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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "25 to Life" written by Erica Messer and starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

**Beware! There will be spoilers in the comments :)


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Anonymous said...

yeaaah criminal minds

Anonymous said...

Tonight looks like a Morgan-centric episode (and possibly the one that reveals his secret) but it also Ashley Seaver's second chance--will she improve, or she is doomed to fandom hatred? Find out tonight.

Lola said...

Hooray! Another episode with Ashley! I really like the character and I think she's going to be a fantastic addition to the cast! : )

Cindy said...

I'm excited to see tonight's episode, it looks interesting! I am hoping that Ashley Seaver's character isn't horribly presented as, in my opinion, it was in her premiere episode. Sorry, I wasn't into the way her backstory dominated the last episode to the point where there was very little, if any, substantive profiling. Hoping that will improve this week.

Jane said...

I can't say I'm enthusiastic about Ashley, but what is done is done I suppose.
As long as they don't make her a romantic interest for a BAU team member I'll try to adapt.

That said, I'm really eager to see "25 To Life". The plot seems very interesting.

sf81387 said...

Looking forward to seeing how Ashley manages to stay with the team after the "Hotchalanche" that she received last week. I really like the character. There's so much potential there. : )

Cindy said...

@ Jane, I am definitely with you there. I personally don't think her character is a good fit as a regular for the series. I have said it before, and I'll say it again, I just don't understand why CM didn't cast a new character with the knowledge and experience to be part of the BAU. This would have had the potential to rev up the profiling I think most, if not every, CM fan treasures. Instead, they went the way of a trainee who I am hoping they don't expect long-time viewers of the show will believe can rise to the level of expertise that the other team members have in 1 or even 2 seasons :(

But like you said, what is done is done, however, if this goes the route of some inter-team romance storyline, I think that is the day I may have to say lights out for me. At that point, I think I'd be better off watching Days of Our Lives (there are cops and lots of romance between everyone and their mother on that soap opera, ugh).

Cindy said...

I mean no disrespect to any Days of Our Lives or soap opera fans. Soap opera's are not my thing, but I realize others may enjoy them.

sf81387 said...

I've been a viewer of Criminal Minds since the debut of the series and I'm not having any trouble believing she can rise to the same level of expertise as the rest of them. Everybody has to start somewhere. Ashley is most likely a college graduate. We have no idea what type of degrees she may have. We actually know very little about the character, too little to just assume she could never become a full-fledged, productive member of the BAU or if that's even what they have in mind for her. However, watching someone come in who isn't necessarily as confident and self-assured as the previous agents have been could prove to be a refreshing take on what these agents do.

Cindy said...

@sf81387 I don't think I ever indicated that I don't believe she can one day become a full-fledged member of the team. But even one of the shows main characters, Hotch, said that not just anyone can walk into the BAU, that it requires specialized training, experience and knowledge. Not to mention that one of the show's premise is that this is an elite team, comprised of the FBI's best minds. With the exception of Reid who is a genius, the other characters (Hotch, Prentiss, Rossi, and Morgan) had this combination prior to joining the BAU. While she doesn't have profiling experience, Garcia is a computer guru, which the team relies on heavily to filter and gather information.

Yes, everybody has to start somewhere, but again, one of the foundations of the show is that this elite team can get together and swiftly and effectively profile cases to apprehend criminals. They are called into investigations because of their elite nature. Correct me if I am wrong, but that is really not a foundation that bodes will for someone who lacks the confidence and self-assuredness to be able to collaborate with the team in a way that will aid them in profiling. And being that profiling is what the show is premised on, I am not sure how that is going to jive with the flow of the show.

You're right, we don't know what they have in store for this character and thus all we can do is see how CM ultimately plans to weave this character into the mix.

Harm said...

I'm quite looking forward to this one. Unfortunately i'm gonna have to wait til tommorow, since i'm in germany.

I think ashley's character could be interesting. Hard to tell really, because last episode we learnt almost nothing about her. I really hope they let the character play out and won't just reduce her to "that serial killer's kid".

As to how she stays on the team, ithink that probably Rossi takes her under his wing as some kind of intern or something. I just can't see someone ending up in the BAU straight out of the academy. Except Reid of course, but he's a genius.

As for the episode's plot. I don't know. If its supposed to be morgans secret, i think they would have made some mysterious announcement.
Not sure i like this season of secrets thing anyway. I mean seriously, how many secrets are these guys supposed to have?

Anonymous said...

Cindy said...
"I just don't understand why CM didn't cast a new character with the knowledge and experience to be part of the BAU. This would have had the potential to rev up the profiling I think most, if not every, CM fan treasures."

They already did that with the character of Rossi, who basically wrote the book on profiling, and they can't keep adding those same types of characters. A newbie is something they've never done before, so I'm hoping she will add some interesting dimensions.

Anonymous said...

I am NOT thrilled with the Ashley Seaver character. I would have taken the bitter pill of a new character if it was one with even the tiniest bit of credibility.... but this one has nothing.
It is a shame, because Rachel Nichols seems like a talented enough actress but she is being handed the short straw.

Maybe Seaver can teach the BAU to profile again instead of running off like a half- *&^% SWAT team.

Cindy said...

@Anonymous I took a day off of work today which is probably not a good thing because that means that I am spending way too much on the computer, LOL. Anyway, to your point,

"They already did that with the character of Rossi, who basically wrote the book on profiling, and they can't keep adding those same types of characters. A newbie is something they've never done before, so I'm hoping she will add some interesting dimensions."

Somebody who has no training, knowledge and/or experience is supposed to bring something fresh to a show about a unit whose members are the best in the FBI, who have knowledge, experience and training in profiling. From what I can gather, most people watch the show to see that knowledge, experience, and training in action; it is these elements of the show that sets it apart from virtually all of the other crime drama shows. While I understand how many believe that her character will bring interesting dimensions to the show, but as someone on the CBS board commented "Profiling is an art that takes knowledge and experience to perfect. I fail to see how the writers can possibly catch Seaver up on all that and give her some stamina as well." Maybe this person is wrong, maybe I am wrong as well, time will tell. All in all, I just hope this new direction doesn't compromise the integrity of the show I know we all love :)

Jademarisa said...

We'll be missing you, Reid, we'll be missing you; Matthew. Christmas holidays are starting now, and I wouldn't be surprised to find that CBS had fired another member of the cast while on holidays, as they did to AJ last summer. I'd rather had Criminal Minds being canceled last season than watching how it's disintegrating this way. The writing team has definitely run out of imagination playing the schizophrenia card with Reid. It had always been there of course, but I always had had the hope that they would never use it. I can't but think that his days in CM are over, the writers seem to be unable to come up with a decent storyline for Reid, so they have possibly opted for eliminating him, like they did with JJ when she became a mom ( it's a Hollywood typical thing that moms should be invisible, disappear, die or not be seen on the screen). Maybe they think the same of loved young geniuses. Anyway, they've already lost me, I 'm not gonna be there watching how that happens. This show is rapidly deteriorating, and it should be the people who are screwing it who must go(writers, producers), not the actors. (Maybe Ashley is not JJ's replacement, but Reid's...Shame on the producers and on CBS if this is so)

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO wow, Jademarisa - you have it all figured out don't you? LOL

I wish they would get Reid's secret out of the way so it won't consume every message board out there.

By the way - if they are getting rid of Reid it will be via brain tumor, not schizophrenia ;)

Anonymous said...

Hoping for another good ep...I see Cade Owens name listed for this ep so looking forward to a Hotch/Jack scene or two!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy, same "Anonymous" here. I think the point is not to have Seaver all of a sudden be an expert profiler. And I don't think she will be written that way, although I think she will obviously have some unique and helpful insights given her intelligence and background. I think the point of her character is to provide a different sort of interaction and relationship dynamic for the team. They say the best way to learn is to teach, and so I think it's possible that having a newbie tag along will help the team tighten up their game because they need to set a high standard.

Herms said...

I'm skeptic about Ashley Seaver.
It's not the character in itself, or the fact that she's an FBI cadet.
Both are fine.
But I too fail to see how they can convincingly bring her into the BAU as a permanent member.

I'm still going to watch how it plays out and I'll try to stay objective and non-judgmental.
As long as they don't try to hook her up with a main cast member of course (no romance, please !).

Jademarisa :
it's my utter belief that we don't have to worry about Reid's future on the team.
I'm pretty sure the writers are not going to make him schizophrenic.
We have already lost JJ, and we're, in all likelihood, going to loose Prentiss too (not in a tragic way I hope !) thanks to CBS.

CBS executives can be moron, but they are not that stupid. If Reid/MGG left the show just after JJ and Prentiss, I'm pretty sure they know just how bad things would get.

My guess is that Reid's illness will be a physical one, and that in time he'll be cured.
And to tell you the truth, I'm excited about that storyline.
It's an interesting one and I really hope to see the team's reaction.

So I can't wait to see that storyline unfolding.

Pari_Nicole said...

I'm always happy when there's a Morgan centric, or Garcia centric plot. Not happy to see Seaver still there, but on the bright side we're suppose to get snow so hopefully no work tomorrow :)

gubegirl said...

Reid def schiz or going away? WTH is that coming from???

I must have missed something!

Anonymous said...

Wait Morgan is conveniently already wearing a button down shirt?

Elisabeth R. said...

I'm excited about tonight's episode. It seems like it'll be a good episode.

I'm with the ones who are not thrilled by the probable return of Seaver as a main character in the future. But it's also true that we shouldn't judge before seeing how they will let her work in the BAU.

I actually didn't mind the fact that her contribution to the case last week was limited. Anything else would have been highly unrealistic in my opinion.

Maybe she'll help out in the future by handling some parts of JJ's job (certainly not everything, but some parts)...I don't know but I can't see her as a profiler before at least a few years.
If she tries to interview a suspect in a future episode in the sixth season, I know I will be angry with the way the writers are handling the character.
And yes, don't throw romance into the mix please, just don't !

And I agree Reid is not going to be schizophrenic.
It'll end up being a physical problem, not a mental one.
I'm excited to see that on screen!
Bring it on, and don't forget about it two episodes after please !

To Gubegirl, in the summary for 6x12 it does say that Reid will be sick (blinding headaches and hallucinations). But a lot of things can explain those symptoms, and I'm sure that it'll be a physical problem.
It's probably linked with his sickness in the episode "JJ" (when he was sick and vomited), and linked with the other moments where he seemed to feel unwell.

And maybe it could explain his strange behavior at the train station in 'Reflection of Desire'. He seemed unable to focus and was OOC. It's not that he can't find someone attractive, but he wouldn't let his focus slip like that while he's supposed to check a place to understand a serial killer's MO. I also think Prentiss joke "just like that, IQ 187 is slashed to 60" was a clue to tell us that something was wrong with Reid.

A few fans fear that Reid will leave, but that's just speculations and I don't believe that for one minute.

Since this thread is for "25 To Life", I think I should stop there.

Eli said...

Definitely not looking forward to Seaver on this episode. Hopefully she won't be so god-awfully bloody annoying this time around, but I still don't like her character. Hopefully I can train myself to ignore her.

But hey, I'm always happy to see a "Homicide" vet on anything. Hi Kyle!

Anonymous said...

What is with Reid's hair????

Pari_Nicole said...

Ok Erin Stauss is a snooty, glouty biaaatch!

Anonymous said...

10 minutes in... bored. Seaver biting her lip ... no tears. You go girl

*rolls eyes*

Pari_Nicole said...

"Is Morgan ok?"...better question, 'Is this chick for real?'....NO FOOL he's not OK!!! Sorry Seaver's is starting to grate on my nerves...more.

Pari_Nicole said...

GOD!!!! Seaver looks and sounds constipated!!! AHHHHHRRRGGG!!! Sorry but please, PLEASE get her acting lessons or get her off my screen.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this episode so far, it's really good and shows us great moments with the team and with the profiling !

Anonymous said...

Seriously. I can not handle much more of this. Is there no such thing as profiling? First we need the child of a killer for help, now we need the killer to help. Why not just fire the whole cast and use guest stars every week.

Anonymous said...

There were a lot of allusions to Foyet so far, is this random ?

Anonymous said...

Strauss makes me so uncomfortable. I feel like Im in the principal's office everytime she's onscreen. *shudder*
Morgan-centric & Garcia-centric episodes are usually my favorite and tonight's definitely delivered.
I loved the interrogation with Sanderson and the profiling throughout.
I feel like we dont know Prentiss very well yet, still. I hope we get a nice epi with Paget soon. I love that she kicks so much butt while wearing heels.
Im not fettered by this new character. I will watch CM for as long as they continue to show it. And even then, I have my boxset dvds :)

Anonymous said...

Seaver's got to go. Her character is a poor rip off of agent Starling. We'll probably hear that she hears sheep when she sleeps. And did anyone have Andy Dufresne flashbacks tonight? Come on, CM. Let's get some original stuff here.

Anonymous said...

I loved it! At one point where Stauss told Morgan when he said he wasn't worried about his repuation, and she said that he should be. I wasn't sure if she was being sarcastic, mean or sympathetic with him. Missed Hotch in this eppy though. The timing though, does make it one year since Hailey died though. Morgan was great in this eppisode. I so wanted to reach through the TV and just hug him.

Eli said...

To the anon directly above me: completely remided me of "The Shawshank Redemption". The score when Morgan was interviewing Don was so very identical to Thomas Newman's score for Shawshank....but it actually worked.

And I didn't like this episode very much. Too far-fetched.

And Seaver certainly didn't help anything.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the west coast and I plan to watch. So excited because it's Morgan and Garcia. Those two are my fav characters.

Anonymous said...

Um...I think the CM crew got hold of a Law & Order Criminal Intent episode by mistake.

And not one of the good ones.

That whole slow-clap, confront the bad guy in a crowded room and provoke him into losing his temper and then everyone gasps when bad guy reveals his true colors?

The cheesiest cheese that ever cheesed.

This was bad. Really bad. Improbable, implausible, overwrought...a total waste of a talent like Kyle Secor.

You picked a good one to miss, Thomas Gibson!

Hope said...

I loved that episode, it was wonderful.
It was different, granted, but it had such good scenes.
I particularly loved Morgan's interrogation scenes and I love to see Strauss. she's the 'villain' I love to see because she brings conflict.

It seems strange to not see Hotch at all, but yes, it has been about a year since Haley's death. So maybe it'll be explained.

It was

Anonymous said...

No Hotch? I can't even believe this is happening.

Anonymous said...

Liked the story. Hated the Seaver character. Not only is it unrealistic for her to even be part of the BAU but it seemed she was able to come up with so many facts about the killer for the team. How did they ever manage without her? She put Reid to shame with her ability to pull these facts out left and right.

blr1962 said...

Feel kinda ambivalent about this one... Great to have a "Morgan episode" and great to see the team dynamic. But yeah, I'll say it. I MISSED MY HOTCH.

Anonymous said...

I'm so disappointed. No Hotch, no Jack. Why place Jack in the credits and list him so high, if neither he or his dad are in the episode.

All I can say is it was better than last week's episode; but I feel like I still have seen CM and it's Wednesday already. It's not CM if there's no Hotch.

Seaver is a waste. She adds nothing to the dialogue and can't add anything; terrible, terrible characterization and casting.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Where's our Hotch man?

I wasn't overly fond of the episode. It lacked......Hotch!

Anonymous said...

So sad. I really really really dislike this new character!
Killing the scenes she is in.
Hope they rethink this.
I just don't get it- she adds absolutely NOTHING but takes soo much away!!

Cindy said...

This episode was okay- missed Hotch, but am grateful that Prentiss got some screen time (love her character). Liked that Seaver wasn't a complete train wreck in this episode, but now it is as if she did a complete 360 and is trying to hard to show that she is hard core and can handle crime scenes and such. I'm not trying to be negative, really, I am not, but there is something off about Seaver's persoanlity. She seems flat, distant, and sort of self-righteous and judgemental based on some of the comments (or snipes) that she made throughout the episode. I don't know, I just got a weird vibe from her, a vibe I don't like. And for some reason, I think that exchange between Prentiss and Seaver, when Seaver brings her coffee and thanks Prentiss for having her back, Prentiss says I hope you will have my back too. Ah, I don't know, I kind of felt like that is going to come back to bite Prentiss in the butt (I hope not). Also, I think it was kind of arrogant that she said "What if we are wrong" when Rossi, Morgan, and Prentiss were going to get the unsub. Maybe the third time will be a charm for Seaver with me.

On a lighter note, I loved when Seaver asked if Morgan was okay, and Reid said that he (Morgan) vouched for a guy to get out of prison and he murdered again. Translation, "Duh," LOL

Cynthia said...

I was looking foreward to this episode because Kyle Secor of Homicide fame played the unsub but I ended up hating the episode and that happen to me only once before, with 'True Night'.

I'm tired of this new version of CM that I now call CMorgan. No Hotch at all tonight? That was dissapointing.

Case was weak, knew from the begining that the guy was not the killer. The show off at the end with the real killer felt like a show off.

Only good thing about this episode was that we had a bit more of Emily Prentiss and I actually like Ashley Seaver.

I hope the next episode will be better than this.


Anonymous said...

Exactly where was the killer supposed to be running for congress?

Cause DC doesn't have representation in congress.

And I find it incredibly hard to believe that the candidate had no personal security around, that he just stood there and let Morgan rant at him.

Or that they found him at all with that ludicrous "give me a list of businessmen in DC, 'cause businessmen are sociopaths, just in a good way!"

The plotline was beyond stupid. It was completely ridiculous to the point of being insulting to the viewer.

It's actually worse than the one with the Russian mob family and that was a low I never thought CM would sink to again.

Mary O said...

Wow, most everyone wants to do nothing but rag on how bad everything is. I think the writers are doing an excellent job and Season 6 has been my fave so far. You know it can't be easy to come up with a new story line 22 shows every season. And look at how many other crime dramas are and have been out there. It's near impossible to come up with something "completely" new. I thought tonight was an interesting storyline. And don't forget, you have to put all of that into 43 minutes of show. I can't imagine many people being able to write a really plausible episode, I know I couldn't.

Criminal minds, writers and staff - kudos to you! As for the character of Seaver, she is doing fine as well. They aren't having her jump right in to all of the action and they are using Prentiss as a mentor, seems plausible to me. Of course, I miss JJ's character but everyone was so mad when Rossi came in and look how that turned out! C'mon, give her character a chance to develop.

Keep up the good work CM!

Anonymous said...

Shockingly boring episode. I am all for a Morgan centric episode now and then but too much of the new chick and certainly not enough Hotch. Bad one. Maybe next week.

Anonymous said...

WTH?????? Where was Hotch and Jack?? We were lied to - hope Ed and the gang are happy

Anonymous said...

I didn't like last week's episode and didn't like tonight's. One common denominator= new actress

Dreis said...

I have a feeling this episode was shot around the Ryder cup.
Thomas Gibson attended to that event so I think that's why he wasn't in the episode.
I know he was listed in the credits, but maybe, timewise, they couldn't incorporate his scenes with Jack in the episode.

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for some big Hotch/Jack scene which we never got. I guess Thomas Gibson lucked out not being in this episode. It was boring. My boyfriend left the room half way through.

Anonymous said...

Okay, that was like the worst episode ever. Firstly, how about using an actuarial tool in conjunction with clinical risk assessment???? Secondly the new girl obviously can't hack it and is turnign the entire show into a dripping melodrama. And thirdly, why are Hotch and Jack in teh credits when tehy are not in the episode. This is Bullshit! Criminal Minds officallly just jumped the shark

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Thomas at a golf tournament out of the country when they filmed this episode? That must be why he wasn't in it. I am trying to give the new actress a chance but she just doesn't fit in and with Hotch missing it just doesn't feel like the BAU right now.

I thought the episode was alright. Sort of meh about it.

Anonymous said...

They cut the hotch/jack scene to make time for this new blonde bore? I don't get it!

I'm giving them another episode or two to get rid of her, then I'm over moving on to something else

Anonymous said...

Anyone think that Prentiss with the blood on her hands might be some foreshadowing of things to come with her character? Do we know how many more episodes she is in.

I thought it was a well written episode but the newest actress is weak, hardly any Gube and no Gibson doesn't bode well for any episode.

Holly said...

I certainly enjoyed this episode much more than last week's.
I really missed Hotch too, but I agree with Dreis, this episode might have been filmed during the Ryder cup.
Maybe Thomas Gibson shot a few scenes but they couldn't incorporate it in the episode.

We'll see him in January, the wait will be long.

On another note, can't wait for the Reid episode. It has been damn long !
I hope his problems won't be resolved in one episode though...

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I'm glad Seaver brought up the "what if you're wrong" point, because it was exactly what I was thinking when Morgan crashed that party. Someone had to say it. I'm glad he was right because otherwise? That congressman would have had a great case for defamation, assault, battery, false imprisonment...can you tell I'm getting ready for a law school exam tomorrow?

I think Seaver's job in this episode was to have the case facts at the ready to provide for gap-filling in the profile. I hope her role expands beyond exposition.

Cindy said...

@ Judy, yes, I thought the blood on Prentiss' hands scene was weird too.

Anonymous said...

Are we trading Agent Seaver for JJ, Emily and Hotch? She is way tooooo on this show. And if you blinked you would have also missed Reid.

I actually was glad to see Strauss tonight. I love hating her and she really was right.

I won't be watching this one again. It was slow and predictable and I miss the real cast.

Anonymous said...

Why was Hotch not in this episode?

Are we losing yet another actor?

I like Morgan but this was just a weak episode not worthy of re-watching.

Anonymous said...

every week i watch and every week i'm dissappointed. maybe i'm just too critical, maybe next week. maybe.

SSA_Carpenter said...

I thought the episode was well done. The Strauss and Rossi really made me laugh: "I know, Erin. I just don't care." They both used a really good tone when they were saying the lines too. I'm still not sure of what i think of Seaver as of yet. She's growing on me, though. Her background is really iffy, making her vulnerable to a possible unleashing of the Antisocial Personality Disorder from her father. It might not happen, but from what she saw as a child, the gene might be inside her and can still become dominant in her personality. Just my two cents, but the episode today was really well done.

Vali said...

Perhaps I should have taken it as a bad omen: No Hotch. Not that it's such a big deal to have an episode without him but he's Mr. Professional, Mr. FBI and professionalism was lacking tonight.

The good: Overall I liked Morgan. Especially seeing him dressed more job appropriately (at least for the most parts). Liked Prentiss too. She looks and acts believable in her role. Great storyline with a lot of potential. Really liked the ending.

The bad: Does the BAU have to turn into a kids club? Do the agents really have to get younger and younger? Nothing against the new agent, she's fine but just no fit. Perhaps the timing isn't good either. She looks like a "cheap" version of JJ. Sorry, but this is just the impression I got. JJ's gone and we have a new blond on the team who's just not able to fill her shoes. Not a bad girl just very unfortunate timing and circumstances. Wish CM wouldn't have to be so damn sexist and biased toward age Strauss is believable in her position but does she have to be such a bitch? She wasn't even wrong but always has to come across as a mean ole "I'll take your spirit and squash it" person. The young females are capable and always right, the old one is mean and wrong.

Storyline didn't live up to its full potential. Note to writers # 1: True psychopaths don't panic!
Note to writers # 2: Any half-way decent defense attorney would have a field day in court with this case. Where was probable cause? There really wasn't enough at that point in time to make an arrest. Everything seemed very rushed at the end. Strauss was right in warning Morgan(ouch that hurts) and Morgan who started out so great messed up big time when confronting the politician/serial killer. Morgan certainly didn't have any right to put his hands on him. Rossi failed as senior agent. Sad. Well, I guess the BAU team truly can't function without Hotch. ;) As a former prosecutor Hotch would have never allowed such sloppy & rushed police work.

Can we have Hotch back next episode? Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

Liked it well enough but we need Hotch back. We're going to have to fuss at Thomas Gibson during the chat about taking off for an episode. It felt like someone was missing and there was.

Gaby said...

I am bored with Morgan centered eps, nothing against Shemar, but his character does nothing for me when he is at the center of an ep.

I second the notion that the Emily blood on hands thing is some foreshadowing of things to come, they focused on it quite a bit. Also with the Seaver coffee thing... hopefully a setup to real Emily Prentiss storylines.

Interesting concept for a story and different sort of episode, just not as solid as it could have been.

celeste said...

I liked the episode.

Anonymous said...


the bau is a family and this episode lacked that entire vibe that makes the show work

that's why the show is was successful to begin with. The character interactions.

the new girl is on a different planet- god awful. and I was never a JJ fan, so I'm not upset about her being a replacement. It just doesn't fit.
Reid was young and innocent but was a genius that added a tremendous amount to the team.

What's her contribution? zip zilch nada

Disappointed Fan said...

Don't know what it is but CM is losing its edge. Poorly researched, very weak, plenty mistakes. Bet the real BAU feels bad to be associated with the show.

You had a good thing going. It the people responsible for the show have become greedy and lazy. WTF? Is it worth throwing it all away?

Get smart and hire back the great writers you let go. They at least put some pride and effort in their job. This was a pathetic episode. Even Rossi looked like a beginner.

Anonymous said...

Don't think I'll watch the next episode. Tune in SUV instead. This was torturous.

Elle said...

Forgetting about what seemed to be a rushed "we're out of time so just let Morgan confront the guy" ending, I thought tonight's ep was good w/r to the regular cast, and I enjoyed it, *except*, I guess we're supposed to forget last week's CM ep exists, 'cause this week Ashley sounded more like she's an experienced profiler...and one of the gang. Her whole personality seems to have changed since last week.

And after seeing this week's ep, I think there would've been a much better way to introduce the character of Ashley --> eliminate last week's ep completely, & say the department was testing a directive that said the BAU must take in a trainee. Because of her talents and their experience with her, Hotch and Rossi decide to pick Ashley. Then, continuing with this week's storyline, they could've changed Ashley's lines to make her sound less like an experienced profiler (and more like a cadet), and less like "one of the gang" (and more like someone struggling to fit in to a tight-knit family).

(On a side-note re: the blood Prentiss got on her hands: I've been wondering since "Sex, Birth, Death" if there would be any repercussions of Reid and/or Garcia getting all that blood on their hands.)

Hello, anybody home? said...

Ok, get rid of Seaver. She just doesn't have a place in the show.
Morgan? He's a wanna be and has zero growth potential.

Prentiss: keep her. She makes sense. Rossi doesn't seem to function without Hotch.

Reid: Always keep expecting the rest of the "boy-band" to show up.

Hotch: A must. Team is pathetic without him.

Wow, Strauss made sense.

Is Ed Bernero tired of the show? Sure seems that way.

Note to CBS & Bernero: I will NOT watch the spin-off!

Lanna said...

I never thought I'd come here to say this, but I am completely and utterly disappointed with the episode. Is anyone aware of the fact that Emily has only a few episodes left? I imagine the answer will be..."oh she'll get her turn when the time comes for her to go"...but seriously I don't want all my recollections of s6 to be related to her exit. Please for the love of God give her something positive to do before that. And please don't use her as a shield or a mentor for the new girl in the hope that we'll like her character more. It won't work and I think it's disrespectful.

Emily Prentiss has given so much to this show and she deserves better story lines and better treatment in her last season. If someone is reading this, please think long and hard about it. The character doesn't deserve this and the fans don't deserve this. I have never asked for more screen time for my favorite because I am aware of the complicated dynamics that rule the industry, but I am now. And I am not only asking for more screentime, I am politely asking you to give her something to do in that time. Something other than showing up on screen and driving a car. This character is awesome and could be used in so many different ways, please come up with something we'd love to remember her by when she's no longer going to be there.

And i didn't appreciate the fact that Hotch was not present in tonight's episode. I noticed Cade Owens was listed on the press release as a guest star and then didn't make it into the episode. Surely there was another scene that could have been cut and let a Jack/Hotch scene in. We've had character centric episodes before but not at the expense of the others. I'm not sure why Hotch wasn't present in the episode, but I'm here to tell you that whatever the reason it didn't work. It doesn't work because this is a team and believe it or not we do need to see all of them on a weekly basis.

I normally like Erica Messer's writing, but it didn't impress me tonight. I lost interest very soon, I wasn't captivated by the story lines and quite frankly, it didn't appeal to me. It's sad to say that it's one of my least favorite episodes ever.

Please do take a close look at what you're doing. I'm a Prentiss fan and I always dreaded the thought of not watching anymore when she's gone, because even if I can't watch without her, it won't be easy to give CM up...but you know what, every single week you're making it easier and easier for me to give it up. If that's the direction CM is taking it's going to be pretty easy to stop watching in a few months.

I know I probably shouldn't be posting so soon after the episode, but I can't help it. I disliked the episode, I dislike the direction CM is going and I think someone should hear that. I have never heard so many fans disappointed with CM as I hear now. It's sad to see really and I still hold on to the hope that it will get better. Season 6 seems disjointed and lacking substance, it's concentrating on some of the characters at the expense of others and it's just generally disappointing. Instead of getting better things are just getting worse and worse with every week and this fan is growing more and more disappointed. That's all I have to say.

I hope I can leave a gushing review of the next CM episode, if I can get myself to watch it that is.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why there was no Hotch at all-just the lame phone call at the start. A CM with Hotch is just not a good episode.

Anonymous said...

just what do we know about the reid episode? maybe his 'genius' catches up to him and he loses it (i.e. crime scenes start to bother him, things don't make sense, he loses it).

if reid/matthew leaves, it won't be because he got fired. it will be matthew's decision (in my opinion).

anniesays said...

Ok.. quick note-as a diehard CM fan, let me officially say... I'm scared to watch! will probably post again after watching. heh.

Anonymous said...

I feel like my eyeballs have been peeled like grapes. I can't believe I watched the whole thing. No Hotch? At all?! really?!?

I kept waiting for the one armed man or Tommy Lee Jones to make an appearance. Instead of confronting a prominent physician at a conference, we confront a politician in front of a crowd. Gasp! Disbelief!

And it was so shocking to me that the guy Morgan vouched for ended up being truly innocent.
Not really. It was obvious the show wouldn't go that route. Way too predictable.

Somebody let me know when Criminal Minds returns, I am tired of watching this knockoff.

Kelsey said...

I honestly really enjoyed this episode. Alot. It is definitely one of my favourites of the season. I think people need to get over the whole Ashley thing, the actress didn't choose for AJ to get fired, she just took a job. I think she did well tonight and really liked this ep. I found it to be reminiscent of older episodes.

Anonymous said...

I was super happy that Hotch was nowhere to be seen in this episode, therefore, it should have been better than it was.

Especially for a Morgan episode. For it being a Morgan episode, which in the past has been rare, this should have been epic.

But it was crap. I was discontent to the max, especially with that predictable carpet scene with the congressman.

Terrible. Absolutely dreadful episode.

Morgan was excellent in it however.

Cindy said...

Ditto Lanna, Ditto.. very sad.. I'm watching one of the old CM episodes on ion TV, and wow, what a difference to what is going on now


Anonymous said...

This show has seriously just gone down hill since JJ left. Not saying that JJ is the reason the show has fallen but the dynamic she brought to the show as well the overall cast chemistry is gone and imo that has created the dreadfulness we seem to be getting. Seaver is a complete waste! She makes this thought come to mind "if you have ever wondered what it would be like to see an immature child on this show, then here ya go in Ashley Seaver" I just don't get what the point of bringing her in was??

It is one thing to want to "refreshen" the show or bring in something/someone fresh but to go in the direction the writers are with this particular character and this actress....seriously equals worst.move.ever! As many have said about how they are scratching their heads as to why the writers decided to bring in a immature, fresh cadet instead of a veteran or at the very least more experienced profiler is beyond me. Personally I would have liked to see a seasoned or semi-seasoned profiler because as someone said it would get the show back to the main point of this show, the profiling.

I love this show but this season has been one inconsistency and melodramatic storyline after another. My biggest fear and dread with this show was that it would become too much about the characters and less about the criminals, art of profiling and the drama that it made it popular and after the last few eps and this whole dumb "secrets" theme it seems my biggest fear has come true.

Seems like the exit of JJ signaled the exit of the premise of this show. Not saying it was because of JJ but it just seems to me that when the character left the writers for some strange reason felt the need to "re-boot" the show...when it didn't need to be. As much as I love AJ/JJ the show could have gone on the way it was just fine without the character. In their effort to honor or make sure JJ wasn't forgotten the writers have gone too far to the left and pretty much abandoned everything that was CM.

If things continue to be this bad, I may seriously consider the notion of not watching anymore.

Julie said...

This episode was a joke. A bad joke and a slap in the face of the fans. You can not have an episode where Hotch is not present! It's unacceptable to have an episode where not all the characters are featured! What were the writers thinking? It's a disgrace! Like someone else said above me. When CM returns let me know. I won't watch this joke anymore.

Anonymous said...

reid could start experiencing alot of things that could cause him to act strange (vomiting, not being on task, personality changes w/o becoming schizo)like bi-polar disorder, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder...getting on meds for any of those and not being the right meds...it takes awhile to find the right ones to work...a lot of changes could happen to him mentally and physically before reid becomes 'normal' again....

Anonymous said...

So much for Ed splitting time between CM and spin off not having any affect on the show! Cuz honestly his absence is very apparent. As another commenter said it just seems like Ed doesn't care anymore...what else could possibly explain the crud they have been putting on the tv the last couple of weeks? We all know CBS could give a damn about the show but when the writers stop caring and/or trying it is time to do one of two things; shut off the lights or get new writers.

Way to go and ruin a good thing CBS....I think I am gonna stick to the re-runs (aka the good ole days) of this show from now on. I've given it and the writers the benefit of "well maybe next week will be better" far too many times now.

ele said...

Must say I was kind of dissapointed with this one. I kept expecting to see Hotch with Jack....I did like Morgan on this one and it was nice to see more of Rossi and of course every time Strauss is it, it makes it interesting but it just did not seem CM to me. Almost not Reid and the new girl ...well her character is just dumb...now way she would be allowed to stay...
This season has not been what I am used to, Plus I still can believe there was no Hotch and now we wait until January...:(

Tara said...

I have never turn off CM, not even during the awful Russian mob episode but I did tonight after fifteen minutes. No Hotch? What was the thinking there? Sure the man can take a day off for personal reason but not even one scene?

I'm not liking this Morgan centric season. The character was never solid enough to shoulder CM.

Case was ok, Kyle Secor did a good job but the ending was unbelieveable. Unlike many, I do like Seaver and I like her scenes with Prentiss.

This season is a dissapointment. Almost no Reid, JJ is gone ( I am no fan but still didn't want AJ to leave), Paget is leaving and CM is sure not making her last season anything special, Rossi is being wasted and tonight we had the vanishing Hotch. Really, CM is trying REAL hard to dissapoint.

that said, I hope the next episodes will be better and CM can go back at being the awesome show it was up to the middle of season 5


Georgia said...

Is this Criminal Minds I've just finished watching? Is this the smart show that keeps me guessing and thinking every week? I mean did you really underestimate us so much to feed us a script like that? It was obvious from the beginning that the guy would be cleared. We can't possibly have Morgan wrong now can we? The final scene confronting the politician was soooo cheesy.

Step up your game CM people and concentrate on the show not on anything else. Here is where your fans are and here is where your success is. Don't destroy what you have here. Don't let the CM quality we all know and love go downhill. Put your efforts where they belong: on CM.

Anonymous said...

Kyle Secor did a good job and I thought the primary cast was good. I was glad to see Morgan get an episode but why wasn't Hotch in the episode. I kept waiting to see him and then the episode was over. I don't really know what to say about this episode. I can say it wasn't as bad as HAT!

Anonymous said...

Since when do you drive a suspect around that isn't handcuffed! Even if you think he could be innocent don't you have to still follow proper police protocol. Poor episode.

Anonymous said...

Seriously??? What have become of CM? Andrew Wilder, aren't you glad you left this sinking ship in time?

BAU is a joke. They now even include rookie agents? Can't imagine any police department in their right mind would ask them in.

Wonder why the sudden disdain for the show? I long suspected CBS not giving a damn about the show but Bernero? Isn't this the show that has brought him fame? Sorry, don't get it.

Criminal Minds Fan said...


Sheryl said...

okay just watched the episode, must ask; what happen to my favorite show? Really it was easy to see that the guy in prison would be cleared. Georgia got a good point, Morgan CANNOT be wrong, why? because he is the hero. CM was more daring when it had Hotch making mistakes ( not seeing the guy in Paradise for what he was, the killer) but then Hotch is not written as a cliché.

as someone said a few posts before mine, TG was smart to stay away from this episode!

Hope CM will get back to be an awesome show soon.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with DM. Morgan is way to immature for this assignment. And his "baby girl" talk bores the heck out of me. Multi-dimensional? Not in my book. Find him way to one-dimensional. Could do an entire season without Morgan. Don't think too many would miss him. According to fan post and discussions on the board he's one of the less interesting characters of the show. Just a different perception ...

Anonymous said...

Well then, maybe you should write to Ed and suggest "The Morgan Show" to him! I'm sure it would be a hit! :)

CM however should stay as it is, with Hotch and Reid as characters too, because in my humble opinion they are more interesting characters.

That's why tonight's episode didn't do anything for me. In my opinion it's Morgan who can't shoulder a season, hence all the people unhappy with the current one.

Anonymous said...

I might be in the minority but I thought it was a pretty good episode. My favorites are Reid followed by Hotch. There was no Hotch at all and very little of Reid but I still enjoyed the episode. It's realistic for Hotch to take some time off - he's a single parent. It would have been nice to see him but I'm guessing Thomas Gibson was busy in real life. Reid has been lacking screen time lately but I'm hoping that will change.

I agree that it was predictable that the guy was innocent but I think it's the way they got to that proving that which made the episode interesting. They were actually sitting around profiling. I think that's the core of the show. I really don't think that it would make a good show if Morgan was wrong. That would make the viewers question how accurate their profiling is. The whole show is based on catching the unsub using profiling and if we start to question that tactic, it would ruin the show. Please remember that the show is far from real. I know it's more realistic than other shows but as far as I know, this many cases have not been solved in real life using profiling techniques almost exclusively.

I do agree that the ending with Morgan parading into the politician's house was a bit overdramatic. It happens for sure on other shows but not so much on CM. I don't think Hotch would ever approve something like that. But maybe that's what makes it somewhat beleivable. Morgan is always quick to react and with Hotch out of the picture in today's episide, there was no one to stop him.

About the new girl - I don't love and I don't hate her, she's just kind of there. I need to see more of her to make up my mind. I atleast liked how they addressed that she didn't make the best first impression. They also said that she is only there for a short period of time. I'm guessing that she is going to have to prove herself a little bit more to become a permanent member. They have not said so yet on the show, the viewers just know that she will be regular based on the actresses negotitations to become a regular on the show. I think that the show will bring her in gradually and not make a her a full fledged profiler and a permanent member of the BAU team overnight. I think it is going to happen over time.

Anonymous said...

wow DM, you really are laying it thick for Morgan aren't you? I guess love IS blind!

I couldn't care less about Morgan, the character is just not that interesting. Episode had nothing special, was not even creepy for one second. I sure won't watch it again.

That said, can't wait for the Reid after the holidays, look like Hotch will be back too. I missed Hotch terrible last night :(


Bina said...

Hoping for a better half of the season in the new year. Somehow CM feels off. Don't know whether it has to do with the departure of AJ/JJ and the final season for Paget/Emily or that the writers/producers focus on new tasks. I've been watching episodes from the first seasons and the difference in quality is apparent. I don't think 6 seasons should cause a burn-out. The show is too young for that!
I'm a bit more hesitant recommending CM to friends now. But again, I hope 2011 will bring new elan.
It's been too good of a show to let it die like this ...

bookwurm32191 said...

I loved how this was a Morgan-centric episode... And I can understand why there was no Hotch; TG was on the other side of the pond, so he obviously couldn't be in two places at once... But I kinda lost the vibe about halfway through, and found it again only to have it become lost again after Morgan confronted the businessman running for Congress

I liked the episode, but it seemed lacking in the usual intelligence that usually comes with a CM episode. For the entire hour, I felt that I was missing something, but I couldn't put my finger on it...

And Seaver... I still dunno what to think of her; there's been almost no character development, but it's only her second episode... Maybe she'll wow us next time.

And speaking of next time... Whatever happens to him, Reid is still my genius angelfish. I'm not making assumptions or jumping to conclusions about his illness until I see a promo video, but I'm sure that however this turns out, MGG will continue to rock as Reid for many seasons to come! :D

Anonymous said...

wish we could edit post, should have read 'That said, can't wait for the Reid episode after the holidays, look like Hotch will be back too. I missed Hotch terrible last night :('


Anonymous said...

Seaver has to go, she has no personality, no screen presence and I find her boring........the writers have lost their way and appear to have no idea where to take their characters anymore, we need the team back working as a team...........and of course getting rid of JJ seems to have been the catylist of this downward trend..............

DM said...
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Anonymous said...

Hotch is my favourite, so obviously I was incredibly dissapointed but even aside from that this episode was just horrible. I was actually looking forward to having a Morgan centric eppi, but this was just ridicolous. What the hell happened this season? JJ's depature has changed the dynamics of the team and instead of carefully working around and developing that the entire show is being twisted beyond reckognition. And I actually really like Rachel Nicols, but her character is just god-awful. I am sorry but tonight was it for me. I will miss you criminal minds and P.S. If you think I will even watch one episode of that spin-off, that is undoubtedly related to this butchering of the former brilliant original, you are dead wrong!

Anonymous said...

Very sad about this episode. like others have said, CM is no longer a show I can watch and love. This ep was horrible, unbelievable and pointless. Don't any other fans or more importantly, the writers-producers-and execs actually understand anything about DC politics and the actual role and limitations therein? Just ick ick ick.


Elisabeth R. said...

I think everyone should calm down here.

You know, Reid and Hotch are my two favorite characters.
Yet, I loved this episode, I thought it was a good one.
I missed Hotch, and Reid barely had anything to do, but I was still able to enjoy the plot and the episode as a whole.

If Hotch wasn't there it means Thomas Gibson couldn't be much present when they filmed the episode. It sucks, even more so since they included Cad Owens (who plays Jack) in the credits, which gave hope to a lot of fans.
But they would never deliberately write Hotch out of the episode, T.G. probably had other obligations at the time (maybe it was when he attended the Ryder cup).
I fully expect Reid to barely appear, if he appears at all, in the episode filmed when MGG made his trip to Japan.

I'm no fan of Seaver, but we're probably going to have to do with her in the future. We might as well try to adapt because if we keep hoping for her character to leave, we'll end up even more disappointed when she comes back.
I would at least prefer her to stay more on the background for quite some time, listening and learning, even if it doesn't add much to the show.
At least it would be more realistic (as opposed to her figuring everything out for for example).

And this character's bashing is not going to achieve anything.
All the characters have their own personality, and they all add something to the show (we'll see in the future if Seaver has something to add).
We all have our favorite characters, but none of them are stupid, unintelligent, immature or flat characters.

Even if Reid, followed by Hotch are my favorites, I still love the other BAU team members. I would never "wish" to see an episode were one of them is missing (sometimes it just can't be helped, but it's not something I enjoy).
I find Morgan's character very interesting and 'real'. It's easy to connect with him and he's always there to help his team.

Maybe some fans don't like Reid rambling statistics, but at least his statistics regularly help the team to build profiles.
They are not there for the sake of it, or to entertain the team or the public, they are there to help on a professional level. And I wouldn't want that to change.

Anonymous said...

If anyone needed proof how indispensable Thomas Gibson is for this show, here it was.
I’m dreading the so-called Morgan-episodes now. “Don’t let them catch you acting!”, they say. I’m sorry but it’s hard not to. Shemar Moore is just trying too hard. Watch and learn from the great ones around you (e.g. Gibson, Mantegna, Brewster).
This episode didn’t feel like a CM episode at all, nothing special, a bad joke! Not nearly the quality we are used to on this show. Boooring! Only good thing was the increased screen time for Paget.

Anonymous said...

I agree Elizabeth R. everyone needs to calm down here. I'm assuming we are all here because we love the show otherwise we wouldn't waste our time.

It's one thing to constructively critique the show but some people have started attacking characters.

DM - I'm really not sure why you watch the show if you hate 2 of the main characters.

Reid is my favorite but I still like the other characters and think it's important to give them all some screen time. I don't think that I could watch the show if I couldn't stand 1 or more of the characters.

It's a good show on the whole but I guess some people feel like it's slipping. I really don't feel that way but everyone is entitled to an opinion and have the right to respectfully express it.

The ratings are also not indicating that the show is losing viewers. They had the most viewers for any scripted show last week. They must be doing something to appeal to the masses.

I don't think CBS or the producers are going to worry as long as their ratings are up.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you DM!
I love Morgan but the writing was horrible, for a moment I forgot I was watching CM, it really looked like another cheap investigation show, such a waste of a Morgan episode...

And last week I was ok with Ashley but today I felt like she was a complete waste of space... what the hell is she doing there? I feel bad for Nichols, she should have a better character because I really don't know what Ashley is going to do now... today the killer again was supposed to be a family man and she didn't help that much even if it was still related to her past somehow. I take back what I said last time, I don't think she's a good addition. I like Rachel but her character sucks.

CM writers... are you already on vacations or something? You're making a mess, please write something better if you want to keep the fans interested!

Sonja said...

No Hotch... no fun.

The cases are not that well written lately and the only thing that keeps me watching is the characeter Hotch.. So I stopted watching after I realized there wouldn't be a Hotch scene at all.. And that with the expectation of getting a Hotch/Jack scene according to the credits...

Agent Seaver is such a no-go btw...

Dissapoitment to the top!

Anonymous said...

Great episode . I loved the scenes between Morgan and Don Sanderson. Rossi and Prentiss were great too. I will definitely watch this episode again.

Unknown said...

Until I realized that there were only 5 minutes left in the episode, I thought for a horrible moment that the politician wasn't going to be the guy, and that Morgan and the team were going to look like total idiots. And for some strange reason I didn't even notice the lack of Hotch. I blame 3days of constant studying for that...

On another topic.. Anyone think that this episode and maybe one or two more should have come before 'What Happens at Home?' I'm sure they could have though something up so that Seaver could still do her remedial whateveritis with the BAU and then got to know her over a few episodes before reavealing so much about her past.

I think the reason I haven't warmed up to her at all is because more information about this new character was revealed in one episode than what has been revealed about other characters in an entire season. If the episodes had been shuffled I think her integration to the team could have been a little more graceful instead of a whole episode devoted to her, and then have her do nothing other than state the obvious a few times in the next.

Unknown said...

Second episode in a row that I’ve hated and that’s a strong word coming from me for the show that I absolutely ‘loved’… oh where oh where has my CM gone and I want it back!!… this episode was so bad and on so many levels, I managed to chat on skype and work all at the same time as watching CM. Episode totally lacked depth and most definitely was not ‘Criminal Minds’.

It was so rushed, so unrealistic, so lacked attention to detail, so bad, if it was too much content to cover then do it as a two parter I don’t think anyone would mind, we do mind when we get crap though and this was just that & made matters so much worse that Hotch was not part of the episode, CM is not CM without Hotch & I would hope that the execs. whoever you are out there get that.

A lot of comments I agree with, anonymous up the top … “Um I think the CM crew got hold of a Law & Order Criminal Intent Episode by mistake” … that one so totally agree with your comments .. Vali, Disappointed Fan, Hello, anybody home?, Lanna, Anonymous … the one that ended “Somebody let me know when Criminal Minds returns, I am tired of watching this knockoff.” ..me too I so desperately want my CM back ... where is that intelligent, smart, sharp, attention to detail show that I got hooked on!!! Come on CM execs surely you can see this unravelling and falling apart.

So I’m not repeating .. the more I read the more I agree … Julie, Tara, Georgia, Sheryl.

@ DM I to totally disagree with your comments and the two anonymous right below, right on!! Sonja totally agree.

And I will say again … please, please pretty please can we have our CM back!!

Anonymous said...

Here you all have been hitting the character Morgan pretty hard. I not going to read the comments. but I have a question:

Let me ask this, if Denzel Washington was playing the part of Morgan, would this character have some much backlash? When Profiler, Profiled aired, was Shemar portray that much different than now? Profiler, Profiled was one of the two time Criminal Minds rated in the top five. What so different now?

christyzachman said...

Not my favorite episode because I did miss Hotch and TG but it was a good episode in showing Morgan again as his normal self. He is a powerful strong man but he also jumps into things without fully thinking of the consequences. He is not a leader but works well under one.
Ashley reminds me of Emily when she first started. She would make unusual comments and give random thoughts to the profile. Not really helpful but good filler.
Emily has improved over the years but is still more just filler than anything else.
Reid is the information guru, that is his function. To provide information which can lead to a profile and the killer. He hasn't had a lot of airtime lately because most of the cases have not needed a great deal of information to solve they have been common type of criminals.
Garcia is not a profiler, her part in the BAU is strictly has a computer tech who finds information about the peeople, nothing more.
I enjoyed the case in this episode because it showed how the BAU is good in finding the truth in cases. This case originated before the BAU existed and that is why an innocent was convicted. It shows once again how police can screw up peoples lives by not looking at the right things and searching for the right killer but take the easy way and just convict the person easiest to accuse. It takes the BAU to find the truth that the police never find. I liked the case and the episode even though my favorite character of Hotch was not in it.
Each of the characters acted in their normal ways, there was no surprises.

Anonymous said...

What a disappointment with no Hotch in last night's episode, especially with Cade Owens name mentioned in the release! I was expecting at least a little scene with the two of them in it - obviously Hotch's secret is starting to unravel as Rossi explained after the phone call that Hotch was taking time off and that he sounded tired and was having issues with Jack. If Mr. Gibson truly had a personal reason for taking the time off and missing this episode, that's one thing and perfectly understandable. However,if it's due to the writers, that's totally something else. Too much nonsense going on with this show at one time that it doesn't even feel like you're watching Criminal Minds anymore! It's just another crime drama and goes to show just how much Thomas Gibson/Hotch adds to the show. Not knocking any of the others, even the new girl, but a team is a team is a team and they better stop messing with something that is (was?) an excellent show.

Anonymous said...

I have like season 6 until '25 to Life', bad writing from start to finish. Too bad, you had a very actor in Secor.

Anonymous asked 'Let me ask this, if Denzel Washington was playing the part of Morgan, would this character have some much backlash?
When Profiler, Profiled aired, was Shemar portray that much different than now? Profiler, Profiled was one of the two time Criminal Minds rated in the top five. What so different now?'

I like Morgan, my fav after Hotch, but I too I'm coimplaining. It isn't Shemar's Acting that is the problem but too much of Morgan who is at his best as a supporting character. What is different now is that this season been a Morgan one, just too much of him and last night was made worse with Hotch been written out.

I'm not ready to call it quit on CM because in every season we have excellent to good to fair to poor episodes. I just hope that last night was the lowest point and the show will have a second half season that will make fans happy.


Anonymous said...

hate blogger, no edit button,

this 'I have like season 6 until '25 to Life', bad writing from start to finish. Too bad, you had a very actor in Secor. '

should have been this 'I have like season 6 until '25 to Life', bad writing from start to finish. Too bad, you had a very good actor in Secor. '


sdwally said...

I really don’t understand the rationale of this episode. Was it to determine how well the episode will play without Hotch? Maybe CM without Hotch? Why list Cade Owens in the credits, high on the list, as if there would be father/son scenes and not show him at all. Another deliberate misleading, misdirection by CM writers/directors/producers apparently designed to continue to frustrate the fans. I’m sorry, no Thomas Gibson/Hotch, it just doesn’t seem like Criminal Minds to me. I spent the entire episode waiting for Hotch to make an appearance ala Nameless Faceless. Needless to say, I’m still waiting.

I guess CM has become the Derek Morgan show. He was featured during most of season 5; the so-called Hotch episodes, yet Derek played a major role as the acting chief and designated shot-caller. He was partner to Prentiss in Retaliation, the only Prentiss-focused episode from last season; and Garcia in Exit Wounds. Morgan was the featured player for both the season 5 finale and the premiere for season 6; and he’s been center-focused in most of the episodes of Season 6. He has his own personal angels/sidekicks—Garcia at home, Prentiss on the road. The writers/producers may be crushing on Morgan, and I like him too, but enough already.

Frankly, I don’t think the writers know what to do with Ashley Seaver. To ask to do remedial training at the BAU, is one thing; but for Hotch or anyone to agree to it is another. And to have a character, who adds nothing, while the person who is the strength and leader is missing, made the BAU seem like a farm team. It’s inconceivable that anything involving Seaver’s character can be dealt with realistically or with a sense of gravity. There is no weight to the character, no depth of knowledge or experience; and she’s no Ziva Davide. We’ve already established that she’s no Emily Prentiss either, or JJ for that matter—what a waste. I simply don’t get the casting or maybe the baseline story painted her into a corner.

And as far as the case was concerned, if anyone didn’t know that Derek would prove that the guy was innocent of the initial crime he was in jail for; hasn’t seen or read every other news story or script that follows the same path, no creativity or imagination—again simply cut and paste.

There must be an inherent tediousness that comes with a series that’s been on the air for more than five years. The writers need this break to rejuvenate the senses and get the creative juices flowing and to view reruns from seasons 3 and 4. I’m sure A&E or ION will be hosting a CM marathon where they can catch some of the best written episodes of the series. The episodes this year have been somewhat disappointing; and the focus, redundant partnering, replicate casting, contrived storylines is serving to make this series run-of-the-mill, and in some cases, just plain awful. Message to the writers/producers, you have more people on this team other than Morgan and Garcia—note to the file, Emily Prentiss should have be feature at least once in this 10 episode stretch. And as for Hotch, he deserved better than Devil’s Night.

And if there’s ever another bright idea to not show a character, it should never be Hotch, ever!! We’ve had two bad episodes in a row. Simon Mirren said they would shave a few points off American Idol’s ratings. I don’t see that happening until CM enhances the quality of the writing and give the audience what it wants. So far, the writing and the changes are degrading the brand.

Anonymous said...

The episode has a few things working against it before it started. A bad script..and what happened there? Messer usually can be counted on for a really good script. Then having a press release lead us to believe that Hotch and Jack are going to have a moment when they aren't even going to be in the episode. Two strikes before I even sat down to watch the episode.

Lots of discussion about which is the best character going on in this thread. We all have our favorites and mine is Prentiss but an entire episode without Hotch in it just seems wrong. Would I feel that way if it was one of the other characters?...not sure and I don't know why. I think in every show there is that main character that sorta holds the show up. The glue. I don't think that character has to be your favorite. They just have to be there and last night I knew Hotch was missing.

All of our actors are great but none of them could have fixed this script. Maybe Thomas G. lucked out not being in it.

I hope Erica Messer knows we all admire her greatly. One bad episode doesn't change that. She just missed it last night. She'll bounce back.

Anonymous said...

I love Morgan and Garcia banter and Derek has always been my favorite character and I adore Shemar. The man is a god who oozes talent and has a smile that could make a nun melt but I didn't like Thomas Gibson not being in last night's episode. It felt weird and I didn't like it one bit.

I understand from earlier comments that Thomas Gibson was away at a golf thingy when they filmed this episode. That doesn't seem right. He has a responsibility to the show and he should have been in the episode. He should be in all the episodes as I am sure his contract must spell out. Ed should never have let him have the time off. Sorry if this offends the Gibson lovers but he should be in every episode and not on a golf course.

Unlike most of you I didn't find the episode to be that bad. It was predictable at times and unbelievable at other times but someone compared it to HAT and well nothing could be as bad as HAT.

How would they ever make an episode as bad as HAT was? Kill kittens and puppies in an orphanage for 44 minutes?

corrine said...

Fire AJ, Slap around and fire Paget, add a new actress nobody wants and then have an episode without Thomas.

CBS amazes me!

Hey Patinkinbabe, maybe killing kittens is next. They obviously think we'll watch anything!

Anonymous said...

Time to bring Ed back from the freakin spin off to fix the mother show. Too soon in the season for bad episodes and missing actors. I am a Hotch sister and proud of it.

Anonymous said...

This episode was a total joke, no Hotch & everything fell apart, I do hope that the Seaver character wraps up after her 3 episode arc .. so totally doesn’t work nothing against RN but the character just doesn’t work. I’m sure the FBI and BAU must be cringing at the turn that CM has taken recently, particularly given their association with the show in the past.

The last two episodes have been terrible, this was so totally not CM, I cringed when I saw Morgan and team parade into the politician's house. Everything about this episode was so wrong, didn’t like it one single bit, another one never to watch again.

I love all the regular characters on the show and they all have they specific ‘talent’ that adds to the dynamic but this is not working in season 6, everything is off, character dynamic and the entire show seems to have fallen off the rails. Can we please have Hotch back leading his team.

Hotch’s comments to JJ are haunting me and so ominous now “you are going to be much better off than any of us you know that” I miss AJ/JJ and okay that is all done with now, but adding the Seaver character is most definitely not the answer. The rest of the cast/characters have so much to add to this show and there is so much that can be done with back-stories, keep Paget and get this show back on the road, it’s a train wreck at the moment.

What has come of CM and where has it gone?? As so many above have said can we please have the CM we know and love back please.

ps: why credit the little chap and then not have Daddy & Buddy appear what was with that?

Dawn said...


To be fair to Ed and TG, it is FANS speculation that Thomas was away for a golf thing. TG been away for golf things before and he never missed an entire episode. My guess, it was a writer choice to write Hotch out. Maybe to set his secret up? We know something must be very wrong when Hotch miss work. But to avoid the fans dissapointment at missing Hotch, the writer could have include a scene at the start where we see Hotch talk to Rossi, telling him he would not be going to work on that day.

That said, I didn't dislike the episode, sure it was weak, the ending was very soapish( don't think this is a word!), still not sold on Seaver(but I don't dislike the character) but at least Prentiss had SOMETHING to do. Strauss was her evil self ( love the character, great actress), Morgan was okay but like everyone else I missed Hotch alot. Miss Reid too.

Good thing, looks like the next one will be a Reid episode and Hotch is in the promo pictures too, yay! can't wait!

Anonymous said...

The blood on Prentiss's hands means something. They held the camera shot way too long for it not be important. Maybe it tells us something about how they write off Prentiss.

Crashing the party and not getting a warrant were just two of Morgan's mistakes. He isn't stupid and doing those things makes the evidence collected not able to be used in a courtroom. Why did they dummy down Morgan. He is a pro and he knows better.

Bad, bad...BAD!

We deserved better and the characters deserved better last night deserved better. And no Hotch!

Anonymous said...


Why would a writer decide to not write in one of the two lead actors in an episode? Not buying that. That would be utterly stupid and the writer has been with the show since the beginning. She certainly knows how popular Hotch is. If they are setting up his secret then they should have done it a different way.


lettie said...

They have already gotten rid of my two favorite characters/actors. One more goes and so do I. I don't like this revolving cast member thing we are riding.

Lets start a third spin off with all the gone cast members: Lola, Mandy, AJ and soon Paget. Add one more to the list and I give up. One more episode wihtout Thomas in it and I give up.

kat887 said...

Happy Holidays!

Bthomas said...

I am not gnashing my teeth over Thomas Gibson not being in this episode. He may have had other obligations and, if the show is going to attempt to cling to any remaining shreds of credibility, an in-character Hotch would never have okayed Morgan's behavior tonight.

It started out promising...always good when the case of the week is something besides young women raped and murdered. It was fun for the audience to guess if Kyle Secor was sincere or if Morgan was being played.

When Secor's character immediately sought out and killed a guy though, my mind immediately jumped to "The Fugitive" and I could not figure out why the team took even five minutes to reach that same conclusion. Guy protests innocence for 25 years, immediately upon release seeks out specific person and kills him...um yeah, he's going after the guy who really killed his family.

So that was wobbly, but then with the discovery of the videotape of the crime, we began a quick descent into Ridiculous Town.

Why is there a clip of a home movie on the video tape? Are we to assume the killer stole a videotape from the house and taped over? Okay, then why does the killer's portion of the tape begin OUTSIDE the house? If they are outside the house, they haven't been inside to steal the tape.

Obviously the writers wanted us (and Kyle) to see his happy family, but what a lazy way to bring that about.

How they came up with the businessman/congressional candidates name was bizarre. They basically plucked the name out of thin air. "Businessmen are often ruthless, like killers. Let's get a list of businessmen in the DC area. Oh look, here's one with the same last name as a family that once owned Kyle Secor's house. Obviously, this man is the real killer!!"

That's an epic leap of logic. Oh and just what "Congress" was that guy running for anyway, because DC has no seat in the US Congress.

Also, Reid the genius profiler declares that anyone who kills three people is "officially a serial killer"? Really? That's the sole diagnostic criteria? Because killing two people and then twenty years later killing one of your co-conspirators to keep them from going to the cops just doesn't strike ME as a serial killer, but then I am not the genius Dr. Reid.

The scene with the team crashing the party, Morgan delivering the slow clap - OMFG a SLOW CLAP?!?!

Seriously? A SLOW CLAP? That is the lamest of all lame TV tropes.

Anyway, the slow clap, the confrontation of the accused, the accused losing his temper - that was the absolute crappiest piece of writing I have ever seen on any TV show ever and I watching CSI Miami so that is really saying something.

How did so many people read that scene and think "yeah, this makes sense. This is totally what law enforcement would do in this situation!" It was a joke. CM is becoming a joke altogether.

I don't know what the function of Ashely Seaver is supposed to be. I have no hostility toward the new girl, I just don't understand her function on the show. She said nothing this episode that couldn't have been said by another character. I could understand a "trainee" character, but she's not asking questions or learning anything, she's in there profiling with the rest of the team.

If this was supposed to be the 2nd episode of her "arc" then her arc isn't going anywhere because her character made no progress at all. Which of course makes me think she was always intended to be a new regular and the whole "arc" thing was to placate the fans.

Bottom line - this episode STANK. Don't lament that Hotch wasn't there, be glad TG wasn't a part of this dreck.

Anonymous said...

^Amen to that!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm not a math genius but let's do some anyway. The Ryder Cup was the last week in Sept. That was the same week of JJ epi and RN was announced for three week arc. Therefore, TG being at the Ryder could not account for his absence. Therefore, it was a total and blatant lie by the entire production staff about Cade Owens being in this epi. And you watch, like last season, they will totally forget that Jack is around and Hotch is a single father. We will not get another chance to see this dynamic. And please, this is not a Morgan/Shemar not like rant. This is trying to send a message to the production staff that they totally and absolutely screwed the fans of this show. And this time, there is no Nina Tassler to blame. This is all on Ed, Erica, Breen and Simon.

Anonymous said...

To all three posters above, couldn't agree more.

Bthomas, I couldn't have said it better myself, 100% with you .. this episode just STANK ... so BAD.

Vali said...

At least DM can laugh. I can't. I'm sad to what I have been observing since the beginning of the new season. The characters feel "out of tune." Neither one of them seems to give his/her best (including Moore). The writing makes them appear unbelievable or somehow disconnected. AJ's departure and the announcement of Paget leaving surely haven't helped. I have always considered both "key characters" of the show. Moore's character used to be one of my favorite. Loved his passion in Profiler Profiled. That was an awesome episode. Honestly all of my favorite episodes are older episodes. Can't include any of the new ones since "100," which was incredible. Well acted by ALL. Now it has become more and more apparent that the attention & focus has been taken of the mother-show to somehow save a poorly introduced spin-off (sorry for harsh words). I am asking, is it worth it? The spin-off left a bad taste in many fans. The original CM is widely loved. Is it a good idea to let it slide? Once you've lost the fans its hard to get them back.

Producers, writers, actors & support staff have shown multiple times that they all have great talents. I appreciate them greatly and hope things will improve/get back to "normal" soon.

Wishing all a happy holidays!

Unknown said...

^Ditto to Vali's comment

laura said...

You know what, I'm gonna give this episode a chance. See you all in 45 min.

Anonymous said...

I think many Morgan lovers are misunderstanding the angst many of us have over Hotch not being in the episode. It is nothing against Morgan who is wonderful but an episode without Hotch just isn't right. He is the anchor for the team and like him or not Thomas Gibson has always been the anchor for the show itself and that doesn't take anything away from the other actors and actresses. They are all incredible. Except the newbie who desperately needs her walking papers

julia k. said...

CM is starting to remind me of Law and Order. Actors here today and gone tomorrow. I didn't like it on that show and I like it less on CM.

Ed, the show needs help. This season isn't going well. Last night was horrible. Bad writing and TG missing but in the credits. Please leave the spin off and come back to CM full time.

Anonymous said...

we havent had a Prentiss-centered episode since season 4! What a slap in the face to the actor, character, and the fans of the show!

She's brought so much to the show, being the sweet, compassionate, yet badass FBI agent and she has like what 3 or MAYBE 4 episodes left?! Give me a break and show some respect to her and the fans!

And Seaver?! I don't dislike the actress and I do not blame her for AJ's departure. But another blond hair blue eyed chick? come on.

She's not even an actual Special Agent yet, let alone a Supervisory Special Agent. She's a CADET! We aren't stupid CBS!

Anonymous said...

DM, you started the bashing, period!

I'm not complaining about Shemar Moore's acting, even if he does appear to be reading as script sometimes. I'm complaining about his overuse both this season and last. And for those who keep saying he's finally getting focus; they haven't been watching season 5 or 6. He's had more to do than all of the other actors, that includes both Hotch and Reid. It's simply Hotch's/TG's performances are more memorable.

And the writers/producers are simply cheating Paget/Prentiss. It is truly sad, if this is in fact her last season, to be undermining her character and giving her the short shrift the way they have. And for someone as talented as she is, the treatment is destestable.

It's really getting hard to sit through an entire episode. And yes, I too believe the quality is suffering because of all the focus on the spinoff. I distinctly remember Ed saying that he and the CM team have nothing to do with the spinoff; well that all changed and it's definitely showing in the original.

Everybody can't be a showrunner. And now that's painfully clear. It's unfair for CM to have to suffer to ensure that the spinoff is a success. Well, I for one, will not watch the spinoff.

And if there's another Morgan-centered episode, I may give up on the original. Too much Shemar/Morgan, is not good for CM. He's not TG/Hotch and he's definitely no Denzel; and I'm sorry, but there is a serious distinction in the acting.

sf81387 said...

It was an okay episode, not great, but not horrible either. It didn't really feel like an episode of Criminal Minds though. It felt more like an episode of Law & Order or some other random detective crime procedural. I think it would've been more interesting if they would've had Morgan actually wrong in his decision and they'd spent the episode profiling an actual psycho and trying to catch him before he killed anymore people. To have a killer who was so good at hiding his true self he managed to manipulate a seasoned FBI profiler would've been a much more interesting premise and would've been a good test for Morgan. As it was, it was just the standard, profiling god who doesn't make mistakes who was going go clear an innocent man. Kind of boring. I'd give the episode a C-.

Amy Stall said...

I waited until this morning before posting to see if after a good night sleep I would feel better about last night episode, sadly, no. Bad writing, I mean the ending made HAT look great! That took some doing! again, a Morgan focused episode, not that I do not like Morgan but we have seen enough of him this season. Why not focus on Reid, Hotch, Prentiss and Rossi for a change?

As for the quality in writing being somewhat off, obviously what is happening to CM happen to CSI and NCIS, both shows got spin off and went downhill. Too much attention spen on the brand new show, the mother show gets to suffer. A reminder to Ed and CBS, WITHOUT CM there will be no spin off. If I am not happy with what is going on with CM, I sure will not have any desire to watch the spin of. As things stands, I am not going to watch the spin off. So much has dissapointed me this season, AJ leaving, we may lose Paget, too much focus on Morgan, Reid having no storylines since season 4, press release saying Cade Owen AND Thomas Gibson would be in the episode but they were not, all this makes this CM fan unhappy.

Please, CBS, Ed, Erica and Simon, if you still care about CM, listen to fans and make some adjustments before it is too late.



Anonymous said...

Here's my question: We all read the article months ago when it was announced that Chris Mundy was fired and Ed was taking over the spin. That article and I wish I could find the link said that Simon Mirren and Erica Messer would be running the day to day things to give Ed time on the spin. So is it Simon and Erica we blame for the mess the show is in or CBS for pulling Ed?

And my next quesion is: Why post a press release that says we are going to have Jack and Hotch on the show when they clearly weren't unless I blinked and missed it?

I love Morgan but he can't and didn't carry last night's episode. It was boring and HAT worthy at best.

pissed off fan said...

No JJ, little Reid, Prentiss is a dead woman walking and Hotch was totally missing.

LOVE Morgan and LOVE Rossi but last night was pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I was asked to do a recap for last night's episode. I am not going to do it. What would I say. Totally unbelievable episode of Criminal Minds last night with Thomas Gibson missing in action.

Okay, there's my recap. Sorry Jill. I won't recap an episode void of Hotch.

Romy Skye said...

OMG! This episode was AWFUL!!! I really disliked it and was frankly bored! The start where it's just Morgan and that doctor guy was snooze worthy and the lack of team interaction was quite sad. It was not like the other CM episodes.

I'm a little upset that they aren't using this time fo focus on Paget and bring out Prentiss' story or give her screen time. But, I do speak as a hardcore Paget fan.

This episode was disappointing. And Seaver does nothing to add to the story line. She could have had the part in just one episode.

I feel bad writing this, because I absolutely ADORE the show and I hate to see what's happening to it now.

Anonymous said...

Shemar did a great job with what he had to work with which wasn't much. It was the script that sucked.

Anonymous said...

cmbigfan said...
Shemar did a great job with what he had to work with which wasn't much. It was the script that sucked.

cmbigfan, I agree. The script wasn't exactly the best they ever wrote. Not even close.

gubegirl said...

I'm sorry to say this one was a disappointment for me. I kept rewinding at the commercials to see if I was missing something, but, no, it was just mediocre.

The postitive: Kyle Secor was wonderful - I enjoyed his performance very much altho' I never did quite get the whole thing between the now-politician, the former grocery clerk-delivery boy and the Kyle. Don't know if I can make myself sit thru it again so if any of you want to spell it out for me, that would be great.

Then there's Seaver. How is it that a new cadet is jumping in there, volunteering more facts than our team members? How is it that the rest don't bat an eye at any of her contributions - no curiosity, no expression at all, really, as you might respond to a new person; they are accepting her, acting like she is at their level and has been there all along. Strange, I think. I think the writers are forcing this a little much, maybe in their haste to incorporate her into the group?

Missed Hotch abit but Morgan is good, I like Morgan and he tries in a very normal and natural fashion to rise to the position when called upon. Even him catching himself when addressing Garcia as "Baby Girl" - that was cute. And he looks so damn good in a button-down. M'm'm'm. Him bursting into the politician's place - well, now that was just the MO of the BAU. That felt out of place if not a huge bluff that wended up working out in their facor but could have gone the other way. What do you think?

Reid was barely there. Not in any way, plus his case of bed-head was a little over the top - I think he forgot to smooth his mop while doing his tie that morning. Left his Encyclopedic brain at home also. Must have had a late nite gig the nite before:) Sorry, Sweetness, you know I love you!

And I didn't get the significance of the blood on Prentiss' hands and the ensuing gaze of Morgan - I think it was Morgan - pls do not make me go back and watch - why did we need to see this?

Oh, one more positive: Strauss. As much as I love to hate her, she is so damn good, I always love seeing her. She actually has come to grow on me and I think she does a great job as the big mean boss.

Back to Seaver: I would be keeping quiet at the start of my employment unless I had a question or two, and soaking up all their knowledge like a sponge. I'm not sure where her knowledge comes from. She was pretty comfortable participating with them - too much so and it did not feel right.

And at least twice, I did a double take at her appearance: they would pan to her, I would think it was JJ, then she would speak and I would be, "Damn!" Enuf of that.

Only made it half way thru the posts so if any of you have already commented or my questions answered here, I will catch them later...


gubegirl said...

I'm sorry to say this one was a disappointment for me. I kept rewinding at the commercials to see if I was missing something, but, no, it was just mediocre.

The postitive: Kyle Secor was wonderful - I enjoyed his performance very much altho' I never did quite get the whole thing between the now-politician, the former grocery clerk-delivery boy and the Kyle. Don't know if I can make myself sit thru it again so if any of you want to spell it out for me, that would be great.

Then there's Seaver. How is it that a new cadet is jumping in there, volunteering more facts than our team members? How is it that the rest don't bat an eye at any of her contributions - no curiosity, no expression at all, really, as you might respond to a new person; they are accepting her, acting like she is at their level and has been there all along. Strange, I think. I think the writers are forcing this a little much, maybe in their haste to incorporate her into the group?

Missed Hotch abit but Morgan is good, I like Morgan and he tries in a very normal and natural fashion to rise to the position when called upon. Even him catching himself when addressing Garcia as "Baby Girl" - that was cute. And he looks so damn good in a button-down. M'm'm'm. Him bursting into the politician's place - well, now that was just the MO of the BAU. That felt out of place if not a huge bluff that wended up working out in their facor but could have gone the other way. What do you think?

Reid was barely there. Not in any way, plus his case of bed-head was a little over the top - I think he forgot to smooth his mop while doing his tie that morning. Left his Encyclopedic brain at home also. Must have had a late nite gig the nite before:) Sorry, Sweetness, you know I love you!

And I didn't get the significance of the blood on Prentiss' hands and the ensuing gaze of Morgan - I think it was Morgan - pls do not make me go back and watch - why did we need to see this?

Oh, one more positive: Strauss. As much as I love to hate her, she is so damn good, I always love seeing her. She actually has come to grow on me and I think she does a great job as the big mean boss.

Back to Seaver: I would be keeping quiet at the start of my employment unless I had a question or two, and soaking up all their knowledge like a sponge. I'm not sure where her knowledge comes from. She was pretty comfortable participating with them - too much so and it did not feel right.

And at least twice, I did a double take at her appearance: they would pan to her, I would think it was JJ, then she would speak and I would be, "Damn!" Enuf of that.

Only made it half way thru the posts so if any of you have already commented or my questions answered here, I will catch them later...


Anonymous said...

"So much has dissapointed me this season, AJ leaving, we may lose Paget, too much focus on Morgan, Reid having no storylines since season 4, press release saying Cade Owen AND Thomas Gibson would be in the episode but they were not, all this makes this CM fan unhappy."

Yup, same here for me. I only got into CM last Spring and then mainlined all past seasons. I LOVED S1-4 but last season and now this season have me bitterly missing the awesomeness of the first 4.
There's been no Reid episode in like forever (I've been told there's a Reid episode coming up but I'll wait and see before I get too excited, I hardly dare believe it will happen nowadays) Prentiss has also been getting nothing, there's so much focus on Morgan (which wouldn't bother me so much if we were getting the Morgan of S1-4 but the Morgan we have these days is, for me anyway, not a patch on the Morgan of old. I miss the old Morgan and I miss his interaction with Reid) and this new Seaver character makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me. Sadly, there's something rotten in the state of CM these days. If only the old writers like Andrew Wilder and Chris Mundy could come back and get the show back to it's best again.

gubegirl said...

Gubegirl here: Sorry about the double post - hit publish once only, honest!

But I want to clarify about Morgan's bursting in incident: I meant to say that this was NOT the usual MO for the BAU.

Sorry, my fingers are going faster than my brain this AM.

Have a good one everyone.

kat887 said...

To harrie down,
CBS has posted inaccurate press releases on CM episodes before. (They've even posted two press releases claiming two different rerun episodes for the same night.) Nothing new. Perhaps the release was based on the original script, cut scenes, etc.

Clara said...

I don't know what happened to my favorite show. Everything feels rushed, the scripts feel just thrown out there and the attention to detail that used to be a CM trademark is gone. So I ask the writers, what happened to CM? Is it the arrogance of believing that you are just that good that no matter what you write and no matter how much/little time and effort you put into it, it will just be great? If so, think again. This isn't the best you can do CM writers!

CM has slipped on a slope of predictability and cliches. You dropped the ball. And the sad thing is that it's not just this episode, and that makes it even more alarming. Last night's episode was predictable from start to finish. There is so much effort to get us to like the cadet and prove she is capable and just fits into the team that it's just forced and it doesn't work.

Sometimes you just try too hard and it backfires. The CM writers are trying too hard right now.
The story of Hotch not being present AT ALL in the episode is just ridiculous. Thomas may have had other engagements, but surely they could have found the time to squeeze in the filming of a 30 second scene either before or after those engagements. If you really want something you can find a way to achieve it. I sincerely hope this wasn't an experiment to see how CM would do without Hotch. If it was, then let me tell you that it flopped. An episode without Hotch just isn't a CM episode.
Poorly, poorly written. As other fan have said it before me, since the efforts began to be spread between two shows instead of one, the quality of CM has severely dropped. It dropped to the point where I forget it's CM night. Where a year ago Wednesday would have a big red mark on it, now I can barely remember CM will be on. Add me to the list of unhappy fans.

Anonymous said...

Can Thomas Gibson have a day off? It was one episode, and I'm pretty sure the man has a life outside of the show. Ca we please try and get pass him not being here this one time? PLEASE???

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to diss any character or actor...everybody has their favorite(s) and reasons why they like or dislike them.

I think the main problem that most people seem to agree on (with last night's episode as well as this season) is the poor writing. Like someone said, you can go back to earlier seasons and notice the quality difference. The character development is not there, and they are not executing the storylines like they used to. Hopefully they can correct that.

Along those lines too...that is why I don't like the Ashley Seaver character. I just don't find her storylines plausible/believable.

That's just my $.02.

Anonymous said...

This hostile reaction to the new girl is so OTT if you ask me. I'm with a lot of people who wish JJ had never gone :( but she has and she isn't coming back, so I'm gonna give Seaver a chance! And so far, I think she has does a pretty decent job.

It seems as tho she's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't! Last week she was a little over emotional (which I think was understandable given the case she was working on and her having to face up to her demons etc) and she got slayed for not being able to cut it and not doing any useful profiling. And this week she tried to fit into the team, made a few sensible, inciteful comments,and then gets slayed for being too profilery and too bland! LOL

Cindy said...

@ Anonymous In certain respects I think you are right in that some people are having an issue with the Seaver character because they miss JJ. But I think that Clara hit it on the head when she said:

"CM has slipped on a slope of predictability and cliches. You dropped the ball. And the sad thing is that it's not just this episode, and that makes it even more alarming. Last night's episode was predictable from start to finish. There is so much effort to get us to like the cadet and prove she is capable and just fits into the team that it's just forced and it doesn't work."

I don't think it is correct to lump everyone in the same boat with regard to the reasons they do not like the Seaver character. Do I miss JJ? Yes, I do, but unfortunately what is done is done and I was open to giving the new character a chance. However, what I have seen so far has been less than impressive for a show at the level (or should I say that was at the level) of Criminal Minds.

Kirsten said...

Even leaving time to come down from my fuming over yet another exceptionally disappointing episode hasn't lessened my anger. This will be repetitive b/c its obvious that a lot of fans are (legitimately) concerned over the direction our once-prized show is taking. Do none of the CM writers give a darn any more? Two brutal episodes back-to-back and by writers who should do better. Season6 has seemed completely disjointed and characters OOC and continuity sadly absent.

If this was a test of how CM would do without Hotch, then it blew chunks. I don't mind character-centric episodes, even if they are not for my fave Hotch, but to do so at the total exclusion of your anchor is ludicrous. Note to tptb: Hotch goes, I go. I was so looking forward to Jack/Hotch scenes, especially as an underlying theme was fathers/sons but no, ripped off again. I suppose I should be grateful they were even mentioned. Gee, thanks!

I agree with others that I find it hard to find a great epi since '100' and when I watch reruns, they tend to come from S3, 4 or first half S5. Sorry, I may like all the characters, but some are just not strong enough to carry the show. We need Hotch, Prentiss & Reid.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel to find something positive to say about last night's epi but its difficult. I guess I liked the interaction between Rossi and Strauss and his continued lack of respect for her. Also liked some more screentime for Emily, although she didn't get to really DO anything.

But the new Seaver character can go. Why is she still there? Seriously... we never had that explained. Keep Prentiss and let this one go. We do not need a cadet in the BAU. It doesn't make sense.

Ed, please come back and sort your show out before its too late.

and I'm one of those who will NOT watch the spinoff. Period. I really hope the second half of the season improves my mood, or I'll be done with the show and that just makes me very sad.

Elisabeth R. said...

@glubergirl, I'm right there with you concerning Seaver.
I was afraid the writers would try to build her up as a profiler out of nowhere.
She's not a profiler yet, granted, but she certainly contributed to the profile, which does not make one bit of sense.

She doesn't have any experience (even Reid was with the team for about one or two years before the show started).

The writers didn't try to explain how she could contribute to the profile. They just made her do it, point.

I would have preferred her to stay on the background, trying to listen, ask question and learn.
At some point she seemed like a team member already...

MKT said...

I'm so worried about my favorite show, especially after last night, which was diabolical. First we lose JJ, now maybe Prentiss and if last night is any hint, Hotch. If this happens, then I'm through. I don't know who to blame: CBS, uncaring writers... but the ship needs to right itself and in a hurry. Don't think that fans will just give up and move over to the spinoff. We have seen what it has done to our show and we are not stupid.

Please, I implore CBS and the writers to buck up. Leave our cast intact, meaning with Prentiss and Hotch and without Seaver. Spread the love. Figure out that CM MUST include the Unit Chief. Give the cast some meaty, quality material. Bring back the fun, not the current state where I'm spending more time cringing than enjoying. PLEEEEEEEASE.

Clara said...

To anonymous, no we can't get past that. Hotch-less CM is absolutely unacceptable.

We've never had an episode where a cast member was totally absent and I believe it could have been avoided this time too. The show doesn't work without all its cast. Matthew and Shemar were injured and they were still a part of the show. Reduced capacity, but not completely absent. You can find ways around that if you really want. I hope this isn't a case where they didn't really want to find that solution.

@Cindy I'm not trying to lump everyone in the same category as to why they don't like Seaver. I'm sorry if it came across that way. I'm just saying that the writer's strategy seems to be making her overly confident, overly competent and fit in the team perfectly. Which is unrealistic in such a short time and for such a new character. When someone tries too hard to push something in my face and make it look too good to be true, my reaction is the complete opposite.

Cindy said...

@ Clara, that comment wasn't directed at you, but to the anonymous commenter a few comments after you. I totally agree with what you wrote in your comments. Sorry if I wasn't clear about that.

Cindy said...

@ Clara, my comments weren't toward you, butt rather to the anonymous commenter who commented a few people below from you. I totally agree with what you have written. Sorry if there was some confusion about that.

Anonymous said...

The reason I love this show in the first place was beacuse it wasn't about love drama. It was about profiling. Remember back in seasons 1 and 2? They spent more time profiling then looking good! That is why CM was such a hit! Please please please go back to that style of writing. And this blonde chick.... Argh drop her! I'm afraid I will not be watching anymore. As much as it kills me... theres no pazazz anymore... :(

Anonymous said...

In reply to Clara's .....

"I'm just saying that the writer's strategy seems to be making her overly confident, overly competent and fit in the team perfectly. Which is unrealistic in such a short time and for such a new character. When someone tries too hard to push something in my face and make it look too good to be true, my reaction is the complete opposite. "

I agree that the writers haven't done the best job with introducing Seaver, but again, like i said before, she's damned if she doesn't and she's damned if she does. I thought she was way more realistic week 1 when she showed her lack of experience, arsed up and showed that she still has a lot to learn, but that just resulted in everyone being all "how stupid IS this person!!" I kind of liked that inexperience and fresh-faced approach for a change - it was smtg different on the show.

I actually had more problems with her characterisation this week - the writers just portrayed her as if she was an established member of the profiling team, which just seemed realistic considering she is really only there to listen and learn.

Anonymous said...

Clara said...
To anonymous, no we can't get past that. Hotch-less CM is absolutely unacceptable.

We've never had an episode where a cast member was totally absent and I believe it could have been avoided this time too. The show doesn't work without all its cast. Matthew and Shemar were injured and they were still a part of the show. Reduced capacity, but not completely absent. You can find ways around that if you really want. I hope this isn't a case where they didn't really want to find that solution.

Perhaps maybe, just maybe, Thomas Gibson wanted to take a few days or a week off? I seriously doubt the show's executives didn't want him around for this one. It was ONE episode. RELAX GUYS!!!!! The show wasn't bad because he wasn't here, it was bad because it was poorly written.

Actually, it was that bad.

DM said...

The cowardis of this blog owner to go through, delete my posts and MY POST ONLY, is astounding.

This blog, and fans like you are one of the many reasons I hope this show eventually fails.

They're losing their mojo as far as it concerns, and I'd rather it die altogether than for you morons to continue to get what you want, which is for it to continue being the "Thomas Gibson Show" like it has been the last 4 and a half seasons.

Other people like Shemar get a chance to have some off the spotlight on a show that they have been apart of since the beginning, and the hate mongering bitches come out of the woodwork, and are liek "Morgan has been used too much."

No he hasn't, and if they shove him to the back of the line again to put more unnecessary spotlight on Hotch or Reid, screw Criminal Minds, I'm done.

Maybe they should do a spin off or another show with Shemar as the showrunner.

I bet you ANY amount of money it would succeed because Shemar has what it takes to pull it off, and your blind hatred is moronic.

Shemar saying the words "baby girl" alone are more interesting than ANYTHING that Hotch or Reid does.


*waits for this comment to be deleted too.*

f***ing freedom of speech trampling cowards.

This crap is such a double standard, and I hope this blog fails, and I hope the show does if you bitches get your way.

This is my last post, do what you want. I'm going to spread the word about this blog, and tell people just how awful it is, and I've already got a small backing of individuals who agree with me.

Cara Lynn said...

What the heck, I'll add my two cents on "Agent" Seaver, as well- for whatever they may be worth.

I came into last week's episode with an open mind, hoping for the sake of the show that the new character would, at the very least, be watchable. Her storyline and background were intriguing, if not rather unbelievable, and the plot was CM's usual brilliance. That said, I was extremely disappointed by the end result.

Rachel Nichols' performance was sub-par, at best, and the character wound up being one of the cheesiest I've seen on television in a long time. When she wasn't spouting off corny lines about her father, she was either pouting, staring wide-eyed into the distance, or crying. JJ and Reid combined haven't shed as many tears throughout the series as she did in one episode- and those two have had a lot to cry about, over the years. I found myself extremely glad when the episode ended, which is sad and disappointing; Criminal Minds is my favorite show, one of the few things I really look forward to in the week, and one character shouldn't make me impatient to end what would otherwise have been an otherwise great episode.

Despite my instant dislike, however, I decided that I would come into this week with the same mindset as before. I wasn't Rossi's biggest fan in the beginning, either, but he grew on me. Why shouldn't I give Seaver a second chance? After '25 To Life' I can answer that easily: She doesn't deserve it.

Ashley Seaver is blonde, bland, and boring. We got less screen time for the rest of the characters who could have all had some really great moments so that she could throw out meaningless observations I found I couldn't be bothered to pay attention to. She was as dull, cheesy, and talentless as her first episode- not a good sign. Even worse? I have never liked Shemar Moore's acting- I have no problem with the character, he's interesting and provides a great foil for everyone else, even if he gets to be rather over-the-top at times- but aside from the ridiculous and at best implausible confrontation with the UnSub, it was actually a good night for him. I didn't find myself rolling my eyes at Morgan (Moore) nearly as often as usual, and though there were a lot of jokes at his expense in this household, he really did quite well. For me to actually believe a periphery character, (which was really everyone but Morgan in this instance,) bogged the show down so much in a Morgan-centric episode when I would generally be shouting at the TV to make him go away says quite a bit about how painful it is to watch Nichols lazily slog her way through even the simplest dialogue.

Please, PLEASE, CBS- don't do this to a show that otherwise still has so much to give. The only thing bringing down the quality of this show is the pretty face you seem to feel so necessary to thrust upon us, needed on the show or no. I may miss JJ, and find it appalling that you could even consider forcing out Emily next year, but aside from these past two weeks, CM hadn't suffered after AJ's departure. Just as good as ever, even, and I hadn't thought that possible. Looks like you were aiming to disappoint all along, but just needed an actress to thrust the blame on. That's the only feasible explanation I can come up with.

Ranting aside, (though that really did feel good,) I can't help but point out that even if the character weren't so obnoxious, corny, bland, and useless, it is still impossible to like her addition to the team. Seaver is only a cadet, and so far as we the viewers know, she has no training whatsoever in profiling. She's the daughter of a serial killer, and that's it. She'd never make it into the BAU, period. You can't fudge that fact. All of the characters have said it at least once, so don't treat us like we're ignorant. TV or no, she's not qualified in any universe. Give us a little credit.

Cara Lynn said...

On an unrelated note, to all those worried about Reid's upcoming illness related storyline: I very much doubt there's anything to worry about. He's not leaving, especially not after the upset over AJ and Paget. In all likelihood, he will become physically ill, and it will be resolved. My guess? A severe ulcer or other such gastrointestinal troubles that force Reid to stop eating, resulting in all the nasty effects that come with dangerously low blood sugar and malnutrition. It would explain his behavior thus far this season, and the spoilers you've all been discussing concerning his symptoms. But hey- that's just me.

Bottom line, he's not going anywhere. Those at CBS have made it clear through their actions that they believe removing any of the male cast would be suicide, and we all know how well loved Reid's character is among the fans. Thus, the issue cannot nor will it not be anything that would force his removal. Cheer up, people!

Anonymous said...

Yowza! The Ed Bernero chat on Monday night should be interesting. Hope he remembers to wear his cyber Kevlar.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm in the minority as I quite liked last nights episode. I'm a bit surprised about that since while I really do like the character of Morgan I don't seem to enjoy Morgan-centric episodes that much. I was also surprised that there was no Hotch, not even his voice while on the phone with Rossi, but I must say that I really didn't mind his absence as long as it's just a one off thing. I thought the team did fine without him. I found J.J's absence a lot more jarring due to tech goddess Garcia presenting the cases. I"m glad that has not happened in the last 2 episodes. I much as I miss J.J I do like Seaver and am looking forward to her appearances next season.


Anonymous said...

See what happen Hotch when you take some time off; Morgan accuses a Congressman of being a serial killer, and gathers physical evidence without a warrant. Nice job for a guy who was suppose to be so good he could run the NY office.

I was angry that Thomas Gibson was MIA but he was the lucky one! Unlike poor Shemar who had to try to make something out of this mess.

To say I was dissapointed with Erica's writing would be mild, too bad, up until now she did a great job but everyone's entitle to a bad day/script. Hope the next one will be better.


Anonymous said...

Why no Hotch!? I would much rather see him and the other main characters rather than a new female cast member, who CBS had told us earlier they would not be adding as a regular!

Lighten up on Morgan's character. He has been much too serious most of last season and this one. I miss the Morgan/Reid moments.

It would have been nice to have a Christmas episode with the cast interacting and even having a little fun, and show Hotch with Jack.

Anonymous said...

I am very happy but somewhat surprised that Criminal Minds has been in the top 10 shows this entire season, sometimes in the top 5. That is phenomenal.
But, for us fans that have seen episodes from the beginning, it has been disappointing. Where are the great storylines, the great cast lines, the smart use of Reid's intelligence and interaction between the team members?
I have watched Seasons 1-4 numerous times, but except for a couple episodes last season and none so far this season, one time is enough. Sad.....and I hope the writing improves.
I hope all the attention is not going to the spin-off and the original being neglected. I don't plan on watching the spin-off.

Anonymous said...

is JJ being replaced by Ashley?? two episodes with her calls for questioning hope CBS tells us soon!!!

Anonymous said...

For me last night's episode was ok. I missed Hotch and I do not like the new charatcer. I can't believe AJ Cook's charcter was replaced by her. I was glad to see more of Prentiss. She is the one charcter that I feel we still don't know a lot about. I love CM but once Paget Brewster is gone I do not know if I will continue watching. I mean there are just some characters in shows that I don't care for and Seaver is one of them. Once they replace Prentiss I just don't know how much I will like the show b/c I already feel it lacks something now that it had before. I guess I will have to see.

Lucille said...

I really enjoyed last night's episode. Good entertainment. No complaints from me. All characters are welcome to join the party. I think we're being set up for some good epidsodes. All will play out in time.

Lucille said...

A few things I should have added to my post:

1) I seriously doubt Reid is being written off. Not logical because MGG was just sent to Japan to promote CM.

2) As a brain tumor survivor(22 yrs) I'm hoping they go down that road with Reid.

3) Like that Emily will mentor Ashley. Hoping for a interesting mentoring episode from them.

4) That Strass - we need to understand her background. She comes off as hard and uncaring and then ends up supportive.

Anonymous said...

I think many of the people here captured what I am about to say:

1. Last night's episode was predictable and boring (weak writing).

2. Ashley Seaver character is not a good fit for the show- lacks expereince, is bland, stiff and last night displayed many shades of arrogance.

3. Writers are trying to hard to make the audience like the Ashley Seaver character- last week's tactic was the sob story about her dad being a serial killer, this week's ploy was to use Prentiss to make us warm up to Seaver.

4. I don't see any chemistry between her and the team and her role is not one that the show needs, or in my opinion, will benefit from.

Like many of you, I am saddened by the downward spiral of Criminal Minds. Not only did they get rid of a character who had wonderful chemistry with the rest of the team, a character whose role fit in with the rest of the team dynamic, now another strong character is slated to leave the show and what is CBS/Criminal trying to dish up, a rookie cadet. No thanks CBS/Criminal Minds.

Since you are not going to bring back AJ and it seems like Prentiss has one foot out of the door, please send Seaver packing as well and bring someone on who can help revive a once unique show. Heck, in my opinion, if they didn't want to bring AJ back, why did they have to mess around with Paget Brewster (Prentiss) as well. The show, I think, could have had a shot with just Hotch, Rossi, Morgan, Prentiss, Reid and Garcia. Why did they feel the need to rush out and get another actor? And the character of Ashley Seaver to boot.. Epic fail CBS/Criminal Minds, epic fail.

CMfan* said...

Too bad we can't just post happily as we used to in the past. I hope Ed Bernero and his team as well as CBS are taking notes.
As it was mentioned here numerous times: It doesn't make sense to let a successful show fall apart to create something "new." To end a show that had a lot of seasons while it is still well liked makes sense but to fire people who have made the show successful (whether writer or actor) and don't put much effort into the show just doesn't make sense.
The "BAU" may profile that as the behavior of a psychopath ;).

Melanie K. said...

The episode didn't really do much for me. As a cold case, it initially had very little excitement, but that was the perfect chance to develop characters and really delve into the psychological background of the show. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case and I was kind of disappointed. Nothing new came out of this episode.

You know who I would like to learn more about? Prentice. Instead of clumsily pushing Morgan into the head of the BAU, why not develop the other team members and emphasize the complex and multi-faceted world that we all love?

Melanie K. said...

Also, the character of Ashley was not developed at all. She hovered on the edge without any truly useful or interesting input -- an unwise writing tactic for someone so new to the show. If you're trying to incorporate her seamlessly into the team, it'll need a little more work.

Also, last night's episode seemed a little like Law and Order, a show I stopped following long ago due to its boredom and predictability.

babruin said...

Kept waiting for the good Doctor to say an one-armed bandit did it.
Weird take on due process of law when the BAU lets a convicted killer go on a field trip without shackles just because he was deemed a "good guy". Plus to arrest a congressman without real evidence just because Morgan got him to be angry was unbelieveable. We need better writing, not pretty young things as window- dressing, please.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Okay, it is obviously time for me to step in and clarify some of the rules for posting comments on the blog.

1. You can like to dislike an episode and comment your opinion as long as you say why you disliked it.

2. No personal attacks on other people who post their opinions.

3. No vulgar language

4. All comments that attack another poster or a moderator will be deleted by the mod on duty.

Any questions about this then email me.

Anonymous said...

If the writers are smart they will cut the Seaver character, honestly in my opinion, she adds absolutely nothing to the show. And Thomas Gibson was at the Ryder Cup, for the 100th time, since some people can't seem to understand. Seaver seems like she doesn't know what she is doing. Prentiss said something about it being two people, then Seaver says "so we're working with a team". Ummmmm..do you think? And when she asked Reid how Morgan was, how do you think he was? I think they should just cut her at the three episodes she was supposed to do originally because it doesn't seem like she knows what she is doing. She just takes over all the main stars parts, like if you count up how many lines Reid has had on both episodes she came on, it would be like 10, like come one, he is a main star, and she just came on last episode. Liked the episode...wasn't pleased with Seaver....again.

Edem said...

An uneven effort at best.

The goodwill I had for Agent Seaver dissapated; she added nothing to the investigation.

If this is going to be a 'full time' character, she needs to bring something to the team.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have to say this, and especially since Erica Messer hss written some of my favorite episodes, but I thought this episode was worse than HAT. HAT was slow-paced and a bit boring, but at least our team felt like our team in HAT.

If CBS is wondering what CM would be like without Hotch, then last night's episode should tell them what a complete mess it would be. An agent harassing a suspect on no concrete evidence whatsoever, and then arresting him simply for getting angry? The guy's lawyers would have a field day suing the BAU. Strauss should have read Morgan the riot act.

As for Seaver, I was willing to give the new character a chance, even after last week's episode where she acted on emotion rather than using her brain, and even though CM still doesn't feel right without JJ and I miss JJ terribly. However, after last night's episode, it's quite clear that Seaver adds absolutely nothing to the team. Instead she is taking up valuable screen time that would be better spent on learning more about Prentiss before she is forced off the show.

Most of the episodes this season have felt off. Maybe it's because right at the top of every episode, JJ isn't there to get us started? Maybe because there are so many new writers this season? Maybe because Ed B. has another show to run now? Whatever the reason, I'm really not enjoying the episodes very much this season.

Kris said...

This season as a whole has been way off. The sense of family is gone and its CBS that killed it. JJ is gone and severly missed. I think the writer's have forgotten how to write Prentiss which is probably caused by the fact that it appears that the end of her character is quickly approaching. Hotch's absence left the episode so off-kilter that if Thomas Gibson needed a few days off for any reason they should have given everyone else the time off and resumed filming when he returned.

As good as the rest of the cast is, it is the team and cast as a whole cohesive unit that makes this show. We used to have a saying in the Fanatics group...Save One, Save Them All. The Fanatics are smart enough to realize the magic of this show was not in any one individual (including Thomas OR Matthew) but rather it is the 7 of them together that brought our favorite show to life every week. CBS made a huge mistake shaking up this team. They are going to shake up this show right off the air.

So how do they fix it? Well...TPTB need to sign the remaining 5 actors that have worked together for the past 2 1/2 years (Thomas, Matthew, Kirsten, Shemar, and Joe) to contracts for the next few seasons. They need to find a way to remove the knife thrust in her back and convince Paget that she should remain part of this team and that they will not pull this same stunt in another year or so. And they need to bring back AJ to this show. From what I understand, it's not just JJ that is missed from the BAU, it is AJ that is missed from the set. AJ/JJ is a lightness to the darkness that this show is often shadowed in.

TV Guide even put her dismissal on their 2010 Jeer List and this is what they had to say: JEERS to Criminal Minds for cutting one of its most likable costarts AJ Cook aka Jennifer "JJ" Jareau. You'd think a show that's frequently criticized for victimizing attractive young women wouldn't commit such a casting crime.

Amen to that.

Nothing against Rachel Nichols as a person but you cannot just substitute her for AJ and expect the same sense of family to return. She adds nothing to the show and, if anything, she just points out to everyone how badly AJ Cook is missed.

The 7 of them could turn anything the writers presented to us and make it extremely entertaining to watch. That being said, the writing has been very hit and miss the last couple of seasons and needs to be tightened up.

I suppose its naive of me to hope CBS reads this and the other comments and comes to their senses and magically returns CM to the show it once was. I know that it's gone from being a must-see, unplug the phone, leave me alone Wednesday "event", an obsession if you will, to merely a show I watch when I catch up to it. I might watch on Thursday or wait until the weekend when I catch up on other shows. CM isn't what it used to be to me and I'm sure when Paget leaves it will become even less.

Fix it CBS while you still can....Please!

Anonymous said...

This episode was not the best but I don't it was as bad as everyone thinks. It just wasn't upto CM standards.

The team dynamic just isn't there anymore but I think they can still achieve that even with AJ gone. Maybe the new girl can even fit in if it's done right. I think we also felt loss of Hotch's presence on the episode.

Morgan seems too serious lately. What happened to the brotherly relationship him and Reid had. I used to love that. There is barely any interaction between them and when they do have a split second scene together Morgan seems annoyed of him. There is no more playful teasing like in the beginning. Now it's just telling him to be quiet in an annoyed manner.

They developed Reid into such an interesting character but lately they don't utilize him at all. I have no idea because his genius mind can be so helpful in soving cases and it's so interesting to the viewers to see how his mind works. Atleast send him out on the field if he's not solving something brilliantly back at the office. He has a huge fan base and they've cut down his airtime too much. I didn't mind when they innitially did this in season 5 because he got a lot of exposure in S4. It's just been way too long now. They better have a good storyline coming up for him that isn't wrapped up in one episode.

And please, again bring back the Morgan/Reid playful, brotherly relationship!!

Martha said...

Anonymous said "Morgan seems too serious lately. What happened to the brotherly relationship him and Reid had. I used to love that. There is barely any interaction between them and when they do have a split second scene together Morgan seems annoyed of him. There is no more playful teasing like in the beginning. Now it's just telling him to be quiet in an annoyed manner.

And please, again bring back the Morgan/Reid playful, brotherly relationship!!"

^^^Amen to all of this. The brotherly relationship between Morgan and Reid is what got me helplessly addicted to this show but in S5 it started disappearing and this year it's even worse. As the above poster said this year Morgan just seems annoyed by Reid all the time - and that's on a good day, mostly he just ignores him completely. Why has such a fun, enjoyable dynamic been erased so comprehensively from the show? The playful, brotherly, lighthearted moments between the two added some well needed comic relief to the darkness and the emotional moments were a heartfelt reminder of the 'team as family' theme that I love so much and which was the main reason I kept addictively watching seasons 1- 4.
Before season 6 started there was a lot of talk in interviews about this season emphasising the team as 'family' once again but, sadly, I've seen none of that yet. I'd like to think that whatever is going to happen to Reid that this will bring the 'family' back together again. I'd especially like to see it bring the return of the brotherly relationship between Reid and Morgan but it would sadly seem that this is gone for good.

"They better have a good storyline coming up for him that isn't wrapped up in one episode.

^^^And a huge AMEN to this too. Reid's been so under-used for so long now that his secret/storyline had better last for more than just one episode.

Alison said...

1. I was definitely excited that it was a Morgan-centric Episode.

2. Morgan did a fine job:) And was looking REALLY good! But, he always does! :)

3. Was surprised that there was no Hotch. But, it's ok, bc I know he will be back! So stop freaking out!

4. I want to see more Reid.

5. Get ride of the new girl please! Thanks!

6. Lastly this weeks episode was way too predictable and poorly written.

Anonymous said...

I know that no one is perfect and that we, the fans, expect a lot from the show, the writers, the producers...but…where did the smart writing, the great character development and, most importantly, the logic of the series go?

If Hotch had been there, he would have made sure to stop all the nonsense in this episode. The ending with Morgan and the team confronting the politician in his house really, really made me cringe! Strauss was right, and everyone knew it. All the characters (with the exception of Stauss) seem to act out of character lately.

What happened to Ashley? Did she learn to profile over night? How did she get all the information she contributed to the case? Who made her a full-time member of the team instead of a trainee? It was as if the last episode had never happened. Maybe they switched the character's persona, kept the name and the face, and we just never knew?

Correct me if I’m wrong, I don't work in law enforcement, but shouldn't Morgan have been removed from the case immediately? Of course he had to prove the "murderer's" innocence to redeem himself. I liked the man and I’m glad he was innocent, but I doubt the very same agent/team that set him free in the first place (figuratively speaking) would have been allowed to work this case.

That Hotch took some time off to be with Jack was the one thing that gave the episode some credibility in my eyes, but I’m very disappointed we didn't get to see a Jack/Hotch scene. The phone call in the beginning sounded like a promise for a father/son moment that never came. I hope one of the next episodes will touch on that subject again because the whole "Daddy, you're my hero" thing was getting really old (although it was very cute). Jack has to deal with what happened sooner or later. I hope we’ll get to see some of that.

Anonymous said...

Ok, before I say anything I want to state that I am a Criminal Minds fanatic (like we all are).

This entire season just feels so... meh. When I watch the seasons prior to this one, it feels cohesive, it's intrigueing, and thought provoking. This season feels like a last minute scramble that the writers had to deal with and write around all the changes. The characters became a part of my life, I loved them and adored the way they interacted. Now, it feels a little awkward and the sense of family has been replaced with that "Gawd, I'm stuck at work with these other people. Let's just get this over with!" feel.

This episode was a bit bland, a step up from last week, but I just had a hard time believing most of what was going on. I was excited for a Morgan-centric episode (I'm a Reid fan, but I love it when each character gets their moment). I was expecting the typical Morgan action man, but I was also looking forward to him showing of his most valuable asset to the team: his brain. Every man can be angry and mean, but not every man can be Morgan. So, a bit dissappointed on that. (also cringed at the slow clap entrance... god, how over-used and un-Morgan like).

The Seaver character... I'm still holding out for her. I'm sure the actress is capable, it's just that she's not being utilized in the way she should be. If you're gonna bring this new cadet to our family, use her with dignity, strength and intelligence. All the other CM ladies have it, she can too. She is not a profiler, but if the team kinda teaches her it would be a great way to jump back into the art of profiling (something this season is lacking). Imagine the possibilities... Also, her "newness" to this can be used to not only show her struggles but also for the other characters to tell some of their stories of hardship to the proffesion. This could be humorous and insightful (like the story of gideon in Unfinished Business).

And what about the secrets we've been promised? I wish they didn't reveal the theme because I am constantly dissappointed by the lack of revelations.

When I watch this season, I wonder what the newbies think coming into it? I feel like the only ones who could be sticking aroung are the people who are already fans. And the only reason most of the fans keep on tuning in is in anticipation of something eventful.

Martha said...

At Anonymous, you wrote:

"The Seaver character... I'm still holding out for her. I'm sure the actress is capable, it's just that she's not being utilized in the way she should be. If you're gonna bring this new cadet to our family, use her with dignity, strength and intelligence. All the other CM ladies have it, she can too. She is not a profiler, but if the team kinda teaches her it would be a great way to jump back into the art of profiling (something this season is lacking). Imagine the possibilities... Also, her "newness" to this can be used to not only show her struggles but also for the other characters to tell some of their stories of hardship to the proffesion. This could be humorous and insightful (like the story of gideon in Unfinished Business)."

I don't think the problem is the actress herself, not sure, but I don't believe that most people know who Rachel Nichols is- I don't. The problem is the character itself. Others have said it here, but I think it bears repeating, this character is not a good fit for the show. The past two episodes have painfully shown that to be true. The specialized nature of this Unit doesn't warrant this type of character for more than maybe 1 or two episodes. The "Seaver, cadet in training," will get old very soon, not to mention that I don't see how that won't detract from the team dynamics and swiftness with which the team gets together and creates profiles. The art of profiling comes best when it is done by people who have the experience and knowledge to do it, whih is why people, I think, have become hooked on the show. The only way the show can accomplish this for this character is to bring her up to speed on profiling in a way too quich fashion which I think we saw shades of in the last episode. This is not credible.

I'm sure this character would probably work for a different show, maybe a show where all or most of the cast are in training. But for Criminal Minds, she just doesn't work.

Martha said...

To add, on a personal level, I just don't like the vibe that Seaver emits in scenes. Again, some people have said this already, but her comments and overall attitude are poor and not enjoyable to watch.

I think Criminal Minds has lost its stride with the loss, and eventual loss, of some characters. Not to mention that the writing has been off as of late. This, with the addition of this character which I just don't think fits and I don't like watching, not sure how long I will be watching if this keeps up. I am sad to say that because I really do love Criminal Minds.

Anonymous said...

What's up with all of this newness and the show needs freshening up talk? Yes, shows need to introduce fresh ideas and scenarios to keep fresh/current, but what they don't need is horrible cast shake-ups, poor writing, and abysmal new character casting to achieve this. Criminal Minds had a stellar cast that worked well together and drew many viewers in with their acting, chemistry, and good scripts they were given to act out.

All of the ingredients to maintain this show were there until CBS decided to mangle it. There were endless possibilities with regard to freshness and newness that the show had with the cast. Every character has a rich background that can be explored, not to mention, that there is usually always something new under the crime scene umbrella to tap into for unsubs. And even with AJ's firing, there was still a chance to do that (that is where the writing is key). There was no reason to bring this new character on board for that. Hate to sound like a broken record as many have said this, but this character doesn't fit and I think the character is doing more harm than good; it is just an awful way to go for this show. This is not a personal attack on Rachel Nichols, but of the character of Ashley Nichols. Along with a general disappointment to the path the show is currently going down.

Anonymous said...

I meant to write Ashley Seaver.. I was thinking of the previous sentence while writing the new sentence.. need some coffee, :)

Unknown said...

I liked the episode and I like the new actress but I can't understand exactly what she can offer to te team. Like it was mentioned here, the team is composed of elite members that have ha many years of experience before joining the team and each specializes in somethig. The new character has none of that. Yes, she might have been able to provide some limited information during the first case but how long can that last??? As an actress she's good but not an appropriate addition to OUR team. As for the episode, it might have had some discrepancies but I'll take a Morgan centric episode any day. He did a great job and he is just beautiful to look at.

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