles apart for fear of shipping disasters. I just want to see them interact - two non-blinkers, scar twins sharing a story or two, and healing. Friendship is highly underrated between male and female characters in TV land, don't you think? :-)

PPPS: Much as I love Rossi/Hotch, I'd die of joy if they gave us some good Morgan/Hotch - definitely underused imo.

PPPPS: Yes, I want everything. I'm greedy like that.

Last Words said...

Did anyone read the spoiler about how the team will be split up to an extent and will be working on new cases for a while and that Morgon's summer cases will lead to the discovery of Emily being alive? Apparently the premiere will take place several months after the season 7 finale. So far, season 6 finale has really been the only stand alone episode in terms of finales and I guess the season 7 premiere will also be a stand alone episode. By that I mean that the other seasons usually end in a two parter, but its still a cliff hanger and i am excited to see our favourite BAU team revamped and ready to hit it harder than ever.

Wishes for the new season:

More backstory and consistency for everyone in the show.

Spencer to grow his hair out the way it was in season 4.



Seaver wrap up. Sorry but either way, I want a proper goodbye for her, not a write-off for consistency's sake. Also I just don't like loose ends and Seaver fading away is a loose end almost as bad as her being accepted offscreen for BAU remedial training in 25 to Life.

More episodes like Tabula Rasa

More kickass and hand to hand action

the return of Andi Swan at some point

Gideon guest arc

more Jim Clemente episodes

more Rossi's unfinished business and past cases

the "secrets' theme actually coming to fruition

Reid's pointless headaches explained

more espionage and terrorism shorelines

everything in moderation

did I mention MORE HOTCH




Last words said...

More character centric eps is a great idea. I am against the idea of hootch and Emily getting together because I want Hotch but...


Don't care about his scars, just his torso lol

SnowLeopardLass said...

Huzzah!!!! I knew we couldn't lose our Hotch/Thomas Gibson! Can't wait to see Season 7!!! :-D

Asian fan said...

Oh, thank God!!!

That was the worst suspense I've experienced in connection with a TV show. Could there be some sort of guarantee that this behind-the-scenes bother won't happen again? I don't think I'd survive a next one.

Now to get on with really great writing for S7.

We've got the team back! Woohoo!!!

Asian fan said...

To Mr. Gibson: "There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be." - Lennon-McCartney :)

Anonymous said...

So who blinked first was it CBS or Thomas.

Anonymous said...

See,CBS, this is what happens when you try to fix something that ain't broke! I hate to state the obvious, but this could have all been avoided and stopped one year ago.Did they learn a lesson?
Yes, please can we put this past season down to a dream along the lines of the old primetime show Dallas. I really cannot even see myself purchasing season 6 on dvd.I would only be buying it for one epsiode:CODA. Hardly worth shelling out the bucks for that alone.
My beef with these people will never be solved unless I start seeing my fave, THE reason I started watching and stayed in the first place:
our wonderful boy genius Spencer Reid. I have always found him one of the most endearing and fascinating characters on tv. Someone who can make you smile, yet totally break your heart all at once.That is,of course, due to the awesomely talented man who brings him to life each week.
Come on CBS, get Reid(and Matthew) out from behind the maps and out of the police station,will ya?
I want my adorable geek back, the one who can launch into those random speeches and statistics at the drop of a hat.I miss that. It is perhaps THE reason I love the character so much.
I hate to see either one of them wasted.

Gloria said...

Exactly t and gubegirl, just breathe. That too will soon fade away as there will be nothing left to delve into with that issue come season 7. I don't understand the don't like "loose ends" and "wrap up" story for a character that wasn't on for any significant period of time (unlike JJ and Prentiss). Seriously, I think people just need to get over it and move on, but whatever, if they do some sort of episode, then do it quickly so that we can move on to the team and season 7. I'm done with hanging onto crappy season 6 threads. It's time to move on with season 7 and the team the way the team should be.

summerhorse said...

I was so relieved to read he finally signed a contract!

You know I was a little bothered by Paget's comments about being forced back and free will. I don't like the picture of her feeling like she has to do the show at gunpoint if she doesn't want to. Although selfishly I'm glad she's back no matter what.

On the other hand if you treasure free will don't sign contracts that take it away ya know? My contract was just severed due to budget cuts, I'd be happy to switch contracts! =) I never thought I'd be pushing my great age and going to job interviews after almost half my life in one spot!

summerhorse said...

I actually liked the Emily spy story. It gave her the spotlight for a change and her backstory was so vague I had no problem with any history rewriting. I just hope they get Doyle (dead!) right away. I confess I don't care where Seaver goes, just that she is already gone when the season starts. I feel bad for the actress for losing her job but still hate the character. I'd like to see more Hotch and Emily also (shippers delight, I don't mind).

Blimey Limey said...

@ Summerhorse:
Did you steal my cat?!
If not, feel free to do so.

@ Last Words:
That's a quality spoiler, please reveal your source so I can add it to my cyber-stalk list!
It would be fitting for Morgan to find out, seeing as he was there with her near the "end" (*cough*).

It's interesting to see Erica Messer will be chatting on Saturday. Is there any way we can send in questions or post them somewhere for Jill to select?**
Besides the blindingly obvious "Will Sergio return?" I've actually got a couple of sensible ones - which I'm sure will be duplicated by other members of the intelligentsia who also stalk this blog. ;-))

** I'm out that evening (4pm EST = 9pm BST, I think - well, I know we're five hours ahead of New York. Anyway, I'm out of town by then).

The one thing I don't particularly want to see is romance between team members. I'm quite happy if they have a love life outside work and we occasionally see the odd scene just so we know it exists. But, the idea of the bull pen turning into a snog-fest isn't floating my boat!
I especially can't see Hotch getting into a new relationship - besides the pressures of his job and being a single dad, I wonder if after what happened to Haley he'd avoid a new relationship like the plague, because he couldn't face the possibilily of the same thing ever happening again?

I've also often wondered about Hotch and the scars from when he got stabbed. They're something he can't escape from, unless he gets dressed/undressed/showered in the dark. Has Jack seen them? (rhetorical question). If his son (oh yes, more Jack please - that kid is cuteness personified) sees them he's bound to ask - kids are so curious. Could be an interesting scene which gives us insight into what's lurking behind that brooding expression.

As for Seaver... If the season 7 premiere is meant to take place a few months after the season 6 finale, she doesn't need to be brought back. There's a few options, the most obvious being that she transferred to another unit or a field office in another part of the country. That would be a quick and easy snippet to bring up in conversation. Or they could kill her off (off screen)? I feel genuinely bad for RN for the reasons others have already outlined, but the disappearance of the character doesn't need to be dwelt on.

@ Elevenses:
Nothing wrong with being greedy. See above!

@ Gubegirl:
Don't diss one of Ikea's finest! And if SD is warmer than here (Greenland is probably warmer than here today!) then I'll consider it.

Channel 4 have started advertising "The Killing - Coming soon..." during the ad breaks, but I bet it'll be on over the summer when I'm soaking up a year's worth of warmth. If so I'll get my Mum to record it and then put it on a DVD for me.
I subsequently found out BBC4 showed the Danish version a while back - I assume dubbed into English. A colleague and I are off to Copenhagen in November (Danish pastry binge ahoy!) and I've been trying to learn a few words. A total nightmare - it's like Icelandic on steroids!

Right, I'm off to the gym - got to lose all traces of all this yummy stuff I'll be munching on this summer in advance...

sdwally said...

Elevenses said...

"PPS: Are Prentiss and Hotch 'scar twins' of sorts now? Great potential there if the writers don't keep them a 100 miles apart for fear of shipping disasters. I just want to see them interact - two non-blinkers, scar twins sharing a story or two, and healing. Friendship is highly underrated between male and female characters in TV land, don't you think? :-)"

I agree with your take because of their friendship and mutual circumstances, and it doesn't have to be shippy; but who cares if it is if they're not a couple, just friends.

I certainly hope the producers/writers don't put Jack in the situation of asking his dad to explain his scars. To me that would be a gratuitous scene with no real meaning other than to display Hotch's scars and have him explain them to a kid. I don't want to see that. Hotch's time with Jack should be about Jack.

Even if we don't ever see scars, a conversation between Hotch and Emily about their related circumstances makes more sense.

And as far as the spoiler goes, someone had to find out about Emily in order for the secret to be revealed; Morgan is just as good a candidate as anyone else.

Morgan is also good at doing the anger and betrayal thing and will prove a good antagonist to Hotch for faking Emily's death. I see JJ dealing more with Reid and Garcia who will probably take her to task for keeping the secret. But eventually they'll all come to understand that it was done out of necessity.

Anonymous said...

Morgan was the rightful candidate to find out about Prentiss, there's no doubt about it.

They were/are the closest, the two that have been paired up together more than anybody else in the shows history.

Gibson coming back or not coming back wouldn't have affected the show in any way for me.

I think very little of his character to be honest. It's an ensemble cast, and it's the team that's important, not one actor. I disagree with his pay raise and benefits. It discounts the ensemble cast factor that Joe and others have been stating, and I find it a bit distasteful and disrespectful to the rest of the cast, but that's my opinion.

I've got my Morgan, Prentiss, Rossi, and Garcia, so I was set for Season 7 the moment I saw Shemar Moore had signed his contract.

Looking forward to the premier, as I have been this whole time! =D

Velandra said...

Anon: so what your saying is everyone should get paid the same regardless of their experience just b/c it's a ensemble cast? I don't agree w/ that at all. In the "real" world people get paid based on their experience and knowledge of the business it is the same to a degree in the "Hollywood" world. IMO TG got what he deserved and has worked very hard for. I for one am happy for him.

Teresa H. said...

There's a competing blog where the spoiler is the first thing you see but it looks like their source is TV Guide. So I imagine if you just .com that you'll find it.
I'm wondering if it's correct, is it not a little too soon to have this info?

CMFAN11 said...

I agree. Morgan is the right one to find out about prentiss. I'm stoked to see hoe emily has been on the run from doyle the past few months, and what european countries she's been 2.

I'm also hope they do havemore hotch/prentiss friendship building moments because they have so much in common now and he could help her cope.

I also would like to see more moments around DC of the team hanging out.

I'm glad it ended up JJ being the one to know about emily because now since she's worked at the state department she's tougher more gritty( hopefully still as loveable/rock of the team as she was before) they can relate more.

I'd can't believe I'm saying this but all that happened last season actually set up some room for the team to bond more and get even closer in S7.

I wouldn't mind one (3 ep) story arc, but that'd have 2 b all bc CM isn't a character centric show so I hope we go back to more solving the crime and less drama on and off screen.

I would like to learn more about rossi and garcia's past in moments here and there or at least one episode each that has 2 do w/ their past.

I'm excited for S7! So niceto have the CM fam intact again.

CMFAN11 said...


I meant "how" not "hoe" lol oops stupid typo! lol

Blimey Limey said...

@ sdwally:

I should have explained myself better, but I was in a bit of a hurry between getting in and going back out!

I was wondering aloud (well, in print) about various ways Hotch wouldn't be able to ignore what he's been through any longer (i.e. if he somehow blanks out the scars - if you can actually do that?).

I also agree having Jack spot however many scars his Dad's got and asking about them wouldn't be nice. It's one of many options, which I'd be surprised if they used. But, stranger things have happened.

I'd prefer to see Hotch have a purely platonic heart to heart with Prentiss. In a way Doyle has marked her as being his, by branding her in the same way a farmer brands the cattle they own. I suppose unless she has some sort of plastic surgery/skin graft she'd be left with a permanent reminder in the same way as Hotch is? Could be good for some character development without detracting from the actual show (i.e cases, plot arcs, whatever goodies they have in store for us in season 7).

@ Teresa H:

Thanks for the source. My stalking repertoire has now expanded!

However, there's nothing better than THIS blog and it's never too early for the odd juicy spoiler to whet the appetite! ;-))

Can't think clearly any more - I need food.
I may be back later - if you're unlucky...

sf81387 said...

Somebody tweeted the make-up guy bascially saying they wanted to see a shirtless Hotch and wanted to know if he'd be the guy putting the scars on him. His answer was that yes it would be him, but that he didn't see that ever happening and ended that with a hearty LOL.

Well, it looks like my fantasy about season 6 being someone's bad dream isn't going to happen. Oh well, hopefully they won't waste a lot of time on the melodrama of bringing Prentiss back.

sdwally said...

Anonymous said...

"Morgan was the rightful candidate to find out about Prentiss, there's no doubt about it."

Unfortunately Morgan doesn't find out about Prentiss first, Hotch and JJ already know. Morgan uncovers Hotch's and JJ's deception. There's a big difference. Hotch and JJ already knows Prentiss is alive and should know her location. If they wanted to be reckless and risk her life, I'm sure they could both have visited her regularly.

But to keep her safe and the rest of the team safe, they didn't share the secret with everyone.

Morgan's discovery sets up a possible confrontation w/Hotch & JJ, not necessarily a rescuing of Prentiss. Wherever Prentiss is, she's there for her own protection; for Morgan to undermine the plan that Hotch & JJ put in place to keep Prentiss safe would be reckless and arrogant. I see him be angry but not putting Prentiss' life at risk with Doyle still alive.

Blimey Limey: I think we're in agreement. I don't think either of us want to see a little kid placed in an awkward, uncomfortable situation. It's makes the audience uncomfortable too.

sdwally said...

Anonymous said...

"Morgan was the rightful candidate to find out about Prentiss, there's no doubt about it."

Unfortunately Morgan doesn't find out about Prentiss first, Hotch and JJ already know. Morgan uncovers Hotch's and JJ's deception. There's a big difference. Hotch and JJ already knows Prentiss is alive and should know her location. If they wanted to be reckless and risk her life, I'm sure they could both have visited her regularly.

But to keep her safe and the rest of the team safe, they didn't share the secret with everyone.

Morgan's discovery sets up a possible confrontation w/Hotch & JJ, not necessarily a rescuing of Prentiss. Wherever Prentiss is, she's there for her own protection; for Morgan to undermine the plan that Hotch & JJ put in place to keep Prentiss safe would be reckless and arrogant. I see him be angry but not putting Prentiss' life at risk with Doyle still alive.

Blimey Limey: I think we're in agreement. I don't think either of us want to see a little kid placed in an awkward, uncomfortable situation. It's makes the audience uncomfortable too.

sf81387 said...

Morgan's discovery sets up a possible confrontation w/Hotch & JJ, not necessarily a rescuing of Prentiss.

Hopefully he'll confront Hotch about it and not doing something stupid like blow her cover. My guess is that Morgan has been spending his free time hunting for Doyle and somehow uncovers the secret that Emily didn't really die.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

I hope everyone is planning on attending the chat with Erica Messer this Saturday. She is going to be talking about season seven ;)

Anonymous said...

Will there be a transcript published on this website for those who are out of town for Messer's chat?

Blimey Limey said...

Full belly = Brain now working (well, maybe not...).

I would love to attend the chat, but have stuff planned and won't be back until rude o'clock on Sunday morning.

However, is there any chance of a transcript being posted? I'd love some insider scoop!

If I could be so bold as to leave a couple of (well, three) questions here? Like I said, I'm sure those actually in attendance will ask similar, AND in a more articulate manner:

* Will we see Hotch face up to/deal with the various personal and work-related traumas he's been through over the past few years, as he surely must be bottling up one helluva lot of stuff?

* Will Reid's headache storyline be concluded (in whatever way the writers deem appropriate)?

* Will Sergio be guest-starring periodically?
(Sorry, I'm an aspiring crazy cat lady).

@ sdwally:

We most certainly are! ;-))

Criminal Minds Fan said...

There probably won't be a transcript for this one. Sorry everyone.

Sky said...

I hope the only person who "rescues" Prentiss is Prentiss herself when she puts a bullet between Doyle's eyes. And then I wish that would be the end of the whole Doyle thing.

I'd like to know who the new writers are for season 7. Erica Messer said in one of the last chats that we'd be getting some with experience. I haven't heard anything about them even though all the writers have been meeting this month to plan season 7.

I'm glad TG will be back, but still concerned about the writing quality.

Sky said...

Why wouldn't there be a transcript for this next chat?

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Our moderator who does them isn't available.

Blimey Limey said...

@ Criminal Minds Fan:

Pretty please!!

Or, if my grovelling doesn't work, what about a synopsis?

**Smiles sweetly**

Criminal Minds Fan said...

It is two things:

1. The moderator who does the transcripts is just not available.

2. Also, but not affecting this chat, transcripts discourage people from attending live. That isn't our reasoning this time but will impact chats in the future possibly.

Blimey Limey said...

What about delaying transcripts (or similar) for a week or two? Then those who can will attend (as I would if I could) will obviously know what's going on straight away and those who can't have to wait for their scoop?

Not sure that makes full sense, but I know what I'm trying to say.

If the transcript (or similar) is a total no-go, will those of us who genuinely couldn't make it ever find out even the tiniest little hint of scoop?

Yeah, I'm desperate! ;-))

CMFAN11 said...

@ sf1387

I think that would be pretty awesome if Morgan has been spending his free time searching for Doyle to get justice for his friend. That's a very honorable thing to do for her, granted she's still alive. I just hope he doesn't blow her cover.

I wonder how the team split up over the past few months. I doubt there's been no shortage of serial killers in the US. Lol I can't wait for prentisses return.

I just hope it's her who puts the bullet in his brain. She deserves some redemption for all the he'll Doyle put her through.

Anonymous said...

I'm so bummed about there possibly not being a transcript for this chat.

Can someone let me know how I would go about setting up an account or whatever I need to be able to enter the chat? I've never bothered because it seems horribly confusing.

I see four identities you can use to post on this blog, but I'm not sure if any would work for the chat. Not to mention there is a Criminal Minds Fanatic chat room and I have no idea if that is affiliated with this blog or is that where the chat will take place?

Any help would be appreciated, and sorry for all the questions.


sdwally said...

sf81387 said...

"Hopefully he'll confront Hotch about it and not doing something stupid like blow her cover. My guess is that Morgan has been spending his free time hunting for Doyle and somehow uncovers the secret that Emily didn't really die."

That's my point exactly; Morgan only uncovered what Hotch already knew. A hasty reaction from Morgan could get Emily killed.

I hope they all spent their summer hunting for Doyle, especially Hotch who knows Emily is alive and that she can only return when Doyle is gone. Morgan would be hunting for Doyle to get justice for a "dead" Prentiss or for revenge. Hotch knows Doyle has to be found and dealt with in order for Prentiss to return. It would be silly and outrageous if Hotch has been spending his time taking it easy knowing Emily's is still at risk as long as Doyle is alive. He should be tapping all sources with the additional authority he has from taking on Strauss' duties, to try to locate Doyle.

Clyde really set the stage for Hotch to kill Doyle in Lauren when he told him he'd have to put a bullet between his eyes; Hotch only needs to follow through.

sf81387 said...

Clyde really set the stage for Hotch to kill Doyle in Lauren when he told him he'd have to put a bullet between his eyes; Hotch only needs to follow through.

That would require continuity and I think we both know there's no such thing on this show. Hotch will probably be written as disinterested in finding her as he was about her odd behavior before she went missing. I don't think the new writers have a clue about how the REAL Hotch would've behaved in these situations so they just kind of left him sitting out there disinterested. I wouldn't get your hopes up about any of that changing.

I mean heck, the man couldn't even be the one to bring JJ back after him telling her that was exactly what he was going to do.

Does anyone find it odd that they seem to be suggesting that the BAU's A-Team took the summer off? Did they just let the monsters wreck havoc on society while they all went off and did their own thing?

Criminal Minds Fan said...

This thread is for the discussion of TG's contract and the show in general. If you have questions about the chats please do not post them here. Email me personally. Thanks

Anonymous said...

@ Velandra

No. What I'm saying is that other than Dharma and Greg, there is nothing Gibson has done for me to personally find him as the main star of the show. The internet has been blowing this up to make it seem like the whole entire show depended on whether Gibson re-signed or not, and that simply isn't true.

What sets this show apart from so many others is the ensemble cast factor, and that it's the team that makes the show, not just Gibson.

The whole thing rubbed me the wrong way, and I like his character even less now because of it.

I was ecstatic to have Paget and AJ back, overjoyed that Shemar signed, and Gibson is apart of that team, so naturally I wanted him to sign so the team would stay in tact, but after all I've read on message boards and the internet during this whole thing, I really didn't care one way or another, and wouldn't have really missed him, when I stop and thought about it.

Every character has their own unique trademark.

Reid is the brains of the operation. He's the guy who knows just about everything about everything. He's needed.

JJ is the team's go between when it comes to cases and the media. As evident as it was very difficult for the team to try and juggle her job and theirs, she was shown to be needed as well.

Garcia is the technical genius who can use her trusty dusty computer to find something at the snap of a finger. Someone like that is also needed.

Rossi is the seasoned veteran, and like the father of the group, IMO. A Rossi or a Gideon is always needed for the experience and wisdom factor.

Prentiss is the female badass that is usually in the field with Derek, helping him storm into houses and take down unsubs. The show's gotta have one female badass like Prentiss or Elle, so she's needed.

Morgan is the hero, the daredevil, THE overall badass of the group. The guy who's gonna jump on a moving train, or jump into the water to rescue someone, or drive an ambulance with a bomb inside it. The guy who's gonna knock your teeth down your throat if you get stupid. In addition to that, he's the one of the group the unsubs likely would fear the most, because he is intimidating as hell. He's quick, good on the trigger, and has a passion for the job unlike any of the others in regards to how connected he gets, especially with children involved. How rough he is with the unsubs, how pissed off he is. It's great. His athleticism, his bravery and valor, not to mention being the only one of color in the group (not trying to pull the race card.) someone like that is also needed on the show.

Hotch, he's the Unit Chief. He's the guy they put in there to lead. Other than that, I don't see much to his character. Rossi or Morgan could lead the team, IMO. I see nothing special about his character like I do all the others. There's no distinct trademark or something that makes him stand out or makes me notice him. He's just there. That's how it's always been. I couldn't stay interested in Hotch-centric episodes, because it was like they were trying to spoon feed me his life, and I didn't care for it.

Anonymous said...

@ the other person about Morgan being the one to find out Emily isn't alive, obviously I was referring to everyone other than Hotch and JJ. I'm not an idiot. lol.

Everyone else has been grieving, thinking she's dead, and what's worse is that they had Hotch do the grief assessments, which I found distasteful, because he was keeping a LIE from them, the entire time he was playing therapist. It also rubbed me the wrong way, because Emily isn't hiding from them. She's hiding from Doyle, so why the hell should Hotch and JJ be the only ones to know about that secret?

They are all Emily's co-workers, and all deserved to know the truth, and if they had been told the truth, then they could have all kept it hush hush to keep her safe, and you wouldn't have Morgan trying to go after Doyle and discovering she's alive. If he knew she was still alive, and went undercover to get Doyle, he'd have left it in her hands, and the team could have had some solace.

My guess is Morgan's gonna be the one to massacre Doyle, which is what I want. All that anger he showed during his grief assessment, I'd love to see him take it out on Doyle and rescue Prentiss or something along those lines.

Those two have been through alot, and it's easy to see why they're shipped by so many in the fandom. I'm no shipper by any means, but I get a feel of the relationship they have, just like the Morgan/Garcia relationship.

I really hope the writers don't mess this up. It has great potential if done the right way.

CheetoBreath said...

I just have to say again how freakin HAPPY I am that TPTB have ensured us two more years of Hotch yumminess!!!! :D

Greatly looking forward to Season 7 with our fabulous team!!

Velandra said...

Anon: sorry if I misunderstood you. I just don't understand how his pay raise and benefits are disrespectful or distasteful in any way. Also I disagree that Morgan could be Unit Cheif. We got a taste off that in S5 when he was acting chief and it didn't work for me. I could possibly see Rossi in that role under the right circumstances. Just my opinion though. Your right Hotch isn't the main character, no one is. Though as we saw this past season when you remove one of the actors from the ensemble it throws of the balance.
I am also in agreement w/ those who think a simple Seaver transferred to a field office would suffice in wrapping her storyline up. There Is to much to clean up and explain w/ JJ & Prentiss to waste time on a character that was only there for 13 eps. I also agree that it would be nice to see some Hotch/Prentiss (platonic) moments. IMO Hotch needs to confide in someone or he's headed for some kind of breakdown. So much has happened to him and he just keeps it all inside. I'd also love to see a bit more of Kevin (loved him on Buffy) this season.

CMFAN11 said...

Does anyone know if the president's speech on the war/ and coverage of the speech will cut into tonight's re-run of "Lauren"?

I'm in no way disrespecting the president or his speech or trying to bring politics into this blog. Although I doubt any of y'all will think that I thought I'd clear the water just incase anyone got the wrong idea. lol

@ CriminalMindsBigFan:

Could you possibly ask if it's ok if we could get some FULL CM episodes on the CBS website it's getting very frustrating I can't watch that show online when they have full episodes of every other show

Thanks so much

Teresa H. said...

I'm with Velandra not getting why one of the Anonymous posters says that it is disrespectful to the others that TG gets more money than them. Up until now Joe M. got the biggest salary, did that bother you? Why is it not a problem that Shemar's salary was doubled?
BTW I'm sure the bump in Thomas's salary meant a bump for Joe, he's the actor with the most experience and star power and I can't imagine that he would now earn less than TG. Of course I could be wrong, it has been known to happen.
The differences in salary must be determined by experience, reputation and ability to bring in viewers and advertisers. Joe and Thomas are the ones with the most movie, theatre and TV credits.
I think the fact that his salary has jumped so much must, in the larger scheme of things, be a boost for all of them. They are now working on a show where the actors are considered worth higher pay. I'm still with Blimey in finding the whole big celebrity/huge income difficult to get my mind around but I accept that it is the reality.
And can I add my voice to others who have asked at different times that at least those who post as Anonymous, I don't know if that's the only option you get, please identify yourselves with some nickname at the end of your post. As you can see by many of our fellow posters there are plenty of creative ways to distinguish yourself w/o identifying yourself.

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