Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Criminal Minds: If season six is going to center around secrets then lets guess what those secrets might be. What secrets do the characters on Criminal Minds have?


carolyn said...

I think Hotch may have been sexually assaulted by the Reaper.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Reid has his drug addiction.

jaycee said...

I wonder of JJ's secret is that she applied for a promotion in a different division of the FBI without telling anyone.

Keltikkat said...

Morgan was molested by a priest.

Theresa aka PhattyChyk said...

What exactly Garcia did to get recruited to the BAU and will it come back to haunt her?

MentissCM said...

JJ: Her sister committed suicide because a killer was after her and now the killer is after JJ

Prentiss: Has been secretly dating Mick Rawson, but has a little "thing" for the boys on the team

Reid: Diagnosed with a type of schyzophrenia that will not allow him to hurt anyone, but he may snap and do damage

Morgan: Had a lot of trouble with bullying and ended up in the wrong crowd

Rossi: Is a player

Hotch: Loves Garcia

Garcia: Was a lot like Prentiss in high school.

trina rose said...

I think it is Morgan that is applying for other jobs. I think he got a taste of being the leader when Hotch stepped down and now he wants an equal job.

Anonymous said...

I also think that Hotch's secret is he was raped by Foyet.

ria said...

Dr. Reid has a gambling habit.

ditto on the Hotch/Reaper assault.

Garcia has a closet girlfriend.

Morgan has a child with one of his many girls.

Rossi may have one too.

Sandy said...

I fear Dr. Reid's mind will start to betray him and he may believe he's walking a fine line between sanity and going over the edge.

Rossi seemed to have some shady contacts out on Long Island (Reckoner)

Morgan and Garcia's big secrets seemed to already come out earlier (Profiler, Profiled; Penelope) but we find out more about what Garcia actually did.

JJ's loyalty to her family may cause her to make a choice that loses the team's trust.

I agree about the Hotch/reaper sexual assault, but I don't think that would cause the team to lose trust in him.

Prentiss seem to keep a lot to herself so there's much that could come out there.

Jessi said...

I think morgan loves Garcia and will propose to her in the sixth season.

I think Prentiss is back together with John Cooley.

I think for JJ the BAU is getting to her emotionally and she wants to spend more time with Henry and Will.

The Hotch thing could be real too but when would the reaper have raped him. Hotch and the reaper were kinda fighting the whole seen, I dont know when they would have done 'that'.

Anonymous said...

I think Reid lives a double life. He probably has women knocking down his door and he's busy sorting them out left and right, if you know what I mean. ;)

I think Prentiss and Hotch secretly like each other but don't know what to do about it.

Morgan probably has 10 baby mamas and Garcia is secretly pregnant with his love child.

Anonymous said...

JJ: apparently the second episode entitled, "JJ" is supposed to be a beautifully written/emotional one...maybe she's terminally ill and hiding it or something? Or she's pregnant again with complications?

Hotch: like others have said, I think he was raped by the Reaper but was in denial about it until another case comes along that brings back the memories?

Prentiss: who knows, i feel like "Demonology" showed us that she has a lot of...well, 'demons' in her past...But i think her secret will have to do with her exit towards the end of the season so maybe she's gonna get fired?

Reid: a relapse maybe?

Rossi: who knows...he seems to have a lot of secrets!

Morgan: Maybe he's still seeing that one guys sister?

Garcia: ?? might have to do with her joining that other BAU team too?

Anonymous said...

secret...Love this game.

Well i think that JJ was harassed by a serial killer, and she'll be killed by him x)

Hotch: Reaper's son will kill Hotch

Prentiss: she spoke with spain language with a killer but she make a mistake on pronounciation, so he kill her

Garcia: electricity problem, her pc will kill her when she eat chocolate

Rossi: Love story with Strauss, but on sex, she'll be kill him

Morgan: When he protect Reid from a killer, he'll died

Reid: He'll be killed by the psychopath "Red John" who killed Morgan.

Have fun!

Hebbs said...

I fervently hope that Hotch's secret has nothing to do with Foyet possibly raping him.
I sincerely don't want the writers to go in that direction with Hotch.

Moving on :
- Rossi, has discovered/will discover that he has a son or a daughter.
- Morgan : wants to apply for another job to move up the hierarchy.
- JJ : a) could be pregnant once again. b) has been offered another position that she has just accepted.
- Hotch : has resigned from his career as a prosecutor for a specific reason.
- Reid : a) has a boyfriend/is homosexual.
b) has been diagnosed with a tumor.
c) was forced to use unorthodox methods to make money when he was young to provide for himself and his mother.
- Garcia : didn't explain the details of her 'recruitment' by the FBI.
- Emily : is dating Mick Rawson (form the spinoff).

LaShawna said...

Hotch: I think if Hotch's secret is that he was sexually assaulted by Foyet would be a very powerful secret and it would be interesting to see how that would play out with the team dynamics.

Reid: He has a secret romance going on (as long as it is with no one on the team)

Morgan: I like the idea that he has applied for leadership positions outside of the BAU.

Rossi: He's schtupping Strauss. :)

Emily: She either secretly applied for adoption, or is shopping for a sperm donor so she can get pregnant.

JJ: I have no idea, but I hope she does have a secret and it is the catalyst for her departure.

melanie said...

lol...Hotch and the Reaper...interesting. But the Reaper liked teenage girls, so most likely not.

Reid maybe fell off the wagon but didn't tell anyone. Or has started seeing a psychiatrist.

Hotch and Prentiss have been doing it on the down-low:)

Morgan and Prentiss have been doing it on the down-low

J.J is leaving (but thats not really a secret)

Garcia married Kevin

karen said...

hotch: starting to have feelings for haley's sister.
rossi: wants strauss's job.
morgan:struggling with the heaven and hell thing and afraid it's interfering in job performance.
dr.reid: things are happening (he thinks) that he may have triggered schizophrenic due to the drug addiction.
emily: since she is leaving :( offered a better job closer to her mother because she (mother) is dying.
jj: will going into politics (clean up louisiana) transfereing to a 9to5 part of the fbi.
how did i do?

Unknown said...

I think Hotch will reveal that he was abused as a kid. The writers eluded to this possibility in season one but never elaborated any further.

I'm going to have to think a while on the others.


karen said...

i didn't include garcia
she is pregnant and is scared to tell anyone. or the rest of the reason will come out of why the fbi employed her. maybe both.

Unknown said...

I agree that JJ and Emily secrets will be the catalysts of their departure from the BAU. And I think that Emily´s secret (or should I put it plural?) might be the ones that could lead to trust issues. Remember that she was already tested by Strauss when she came in. She passed then, but it is clear that there´s more to her than what she shows...

I honestly couldn´t guess what kind of secret Hotch keeps. I think the sexual abuse thing has already been used in Morgan´s past. Having two sexually assalted boys on the same team is a bit over, if I may say. Hotch is pretty reserved, though, like Emily. Could be anything.

Garcia´s secret most likely has to do with her recruitment to the FBI. It was never clarified what exactly she hacked into. Could be something that would be brought up by a case.

By the hints in the end of season 5it may also be that Morgan and Garcia could have come to some sort of involvement that no one knows about - which would match the idea of him applying secretly for a position outside the BAU, because of frat rules. He cant be seeing that victim´s sister, because the actress that performed the role is currently working in another network's show, as regular cast member. So she couldnt show up in CM, not even as a guest star.

Rossi obviously has unnacounted connections with the bad guys, he pretty much stated in "Reckoned" that he didnt want to come back to the life he left in his hometown. I´ll go with that.

And Reid? Dr. Reid is a mystery to me. I think his drug addiction would be too obvious. Maybe something about his love life? It was just hinted in the show, a looong time ago. Another sensitive point is his childhood. We know very little about his father, especially after he abandoned him. Could be an issue to he had to hide for some reason.

Dee said...

What is it with all the Hotch-Reaper comments? It already happened people! Reaper's stabbing was symbolically the same thing.

Hotch: Falls in love with Haley's sister.

Reid: Comes out as bisexual and actually has a romantic connection of some sort...anything at this point!

Rossi: Everything is a secret with him, so...

Morgan and Garcia: Finally get together.

JJ: Takes family over work.

Prentiss: We learn about her dad.

Anonymous said...

I hope we learn about JJ and Reid's secret date to the football game back from season one.

Becky said...

Hotch: His little boy has a serious medical problem - something that makes it difficult to concentrate on doing his job.

Rossi: Not only rejoined the FBI to solve that mystery in Indiana - but to write a tell-all about the BAU.

Morgan: is dating that woman from Eureka (Sally Richardson-Whitfield?)

Prentiss: Is pregnant.

Reid: Has a girlfriend, but he's a virgin and afraid he'll disappoint when they finally make the move. (please, oh please, don't go back down the drug addiction road)

Garcia: Did something illegal in her youth, and it's coming back to haunt her.

JJ: She's decided to be a stay-at-home mom.

ele said...

Ok I am game. Let´s see:

Prentiss: decides to start a family by adopting a kid.

Rossi: is seeing possible wife number 4.

Morgan: one of his sister´s commited a crime and he covered for her.

Garcia: helped Morgan in the cover up.

Hotch: had a relationship with the woman that is going to be part of the team...while he was married to Haley.

karen said...

i like it when morgan and garcia play around. i don't want that to stop. the what if is awesome.
garcia would devour morgan, but then the what if is answered.
let our imagination wonder.

Brittany said...

I hope that none of the characters get together -- I think the platonic relationships speak to the strength of the team and the characters, and I don't want to see CM turn into some kind of soap opera. If they have relationships, it's better to have them with non-main characters.

We've already seen a lot of the secrets that the team members have dealt with (or alluded to). I think some of these may resurface in the new season, especially with Prentiss. We know that she had a difficult past with her travelling from country to country and that she had an abortion. She has also shown interest in having kids, so I think that angle will come up again. That, or something to do with her sexuality (I can see her hiding that from the team).

I think Hotch has a lot of secrets that he keeps from the team. Medical issues with his son, possible sexual assault by the Reaper, potential abuse by his father. These things have been highlighted in various episodes, but not dealt with as in depth as the secrets of other characters (such as Reid's drug addiction or Morgan's past sexual abuse). The writers could probably have a great time with Hotch :)

I would like to see a situation where Garcia has to choose between the team (mainly Derek) and Kevin. Have her be torn between the two, and perhaps the "guilt" of her choice will be a secret she holds.

Sandy said...

or to go a different route...

-Hotch and Rossi had a tryst way back in the day and are now shacked up in Hotch's apartment--a fact which Prentiss discovers when she goes to check up on Hotch and Rossi answers the door in his Pajamas.

-JJ and Garcia were separated at birth.

-Reid is the secret love child of Gideon

"T.V. Barnum" said...

Perhaps there's a secret that is shared by several of the core members of the team - Morgan, Hotch,Reid (and Garcia) relating to an unseen case.

Anonymous said...

OOh I like this game. Let's see.
Prentiss: Decides to have artificial insemination, hence her departure at end of season.
Garcia: Secretly married Kevin after Alaska trip.
JJ: Had been looking for more conventional working hours,accepts job out of state.
Hotch: Has been increasingly self medicating with Scotch.
Reid: Hides serious illness from team.
Morgan: Has been acting as mole for Strauss.
Rossi:Had secret fling with Erin Strauss.

Naomi said...

-Prentiss was pregnant at 15, Rossi is the only one who knows about that
-Elle murdered in cold blood although she never admitted it them profilers know
-Hmm.. does Rossi have any secrets?
-Hmm..what about Garcia?
-Reid has his drug addiction
-Hmm... what about Hotch?
-AJ's sister committed suicide only Hotch knows that.
-Morgan was molested.

There's more to come I guess!

LaShawna said...

All this has gotten fun. I'll go for some more "out there" secrets, just for the hell of it.

Reid: He had a one night with Elle during the "Aftermath" episode, got her pregnant, and he's been hiding their love child ever since.

Emily: She has a side job as a dominatrix.

Morgan: All his sexually cavalier treatment of women is just to cover for the fact that he is gay.

Hotch: He's struggling with inappropriate feelings for JJ, and to help cover them, he does something to engineer her departure from the BAU.

Penelope: She's been tempted back into her illegal hacker ways and puts the entire security of the FBI at risk due to her illegal activities.

Rossi: I got nothing new. I'm still stuck on him and Strauss. It just seems so wrong, it's got to be right. :)

Anonymous said...

Reid is gay and has a boyfriend who ominously resemble Gideon :D

Mr. X said...

Actually I agree with many opinions from some of you especially because I imagine that nobody was going some of them.

first of all I would also like to say this to me sounds like nothing good is a double-edged sword for the writers to do that and I hope whichever works for them and not ruin.

a) He was sexually raped by the Reaper.
b) Was sexually abused when he was a child.
c) Has serious mental problems and frustrations and begins to show (could be the reason why it is so quiet).

a) All this time betrayed the team and really works for another organization.
b) Will want to move up a place and become the leader.
c) Had a past as a killer but managed to hide.

a) After Demonolgy I have doubts about his past.
b) Make a big mistake and is fired from the BAU.
c) She is killed in the season finale.

Morgan:I do not think that happens a lot with his character and that is becoming boring.

a) Was abused as a child incest.
b)want to leave the team,but something will happen and come back.

a)Is dead by a killer and Prentiss is with her baby as a surrogate mother.
b)William tells stop to work and can go to live happily.

a)Kevin asks marriage and marries
b)Tells the team about his other work and perhaps see the new cast (Spin off).

Mental problems: Hotch,Prentiss and Reid.

Sane: Rossi,Morgan,JJ and Garcia.

Everyone has something to hide or is it a publicity stunt set up by CBS not to stop seeing the show and not worry about the departure of AJ and Paget?.

threadhot1 said...

Ooo wee! Let's see:

JJ- her secret prompts her exit
protecting the team, her
family and the BAU.

Reid- has a relapse.

Hotch- I'm w/the majority that the
Foyet did assault Hotch @ a
way 2 further assert power
and dominion

Derek- I think he really might b

Garcia- Definitely abt how she was
recruited in2 the bureau.

Rossi- Jury's out on that one.
Lemme sleep onnit

Anonymous said...

Hmm, let's see.

Hotch: Real reason Gideon's departure. He was the one having the affair with haley.

JJ: Henry is really Reid's son, that's why he was three weeks early.

Prentiss: She's gay.

Morgan: Is having an affair with Garcia.

Rossi: Murdered Gideon and buried
him at the cabin

Reid: Has gone back on drugs prompting him to experience Schitzophenic episodes, slept with Elle in season one. Austin the bartender lives with him.

Garcia:Knows where Gideon is.

Actually Ed Bernero has given predictions before on what was going to happen in an upcoming season. and a lot of it didn't happen. So I will believe this when I see it.

Celina said...

- Hotch and Prentiss have a secret relationship therefore she has to quit the BAU.
Or she get's pregnant of Hotch and has to quit.

- JJ leaves because of a Personal matter, Will has a new job.

- Rossi, we will find out more about his past. Maybe he has a kid, we don't know about.

- Morgan, also have the feeling it has something to do with his past, when he was abused.

- Reid, drug use again? Not sure about him.

- Garcia, no idea yet.;)

Jules said...

Reid: was in an (religios?) abusive fosterhome after his father left and his mother had another breakdown.

Morgan: Is still dating the woman from "Hopeless"

Hotch: His childhood (his abusive father was implied before)

JJ: It wasn't her sister who (tried to) commited suicid...

Garcia: She and Kevin will marry ^.^

Prentis: Was kidnapped as a child

Rossi: Had a child who was killed by an Unsub he was hunting...

Anonymous said...


Reid is actually in a boyband that is a tribute to Lady Gaga!

Morgan has been secretly coniving with Strauss since he was unit chief.

Rossi is being harrassed by his publisher for a new book about the secrets of the present day BAU.

Garcia and Kevin are engaged but she's already married to someone else!

Prentiss becomes too effected by a case and ends up adopting a orphaned teenager of a dead victim then leaves the BAU to become a linguist somewhere!

Hotch's abusive past comes back to haunt him and with everything that happened with Haley and Foyet, he starts seeing things!

JJ is not leaving because she wants to spend more time with her family, if Will leaves her that's fine she's tough enough, (no offence just what's with his accent!). JJ's secret is that she has been told to cover up some kind of high profile case and Strauss is transferring her to another unit to deal with it.

But the big BAU secret has got nothing to do with anything relating to pairing off charcaters romantically as some hope instead Gideon and Elle have been stalking the team since they left and all of the teams secret's come out after the pair kidnap Reid and force him to divulge their secrets in a game of truth or dare!

No? Just me? Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Hotch: has a secret relationship with Jessica and Scotch

Reid : secretly does not like coffee at all

Morgan: has a child with Tamara

Garcia :is pregnant but Kevin is not the father

Prentiss : decides to become Strauss`s mole after all because her career is stuck with three alpha males standing in her way

JJ : is pregnant with twins

Rossi : he secretly loves Morgan

Anonymous said...

Top secret party for Reid's 30th birthday!!

Misty said...

I hope that Hotch's secret won't be too dark.
I don't want to learn that he was raped by Foyet or abused by his father. The writers have already gave that character enough trouble and angst to last him a lifetime and then some.
No other character on the show has suffered as much as he did. He beats them all by a very, very, long shot. So that would be overkill.

So :
Hotch : he has decided to seek professional help after the whole Foyet incident and will start to get better.
Morgan : he'll learn that he's a father. Or maybe one day he went really violent when a man tried to hurt one of his sisters.
Rossi : one of his divorce was really, really nasty and we'll get some details.
Reid : hmmm.... maybe he learned that he was extremely ill (like a cancer), or the team could learn more about his childhood and what he had to do to take care of his mother. Or maybe we'll simply learn that he's gay.
JJ : Is pregnant again.
Emily : has decided to adopt a child.
Garcia : kevin has asked her to marry him.

Lilith said...

It's a good discussion, I like it.

Anonymous said :
"Top secret party for Reid's 30th birthday!!"

That can't be happening in the sixth season : Reid will turn 29 in the course of the sixth season.

He turned 27 in the fourth season, it was explicitly stated in 'Masterpiece', and 28 in the fifth. It also fit with the time line and his age on the beginning of the show : 23.

Shadow said...

Garcia works for the NSA on a side job.
Prentiss worked for the CIA in the past and has applied for a job in the State Department.
JJ is pregnant again.
Hotch was raped by the Reaper.
Reid has been in contact again with Gideon for a while now.
Rossi had an affair with Strauss and has a child somewhere else.
Morgan is a lotto millionaire.

Anonymous said...

Hotch - Was severely abused as a child and as seen in "Exit Wounds" is having more and more trouble keeping his anger over that in check.

Reid - Believes he is experiencing symptoms of Schizophrenia.

Rossi - Is secretly writing a tell-all book about the BAU.

Morgan - Has been giving the higher-ups reports on Hotch's performance.

Prentiss - Is gay.

angelica said...

Dito on that Dr.Reid get Diagnosed with a type of schyzophrenia or something, or going over the edge

sdwally said...

Hotch is tormented by the memories of the Foyet attack and Haley’s death and has been secretly confiding in Prentiss, which leads to an affair.

Prentiss discovers she’s pregnant with Hotch’s baby.

Reid is gay.

Derek is secretly seeing a psychiatrist after realizing his earlier abuse is preventing him from developing a serious relationship with anyone.

Garcia has a brother she never knew about as a result of an affair her father had while she was a child.

JJ secretly wed will and is planning to leave to join him in New Orleans.

Rossi lost most of the money he earned from his book deals as a result of going in on a Madoff-like Ponzi scheme.

melanie said...

OK, i'm a little disturbed with all the sexual assault comments

Is it odd that never entered my mind?

Honestly they all have had secrets in seasons past, so not really sure why this is a new road to travel

K said...

Reid behaved way to asexual (with 3 or so flirts with women by 5 seasons) to determ if he's a penis-boy or vagina-boy. It's pretty obvious with Garcia - the story of how she become BAU's crazy hot computer chick. Leave poor Hotch alone, all you want for him to being raped by the Reaper -> Keep your nasty fantasies in your own bedroom ;) Prentiss ve'got this whole "I wanna to be a mama" thing going one from some time. Morgan have been abused, give him a rest; btw., nobody can be so dump to turn that hottie into a homosexual character, hear my CBS? And the mystery man - Rossi, well, he can bring a lot dirty little secrets. I sure hope he does.

Violet Meminger said...

Wow everyone has awesome ideas for secrets, lol.

I think the idea that Morgan is looking for leadership positions outside the team is very probable.

And Reid having a secret girlfriend!

It seems to me that Rossi's, JJ's, and Prentiss's backgrounds are not as well-known as some of the others (ex. siblings? What happened to their parents?)

But the idea of Hotch/Reaper is hard for me to wrap my head around.

Can't wait to see what the writer's come up with!

Anonymous said...

This is so much fun!

Hotch: I like the Reaper idea.

Morgan: Spying for Strauss

JJ: Will probably get transfered, murdered or else will resign

Reid: Is gay or else the drug addiction plot shall come back

Garcia: Gets engaged to Kevin

Prentiss: Is a lesbian, and is sleeping with Strauss ever since she was asked to spy

Rossi: Has only one fear: being alone, and he finds out from his history with Strauss, that he has a son

Yeah, those are my ideas! Tell me if you agree!

kat887 said...

Re: Anonymous' comments. "Actually Ed Bernero has given predictions before on what was going to happen in an upcoming season. and a lot of it didn't happen. So I will believe this when I see it."

Is this often or did it only happen when Patinkin left with little warning, upsetting third season plans?

Hotch - Unfortunately the writers may go with alcoholism, but I hope not. I also think the Reaper's interest was control thru the knife stabbing like his other male victims and then psychological control - threatening Hotch's family - when the knifing didn't work.

Shawna said...

I def. think Reid's mind is going to start going. I agree with the Schizo thinking. Maybe drugs again.

Anonymous said...

Ok, lets be reasonable here...

I don´t see why Garcia marrying Kevin would have to be a secret. Everybody knows they date for years. It should be a rather expected development - frat rules wouldnt apply much here, they already have their bosses' clearance.

I think it'd make much more sense if she kept Kevin as a cover up for somebody else. Like she's having this affair that will certainly affect work and frat rules, and Kevin's a way of misdirecting. That'd be a secret worth keeping. I'd bet on Morgan, of course. It's plausible (because they already have a lot going on) and cheaper, since I dont think producers intend to hire someone new...

Somebody already said that Tamara is definitely out of the show. I remember Ed Bernero commenting somewhere that they gave up her storyline because there'd be no time for that. Also the actress got another job, so she cant be in two places at the same time. And even if she could, why dating Tamara should be a secret? She´s not even an FBI agent, and her brother's case is solved and closed. There'd be no reason for Derek to hide a relationship with her.

I think the Hotch/Reaper stuff too much and repetitive - we had a good couple of episodes on the Reaper and Hotch's family. It's time to move on already, and give Hotch some other kind of character development. I feel the same way about Reid's drug problem. This was over explored in season 2. We dont need that again, Reid has way more inner issues to be developed.

I agree that Rossi and Emily have secrets that will bring on trust problems to the group. I think like others that Emily's secret may be the cause of her departure. That will probably happen to JJ also.

We have to consider the possibility that this whole talk of season's theme is just that - talk. Somebody else said that Ed usually gives hints to the show that never really happen. Which is why I´ll just wait and see...

Anonymous said...

Im sure Emily's secret will be the reason for her departure, but I just hope its not over a reason that is going to make people hate her (ex: betray trust) because I really have grown to love the character and dont wanna end up hating her in the long run if that makes any sense lol But i also think that another mid-season multi-epsisode arc could lead to her being killed?

i also i have a feeling that either Emily or JJ is going to get killed or die. Let's face it, EVERY member of the team has had close calls yet no one has died yet...

They didnt kill Gideon or Elle when they left the show, and we have TWO more characters making an exit this season so I think its inevitable.

ria said...

i know, i know!!

Reid was once really really fat...

...or maybe he has an eating disorder.

Anonymous said...

Reid is in a steady relationship with another man.
Hotch killed his abusive father in defending his mother.
Prentiss has a child that she gave up for adoption, as she could not go through another abortion
Morgan was once married and she cheated on him, which is why he is now a player.
Garcia was once a nun.

Anonymous said...

the tweets from the cast today are killing me :( so anxious to find out how they write off JJ, but its gonna make me sad.

Grissom's Girl said...
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Grissom's Girl said...

"I think Prentiss and Hotch secretly like each other but don't know what to do about it."

Anonymous, I think they already hava an affair...

And I agree Hotch may have been sexually assaulted by Foyet, unfortunately

Kathryn said...

I would seriously go for the Hotch/ Foyet secret. Although my Dad thinks that one of the stabs of Foyet went to Hotch's genitals. Perhaps to retaliate for calling him an impotent.

If that is the case, then Hotch may be struggling on some masculine issues. And because Hotch is Hotch, he's able to deal with it, until...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Ed will give serious consideration to using some of our ideas. Anyway, here it goes:

Rossi is broke and now has to support his three ex-wives on his BAU salary. The arrogance is gone, and he becomes more humble because he needs the BAU, instead of feeling he’s doing them a favor.

Reid is having lingering medical problems as a result of his exposure to anthrax and addiction heroine.

Garcia was a member of an underground radical group whose former leader is now a suspected serial killer.

Hotch and Prentiss are secret lovers.

Hotch can’t look at his body because he can’t bear to be reminded of his torture at the hands of Foyet. Prentiss is trying to convince him to see someone professional, but he refuses because he doesn’t want the team to know he’s having problems adjusting.

Prentiss is pregnant with the baby she’s always wanted but is afraid to share her joy with anyone because the baby is Hotch’s.

Morgan is being blackmailed by a former lover who says he’s her baby’s daddy.

babruin said...

I can handle any secret but Reid is actually bald and he has been wearing wigs this whole time!!!
YIKES!!!!!! ;)
Seriously, hmmmmm, there must be a love child in there somewhere??

alisoncircus said...

No, Foyet didn't rape Hotch - it's just that stabbing is equivalent to rape psychologically, for both the perpetrator and the victim (don't you guys actually watch this show?).

Hotch's secret is that he was physically abused as a child - there's hints in season one, episode 8 "natural born killer," when the unsub says "it's no wonder some kinds grow up to be monsters" and Hotch responds "And some grow up to hunt them."

Also, Hotch displays an aversion to eye contact - he always has to decide to make eye contact, it isn't automatic. This could be a holdover from oppositional defiant disorder that he consciously overcame.

And why is there NEVER any news about his birth family? His wife and son - and sister-in-law - are the only family he has.

And yes, I do think the writers and Thomas Gibson are fully capable of being that subtle.

alisoncircus said...

Yes Prentiss and Hotch like each other. But the only way they'd get together is if Hotch got himself demoted permanently or Prentiss transferred out of the unit. There is no way Hotch would be so unprofessional as to have a relationship with someone he had authority over.

gubegirl said...

First, there was no "rape" of Hotch -yes, the stabbing was representative of that, but that's it. Over. And Alisoncircus: we know that his dad died early of cancer and we have already met Hotch's younger brother in one of the first couple or seasons:he is a blond hottie, and as I recall, was going to culinary school or something to do with restaurants and working in one: Hotch went to visit after an argument w/him and had a beer and the house special.

I would not be shocked if it came out that he and Prentiss have feelings for each other and she ends up leaving because he is not ready to commit.

JJ: prob'ly leaves to follow WIll to a new job out-of-state. I could not handle her being killed - she's just too sweet and that would screw the rest of the team up royally.

Rossi: would not be at all surprised if there is an adult child out there somewhere that he does not know about. Maybe he/she will come forward needing some sort of help? NO, he would never go for Strauss. But who would??

Garcia: no secret with Kevin but would love to know exactly what kind of hacking she was doing that the Feds decided they wanted her on their side.

Prentiss: if not something going with Hotch then maybe news about her dad or any sibs but I would like her to get on with having that child she craves. Maybe try again with John Cooley? He was a cutie and you could tell he still had feelings for her.

Morgan: he certainly could have a love child somewhere. And where did he get the $ to own 4 properties?? OR he could tsf to the the new team: his bad boy image fits right in and he may be swayed, esp. since it would appear that Garcia has a role on the new show. But not gay. No way.

And finally, Reid. Poor, sweet boy. Still suffering PTSD from his torture episode with Rafael and the boys but mistakes it for schizophrenia, the threat of which scares him to death. And yes, there's all those lost years from age 5 or 6 when his dad left to age 18 when he had his mom committed: who did take care of him anyway?? But I would rather see Reid get a GF-it's time. He is so-o-o overdue. He may be a virgin but as well-read as Reid is, he will get himself a manual & figure it out in time and be sure to please:) Or maybe he will find himself with an older woman who will be happy to teach him all that he needs to know.

Ah-h-h. This is fun but I will be willing to bet if it's anything like previous seasons, we will get ONE secret (thank you very much, Ed) but let's hope it will be IN ADDITION to why JJ leaves. We all know she's leaving anyway so it won't be much of a secret.

And I love the ref to Red John! Let's have The Mentalist come in and profile our team and tell us ALL their secrets (before Red John gets any of them!)


Anonymous said...

I highly doubt that Reid is shizophren. It would be the start of the end of the character. Beside, he was injured more than the half of the last season, they really shouldn't make him the punching bag again...
I think it's more likely something from his childhood.

Hotch raped? No chance. They would have notice in the emergency room. Maybe something with his brother. Sean wasn't at the funeral, at least he hadn't any screentime...

Morgan: PTSD after this season final, definitely.

Prentis: something with her mother.

Rossi: Writes a book about the BAU-Team

Garcia: Is asked to join the other Team (spin-of) and is afraid how the team reacts...

luvthejem said...

God only knows what they'll come up with for secrets. But this new group of writers doesn't inspire much confidence, considering their track records with both cannon and characterization. They'll probably be something completely out of left field and make little sense for the characters.

Anonymous said...

I believe there was a sexual tension between Prentiss and Hotch, and who knows maybe Hotch takes advantage of it, but actually Prentiss knows what kind of person he is and that cost him leaving the BAU.for me Hotch is not the person who actually is when on the team, he must have severe frustrations of their past.

Anonymous said...

Garcia : i agree with those who said (1)she'd get busted about the details of her 'recruitment' by the FBI.
(2) has an affair with Morgan or is in love with him

Morgan : (1)is looking for another place to be unit cheif

(2) is in love with Garica or they're together.

Hotch: was assaulted by the Reaper

Rossi : I have no idea lol

Reid : gets sick like his mom and is hiding it.

Prentiss : has feelings for Hotch and can't cope, she leaves the job to work with the other team.

JJ: she gets married and everything is more serious now so she leaves to get a real life.

simone said...

I'm just putting this out there: if Emily's secret is that she is gay, I will be SO PISSED. Not because I have a problem with homosexuality, not at all. I support :) However, I do NOT support this show turning into the "Emily Prentiss Is A Lesbian" show, which is definitely what will happen. I don't understand why we can't have a confident, strong woman without her being into women or butchy or something. Come on, Ed Bernero. Pleaaaase don't!

Anonymous said...

Spencer Reid and Morgan's friendship might have some trusting issues. or maybe Reid's father or mother isnt his biological parent.

Anonymous said...

I definetly want to know what happend to Hotch that we didn't see in the flashbacks, and why he of all people lied about it. Think that could also connect to his childhood.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Simone above. If Prentiss is turned into a Lesbian, I will be pissed too. First of all, she deserves to be with Hotch; and to make her gay would ruin my hopes and the hopes of many others. But more importantly, like Simone said, why can't a strong, confident female (who is sometimes assertive), be straight anymore?

Anonymous said...

I hope to God Prentiss and Hotch DO NOT hook up. I just have never understood why people want them together so bad. lol. And knocking her up would just be a total insult to Paget Brewster to write her off in such a lame/cliche way.

Remember: it was The Reaper's main objective to make Hotch's life a living hell. YES, stabbing is a way of sexual release for many unsubs, but I think that the Reaper knew that actually RAPING Hotch would have a much more traumatic experience than just stab wounds. And Hotch wouldnt necessarily have to disclose that information to the rest of the team and the doctors wouldnt necessarily tell them either.

chap said...

I think the biggest secrets will come from Emily. I think she is seeing Mick Rawson and that will somehow play into a big story line about her family and past before the BAU.

There is so much we don't know about her, I think they owe it to the fans to let us know everything before she leaves.

Anonymous said...

can somebody tell me when was this pic taken, please? I don't remember ever seeing it, but it can't be new, 'cause Reid's hair is long..

gubegirl said...

Anonymous, if you're talking about the pic of him and JJ, it is very recent, on AJ Cook's last day on the job. Doesn't he look handsome?

Looking more like he's 30 (really) not 14...:)

Celeste said...

I'm really curious to see how the secrets will be introduced and dealt with in the sixth season.
It's difficult to guess what it could be about, some ideas are really good.

I'm personally don't think that Hotch was raped by Foyet : that would be too much and that wouldn't fit with Foyet's MO. But it's just my opinion.

Anonymous said : "can somebody tell me when was this pic taken, please? I don't remember ever seeing it, but it can't be new, 'cause Reid's hair is long.."

He cut his hair.
I know that it's not something really important but I really don't appreciate this new look with the gel and his hair combed back...I don't like it at all...
But maybe that hair style was only for this episode...I sincerely hope so.

Arcadia said...

Hotch's secret could be that he's having trouble dealing with Jack.
Not only does he have a more than busy schedule, but he's also under a lot of stress.

So, maybe he's considering leaving full custody of Jack to Jessica, thinking that it would be better for his son.
One of the team member could learn about it and dissuade him, of course.

Reid could be a good choice here, because he knows what it's like to have your father walk out on you.

To Gubergirl
("Doesn't he look handsome?
Looking more like he's 30 (really) not 14...:"

Not to be picky, but Reid's still 28 and will turn 29 in the sixth season ;)...But I get what you mean.
Anyway, it's a matter of taste, but I highly dislike that "new" hair style. I much, much preferred the older hair style.
So I hope that it's (very) temporary too.

Anonymous said...

gubegirl, no, I was talking about the pic in this post, with Reid in a car with long-ish hair and "ugly glasses" - when this pic was taken?

Monique said...

It's sad to think about the secrets of the team members because I'm really not sure if we'll get to see JJ having one.

Some people think that we'll get to see JJ secret and that it'll be linked to her departure, but I'm not sure the writers had the time to include sad...

For Emily, now, it's different : her secret is more likely to be the catalyst of her departure (if it's really her last season... I still hope that it won't be the case...).

But that doesn't mean that I'm not excited about this storyline.

I like the idea of Hotch thinking that it would be better if Jessica had full custody of Jack....until someone proves him otherwise of course (I don't want to see Hotch losing his son in anyway).

For Rossi it could also have something to do with his past as a Marine...that could be interesting.
Or it could have something to do with an ex-wife.

I would like Emily to be in the process of adopting a child. That would fit with her character, backstory and character development.

Garcia could be hiding something about her recruitment at the FBI...or about a side activity.

Reid could be hiding a lot of things about his past, his sexuality or about a side activity (one requiring his scientific skills ?)

Morgan could be hiding something about the opportunities he's seeking at the FBI. But I wouldn't want that to make him loose the trust of his colleagues.

To anonymous :
About the photo and Reid's hair (and glasses), yes this photo is probably old. I would have a difficult time saying when it was taken exactly.

I'm not a fan of his new look in the recent pictures of 6x02. I don't think it suits him at all.
I hope it won't last and that it was just a special occasion.

HotchRossi said...

Hotch-Was sexually assaulted by Foyet.

Rossi-Strauss is one of his ex-wives.

Reid-Is having symptoms of what he is sure is schizophrenia.

Prentiss-Has gotten back in touch with John Cooley.

Morgan-I'm not sure!

JJ-Has been asked to join the CIA.

Garcia-Not sure!

gubegirl said...

Anonymous: Yes, I thought the same thing about the pic of Reid in the car - that has to be old, like 2-3 yrs old at least. The other guy is abit familiar, prob'ly a local LE he is working the case with. Not at all becoming altho' those "ugly" glasses fit his personality and always endear him to me, they don't do much for his appearance and he still wears them in public! He enjoys the eclectic look, you could say.

MGG has a beautiful, thick mop of hair and it can look good long, but sometimes it really looks unkempt and when it does, I don't like it. It's less likely to ever look that way when it's short and let's face it, girls, the guy has a drop-dead-gorgeous face, how can you not appreciate seeing all of it? Plus in real life, he is a couple years older and must be ready to look a little more mature, maybe? To be considered for roles other than geeky ones?

Changing the subject from Reid's hair which gets WAY more att'n than it should:) how about how great AJ Cook looks in the pic with the Reid's new hair? She looks incredibly trim and beautiful and her hair, which is always great, has grown alot over the summer. I will surely miss her and can't imagine how the show will be without her. Makes me very sad that we are losing one of our CM family. And look how wistful she looks in the "family" photo. Such a great pic - I am printing and keeping it. Bye for now -everybody keep writing - this is fun to talk to you all!

Sciezka said...

I love all the speculations here about the secrets.
It could be a very interesting storyline (if not overdone).

But I don't agree with the people who think that Hotch was raped by Foyet.
I think that Foyet stabbing Hotch with his knife was a metaphor, and it's enough. Foyet already took way too much from Hotch, I don't want our dear Unit Chief to be a rape victim on top of it.

Moving on, the secrets could go in a lot of different directions, but I don't want them to be a serious the unity of the team, like it was implied.
So, I hope that it'll turn out alright in the end, even if some of those secrets are deep and dark.

I think I would like to learn that Hotch is getting help to overcome his traumas. He could certainly use it.

Maybe Prentiss is trying to have a baby. It could explain why she leaves the show in a believable way.
If she had to choose between a child and her job, I think her desire to become a mother could win.

Garcia...not too sure. Difficult to say what she could be hiding.
Maybe Kevin wants to marry her ?
Or maybe how the FBI found her, and what she did before to get on their radar. She talked about it, but we never got the details.

Rossi, probably something to do with a former wife. Or maybe about his family, we don't know much about his family.

Morgan, I agree with the others. Maybe he wants to move up the hierarchy. But there is no way he would go behind Hotch's back about it.

JJ : I hope that the reason she leaves the show won't be tragic.
I would like her to be happy, to move on to 'better things'. She could be pregnant again or be offered a better position...I would like that but I really doubt that it'll happen, it'll probably be sadder.

Reid : maybe something to do with his past. We don't know much about how he managed to cope during all those years. Did he have to work when he was a very young child to provide for his mother and himself ? I would like to learn about it.

We'll have to wait and see I suppose.

On a side note, about the discussion on Reid's hair : people have different tastes, but I, for one, don't like the new look. I preferred his older style, by a long shot. I'm hoping it won't last, like the other fans.
And yes, JJ looked absolutely fabulous.

Jessi said...

ooooo Prentiss should have a secret sister she didnt know about that she meets. That would be cool. I will play the sister hahaah that would be awesome to be on the set. I feel soo bad for the cast that they arent together anymore, but im sure they will always be friends. I say screw that spin off show it blows!!!!! hahaha once shows get spin offs they just suck haha seinfeld was on for 9 seasons and they never had a spin off they wer very successful people should learrn frrom them hahahah yea but il be the sister thing and i think itl be kewlio!!!! Over n Out ;)

Jessi said...


Anonymous said...

For the person who thinks Hotch being raped is okay; while viewing Emily's being pregnant with his baby as an insult, that's somehow seems skewed to me. Many women have love, babies and careers. Where's the insult in that?

It would be better for Hotch to know the Reaper didn't do any permanent damage, and a relationship with Prentiss will established that.

It would not be cliche', it would be great storytelling;and who says Emily has to leave. It gives the writers more options than to have her leaving town, or to die.

Hotch's wondering whether the Reaper made him impotent by stabbing him in a sensitive area; only to discover through the love and support of Prentiss, that everything is still working just fine, would be great. And Emily has always wanted a child, why not let her have Hotch's.

Anonymous said...

The drug thing is pretty tired, so for the sake of drama... is Henry really Reid's secret love child? ;)

Rebecca said...

I hope that Hotch wasn't raped by Foyet.
Come on, let the man recover a little, give him some happiness...he doesn't need more drama right now.

If Emily's secret is that she's pregnant, I wouldn't mind.
But I wouldn't want Hotch to be the father. I don't think those two match, and I don't think they should engage in a romantic relationship.

Maybe Reid's secret has to do with his mother. I always wondered how she reacted when Reid had her committed. She can't have reacted well at all. Maybe something happened. It could give us a chance to see Reid with his mother again, which would be a big plus.
Or maybe his father is trying to rebuild his life and is seeing another woman...

I hope JJ's secret will give her a nice exit and the possibility to come back.
Same thing with Emily.

And I hope that they won't replace them. I know that it would be difficult for the team to manage without a media liaison like JJ, but I'm hoping that they can solve this problem without hiring someone.
I don't want a new actress to replace her.

And I just can't help myself, I have to give my opinion on Reid's hair in the recent pictures : I preferred his style before, it was far better.

Anonymous said...

I’m with Rebecca. My hero Hotch is already badly broken; I don’t want to see him in shambles. Season 6 should be a season of healing and happiness; not more torment. To discover that he was raped on top of being savagely stabbed; and losing his wife to his personal tormenter, would take a lifetime of recovery; or he could become a nutcase and not recover at all.

For the person who said, “…knocking her up would just be a total insult to Paget Brewster to write her off in such a lame/cliché way,” I say give me the role. I would love to be the woman to finally put a smile on Hotch’s face; and to “get knocked up” with that gorgeous man’s baby. And since Prentiss has always wanted a baby anyway, it would be like hitting the lottery for $100-million jackpot.

If Paget is really leaving after Season 6, I can’t think of a better reason than for love and family. I know so many woman in their 30’s and 40’s who desperately want a man and a baby. The insult for them has become the sacrifices they made for the job and career, especially when they have now lost the job they made the sacrifices for; or the job is now so miserable that they dread going to work. Somehow love and family become the mainstays.

I look at the parallels of AJ’s life. She has that gorgeous baby and wonderful husband; and she thought she had a work family that would be with her at least until the series ended. However, forces outside had other ideas; and they broke up that work family. The fact that she has her wonderful husband and beautiful child are a comfort and a joy during an otherwise difficult time.

Sure, Prentiss can get another great job; but to me that’s cliché’ and boring because she's always gotten jobs. What would be great for her is to find love and happiness, something she has yet to experience; and I can’t think of a better man than Hotch. And BTW, “you kill two birds with one stone,” You finally end Hotch’s torment and give him a reason to smile; and Prentiss gets the man, and maybe the child she always wanted.

Anonymous said...

i have noticed in watching an episode from season 1 that Hotch must have been asaulted by his dad cuz he told an unsub metaphorically that some physically abused kids grow up to be killers and some grow up to catch them (it was abvious he was throwing an info about his own childhood by the way he looked at him and the way he said it)....i don't know i guess you people would notice if you watch it again, i don't remember the name of the episode. Anyway i strongly beleive this has to do with his secret

Unknown said...

My Guess is that:-

Hotch:- Will be exactly the same
Rossi:- Married again????
Reid:- Is shot in the chest protecting JJ. (But Survies)
JJ:- Leaves because she feels guilty about Reid and Marries Will
Garcia:- Goes down a dark path and comes back as her normal self
Prentiss:- Is transfering to another department in the BAU.

Anonymous said...

Here is my 2 cents on the secrets.

Morgan has a child with one of his ladies that he is supporting.

Garcia's secret most likely has to due with her illegal activities and how she was recruited, as others have speculated.

Rossi is secretly blackmailing Strauss to help protect Hotch and the team.

Prentiss is struggling with issues relating to the abortion she had and is secretly seeing Cooley

Hotch is keeping a secret with regard to who is raising Jack and is also having PTSS episodes he is keeping from the rest of the team. I don't think he was raped by Foyet and hope the writers don't explore that.

Reid is experiencing shades of schizophrenia and is keeping secrets about his childhood years which haunt him.

To comment on his recent hairstyle, I definitely don't like it. I don't think it suits him. He almost looks like he is in high school. He is definitely a hottie with longer hair, although I guess everyone would have their own opinion.

Anonymous said...

Reid has shown signs of sexual identity issues. He struggles with it. He comes out as gay in some way in some inopportune time.

Anonymous said...

Erin Strauss:The team is rid of her since she is a bitch conceited and unbearable and nobody wants her and that's why nobodys interested in its out.and then is found dead by a unsub, well, I think so :O.


Jane said...

- Reid - is often experiencing financial troubles : he sinks every spare dime he has into keeping his mother in a private facility.
It's not like it would be a shock, it would pretty much in character and it's more than plausible.

- Hotch - nothing too "angstful" please !!! I don't want him to be a rape victim (ie Foyet...) or the victim of an abusive father. He seriously needs some lighter moments. Maybe he's having difficulties with Jack...

- JJ - I hope that her secret will lead her to part with the team in a good way. I don't want her exit to be tragic. I still think she'll have a close brush with death that will make her reconsider her priorities in life, (even if I would prefer her to leave because she's pregnant once again, or because she has been offered a promotion).

- Prentiss - Is trying to have a child or to adopt one. Maybe she's seeing Mick Rawson and got pregnant. She then decides to focus on her family, since she has a strong desire to become a mother.

- Garcia - Something to do with her recruitment by FBI, I agree with the others.

- Morgan - wants a job with more responsibilities, which includes leading a team. Not that he would betray his team, he's too loyal and professionally honest for that.

- Rossi - will discover that he has a child...or is haunted by a mistake he made when he was a Marine.

(joining in the discussion about Reid's hair,I too preferred his older style - a little longer and without the gel - it suited him much more).

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I don't think Reid coming out as gay fits with his character development in previous seasons. Not only that, that sort of storyline would just be mundane. Surely the writers can do better than that. Reid is an innocent who is insecure about how to engage socially due to his lack of experience as a result of his upbringing. He definitely was attracted to Lila in "Somebody's Watching", and in "52 Pickup, he enjoyed the attention of the bartender. Not to mention his interactions with Morgan which he brings up about women. I hope the writers have a more interesting secret to explore, like his fears of schizophrenia or perhaps other situations from his past growing up. Those themes would make for much more compelling episodes that haven't been explored that much on network TV. The gay thing has just been done so many times before that it would be pretty lame on the writers part.

Umbra said...

To Anonymous (one post above):

I'm a Reid fan, and I don't mind the idea of Reid being gay.
I think it could fit with his character because we have seen extremely little of Reid's current private life.

We have never seen Reid dating. We only saw him kissing a woman in a pool once. And, let's be honest, Lila was the one trying to seduce him and throwing herself at him (and she deliberately made him fall in the pool in the first place).
And he might have appreciated Austin's attentions in that one episode (the bartender in '52 Pickup') but we don't know if he saw her again (which is very doubtful). It would be weird to bring her back now and we don't even know if Reid wanted to date her in the first place (Morgan noticed her, not Reid).
He might just have appreciated the fact that someone was looking at him in an appraising way.

In short, we have seen way too little of Reid's private life to be able to determine whether or not Reid could be homosexual.

That said, we need to see what the secrets of the other characters are before judging. If their secrets are big and if the writers take time to develop it and analyze the ramifications it could have on the team, then we might need a little more for Reid.
In that case, if he's homosexual, the writers could add something more to his secret.

Of course, that's just my opinion.
If his secret is something else I wouldn't mind either.
I just want the writers to do justice to his character.

SSA_Carpenter said...

Rossi - Dumped his wives because they showed severe signs of being psychopathic

Prentiss - Wants to have a child after grieving of her abortion in the past (after being raped by John Cooley), knowing she could be a good mother (as told by JJ in "Children of the Dark")

Morgan - Was constantly beaten and horaced by gang bangers as a child after his dad died.

SSA_Carpenter said...


Reid - Has had Schyzophrenia of a non threatening type and can manage with situations, but becomes afraid of inflicting damage to the point he almost loses his life

JJ - She has gotten to the point she's so traumatized from the cases that she is about to psychologically snap even though she manages to hide it.

Garcia - Was physically and emotionally hurt as a teenager, making her go completely to the poin that she completely went underground to avoid further pain before she was recruited by the FBI

Hotch - Was abused by his father as a child.

Eva said...

Okay so first off, I honestly don't get the whole "Reid is gay thing". I mean sure, he's not Don Juan, but come on... gay? ... Anyways, second, I love the prediction about Garcia or Reid being in contact with Gideon! Third, I'm not loving the idea of Morgan and Garcia getting together, I get it. Yes. They would make an interesting couple but she's with Kevin, I would however like to see them two get more serious.

Now here's my predictions:

Hotch- Jack has a serious medical condition that is keeping Hotch's mind off the cases.

Rossi- He had a 'messy' divorce, and possibly is having a custody dispute over a child he didn't know he had, until recently.

Morgan- A) He opens up to Rossi, who can obviously see that something is bothering Morgan. He tells him that he thinks that the reason he is such a 'player' is because he was sexually abused so much. B) Got a taste of the hierarchy, and now will go to Strauss to become her mole to get a better job. C) Goes to Hotch to ask for a referral for the job in New York.

Prentiss- Knows her days at the BAU are numbered, because the real reason she got into the bureau is very touchy.

Reid- Has been having schizophrenic episodes, due to his exposure to anthrax, and his drug abuse problem.

JJ- She finds out the real reason that her sister committed suicide, she and her sister were raped and her sister got pregnant. Her parents were super religious and didn't believe in abortion, so she took her own life.

Garcia- She and Kevin get more serious with their relationship.

Well thats all folks!

Leana said...

To Eva :

Reid not being a Don Juan has nothing to do with the fact that he could be gay.
It's just that we can't rule out that possibility because we have seen next to nothing of his private life.

Personally I could see it and it wouldn't bother me one bit, quite the opposite.
A man working in the law enforcement and being gay is something rare on television and it wouldn't diminish Reid in any way.

I would prefer it much more than the 'Reid is schizophrenic' twist.
You can't cure schizophrenia, it's a life long disease with no cure and no way out.
Reid would simply be forced to leave the Bureau if that ever happened, there's absolutely no way around it (unless of course Reid wasn't really schizophrenic in the end but that would just create a big mess and it wouldn't develop Reid's character in the long run...kind of pointless).

If Reid really had to be sick I would prefer him to have a cancer, because at the very least you can fight against that and win in some cases. And he could keep working with the team if he felt physically and mentally strong enough.

There are much more interesting things to explore with Reid than the 'Reid is schizophrenic' storyline (something that would just force him to leave the team).
Reid being homosexual and forced to admit it to his teammates, him fighting a cancer, something to do with his past,....there's a lot the writers can do to develop the character.

Harriet said...

Reid: Well considering it hereditary and it's been hinted at several episodes I'm guessing he has some form of schizophrenia. although could also be the return of Austin (not as interesting but I have always wondered what happened to her) or he's in love with J.J (never gonna happen, especially now she's leaving but hey I can dream).

Morgan: I dunno, his biggest secret seems to be out but then again he is the most secretive on the team. There seems to be a bit of a Morgan/Garcia storyline developing but I'm not sure if the writers would go in that direction, I know it would upset a lot of fans if they starting pairing up team members. I think it could be interesting though.

Garcia: Besides what I've mentioned above I really don't know. A lot of her secrets have been revealed. I thought she was recruited to the FBI after she managed to hack their computer system? She was taken on instead of prosecuted or something? Did I imagine it?

Prentiss: Ed Bernero's suggested she's gay but I somehow doubt that's her secret. Would love some J.J/Prentiss action but since A.J's a strict Morman that's pretty unlikely. Probably something which will lead to her departure at the end of the season I guess.

J.J: I really do not know. when you think about it we know virtually nothing about her. Something explaining why she's leaving. I'm glad to hear the second episode is meant to be emotional and touching, sounds like she might get a fitting departure. if she leaves to be a stay at home mum I'll be very angry.

Hotch: I really don't think he was raped by the Reaper. so many people are convinced he has been but I just don't see the show going in that direction, especially so long after. Then again I could be wrong. I will admit it'd be interesting.

Rossi: As someone already said, he has a lot of secrets.

Harriet said...

Oh forgot to mention, Ed Bernero said before that Emily and Hotch are not going to get together. He wants to focus on their friendship and nothing more.

gubegirl said...

Feeling like I need to address the subject of a gay Reid: just because he hasn't had an actual GF doesn't mean he doesn't want one. I have the impression he would love one, just lacks the social skills, the time and the opportunity to pursue this. He certainly seemed taken by Lila in "Someone's Watching" -yeah, she made the first move, but watch it again - he was loving it!

And altho' Morgan is the sexy one and seems to attact the girls and talks about them, he has never had a serious relationship in all these years. Aside from Hotch being married the first 2-3 seasons, and JJ hooking up with Will, they are all avail - then and NOW. Do you think any of the others are gay? Aside from the speculation about Prentiss, I am hearing a resounding NO. And I don't think she is either.

I also believe that Reid's fear of becoming sick like his mother is a real one and lurks in the back of his mind. His drug addiction and PTSD that he can't help but suffer from with all that he has been thru his ENTIRE life lends to him being more paranoid about this possibility.

I personally don't believe he is but he could FEEL he is during periods of extreme stress and it could affect his job. A GF could help him regain his confidence and help him overcome this. For this reason, I wish that would happen. He needs to be loved in the worst way.

Five seasons with next to no personal relationships is a long time. It's time for one of our team to get somebody and I say, let it be Reid. Morgan doesn't seem to care too much one way or another and may have career aspirations as has been discussed.

Prentiss, if she does leave completely, which I have not heard that she is, have you? I understood her role was being cut back by approx 1/3 but not completely, right?

I think she would love to find a guy and have a baby. Or even just adopt a child, guy in tow or not. She is a strong enuf lady to handle this and it could be just what she needs.

Too soon for new love for Hotch. Rossi also doesn't seem to care about this right now and JJ is prob'ly leaving for dif/less demanding job and/or to go to where Will is working and spend more time with Henry and have a less stressful/more family life.

Garcia: no big secret except will she or won't she go with Kevin? Esp with doing double-duty, poss in another location working with the spin-off team. Def no love relationship with Morgan: theirs is just a very special friendship and I don't see it changing.

I could def see the poss of little Jack becoming ill and this impacting Hotch. We haven't seen much of Jack and how Hotch's home life is going for a long time and that should come up soon.

OK, guys, let's hear some more. We have another 5 weeks before the new season. We have lots of time to kick it around some more - who knows? Maybe Ed and the writers are watching/reading and will take some of our ramblings into consideration? You never know...

gubegirl said...

Feeling like I need to address the subject of a gay Reid: just because he hasn't had an actual GF doesn't mean he doesn't want one. I have the impression he would love one, just lacks the social skills, the time and the opportunity to pursue this. He certainly seemed taken by Lila in "Someone's Watching" -yeah, she made the first move, but watch it again - he was loving it!

And altho' Morgan is the sexy one and seems to attact the girls and talks about them, he has never had a serious relationship in all these years. Aside from Hotch being married the first 2-3 seasons, and JJ hooking up with Will, they are all avail - then and NOW. Do you think any of the others are gay? Aside from the speculation about Prentiss, I am hearing a resounding NO. And I don't think she is either.

I also believe that Reid's fear of becoming sick like his mother is a real one and lurks in the back of his mind. His drug addiction and PTSD that he can't help but suffer from with all that he has been thru his ENTIRE life lends to him being more paranoid about this possibility.

I personally don't believe he is but he could FEEL he is during periods of extreme stress and it could affect his job. A GF could help him regain his confidence and help him overcome this. For this reason, I wish that would happen. He needs to be loved in the worst way.

Five seasons with next to no personal relationships is a long time. It's time for one of our team to get somebody and I say, let it be Reid. Morgan doesn't seem to care too much one way or another and may have career aspirations as has been discussed.

Prentiss, if she does leave completely, which I have not heard that she is, have you? I understood her role was being cut back by approx 1/3 but not completely, right?

I think she would love to find a guy and have a baby. Or even just adopt a child, guy in tow or not. She is a strong enuf lady to handle this and it could be just what she needs.

Too soon for new love for Hotch. Rossi also doesn't seem to care about this right now and JJ is prob'ly leaving for dif/less demanding job and/or to go to where Will is working and spend more time with Henry and have a less stressful/more family life.

Garcia: no big secret except will she or won't she go with Kevin? Esp with doing double-duty, poss in another location working with the spin-off team. Def no love relationship with Morgan: theirs is just a very special friendship and I don't see it changing.

I could def see the poss of little Jack becoming ill and this impacting Hotch. We haven't seen much of Jack and how Hotch's home life is going for a long time and that should come up soon.

OK, guys, let's hear some more. We have another 5 weeks before the new season. We have lots of time to kick it around some more - who knows? Maybe Ed and the writers are watching/reading and will take some of our ramblings into consideration? You never know...

gubegirl said...

Sorry, guys - did not mean to send this twice and can't figure out how to retract it. Hope you don't get worn out scrolling...:)

If any of you know how to do this, pls clue me in - thanks!

Doc. said...

About Reid getting a love life in season sixth...well I would like the writers to concentrate more on his professional life, and his bond with the whole team. It seems more important to me than his love life.
That's what I missed the most in the fifth season. I want the writers to show us how essential he's to the team.

But if we did get to see Reid having a love life then I have to give my opinion on that matter :

- first, please, do NOT let him hook up with a potential actress that will replace JJ and/or Emily.
You would only make the situation worst. Please, anything but that.

- second, well if we had to see him involved in a romantic relationship I would love to see him with a man.
And yes, just because he never had a girlfriend doesn't mean that he's automatically gay, we know. But at least the option is "available", so to speak.
It would be more difficult to imagine Rossi being gay, for example, given his background.
Reid's background on that matter is almost blank so we can imagine him in a relationship with a man, it doesn't create a real contradiction.

And yes he needs love, big time, but love comes in different ways : the love of his mother, the love of his team, and the love of a partner, male or female.

Anonymous said...

Harriet: Ed also said the team was a family leading us to believe they would all stay together; but CBS decided differently. Now AJ is gone; and Paget's episodes have been reduced, and she may be next; we don't know for sure. However, because the team dynamic has changed, Ed surely can change his mind about Hotch and Prentiss. They'd be great together.

Adrienne said...

A lot of good discussions.

I can see Reid being more interested in men than women. Just because he liked Lila's attention doesn't mean that he can't be interested in men.

Reid can be insecure, so having a beautiful lady making clear advances to him must have been a pleasant feeling and something unexpected.
It would boost any man's ego, even if said man is homosexual.
So it doesn't make Reid necessarily heterosexual.

I would prefer to see him having a male partner rather than a girlfriend.

About Hotch and Prentiss, Ed. did say that he wasn't going to put them in a romantic relationship, and he has control over that (he didn't have that control over AJ. Cook's contract).
So, I really hope that Ed. will stick to that and not develop something between the two.

Anyway, chances are that Ed. already knows what the secrets of the team members will be, so it's probably out of our control : I'm not sure the writers could be influenced by our discussions.
We need to wait to learn about it.

Concerning the earlier discussion about Reid's hair, I find his new hair style, all slicked back, really unattractive.
Please, give him back his old hairstyle, it was far better.

Anonymous said...

I really hope they don't go down the path that Reid is gay. That would be boring and it doesn't make sense. Over the past 5 seasons, Reid has made numerous comments which indicate his attraction to women, and he was definitely interested in Lila, and enjoyed the attention of the bartender. There is enough evidence that it is his social ineptitude that holds him back, not his sexual orientation. It would be interesting to see him have to deal with the relationship aspects of having a girlfriend, and his teammates could help him out with this.

I think that his secret would be more along the lines of his fear of his mind, i.e. schizophrenia, his drug addiction, or his past. These themes have all been hinted at in previous episodes and the writers need to maintain the continuity of the story arcs they have alluded to to keep the quality of the show high. I also think everyone needs to consider the fact that the "secrets", according to Ed Bernero's statement are of a nature which could undermine the trust of the team. That would indicate that they are much darker. If Reid were suffering from some form of PTSD, a mild form of schizophrenia or something that happened to him in the past as a result of his being a child prodigy, that would be much more realistic and appropriate for the theme of the show and his character. These issues would not have to be severe enough to where it would affect his capability to do his job in the FBi, but they could be issues he struggles with privately and causes the rest of the team to question whether or not they can trust him once they find out.

Brittany said...

Well, I think that Reid developing even a mild form of schizophrenia would be the end of the character as it would irreversibly spell the end of his career at the FBI.
There's not a single chance they would keep him on the team.

I also don't want the writers to go back to the drug addiction storyline. Reid has moved on, even if it must sometimes be difficult for him. If they want to mention it at some point it's more than fine with me, but they shouldn't make it Reid's secret.

And yes, some secrets might threaten the unity of the team. But, realistically, I pretty much doubt ALL the main characters will hide a secret dark enough to threaten that bond. That wouldn't be believable in my opinion, (this show also needs to focus on the cases).

Now, I don't have a problem with Reid hiding something dark from his past, but I also don't have a problem with him being gay.
The fact that he appreciated the attention of Lila and Austin certainly doesn't rule out that possibility.
I agree with the others who have commented on that point : Reid could be homosexual. What we have seen of him, including the more than brief moments with Austin and Lila, doesn't mean he's straight.
You can't judge that from a single and brief kiss or by the fact that he felt flattered by the attention of those two women (Adrienne is right, it might simply have boosted his ego).
It doesn't mean he's heterosexual and it doesn't mean he's homosexual either. It simply leaves the door open.

Personally I think it would be interesting to see him with a man and to see how the team would react to the news if they found out.

And we might be giving those 'secrets' way too much importance, Lol. Maybe it'll end up being something extremely low key in the sixth season.

Connie said...

JJ - found out that Henry has cancer and kept it from team. Needs to leave BAU to take him to specialist out of state.

Prentiss - covered up for someone when working in St. Louis. This comes out in the open when this action causes an unforseen bad incident now. She is demoted and transferred from the BAU.

Hotch - I don't think any secrets about him will be revealed this season.

Rossi - deals more with questional ethics than anyone thought. This ties into Prentiss. It's why she is demoted and transferred with possibility of redemtion for her rather than fired outright.

Reid - I also don't think anything will be revealed about Reid.

Morgan - applied for a leadership position of a different BAU team and didn't tell anyone. He doesn't get it again. This makes him angry and causes him to act in a more reckless nature this season.

Garcia - was offered a promotion and didn't tell anyone - ties in with Morgan's storyline.

Zg said...

I doubt Morgan`s secret has to do with him applying for a leadership position. He could have had the New York job if he had wanted it . He didn`t need Hotch`s recommendation as Hotch himself told him .Morgan didn`t take the job because he wanted to stay with this team .If he is applying for another job I think it will have to do with the outcome of what happened in the season finale.

Or maybe his secret has to do with his time under cover. Something could have happened to him or he had to do something terrible to not give away his cover. That would be an interesting story line.

Harriet said...

Gubegirl: this is Paget's last season, she mentioned it on twitter. :(

Fro the whole Reid being gay storyline. Personally I get the impression he's attracted to women but who knows? Also, just 'cause he's attracted to women doesn't mean he couldn't have relationship with a man, he could be bisexual after all. I think a relationship with a man would be interesting but at the same time, although it's nice to see some of the teams personal lives, this show is above all about profiling and I really don't think they would be able to give a storyline like that enough attention to make it worthwhile without undermining the show's main theme. I think that's one of the reasons the drug storyline wasn't that well received. A brilliant storyline, in my opinion, but couldn't be given the attention it deserved really.

Harriet said...

(was bugging me)

reidfanatic said...

A little late in posting but here goes.

Reid: Since a lot of people are hinting at him being gay (I hope not, simply because I, personally, find MGG so sexy and that would completely ruin the show for me since I watch the show mainly for Reid's character), not that I find anything wrong with being gay. I totally agree with everything gubegirl said. I think that schizophrenia (he's really past the age of onset anyway) and a drug relapse, both seem so quessable, since everyone's mentioning them. They didn't seem to know what to do with the drug situation the first time, I can't see why they'd reopen it. I wondered if it might be something to do with how he survived as a child. How did they get by? Reid, who knows a lot about handwritng, could have been forging checks with his mom's signature to run the house, or, being a magician, maybe he'd done some pickpocketing. Vegas is a town with lots of pockets to pick.

Rossi: Perhaps we'll find what his connection was to his mob friend or... he's got three exes that could show up.

Morgan: Morgan could be looking for a leadership position or have an offspring from one of his many liaisons.

Garcia: Like others, I think it might revolve around what she did to be recruited for the FBI.

Hotch: We, the viewers, know that Jack has some kind of "condition." That was brought out in a former episode, so, although it might be a secret to the team, it wouldn't be to the viewers. I don't think Hotch will have been raped by Foyet. We already have one male team member who's been sexually abused, so another would be a little redundant. I wonder if Hotch might be hitting the bottle. It's the first thing he went to after arriving home at the end of season four (not that I blame him).

Prentiss: There are so many things from Emily's past that we don't know about so it could be anything.

gubegirl said...

Harriet: Thanks for the news about Paget but what a bummer! I don't Twitter but maybe it's for the best; I would have been bummed for even longer because I love her and think she is a wonderful actress; she holds a very integral place on our team. Will miss her beautiful face,soft heart and tough spirit mucho.

I can't can't accept the poss. of Reid being gay - I am convinced he likes girls; he has been thru so much and if Hotch is divorced and JJ and Will are leaving, then that leaves room for SOMEONE else to have a relationship - serious or no - just some SEMBLANCE OF REAL LIFE, besides just Garcia and Kevin and I say, let it be Reid. He needs it the most and I believe it would help him grow and become more well-rounded. Give him some confidence in a different area than his intellect and genius status do - it would do wonders for the poor boy. We don't need to see alot of mushy or anything - they only touched on those kind of scenes in Hotch's, JJ's and Garcia's relationshipS and it was accepted by most everyone, no prob.

What do you say, guys? Give Reid a GF! Please! No drugs, no getting set on fire, no getting anthrax, no getting shot or even kidnapped -just a nice lady to love him. It's time. And MGG, I still say your new haircut looks great. I showed my 22 y.o. daughter who is a hairdresser and her comment was "wow, now he's really handsome!"


Lola said...

@gubegirl: Yay, finally! I agree, nice gift for Reid is a GF!

Herms said...

I have to give my own opinion on the subject of Reid's sexuality.

I have been watching the show since the beginning and have watched the characters develop.
In doing so I've paid close attention to their development and various relationships.

So, I'm surprised when I see some people (even if it's really not a majority) saying that they just can't see Reid being in a relationship with a man.
Yes, he kissed a girl in a pool and was nice with that ? Feeling desired is simply something nice.

I'm not saying that Reid is obviously interested in men, but I don't see why it could be impossible.

I agree with the others who said that the door was left open for that to happen.

And I completely agree with Gublergirl when she said that Reid needs love.
But I wouldn't be opposed to him finding that love with a man.
The team finding out that Reid is not straight could make for a good team scene and I would enjoy that development for Reid.
Why should if feel less like love if he was in a happy relationship with a man ?
The fact that the partner is a man or a woman shouldn't matter - what matters is the fact that Reid should find happiness.

Now, truthfully, I hope that Reid's secret is something else than a girlfriend ... and a girlfriend couldn't qualify as a "secret" anyway.

If it has something to do with his past I would love it. Like someone mentioned he could have been forced to forge his mother's signature on checks or various documents to pay the bills and to take care of everyday life (but I have a hard time imagining him resorting to pickpocket).

And maybe used his various skills to get an "undeclared job" when he was very young.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

Oh, and since Reid's new haircut since to bring so much attention I will just say that I, alas, can't stand it.
It's personal, but I think the whole 'slicked back' look doesn't do him justice.
And I don't think that his new haircut makes him look more adult ... it simply looks unnatural to me and unappealing.
And my husband said that it looked 'weird'.

Lynne said...

To gubegirl

I can't can't accept the poss. of Reid being gay - I am convinced he likes girls; he has been thru so much and if Hotch is divorced and JJ and Will are leaving, then that leaves room for SOMEONE else to have a relationship - serious or no - just some SEMBLANCE OF REAL LIFE, besides just Garcia and Kevin and I say, let it be Reid

I don't understand why the fact that Reid has been through a lot (although some team members have been through worse than him...) has to do with his sexuality...

I don't want Reid's storyline for this season (if he manages to get one) to be 'O my god I have a girlfriend'....that would be lame.... I want something more for my favorite character.

I want it to have something to do with his work or his past, something of relevance and not just a girlfriend.

If we have to see him in a relationship a man could be a good and believable twist IMHO.
I'm in agreement with the other posters who have stated that we haven't seen enough of his private life to determine his sexual orientation, so there wouldn't be a clash.

The only time I could see him with a woman (and not a girl because I think Reid needs someone mature and, why not, older than him) it really wasn't with Austin or Lila but with Dr.Linda Kimura from 'Amplification' (even if there was absolutely nothing between them).

I will still say that if the writers or producers want to talk a little about Reid's romantic life, I would love to see an ex-boyfriend from college or something like that.

I hope I wasn't offending or anything, if I was I'm truly sorry. I completely respect your opinion and I just wanted to give mine as a fellow Reid fan.

Harriet said...

Lynne: There did seem to be some sort of chemistry there didn't there?

As for a girlfriend storyline, I would like to see him with a girlfriend but I do think it'd be a lame secret. I don't even see why it'd be a secret at all. Tbh I just want his secret to be a lot deeper than a relationship or even his sexuality; even if he were to turn out to be gay the team wouldn't exactly care, it'd be one interesting scene and then back to normal. If the writers do go down the sexuality route I really hope they make him bisexual, mainly because we need more bisexual characters on tv IMO (or at least less stereotyped ones) but also I think it would be slightly more interesting. A lot of people don't understand bisexuality or even believe in it so the storyline regarding the team coming to terms with it could be a bit more complex and interesting. Although it would still probably be about an episode long. :P

sdwally said...

I felt I had to comment about those who are suggesting that Hotch’s secret is that Jack is struck with a serious illness.

Boy I hope the writers don’t go this route. A seriously ill Jack may be more torturous for Hotch than to discover that he had been raped by Foyet (which I’m also against). I think Hotch has been tormented enough; and his only secret should be that he may think he is impotent as a result of the Foyet attack; but later finds out (hopefully with Prentiss’ assistance) that he is not.

To be raped by the man who brutally attacked you and killed your wife would be incomprehensible, and maybe impossible to recover from. But it would be equally or more traumatic for Hotch to discover that your child has a serious illness. We would sacrifice ourselves for our children; so it would be downright cruel for the writers to heap on Hotch, the unbelievable burden, and helplessness of having to care for a sick child. Please give this man a break.

And I agree with the person who said if Reid is determined to be schizophrenic, he would no longer be BAU material; but then I guess that’s why he would keep it secret.

But the advantage of our discovering everyone’s secret is the satisfaction we get when they are eventually exposed; and we are allowed to see how our protagonist(s) overcomes, adapts or manages the situation after everyone knows. If Reid is found to be schizophrenic, I would think he would have to leave the BAU. You can’t have someone who’s mentally unstable pursuing the mentally unstable.

And I really don’t want to see Hotch dealing with a sick child, after everything else he’s been through. Isn’t it enough for him to have to adjust to the psychological damage Foyet has already caused? The prescription for Hotch should be relief, recovery, peace, love and happiness. Enough already!!!

Lynne said...

To Harriet :

yes, I agree, a girlfriend wouldn't be a secret at all.

I want Reid's secret to be deeper too.
Reid wasn't given much to do in the fifth season, to say the least. we barely saw him so I would like to see him having a more interesting secret too, something deeper with more implications.

Now, like I said I could see Reid being homosexual.
Sexuality is so much more flexible than people think (and yes bisexuality is not always understood).
Even if he kissed a starlet in a pool it doesn't mean he can't be more interested in men than women.
And I agree with you : the team wouldn't make a big deal out of it.

I don't know if all the characters will have a big secret that will drag on for more than one episode, it might be too much. But they could write Reid being homosexual and add something else.

Maybe they could also simply allude to the fact that Reid has someone in his life without telling us if it's a man or a woman...

But like I said, I too want his secret to be something much deeper than 'Reid has finally gotten a girlfriend' plotline.
For a Reid fan it would be a big, big letdown considering how little we saw of Reid in the fifth season.

If his secret has something to do with his past, adds something to the character, and brings on some team interaction it could be great.

gubegirl said...

Lynne: I am not at all offended at your comments; to the contrary, I think it is fun to brainstorm about our fave show and characters.

Unless you are referring to Hotch and the murder of his ex-wife, I think that Reid has been thru alot during these past 5 seasons not to mention what we have learned he suffered thru before as a child and teenager. And he seems to have never known any love other than his mom's; maybe his dad's.

Thus, I think it would be wonderful for something good to happen to him and I was the first, I believe, to suggest that maybe a GF who is older than him would be perfect. I think the Dr. you mention was in the anthrax epi, and it would make sense that he gets involved with someone who has been on the job with him - where else is Reid going to meet someone? Esp someone who may have mutual interests that draw them together? You know, science, law enforcement, etc.

Him getting a GF would not have to be a secret ultimately, but given Reid's personality, it would not be a surprise that he has not actually sought out a GF, but falls into something and is unsure enough about himself that he feels he must keep it a secret for a while. Maybe to learn if it's real or not. Do you see what I mean?

The big deal with Reid and a GF is that he is the only one of the team that has absolutely no experience with a romantic relationship to any extent (that we know of!) and to me, that is huge and another reason he may keep it a secret from the rest of the team.

Look at how JJ kept her relationship w/ Will a secret and then her pregnancy, too. Altho' it came to pass that the others had suspected it, the very fiber of their work precludes them from sharing too much personal for whatever reason. Maybe partly to keep their work lives separate, to maintain professionalism or whatever. They all hate to be "profiled" by the others, you know:)

Anyhoo, that's my line of thinking and I appreciate comments and feedback. But I do have to say, as a die-hard Reid fan, I would like it to be a woman, and an older one makes more sense to me than another Lila-type. Despite his obvious physical attraction to her, I feel that any relationship for Reid needs to involve some very smart and educated lady to hold his attention long-term.


Lynne said...

To Gubergirl.

Yes, I understand what you mean don't worry.
And I agree, Reid has already suffered, but he's really not the only one.
I don't necessarily want something terrible happening to him (though I have nothing against 'Reid angst') but a girlfriend wouldn't exactly be a secret in my opinion.

Even if he was trying to hide the relationship from the team I wouldn't consider that a secret.
The only reason the writers focused on JJ hiding her relationship with Will for a single episode ('In heat') was because of AJ's pregnancy (Will wasn't even supposed to come back).

And the whole team already knew about the so called 'secret relationship' for a long time, even if JJ and Will lived in different states !

So for me Reid having a girlfriend couldn't be a secret.
I want them to do something more interesting with Reid this season, because I suffered badly from 'Reid withdrawal' during season five.

And I understand why you could only see him with a woman.
I personally have no problem seeing him with a man, and I would prefer it.

Anyway, I suppose that Ed. Bernero and the writers already know what the secret of each team member is going to be (at least they must have a vague idea for all the characters) and I'm curious to see what we're going to get.

Oh, by the way you mentioned Reid's hair and when I saw the pictures taken during the last episode of AJ, I admit that I didn't like Reid's hairstyle.
I don't like the 'slicked back look' (like another poster said). But good for you if you enjoy it.
Since it was JJ's last episode, maybe the BAU team held a reception for her or something, and Reid wanted to look 'stylish'.
I have to say that I hope it won't last, I want the old style back, I found it so much more attractive.

And I so agree with you : those discussions are nice.

Anonymous said...

As far as secrets go, I think there are definitely still a few that we'd like answers to...
-J.J's secret seems pretty obvious
to me. Though I never wanted this to happen, since she's leaving the show anyway, I think that she will decide she can't continue risking her life when she has a young son at home who needs her. I think she will leave the BAU for a safer job and to be a better mother to Henry and maybe even make it official with Will.
-I think Garcia's secret is that Kevin became creepy/obsessive/possessive and wanted her to leave her amazing BAU team for him. She didn't do it kicked him to the curb and has been sneaking around having a secret office romance with Morgan.
-I think we'll learn that Hotch's father beat on him as a child. I think there was strong allusion to that in the "Natural Born Killer" episode of Season One but it was never revisited.
-I think Prentiss has numerous secrets that we haven't learned yet, and I hope that we'll still have time to discuss some of them. She and her mother's relationship is VERY frosty and we've never even met her dad. I wanted if something horribly scarring happened to her as a child or teen with one of the parade of older, powerful diplomats that surely went through the Prentiss household. She went to her parents for help and they did nothing or didn't believe her??
-I don't really have anything for Rossi or Reid. I feel like we've explored a lot of their secrets already. Maybe we should leave them allow to get some new secrets and then revisit them!

reidfanatic said...

I agree with gubegirl, I couldn't stand the thought of Reid being with a man either. Being a hopeless romantic,I've been hoping for five seasons that something romantic would possibly happen to him and if it turned out to be a man, I don't know, Reid wouldn't be the same to me. I find MGG himself, and the way he plays Reid, so sexually appealing and I think I would lose all that if he was made to be gay.

I do agree that a girlfriend doesn't have enough weight to be "the secret" so I'm hoping it's something more substantial.

I also agree with Lynne. In my mind, I have always seen Reid with an older woman. A bartender or a sexy blond actress just don't suit him. He needs to be with someone he can talk to, who can understand some of the things he says. It's funny you mentioned Linda Kimura. I thought she would be wonderful with Reid as soon as I saw Amplification. Just the kind of woman he could relate to. Even wrote a fanfic on it.

I, too, have to weigh in on the hair. Love it!! It was getting so long before that he looked totally unkempt. I love the shorter style. Maybe not so much slicked back but like it was in The Internet is Forever.

Whatever we get, I just hope we see more of him this season. We were so terribly deprived last season.

Bianca said...

I love reading all your comments guys.

I can tell you that I would be very upset if Reid's secret is a girlfriend : give him something more interesting please !

Like other people have pointed out, last season was very 'Reid light' even if the reasons were understandable of course.
I enjoyed seeing JJ and Morgan getting more character development, they really needed it (and I'm so sad about JJ leaving !!!).
But, please, let Reid have a storyline that is something else than a girlfriend.

On the subject of Reid sexual orientation : Reid with a man seems more appealing to me than Reid with a woman.
I see him more with a male partner, and I know that a lot of Reid fans would love to see that too.
I also think it can fit with the character as we have seen almost nothing of his romantic life.

About Hotch, I think you should give him a secret that won't be too traumatic or filled with angst.
He has already suffered so much.
Please, no 'Foyet raped Hotch' storyline or 'Hotch suffered badly at the hands of his father'.
I think he needs more lighthearted moments with the team (and I mean the whole team, not just Rossi).

A lot of people have talked about Reid's hair, so I'm going to give it a go too : I absolutely can't get into his new hairstyle.
I hate the way he styled it recently (in the pictures). It reminds me of his hairstyle in 'Soul Mates' 'Bloodline' and 'Cold Comfort' (and I highly disliked it then too).
So please, tell me it won't last.
He looked way more handsome before.

Monia said...

Ohhh....some ideas posted here are wonderful.

I don't know what will happen to Hotch. I too hope that it won't have something to do with Foyet raping him. Hotch has been enough damaged as it is.
Hotch having been abused by his father is NOT a good idea IMHO, for the same reason.
Let the guy be happy and give him a secret that doesn't deal with abuse please !

JJ : I suppose that her secret will lead to her leaving the show.
Unless the writers couldn't write it since they had very little time to deal with that. You'll be missed !!!!

Garcia : probably something to do with her hacking activities.
I wouldn't be surprised to learn that at some point she crossed a line.

Rossi : I can imagine an ex-wife making a reappearance and bringing back some memories and surprises.

Morgan : not too sure either about him. Some posters think he wants to move up the hierarchy, and I agree, I could see that.
But he wouldn't lie to the team, he would be honest about it.

Emily : I hope that she won't be killed if it' her last season.
She has already expressed her desire to become a mother on more than one occasion, and her abortion left deep scars. So maybe she's trying to get pregnant or want to adopt a child.

Reid (my favorite) : I'm glad to see that a lot of fans agree with the idea that he could be gay. I could totally see him with a man, and it certainly wouldn't diminish his value or the character.
I also agree that a girlfriend wouldn't be a secret.
I would like to see how he survived when he was a child : his father left Reid when he was ten year old to deal with his schizophrenic mother. He left without looking back and never helped his son in any way. I'm not saying that William Reid is a monster and I understand that it was difficult for him but nothing can atone for what he did.
Reid had to support his mother, financially and mentally, since he was very young (we only had to look at their house in 'Revelations' to see that it was in a poor state). He also had to be the one to have her committed when he was eighteen and he's the one who is also paying for what is probably a private facility.
So I would like to see how Reid survived and how he supported his mother.

On to the,oh so debated, subject of Reid's hair : I don't like his new look at all. It doesn't suit him, and the way he apparently sliced back his hair in 6x02 is simply appalling.

Monia said...

Ohhh....some ideas posted here are wonderful.

I don't know what will happen to Hotch. I too hope that it won't have something to do with Foyet raping him. Hotch has been enough damaged as it is.
Hotch having been abused by his father is NOT a good idea IMHO, for the same reason.
Let the guy be happy and give him a secret that doesn't deal with abuse please !

JJ : I suppose that her secret will lead to her leaving the show.
Unless the writers couldn't write it since they had very little time to deal with that. You'll be missed !!!!

Garcia : probably something to do with her hacking activities.
I wouldn't be surprised to learn that at some point she crossed a line.

Rossi : I can imagine an ex-wife making a reappearance and bringing back some memories and surprises.

Morgan : not too sure either about him. Some posters think he wants to move up the hierarchy, and I agree, I could see that.
But he wouldn't lie to the team, he would be honest about it.

Emily : I hope that she won't be killed if it' her last season.
She has already expressed her desire to become a mother on more than one occasion, and her abortion left deep scars. So maybe she's trying to get pregnant or want to adopt a child.

Reid (my favorite) : I'm glad to see that a lot of fans agree with the idea that he could be gay. I could totally see him with a man, and it certainly wouldn't diminish his value or the character.
I also agree that a girlfriend wouldn't be a secret.
I would like to see how he survived when he was a child : his father left Reid when he was ten year old to deal with his schizophrenic mother. He didn't look back and didn't help his son in any way. William Reid is not a monster and I understand that it was difficult for him but nothing can atone for what he did.
Reid had to support his mother, financially and mentally, since he was very young (we only had to look at their house in 'Revelations' to see that it was in a poor state). He also had to be the one to have her committed when he was eighteen and he's the one who is also paying for what is probably a private facility.
So I would like to see how Reid survived and how he supported his mother.

On to the,oh so debated, subject of Reid's hair : I don't like his new look at all. It doesn't suit him, and the way he apparently sliced back his hair in 6x02 is simply appalling.

Monia said...

Ohhh....some ideas posted here are wonderful.

I don't know what will happen to Hotch. I too hope that it won't have something to do with Foyet raping him. Hotch has been enough damaged as it is.
Hotch having been abused by his father is NOT a good idea IMHO, for the same reason.
Let the guy be happy and give him a secret that doesn't deal with abuse please !

JJ : I suppose that her secret will lead to her leaving the show.
Unless the writers couldn't write it since they had very little time to deal with that. You'll be missed !!!!

Garcia : probably something to do with her hacking activities.
I wouldn't be surprised to learn that at some point she crossed a line.

Rossi : I can imagine an ex-wife making a reappearance and bringing back some memories and surprises.

Morgan : not too sure either about him. Some posters think he wants to move up the hierarchy, and I agree, I could see that.
But he wouldn't lie to the team, he would be honest about it.

Emily : I hope that she won't be killed if it' her last season.
She has already expressed her desire to become a mother on more than one occasion, and her abortion left deep scars. So maybe she's trying to get pregnant or want to adopt a child.

Reid (my favorite) : I'm glad to see that a lot of fans agree with the idea that he could be gay. I could totally see him with a man, and it certainly wouldn't diminish his value or the character.
A girlfriend wouldn't be a secret, I agree.
I would also like to see how he survived when he was a child : his father left without looking back and ten year old Reid had to deal with his schizophrenic mother on his own, without any help.
Reid had to support his mother, financially and mentally (we only had to look at their house in 'Revelations' to see that it was in a poor state and that his mother couldn't work). He also had to be the one to have her committed when he was eighteen and he's the one paying for what is probably a private facility.
So I would like to see how Reid survived and how he supported his mother.

On to the,oh so debated, subject of Reid's hair : I don't like his new look at all. It doesn't suit him, and the way he apparently sliced back his hair in 6x02 is simply appalling.

Monia said...

Sorry for the glitch with the posts, I only meant to post this once.

Anonymous said...

Reid gay? No doubt in my mind that he could pull that off, it suits his character and no I don't like his hair either........does not do him justice..........even with his perfect bone structure....Hotch raped?..........not in a million years.........Prentiss has a child that she gave up for adoption......Garcia was married before.......Rossi has a heart attack but survives.......and Morgan is still seeing Tamara.......

Harmony said...

Ok, let's see :

I think Hotch has been seeking help ever since the whole Foyet incident without saying anything to the team (please, I'm in complete agreement with the others, no more "abuse" plotline).

Rossi made a big mistake when he was younger and it ended one of his marriage. It'll come back to bit him in the ...

Emily is trying to have a child, or she could still be keeping tabs on Hotch and the whole team for Strauss (very doubtful though).
I simply hope she won't die.

JJ, I don't think she'll have a secret since she'll leave in the second episode of the sixth season.
But if a secret is the cause of her exit, let it be a happy one, like a new pregnancy.

Reid, here again I agree with the others, I could see him being gay and I wouldn't mind one bit.
I would also like to learn about his young years (or more like 'younger years' since he'll only turn 29 in the sixth season). We know that he graduated High School at twelve and had his first doctorate in Mathematics at approximatively 16 (it was said in that article collected by his father in 'Memoriam') so there's probably a lot to explore about that period of his life : how he managed college, taking care of his mother, the house, the finances.... A burden a child this young should never have to bear.

Morgan : he'll learn that he's a father. It was implied that Morgan had some 'one-night stands', or at the very least, some relationships that were never meant to last (and NO, I don't think Morgan is a 'dog' - he just didn't find the right girl...yet).

Garcia : once again, I agree with the others, she probably crossed a big line once while hacking. It was probably before she joined the FBI.

Final note : Reid's hair ? no I don't like the new style I saw in some pictures taken during JJ's last episode. go back to the older one, please !

l@umr said...

Some of his ideas are great! But I really hope that the secrets don't break the team's confidence, especially emily's, I would not want, if all end up hating her character. Cause she joined the team later and take him long to adapt , but has proven to be great and has always supported all members of the team.(she is my favorite character) so I hope the reason they give her for leaving the BAU ( :( the show) don't affect her friendship with the team, in that case I prefer she get killed.
Anyway just wait for the next season! even if is gonna be bittersweet whitout JJ.

Sorry for my bad english, I Speak spanish.

Anonymous said...

I am still dying to know what is behind Hotch's comment from "Natural born Killer" Hopefully we ll get some clarification on that this season. Personally I don't mind the idea of revisiting the Reaper and Hotch storyline and think it would be quite brave for a crime drama to openly talk about the much neglected area of male rape.

Prue said...

Concerning Hotch and the Reaper, I really hope that Hotch wasn't raped by Foyet.
Not only does it not make sense when we analyze Foyet's MO, but Hotch has already been through hell, let his secret be something that won't bring trauma or angst, thank you very much.
I don't know how the writers could possibly decide that Hotch didn't suffer enough through that gigantic arc that was Hotch/Foyet which heavily impacted the whole fifth season.

I do agree with the poster above when he/she said that male rape is a "neglected" area in television.
But, please, don't put Hotch as the victim !

Harmony said...

To l@umr :

I understand what you mean when you say that you would prefer to see Prentiss die rather than betraying the team.
Now, when I said that Emily could still be keeping tabs on Hotch and the team for Strauss I did add that it was very doubtful.
I don't think the writers will go down that road.
Just like you I also don't want the team to feel betrayed by one of their own.
That would be one of the worst thing the writers could do to us and since JJ is now gone, I want the team's bond to be stronger than ever because they need to stay united.

Alas, Ed. did say that some secret would threaten that bond apparently. So, maybe one secret held by a team member will have the power to threaten the team's unity....

Since you're an Emily fan I understand why you would prefer her exit to coincide with her death, rather than her betrayal.
I hope that we can avoid both.

Being a major Reid fan, I fervently hope that Reid's secret won't make him loose the trust and friendship of his team, it would irrevocably break something for me. And if he had to leave I would also prefer to see him dead than betraying the team, so I completely get you.

Anonymous said...

JJ: I think that Will has probably left her because she is too "married to her job" but she finds out after he left that she is pregnant again, so she leaves the BAU (but not the FBI) to fix her family life. (hoping for some guest appearances later maybe???)

Reid: I think Reid is the one that was probably molested.. by his Mother as a kid/teenager. Pains me to say that cuz he's my favorite.

Emily: I think it has something to do with the way she came to the BAU. Maybe there were hidden motives to her joining the team. Or maybe she gets killed off... no one has yet... :(

Rossi: It has to be something with his past, but there is so much that it could be with him...

Hotch: If they go there with the reaper I will be surprised, but it's possible. Brazen and bold, but possible.

Last but not least....

Morgan and Garcia: I think it will be revealed that Morgan has still been seeing that victim's sister and they plan to get married. It will tear Garcia apart and the whole atmosphere around the team will crumble because Garcia can't handle it.

I don't think that they will have Morgan looking for other positions because they aren't going to make that many cast changes in one season... not a smart move... Strauss already told him if he wanted to head a unit of some sort it was his and he already turned down one promotion...

Anonymous said...

REID - He has a secret past as a teenager drug addict
- he is rich
- he has a child or gave one up for adoption
- he is sick

Heylo said...

Wow, I'm extremely late to this.

I'm still gonna put my two cents :

I love the idea of Hotch seeking help. And like so many other fans, I don't want anymore trauma for this character. The strong BAU Unit Chief had already so much troubles, give him time to recover peacefully.

JJ is struggling with her home life. She needs more time with Henry and Will but at the same time she loves her job. The Billy Flynn's case will solve her dilemma.

Morgan will be badly affected by this case and will seek another position in the FBI.

Reid is hiding how difficult his past REALLY was, something will disclose his secret to the team.
He could also be struggling because he's homosexual and is unsure about admitting the truth to the team, this idea doesn't bother me at all.

Emily wants to adopt a child. But her job is considered too dangerous and not stable enough (since she travels a lot) for that.
Or she could be having an affair with Mick Rawson.

Garcia is hiding what the FBI really has on her that forced her to join them.

Rossi, We'll learn something about one of his marriage. He doesn't seem like the type who would cheat on his wife, because he would take his vows seriously, but maybe he made a serious mistake.

And about Reid's hair, I really think the new do doesn't do him justice too. He looks like a kid, especially in the recent pictures. Please let his hair get a little longer (I'm not saying that he should let them grow too much, but he should keep some length) and DON'T slicked it back.
Reid is simply gorgeous with his hair a little longer and more natural.

Anonymous said...

I really reject the idea that Morgan would apply to be unit chief somewhere else behind Hotch's back. It´s too much of a betrayal for someone with Morgan´s sense of honor. It'd be too incoherent with the character´s usual behavior.

I also dont think Morgan´s secret has to do with Tamara. First, the actress is currently working in another TV series and it'd be too weird to use a replacement. Second, I really think that after coming up with such a strong background for Morgan, having been an abused child and all, Tamara´s storyline would be a rather flat secret. Of course she was a victim´s sister. But if I remember right, Garcia didnt warn Morgan about Tamara because it could harm his career or the team, she warned him because Tamara was bonding with Morgan for the wrong reasons. Anyway, Morgan never called Tamara until the case was over, so there'd be no reason to hide such a relationship, since it no longer affected the job. Unless it was something that didnt end well (as Garcia predicted) and now she´d be threatening him in some way.

The way I see it, he's way more devoted in keeping a relationship with Garcia than pursuing any other women. I dont think he'd commit to her the way he did in "Exit Wounds", using all those heartfelt words and then lie to her about having someone else. It'd not make any sense.

Making Morgan lie about his love life would only make sense if it affect or threaten the team in some way, or himself. Maybe if he had a family somewhere he left behind. Or, like others already said, if he and Garcia were together, because THAT would be a relationship to be kept unknown.

But personally I think this might still be about his history of abuse. Something about it we quite dont know yet.

Not too sure what to think about the others. Have to make up my mind...

gubegirl said...

Let's not have anyone die!
-JJ leaves to spend more time w/ fam.
-Hotch maintains. Enug already.
-Prentiss leaves to resume her relationship with John Cooley.
-Maybe Morgan is dated Tamara - I could deal w/that.
-Garcia now working for other team as well. Maybe affects relationship w/ Kevin? Tsf?
-Rossi: an ex or child he did not know existed re-enters his life.
-Reid with all his PTSD, drug addiction, current stress IMAGINES
he is suffering from schiz - isn't really but acts out abit and scares the rest of the team.
A real plus would be he meets & falls in love, pref w/ a female - maybe an older one with his more sophisticated new 'do! (that's just me, the female thing) and snaps out of his doldrums and feels like a normal person (he, who has never experienced "a normal day in his life!"

TTFN, CM buds.

Unknown said...

wow, I love debates, so here I go...
I think a lot of you forget we´re talking about SECRETS, and by that I mean something worth keeping. I see a lot of "secrets" mentioned here that'd be too obvious to be called secrets. Like, Garcia marrying Kevin. So? They're dating already. Wouldnt that be something to expect?
Garcia is pregnant? Can someone explain to me how to keep pregancy a secret for more than, let´s say, 4 months, without disappearing from the premisses? And we know for a fact that KV´s Garcia will be in EVERY episode this season. In a nutshell: not happening...
Morgan dating Tamara. Wow, he has a gf he met during a case. So? We were already presented to that storyline. He asked her out in the end of and episode. We´re smart enough to deduce he was somewhat interested. Again, wouldnt we be expecting that? I´m assuming that a secret would be something we HAVEN´T been presented yet.
Morgan leaving the BAU? Behind everyone´s back, including Garcia? Not in a million years. Not even if he´s too cracked by the events of the finale. The team would have noticed changes in his behavior right away. They do that for a living!
Hotch being sexually assaulted by Foyet? Too dark, even for CM, to have two team members sexually abused. We had Hotch´s memories from the Reaper´s attack on him. We were told the stabs stand for sexual power. And if we were told that, it´s for us to know that Foyet´s abuses are not to become literal. Maybe it could mess up Hotch´s mind, but physical rape? Too dellusional.
Reid being gay. He seems more a virgin to me than a gay. Someone to which sexual experiences are a issue for some reason. But gay? I doubt it. I also doubt CBS would have the guts to present a gay character on a regular basis in a stud show like CM. Unless it´s a female gay, because as you might have noticed, they ARE sexist.
I did like most of the opinions on Emily and Rossi's secrets. But then again, relating Emily's secret to a relationship that was already explored in "Demonology" has to be very well done, otherwise it woulg feel like dejavu.
Oh, JJ. I dont think they had time to build such a dramatic storyline for her. She´s leaving, surprisingly for most people. They had to wrap up her character really quick, so I´m more willing to think her departure will come as a consequence of season 5´s finale.
Anyway, lets not forget that we had severe changes in the show under the excuse of creative reasons. So let´s expect writers to be really creative and come up with interesting secrets for the characters. I think it is the least we deserve...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Oh, I forgot: CBS has already stated that the real BAU teams are used to share tech analysts. That was why they chose to make KV do double duty. So Garcia working for another team is not a secret, it is meant to be part of her routine. Otherwise the network wouldnt have cared to give that information. Her secret most definitely will not come from there...

Lois said...

Good point about CBS not being thrilled by the idea of a main character being homosexual, even more so if said character is a man.

But I think it would be amazing if Reid was indeed interested in men, it would be a courageous decision and something I would love to see.
And I can totally see Reid with a man.

No matter what, dear writers (if you're even reading this), please, don't give Reid a girlfriend as a poor excuse of a storyline in the sixth season.
He deserves so much better than that ! (and his fans too !).

I'm not a fan of his new looks, he looks like a high school student.
But maybe he'll let his hair grow.

Agathon said...

I completely lost track of time reading all the comments, but it was worth it ! I love the speculations.

I would like Hotch to have some happy times, poor guy needs it badly. It would help to see him more at ease with the team (how do I miss the time when we saw him laughing at the end of 'The Instincts', it wasn't just a smile, he was really laughing and having a good time with (almost) the whole team. I want to see that again, so please, don't let his secret be something dark please.

I also missed Reid so much last season that almost anything would do as a storyline (as long as it doesn't make him look bad please, I don't want him to be seen as a backstabber) to make me happy.
But I agree with the majority, if his secret is a girlfriend I would still be very disappointed. He needs somthing with more substance and depth.
Once again, I agree with the majority and will have no problem if he turns out to be gay. I think it would be completely believable with what we have seen of the character so far and it could be very interesting.

As for his hair, well I'll love Reid no matter his hairstyle.
But I still prefered his beautiful mop of hair with more length.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Claudinha on a number of points, especially with respect to Reid. I also see him more as a virgin, and not gay. It is much more in keeping with his character, given what has been alluded to over previous seasons. There are just too many instances where it is inferred by either Reid's own comments or his actions that he is attracted to the opposite sex and is just socially inexperienced. Also, there are way too many women viewers who drool over the male eye candy on the show. It wouldn't be a wise move for CBS to alienate those viewers by making any of them come out as gay. I do also think that the secrets would have to do with trust issues, and let's face it, sexual orientation would not cause team members to lose trust in a team member.

Hina said...

I'm going to have a difficult time coming up with different ideas on the secrets. You have all contributed so much on that subject that you've already covered a lot of possibilities.

So, I'm just going to go with what I think could happen, or what I want those secrets to be :

For Rossi, I think his secret will be linked with his past at the BAU. He could be hiding something from that period, and why not a relationship with Erin Strauss ? He doesn't have a problem telling her off and seems so much at ease with her. Also, I think he's the only one on the show who calls her 'Erin'.

I really don't know what to say about Hotch because anything more and I think the man couldn't realistically go on. I don't want him to be the victim of past (or present) abuses in any shape or form. Maybe something to do with his career as a prosecutor. I would like to know why he really quit, was there a decisive factor ?

JJ will probably leave for family's reasons.
I just hope nothing bad will happen to her, Will or Henry.

Prentiss wanting to have a child ? I can see that since she already talked about it on the show.

I do think like a lot of people that Garcia is hiding what she did to get caught by the FBI.

I can see Morgan wanting to leave his current position for another job at the FBI. He already said that the BAU could burn someone out and Rossi also said that Morgan was a natural born leader.

I love the idea that Reid is hiding something from his past, about how he struggled as a kid when he had to fend for himself while taking care of his mentally sick mother at the same time.
He couldn't have gotten any help because if he did, social services would have put him into a foster home, so he had to do it on his own.

On the subject of his sexuality : I don't know why he couldn't be a virgin and gay. I'm not sure if Reid is really a virgin, but I so agree with a lot of people here.
I would absolutely love it if he turned out to be gay in the end.
And even if some fans wouldn't like it, do you know how many fans would love it ? There are a lot, trust me.

I could never say that Reid doesn't look good, but I too prefer his hair longer and not slicked back. I hope that they'll allow MGG to let his hair grow a bit.

Maori said...

I'm with Hina here, even if Reid is inexperienced it doesn't preclude the possibility of him being gay.
What did we see so far ? He kissed a star who tried to seduce him and a girl gave him her phone number.
That certainly won't tell us if he prefers women or men.
And he hardly talks about women, even with Morgan.

Oh yes, they would be a lot of fans overjoyed if his sexual preference lies with men.

And yeah, I know Ed. Bernero said that the secrets could threaten the bond of the team. But I doubt that ALL the characters will hide something like that.

I don't know what Reid's secret will be but I sure hope that it won't be a girlfriend.

I like one of the earlier suggestion on this board : just make us understand that Reid has someone in his life and don't tell us anything about that person (not even if it's a man or woman).
It reminds me of Elle in "Charm and Harm", it was very subtle.
We could deduce whatever we want from that and the writers could concentrate more on what Reid's real secret is.

Luna said...

I share Hina and Maori's opinions.
We know that Reid isn't open about his private life, and maybe he doesn't have a lot of experience.

But that doesn't translate into him being straight. He's someone extremely private, no matter what his sexual orientation is he wouldn't talk much about it.
So, if Reid turned out to have a clear preference for men I know that it wouldn't surprise me at all. I would even be very happy to see that.

And I have to say that they're also right on another account : I do know a lot of fans who would love it if it happened.

Now the best might be to not show us much about his love life and to let us guess, like Maori suggested.

E. Rousset said...

I'm not too sure about the secrets.
I don't want them to really threaten the team's unity.
Maybe everything will be fine in the end but I love the bond the team shares so much that I'm still afraid.

I really hope that no one on the team will get the cold shoulder from his/her colleagues.
It would be devastating for the fans of that character you know.
We don't want our favorite character to be seen in a bad light by his or her team mates.

So, please, nothing that really threatens their bond !

I have watched the recent pictures tweeted by Joe M. and Thomas G.
I wasn't expecting Reid's hair to be SO short (even more so on Joe M.'s picture)I'm glad if it suits Matthew's taste and if he likes it.
And Reid will always be my favorite character no matter what.
But I'm still sorely missing Reid's longer hair (it's really short now...). I loved it so much I can't say I'm not disappointed.
But Maybe Matthew will be allowed to let them grow again and we'll be able to see Reid with longer hair (crosses fingers).

Unknown said...

I have to make some of my points clearer here.
I never said that it isnt possible Morgan´s ambitioning some leadership position. I just said I think it´s highly unlikely that he would do that behind people´s back. He had been offered a such a position in season 4 and refused. He was leading the team when Hotch stepped out in season 5 but made it very clear it was temporary and that he was doing that to prevent the team from being torn apart by Strauss. I think Morgan has already proved to be a very loyal member of this team, and he's very comfortable being a kick-doors field agent. He enjoys this whole heroic thing. Maybe he's affected by guilt because of the events in last season´s finale but I think that would lead him to feel inadequate and consider leaving the Bureau, not seeking a higher position. He would be thinking like he failed his job and if so, how being an unit chief would fix that? Doesnt make any sense.
And there´s Garcia of course. I dont think he´s ready to leave her, and I´m not even considering it in a romantic perspective - although I think it's very possible their relationship would be lead that way.
There´s also the obvious conclusion that Morgan leaving the BAU would mean Shemar Moore leaving the show. And I dont really believe that is happening any time soon.

About Reid, of course it is possible that he is gay. I personally wouldnt mind that - although I dont really see how his sexual orienation could be problematic to the point of being kept a secret. He could be reserved because of his status as an FBI agent, but it wouldnt have to be hidden from the team - and as behavioral analysts, they would already have known anyway, like they guessed when Reid was disturbed by nightmares and drug addicted. I just dont believe CBS would be bold enough to lead any CM´s characters in that direction. Especially the male ones. Jugding by the last cast shakeups, I think it's clear they are focusing the show on alpha-maleness. Even Mathew G. Gubler stated when he was in Rome last month that he expects Reid to be harder this season, like kicking doors with Morgan. If Reid is really changing that dramatically, I think writers will have to come up with something psychologically more substantial than just digressing about his love interests.
Which is why I maintain my opinion that Reid´s social inadequacy - and thus, his sexual inexperience - is about to be both justified and resolved this season. He just seems too innocent and too unaware of his own predicaments to be that sexually driven. Isnt that why we all love Reid so much?

Hina said...

Hi Claudinha Monteiro,

Yes I agree with you about Morgan.
Even if I said that he could want another position at the FBI I never thought he would betray the team.
Morgan has always been described on the show as someone honest and loyal, something I love about him.
So I don't think the writers will make him go behind the team's back.
But he could wait before talking about his aspirations to his team mates, so I think it could be his 'secret' until he tells the truth.
And in the end, maybe he could still choose to stay with the team for some reason.

Yes, I know that the secrets could 'threaten' the team's unity, but I wouldn't put too much stock in that.
I think that if all the characters had a secret like that it would be too overwhelming. This show needs to focus on profiling, Unsubs and cases.
So maybe the secrets won't play such a big role in the end.
Maybe one of the secrets will really threaten the team's unity, but I doubt we'll see that for all the characters.
Just imagine the drama and the mess it would create...

About Reid and his sexuality I understand what you mean.
I know that CBS would probably not be keen on having a male character being gay.
I still think it would be a courageous move, and I, among many others, would absolutely love it.
And I can understand why he would want to hide it, even to his team mates.
Reid is someone very private who almost never talks about his personal life (even to his coworkers). It would be difficult for him, even more so given their line of work, where there is a lot of alpha men (including three in our favorite team...). Let's add to that the fact that Reid is constantly trying to prove his worth to the team and wants to be treated as an equal, it wouldn't help him to come out of the closet (even if deep down, he already knows that it wouldn't make a single difference for them).

Would the team already know about that ? I'm really not sure you know.

First, they have that rule to not profile each other. I know that sometimes they probably can't help themselves, but I think they try to avoid doing that.

Second, Reid is so private that they don't know anything about his romantic life (Morgan did say once that Reid had 'only one name to remember' - meaning Lila, but does he really know everything ?).
Remember the episode 'In Heat': Will couldn't understand how he missed the fact that his colleague and friend of so many years (seven I think) had a clear preference for men and various relationships with them. Hotch said to him : you didn't know because he didn't want you to know. And he also said in another episode that sometimes, even people they were very close to could be hiding secrets. I know they are profilers, and Will isn't one, but I still think it can apply.

Third, maybe they already suspect but they aren't sure at all.

Yes I know that Ed. Bernero tries to interest the men viewers and that he concentrates on 'alpha maleness', but they already have three alpha men on the team. I don't mind if Reid is a little harder this season and kicks a door from time to time, but that doesn't mean they have to turn him into an alpha man.
We don't need a fourth alpha man, and I don't want Reid to change too much. He's not an alpha man like the others, he has already admitted it in 5x01, and I like that.
They have the spin-off that will probably be more 'action packed' for the rest.
The day Reid turns into an alpha man will probably be the day I stop watching the show (it'll be difficult enough as it is with all the cast drama without changing the personality of our favorite characters).

Anyway, thanks for your reply, I enjoyed reading it.

gubegirl said...

I went back to read the "theme" for this season: the quote about the secrets per Ed Bernero.

I just can't believe that all of a sudden we will learn that each member of the team has a big secret. They have taken 5 seasons to let us in on everything else we know - and sometimes not more than one or two tidbits per season about one or two characters.

I also don't believe that every little "secret" that we learn could "unravel the fabric of the team." One might. And we do know that they are all quite private people. In their line of work, who wouldn't try to be? Their lives are not their own, no matter how hard they may try.

But given the nature of their work and the time spent together, there is only so much that they couldn't/wouldn't guess about each other, don't you think?

I think many of us have wandered off guessing future storylines that might occur to our favorite team members given what has happened in the past, or what was said, or even what we would LIKE to see happen.. Those are unknown to us now but are not necessarily the "secrets" that Ed was referring to.

No matter, I have enjoyed reading all of your thoughts and opinions and find it great fun, like we are all in some "club", if you will. A fan club with a little "debate" thrown in there, which makes it even better.

I do wish I was not the only one who appreciated Reid's new haircut :), but even at his shaggiest, he is still a handsome man and his lovable, innocent nature is what draws us all to him. You just want to hold him and protect him and it will be interesting if he starts to toughen up - will it change how we motherly types feel toward our boy? Probably not. After five years of loving these people/characters, I can't imagine that changing.

Hugs to you all.

Luna said...

I'm with Hina, Gubergirl and others, I don't think all the secrets revealed will threaten the team.

I do think that each member of the team has secrets. They all try to keep certain things private, and since they spend so much time together the desire to keep some secrets must be strong. But not all of them will be a threat to the team's friendship and unity.

Gubergirl, you talked about Reid 'toughening up'.
I think we've already seen Reid toughening up a lot during the last five seasons. It was pretty clear in 'The Uncanny Valley' that Reid is not the same agent we saw in season 1.
I'm with Hina here, I don't want to see him becoming an alpha man.
I enjoyed his growth, it was necessary, and Reid couldn't be the same at 23 (start of season 1) and at 28 (start of season 6).
But I hope that they won't turn him into an alpha man. We already have Morgan, Hotch and Rossi in that role, like Hina pointed out.
And Reid isn't less of a man because of that, or a less valuable FBI Agent. We love him just like he's and I don't want him to change too much.

Unknown said...

Ed Bernero did say that each member of the team has a secret they try to keep from the others. But he also said that SOME of them will be SUCCESSFUL - which means that some secrets will be unveiled only to US as viewers; the other characters will remain ignorant.
The secrets that are to threaten the trust and fabric of the group are to be revealed among the members of the team. Maybe Strauss finds out some compromising info about one of them, and uses it in some way to try to tear the team apart. I dont know.
About beloved Reid, I also dont expect him to be an alphamale like the other three. His sense and sensibility is his charm, and adds enormously to the group. But he is clearly getting more mature, and in his line of work it means he will grow tougher, even for his own sake.

Hina, I totally get what you mean, but I´m still not sure about Reid's sexuality. I cant help seeing him as every other boy genius I ever met (and I´ve met quite a few) - very intelligent, very fluent about any kind of academic or professional topics, very specific and obssessive in his subjects of interest, but extremely shy in social interaction. They are ALL like that - they need help in fraternization, or they fail miserably. In other words, I think Reid is too socially ackward to have directed himself in any kind of sexual orientation. He is that kind of boy who wouldnt know how to hit on someone, wouldnt react naturally if someone hit on him, and wouldnt know what to do if he eventually got a laid. Like I said, he would need initiation - which is something Morgan's been trying to do since day one.
Of course, I might be wrong. Maybe in Reid has become mature also sexually speaking and kept it to himself. Maybe that´s my motherly instinct talking. But I still cant see him as gay, although I do understand it'd be a very interesting shift in character development.
And since not all secrets are bad enough to be completely out in the open, let´s hope some love action this season, I think it'd add tremendously to the emotional depths of the characters. That is why I would love to see Garcia and Morgan together, it would spice things and really bring some romantic capability to the show, rather than Garcia-Kevin´s plain comic relief. Not that I dislike Kevin but let´s face it, he is too caricatural, a little gayish, if you ask me. I think Garcia deserves better. She and Morgan have a thing going on there, not only friendship but not yet an affair. Something in between that´s been developing since 1st season. I´d like to see how a Garcia-Morgan lovegame would work.
Thanks for the replies to my comments. I do love to chat.

Hina said...

Claudinha M., thanks for your answer.

Yes, I know what Ed. said about some secrets remaining hidden from the rest of the team.

But I still don't think all of them (even the ones that'll remain hidden) will be threatening material to the team's unity.
That would be too much drama in my opinion.

There might be one secret that will test the team's bond, but I think that the others will be different.
They might not be 'less' important, but I think they will be different in nature.

I completely understand what you mean about Reid being insecure and maybe sexually inexperienced. And I agree that he could be a virgin.
And I also agree with you on the fact that he's socially awkward and wouldn't necessarily be at ease if someone hit on him.
But even if that's the case, he could still feel himself being more attracted to men than women (even if he hasn't had a lot of experience).
I think it's a real possibility.

About Garcia, Morgan and Kevin I can't say I share your opinion.
I really appreciate Kevin and I think he's heels over head for Garcia.
And I love Garcia and Morgan but I don't see a romance developing between them. I don't see them as a couple, just as very close friends who like to flirt and tease each other.

No matter what, I don't want the writers to focus too much on the romantic life of the characters.
Making us 'meet' the partner of one character would open a can of worms : a lot of fans will always energetically disagree with the choice of the partner, that's almost a given.

But I would really love to see more team interaction.

If Reid has a storyline in the sixth season - and I sure hope he'll - I don't want it to be about romance (even if he turns out to be homosexual), the writers can find something better and more interesting for him.

Anonymous said...

No girlfriend/relationship secret for Reid as that is just too boring a storyline, give Reid (and MGG) something much more interesting than that. I agree with all the other posters who struggled with the lack of Reid in S5 so I hope that this year he gets some storylines of note.
And I really hope he doesn't turn into another alpha male on the show, I love him just the way he is with all his sweet, gentle, quirky, geekiness. His new haircut just makes Reid look like any other FBI agent which I don't like, I like him looking different. I miss the long hair.

I think Reid's secret might be his drug addiction issues again or to do with his fears over developing schizophrenia. I'd love to see more on his fears of becoming mentally ill. Also the BAU is the only place he's ever fitted in, fearing he's becoming unwell mentally will also have him terrified that he'll lose his job.

I don't know, I guess I'll be happy with anything (except the boring relationship line) just as long as it gives me plenty of drama and angst for Reid in S6.

gubegirl said...

Almost two weeks, I think, and we're still discussing and re-hashing-I like that.

Cannot see Morgan and Garcia in a romantic relationship. No, No, No. Too good the way it is. That would screw things up way too much.

But it IS time for a romantic interest for someone, even if it's Rossi - it's just not natural for so many atttractive, successful people to go for so long without personal relationships outside of work (even this work!) and I, for one, really feel that we should see something this season with a team member or two. They need a life outside of work, and they needto further develop the characters. It's time; we need it and they need it. It can't all be dark and criminal, it's just not right:)

Keep talking, buds, keep talking.

Unknown said...

Hina: About Reid, I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. I agree with you that the possibility of him being gay is as good as being a virgin. Either way is fine with me. I just would tend to believe a little bit more on the latter.
About Garcia's love triangle, I feel I have to elaborate. First, I want to say again that I don't dislike Kevin. I think he's funny in his own way – a little caricatured to me, but he's ok. And you nailed it very well: HE is in love with HER. He got interested in her in the first place, he chased her when she was emotionally unbalanced – having just been shot by a date. There is a whole psychological aspect here – after “Penelope”, Garcia seems to have concluded that she’s unattractive to a certain type of man. So she went for someone who's not much of a threat, and not even too good-looking. Or do you think it is a coincidence that Kevin is a physical opposite to Battle and Morgan? The thing about Garcia and Kevin was always about him wanting and her conforming to it. Like he was her only romantic choice – because he's geeky, slightly fat, wears glasses and is a tech like her, he must be her soulmate. And I think that is so unfair to her, and cliché as hell. She's such a deep, loving character. I think she's worth a real emotional development.
Plus, in the few scenes we see Garcia and Kevin he's all over her, and she seems to be having fun being in total control of a relationship (which is important given what happened to her). She likes that he wants her and isn’t afraid to show it – but there are no love sparks. If you think of it, most of Garcia's scenes that could be considered romantic are shared with Morgan. Also we have to agree that their flirty behavior is quite inappropriate to a girl with a boyfriend. And then writers insist on making heartfelt scenes on Morgan/Garcia – and not enough scenes with Kevin. Morgan and Garcia are close friends - ok, we get it. There've been enough scenes since season one to establish that. They could just maintain it with their flirty phone calls or some serious talk now and then. It'd not be necessary to keep writing deeply emotional scenes - like the ones in “Exit Wounds” - if they weren’t trying to keep an ambiguous nature to their relationship. Which is why I disagree when people say that a love affair will ruin their friendship – because they’re past friendship for a while now. Like Kirsten Vangsness already stated, “something is always happening between Garcia and Morgan”.
Of course Criminal Minds is not a hook-up kind of show, and Nick Brendon (Kevin) is guest star so I take it's cheaper not to use him so much. But I do think characters must get some love life shown – otherwise it'd get too unreal, focusing only on their jobs and nothing getting really personal at all. And if Morgan and Garcia already have a personal thing going on, why not explore it? I think that after 3 seasons, it's unlikely they'll be doing too much with Kevin. His scenes on the show are rarer than ever. Last season I remember him showing up only twice – in Hayley's funeral and in “Exit Wounds” when he's jealous of Morgan. About this scene we have to ask: after two years dating, would there still be room for Kevin to think that Morgan couldn’t “keep his weapon holstered” (to use Kevin's words) with Garcia? He should be used to Morgan as Garcia's close friend. Instead, Kevin couldn’t be more uncomfortable with Morgan – and Morgan doesn’t seem to interact in any way with Garcia's boyfriend.

I'm not saying that the show should be focused massively on characters' emotional depths. I'm just saying that it must be worked out in some degree – after all we're talking about people here. And people are complex. If we want to be fair portraying them, we have to explore a bit of everything there is to them. Or at least that's my humble opinion.

Anita said...

I love the idea of Reid being gay. It's actually very, very plausible. It could be a great storyline, maybe something like him hiding the fact that he has a boyfriend or so...

I also see something like Rossi or even Morgan having a child.

I guess we just have to wait and see...

gubegirl said...

I realize that tomorrow it will be 3 weeks that we have been making comments here, longer than I thought.

And we have FOUR more weeks (from tomorrow) to go til the first episode.

Do we keep on guessing secrets or wait for a new question of the day to carry on? We def need something to keep us going for almost another month. -A-H-H=GG!

Hina said...

Claudinha M :
Yes, we'll have to wait to see what the writers will do with Reid.

I think he could be both a virgin and gay : he could be more attracted by men but still inexperienced.
Being homosexual is not (strictly) about sex, it's also about feelings.
Or he's not a virgin anymore...we really can't say so far.

I just hope that no matter what his secret is, the writers will chose something else than 'a girlfriend'.
It's not a real storyline, and Reid deserves something with much more substance.

About Garcia and Morgan, I guess I don't see things the way you do.
If Kevin was in love with Garcia but Garcia didn't reciprocate the feelings, I think she would have been honest with him.
If she's just going out with him because she likes to have a man that's completely into her (and she doesn't reciprocate) it would be quite deceptive.
Two adults who are in a "non serious" relationship (without a real commitment) is okay as long as both parties are aware and on the same page.
But Kevin has proved times and times again that he's in love with her, she would have put an end to this relationship if the feelings were one sided (if only to be fair to Kevin).

If she was taking advantage of the situation (she keeps the relationship only because she enjoys Kevin's attention) I would be extremely disappointed with her character.

Anyway, that's not at all how I see the situation.
In 'Penelope' when she sees Kevin for the first time at the end, it's clear she feels attracted to him (and it's clearly not simple gratitude, just look at her eyes).
And she might have found Battle charming, but it's possible he's not her only "type".
Just because Kevin is more on the 'fatty side' (so to speak) doesn't make him unattractive (nor does his glasses).

And I think they were romantic scenes between them.
Remember when Kevin made her such a romantic diner at her home ("if you can't come to diner, diner will come to you."). She was deliriously happy and emotive.
There are more like that (when they plan their vacations in Italy, the end of Roadkill and so on).

And Kevin did appear in '100'. Garcia asked for his help when she had to do her search about the medications that could be substituted. Garcia specifically asks Hotch to let Kevin help her and she tells him he's one of the best.

I loved the commentaries on 'Penelope' on the DVD (or it might have been on the bonus of the DVD). One of the writers explained that scene with Kevin. Basically, they thought that making Battle only interested in Garcia because of his "mission" was unfair to Garcia. They didn't want to give the impression that Garcia didn't deserve someone as (apparently) good as Battle just because she's out of the norm and plump. So they included Kevin, clearly taken with Garcia, to show us that she DID deserve someone extremely nice, clever and cute. That was the explanation the writer(s) gave in the DVD, and I completely agree with the logic.

I see the scenes between Morgan and Garcia heartwarming but not romantic in nature. Even if something is always going on between them, for me it's not romance.
And I can understand why Kevin could be jealous about Morgan "bedding down" with Garcia (like he put it).
He's Morgan after all....he simply attracts a lot of women.
I think any man would be jealous of Morgan sharing something (well, anything) with his girlfriend, lol.

On a side note : it's sad but I'm more and more depressed each time I time I see a new picture posted by one of the actors with Reid in it. The new picture posted by Joe M. (we see Reid's back) is no exception. I so much wish to see Reid with longer hair. At least a little longer...I could have easily adapted to his look in 'The Internet is Forever' and 'Our Darkest Hour' ...but now it's so short.

Unknown said...

Hina, hi

Well, we don't really agree about Morgan/Garcia. It´s ok. All I really hope is that they mature her emotionally, making her even more confident this season, to the point she realizes she attracts all kinds of men, and not just dopplehangers, like Kevin. I never said Kevin is unattractive; I said that he's not as good-looking as Battle, and that he is scaringly (and in my opinion purposedly) too much like her, as if she'd be incapable of getting guys like Battle, or Morgan. And I did say the whole thing is psychological, I don't think she does that intentionally. Even if producers introduced Kevin to oppose the idea that she's unattractive, they kept being unfair to her in the sense that they fell into the cliché of giving her a guy that's completely incompatible to Battle's type. It'd have been better if they'd introduced a character on the same page as Battle and Morgan that was trully interested in her.
Of course she was attracted to Kevin - he's cute, was clearly interested in her. If I remember correctly she hadn't noticed Kevin until JJ called her attention. Her eyes lit because she felt she was able to attract someone. I remember a producer saying that Garcia and Kevin work based on mutual attraction; I do think she cares about Kevin, but I also think she shows a lot more intense feelings for Morgan - which is why I think Kevin is jealous. Not because Morgan is Morgan - come on, Kevin knows that Garcia isn't a chick Morgan just met. When he met Garcia she was already close to Morgan. What made him think Morgan would take advantage of her? And what made him think that Garcia would not hold the guy back? Did he really have to warn her? Over what, Morgan's looks? Or because it was she who called dibs on him? Please...if he thinks Garcia can't resist Morgan then maybe he doesn't trust that he's in her mind as she's in his.
But then again, we never saw her returning Kevin's call after her traumatic experience in Alaska. Their call dropped, then that whole mess happened and she did seek confort - in Morgan. She never called Kevin not even after the whole thing was resolved, not even to say why the phone went off. But she did tell Morgan how troubled she was and they ended up saying their I love you´s. Again. If I were in her shoes, and my best friend was near me, I´d surely have turned to him, but I'd also have called my beloved to hear his voice after going thru hell. Garcia acted as if Morgan was enough, and all who she needed.
Kevin appeared in "100" in his professional enviroment, helping Garcia in her job. Nothing really personal involved. The dinner scene you kindly reminded me is one of the very few - if not the only - fully romantic moment Garcia and Kevin shared. Honestly, can we count how many emotional/funny/flirty scenes she shared with Morgan? That´s exactly my point, it's too unproportional.
I think that producers did have an intention when they introduced Kevin 3 years ago. As they did when they introduced Tamara Barnes - another cliché, btw. But I think there has been very little development in Kevin and Garcia's storyline since then - and they dropped Tamara's storyline as well. On the other hand we keep seeing Morgan and Garcia's bond deepening - romantically or not, it's way more explored.
I took Kirsten Vangsness quotation from an interview she gave during the celebrations of CM´s 100th episode. The whole interview is on youtube. Kirsten seems to enjoy the hot n´cold fling between Morgan and Garcia - but she´ll game for anything producers decide to do. And it's a matter of decision really. Morgan/Garcia scenes may be read as romantic - or friendly. That´s the point, actually. But I do see a little tendency developing there that I think would be interesting. Kevin and Garcia - as well as Morgan and Tamara - are too...expectable. Í'm a bit more adventurous than that. Poor me.

Thanks for your answer and your patience to read my small texts. ;)

gubegirl said...

Ed dishing just on today's blog confirms what some of us have been thinking: all secrets are not equal! He stated some will be fun and some will be serious. I take that to mean that some will be things that occur to our team members (good and bad) that will humanize them further to us and each other. Also, that some may be threatening in some way, either to the individual or the team or has somehow scarred them in the past and made them who they are today,
Can't wait to hear and see these and get to know our favorites better and bring them closer to our hearts: they are human! Not just geeky profilers with no lives! At least, I hope so...anyhoo, that's MHO...

Emileigh said...

Maybe we will find out why Morgan wasn't in Chicago (I think it was Chicago) when Gideon lost those six agents. That would be a cool bit of information to find out.

This has probably already been said but Prentiss & Hotch... secret relationship. Its probably highly unlikely though. It would be an acceptable reason for her to leave the BAU at the end of the season (they cannot kill her off!!), because Strauss found out about them.


Prentiss - serious illness. (I hope its not this, I'd like her character to have a happy ending.... with Hotch *hint hint*).

Hotch - beaten as a child. (as hinted in 'the fox' and 'exit wounds').

JJ - that she's leaving. (maybe Will wants to move back home).

Rossi - we don't know all that much about him, so anything would be cool.

Reid - drug cravings? or he's worried about the emergence of skitzophrenia.

melanie said...

holy crap, FOyet did rape Hotch, I finally watched the season 5 premier again without just focusing on Reid and holy crap, its right there..damn. I know, big giant Duh, but i really had no idea, but the comments here made me check.

Molly said...

Now we know that some secrets are more 'serious' than others I just hope that Reid's isn't one of the 'fun' ones.
After being largely absent in S5 or when he was on screen often just being used for comic relief Reid deserves a decent, well written, character developing, emotional storyline in S6.

Dipsy said...

No, I don't think that Foyet's little speech in 5x01 (about stabbing and rape) means that he raped Hotch.
I don't believe in this theory, Foyet didn't rape his victims.
He stabbed Hotch with a knife, it's a metaphor and a substitute and it's bad enough as it is.
Hotch needs more trauma and angst like he needs a hole in the head.

So I hope that he'll be one of the team members with a 'light' secret, maybe even a "funny" secret.

Concerning the secrets, I hope, like many posters, that Reid's secret won't be a girlfriend.
I hope we get to see something much more interesting for him, something that will develop his character and add more depth.
He deserves it, given how little we saw of him in the fifth season.
So, no girlfriend please!

Dani said...

I think that we can all agree that the big controversy here is Prentiss. Many of you want her to end up with Hotch while others think that she's gay.

Making her gay would be such a ridiculous... situation. I'm not trying to sound rude to any homosexuals, but it just seems like some random twist thrown into the plot because they are getting rid of her (god, that makes me want to cry!). I just can't see that being her big secret.

Personally I feel like this will have to do with Hotch. I'm not saying that there's going to be some big love scene resulting in a cliche pregnancy (oh, how out of character for both of them), but I do think that she will be romantically involved with Hotch.

The way she talks to him seems to soften and become less college-like as the episodes go on. I feel like the friendship between them will only grow stronger with each episode. In all honesty my mind keeps telling me that she'll wind up alone with him, strictly just to talk, and that leads to a more emotional and personal conversation.... which carries on to a kiss. Or more, but both would have different outcomes.

A mere kiss would lead to a stampede of emotions for both Emily and Hotch, but Emily would obviously act less professional about it. In this case, I can see her leaving the BAU.

If they had sex... I think Strauss would talk to Hotch and basically fire him, but Emily would leave so he could have his job.

Either one of those is potentially problematic. If Hotch truly loved her she would appear in more episodes in later seasons. Just flashbacks and such.

Or maybe, in a few years, Hotch will leave the BAU and finally be with Emily, much like CSI.

Those are just my musings.

gubegirl said...

I'm with Dani about Prentiss not being gay but kinda wishing she could be with Hotch. They deserve ea. other and would be good together and her good for little Jack. Plus acceptable reason for her to leave the BAU which we know she will be doing soon enuf.

But after re-watching the Season-5 finale with Tim Curry last nite with Morgan getting injured, it got me to thinking about Morgan again. I def do not see him winding up w/ Garcia and prob'ly not a good bet he is w/ Tamara either. But I started thinking about a conversation he had w/ Prentiss in S-3 or so when she asked him how he could cont. to do this job and he said if he wasn't putting up walls or kicking down doors, blah, blah, blah. This was in ref to his telling Prentiss about how he did the electrical in his "properties" and surprised her with the fact that he owned four houses (I think 4.) Now how does this fed agent make enuf money to own 4 properties? and where does he find the time to reno them? I had forgotten about this conversation but am wondering what the rest of you think about it. Forget Reid and drugs/schizo poss. and the silly notion of Hotch getting raped. What about Morgan and his RE holdings??? Yet to be discussed, right? Hmmm...

Dreis said...

I think that Morgan holds different properties because he sells them.
He buys old houses, renovates them and sells them.
This highly physical work probably helps him to forget, for a short time, the horrors he sees on a daily basis at the BAU.
And he can make a profit out of this activity.

At least, that's my take on the situation.

On another subject I too am absolutely depressed every time I see a new picture of Matthew. It seems like he keeps cutting his hair, it looks shorter and shorter every time I see a new shot. Thinking about Reid like that is seriously distressing.
I so much wish he would let his hair grow. And I absolutely loved the 'floppiness' of Reid's hair, it was wonderful.
Please, let our Reid grow his hair longer and let it be floppy !

gubegirl said...

Dreis: If I remember correctly, Morgan told Prentiss he had 4 properties - in response to her asking how many he owned. It gave me the impression that he meant all at once, that's why I am questioning how could he afford these at the same time. It did not sound like he was "flipping" them.

And, if you are referring to the recent pic of MGG in suspenders, with AJ and JM, I totally agree. THAT hair looks bad and I hope he is just having a bad hairday but I would rather he grow it long again than for it to continue to look like that. THIS look does NOT do him justice.

Only 9 more days...I can hardly wait...

Dreis said...

Hi Gubegirl,

Yes I know Morgan owns (or owned) four properties. He said it in the episode 3x15, "A Higher Power".
So, it also gives me the impression that he had those four properties at the same time.
But if my theory is correct (about him buying old houses to renovate them and sell them), this side activity could have been going on for quite some time (and it can be lucrative).
So he could have managed at this point (3x15)to have four properties to renovate and sell at the same time.

Of course, all of this is just a theory and I could be completely wrong. But this explanation suits me and I can see Morgan enjoying this work. But I won't mind if the show clears that point and tells us otherwise.

About Reid's hair, no I wasn't talking about the picture of MGG in suspenders, with AJ and JM.
I was talking about a recent picture Thomas G. posted on twitter, with Joe and MGG in the BAU plane (the one where Reid has his glasses and both he and Rossi look yellow due to the light).
I really dislike that hairstyle and haircut for Reid. I find it simply appalling. I love his hair 'free' (floppy), and at least a little longer. In that picture he looked like he had glue on his head. When I saw the recent pictures of Reid in season sixth I really tried to 'adapt'. But in the end I couldn't, I really hate that style (and just to clear one thing, I have absolutely nothing against the glasses).

Actually, I don't mind the style MGG has when he's 'off duty' so to speak. It's his personal business and his choice (and I'll always love him no matter what, he could be bald it wouldn't change a thing for me).

But when it comes to Reid it's completely different (I hope I'm making sense). So I still hope he'll let it grow for the show.

Unknown said...

Hello ;P

About Hotch and Prentiss, I'm totally with gubegirl. I think that if they hooked them up it'd be a good secret for both of them to keep and also a good account for Prentiss' exit in the end of the season - one that'd delight most of the fans.

About Morgan's properties, I completely agree with Dreis. That's how I understand it also. Plus I think Morgan is already too jaded a character to have any more dark secrets on him. He's the show's hero, as Bernero reassured in a interview earlier this month. He's got one hell of a past to deal with. I mean, give the guy a break.

Still about Bernero's interview, I think his idea of Morgan staying a heroic kick-door man kinda eliminate the possibility of Morgan's applying for unit chief, as some of us suggested. In short, I'd really like Morgan's secret to be one of the light, surprising ones. I think he deserves it, as well as Hotch. They were both pushed to the edge last season.

About Reid's hair, well...I guess everybody needs a change. I just love him so much I can't bring myself to dislike anything in him. But I do agree his floppy hair added a lot to his charm...maybe they're trying to give him (the character, I mean, not the actor) a more mature, adult kind of (sex) appeal. ;D

Molly said...

Well, I hope that Hotch and Prentiss won't get together and that their respective secret has nothing to do with each other.

I don't want to see those two together.
But I completely agree with Claudinha and others : Morgan and Hotch both needs a light secret.
They have already suffered a lot.

Yes, it does seem that Morgan won't try to move up the hierarchy.
I'm intrigued, because I thought that his secret would have something to do with his position in the FBI (not that I would ever think he would betray the team !).

Could Morgan's secret be related to the little girl he promised to save in the recent cliffhanger (Ellie Spicer) ?

And I'm with Dreis about Reid's hair : I don't like the new haircut and hairstyle. I too find his hair much more appealing (and sexy) when they are floppy, and longer.
I don't know if they want to make him look more "mature", but for me the new look is not working at all, and there is nothing sexy about it. It's completely unattractive.
And I never thought Reid looked immature or not 'manly' enough before, he was simply perfect (and like Diana Reid said, why mess with perfection ?).
Now, Reid being my favorite character, I'll always love him dearly.
But I'm praying for a miracle, I miss his longer and floppy hair so much ...I hope he'll let it grow.

By the way, does anyone think one of the writer will have Reid lecture someone on Nikola Tesla on the show ?

Molly said...

And it's "Morgan and Hotch both need (and not needs) a light secret".
Yes my mistake was bothering me and I had to rectify it, sorry.

Unknown said...

Thomas Gibson gave away in an interview a week ago that they were shooting "a wonderful story" involving the little girl from the finale, Hotch's family and Morgan's connection with the girl. Judging by the order of Joe Mantegna's tweets, last week they must've been shooting ep. 4 or 5. More likely to be 5. So if this is part of Morgan's secret we will find out real soon in the season. However I have the impression that Morgan's connection with this girl is too recent to have developed in some sort of secret - unless she reminds him if some story of his past we don't know about...

About H/P, although I have a feeling their secrets have nothing to do with each other, I got to say I just love hook-ups. The show lacks them a little bit. And I do like pairs who have chemistry; I see no harm in putting H/P together. And I certainly wouldn't mind if they brought Morgan and Garcia to some kind of, shall we say, slow and steady, spicy, romantic interaction. What can I do? I'm a hopeless romantic...;D

Reid's hair, humm... that's the real issue of the new season. I'm also not sure if they meant him to look more mature or adultlike sexy. I'm speculating. There must be some reason why they decided to give the character a neat look. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Maybe he lets it grow a bit so he can look like he joined a boy band

Unknown said...

I forgot to mention this in my previous post.
I think the connection between Morgan and the little girl from the finale, at first, is quite obvious: they both watched their cop father being murdered by the bad guy at a very young age - I'm not sure how old the girl is, but I'm ready to bet she's the same age Morgan was when his father was killed. Plus, if the girl gets sexually abused by the unsub we have a deeper connection between her and Morgan (although I really don't believe they'd go so far as to suggest a child's rape).

Add that to the fact that heroic Morgan will probably feel responsible for what happened because he was there and couldn't prevent it, and we have a storyline strong enough to account for Morgan's interest in the little girl, without it having to be a secret...

Well, that's all folks! For now ;)

Molly said...

Hello Claudinha, thanks for your answer.

Yes I know what Thomas G. said about the story involving Ellie Spicer, Hotch's family and Morgan's connection to Ellie.

But maybe there is something we won't learn until later about it.
Morgan promised to help that little girl.

About Hotch and Prentiss, I don't see them as a match, in my opinion they simply don't 'fit'. I hope the show won't put them together.
And it sort of annoys me when I see fans claiming that Hotch prefers Emily over the other team members (not that I'm saying you're implying that, don't worry !).

But I love the team interaction and the 'family' feeling in the BAU.

On a side note, (even if it doesn't really deal with secrets this time) I would also love to see more personal interactions between Hotch and Reid. They have been lacking in the last two seasons, but we know they have a very great relationship and they had such good moments on screen. I hope the writers correct this because I would love to see that more on the show.

I understand what you mean about Reid's hair, but I don't find anything remotely sexy about it when he sliced it back like he did and when it's so short.
But I'm glad to see that on one of the latest picture posted by T. Gibson ( his hair is 'free' and a little floppy, not sliced back. I really like it. It's still too short in my opinion but I will take that look any day over the sliced back look. And it's a step in the 'right direction'. Now I still hope he'll it grow...

Molly said...

I Just wanted to add something, no I don't think that the little girl (Ellie Spicer) will be raped.
I don't think the unsub, Billy Flynn, will be interested in her in THAT way. He apparently only raped women.

But since he said that she was 'special', maybe I'm wrong...

And yes, Ellie Spicer could give Morgan a storyline without it being his secret, you're right.

Once again thanks for your answer.

Pauline said...

I hope that those secrets won't ruin the team's unity. That would be horrible.
They need to stick together, even more so now since JJ won't be here anymore.

So, even if there are dark secrets I hope that they will deal with it and that there won't be resentment against a teammate or that they won't blame one of their own.

Oh, and I completely agree with Molly. Reid's hair is way better in this picture, but I hope too he'll let it grow.
I don't want anyone to come near Matthew with scissors for a very long time.

Unknown said...

Hey, Molly

I agree with you about Ellie Spicer, I also don't believe they'd write the unsub raping her or even hint to that. It'd too dark even for CM. And it'd give our Morgan an extra torment to live with - as I already said, I sincerely hope they give him a break this season.

But Morgan did promise to take care of the little girl, and I think this wonderful story Thomas G. talked about has to do with Morgan's promise. I'm really looking forward to watch it...

About Hotch/Prentiss, you're right, I don't see Hotch favoring Emily in any way, that'd be completely anti-ethic since he's unit chief and Hotch's proven to be highly professional. But I think Emily has a crush on him. Not that I think she'd go for it. But I do sense some kind of tension between them that could be developed - which is why I agreed with gubegirl about them. Not that I particularly ship that, I just thought it'd be a good solution for Emily's departure in the end of the season, which apparently is unavoidable - better than making her dishonest or killing her. And there's the romantic aspect that I believe has to be a bit more worked up in the show ...either with them or other pairings.

About Reid, yes, I saw his last pic and his hais does look prettier! Let's hope it grows to a length that satisfy all the fans. He's such a babe...;)

Thanks for your answer, Molly...
BTW, will you be in Ed's chat today? I won't make it, sadly. Damn time zones...

gubegirl said...

Ok, you guys, at least some of you are up for a little romance with SOMEBODY on our team. I say we are long overdue, and I still think Hotch and Prentiss would make a lovely couple altho' it is highly unlikely but wouldn't it be a great way to wrap up her departure from the show, leaving us for a very good reason, coming back for the occas guest shot, etc. Nice thought, huh?

Just don't kill her off.

I don't twitter so I am not seeing the pics of MGG - for better or worse, but, I can unequivally state that altho' he is my favorite and I love him bunches, I could not handle bald, whoever said that. Matthew IS his hair, his hair is HIM and if you take it away, I think I would need to stop watching. I would be crying too hard to see the TV screen.

Now, Shemar, he makes one very beautiful bald man altho' I liked him smooth-faced better, with no mustache or beard. He wears them well but I like smooth best, head and face.

KV looks slim and beautiful in the picture at the top of the blog, doesn't she? Just wonderful, I am happy for her that she is looking so great.

Am I digressing or what? I can hardly wait til next week and talking to you guys is keeping me going and making me realize that I am not the only one herre that needs a life...:)

Molly said...

Hello Claudinha,

I must admit that I don't sense a tension, or even something more than platonic, between Hotch and Prentiss (and no, not even something unrequited).
I don't think they're suited for each other and I hope that the writers won't go down that road.
But I can see Rossi and Prentiss, they seem more suited for each other personality wise.
I don't expect the writers to go down that road either, but I could really appreciate a Rossi/Prentiss pairing. I could never do the same for Hotch/Prentiss.

Anyway, I'm not too big on romantic pairings for this show. I don't want romance to disrupt the team dynamic. If they want to try something it should be extremely subtle.

I'm also in complete agreement with the other posters who said that they didn't want Reid's secret to be a girlfriend.

Yes, maybe MGG will let his hair grow (at least a little please !) and Reid's hair will give satisfaction to all the fans. Fingers crossed. For the moment I'm going to content myself with the way Reid looked in the last picture taken by T. Gibson. It's the best he has looked in all the pictures taken from the sixth season (I'm still hoping for slightly longer hair in the next picture, lol).

I'm going to try to attend Ed. Bernero's chat, but I'm not sure if I can make it...I hope.

Thank you for taking the time to answer me. See you.

gubegirl said...

So, the new TV Guide says JJ is "getting a promotion to work with the Dept. of Defense." At least we know she is not being killed off. They go on to say that Prentiss "will be in most episodes, but this season will most likely be her last" (we can always hope not!)and that Garcia "does double duty" on the spin-off, Suspect Behavior. Not noted when this is to start. Could it be a mid-season start date or does anyone know?

Unknown said...

Yeah I read in Spoiler TV about her getting a job offer she cannot refuse. Great news! We can always hope she guest stars in future eps, although Mantegna tweeted that's quite unlikely...

About Emily, the note seems unsure if it's her last season or not, but Paget has already tweeted it is. So has Mantegna and KV. I guess it's pretty settled, but a lot can change in a year.

If I got it right about Bernero's last interview, they're still coming up with a storyline for the new member that would join the team after JJ's departure. Nothing is real about "it" yet. They don't even know if it's a man or a woman. Bernero says it'll be "someone" who plays different strings from the group, someone they'll have to react to. He was very careful not to give this "one" a gender. And surely there's nobody casted for the part. So, if they don't make up their minds about this new "one", they could choose to keep Emily a while longer...

In the same interview, Bernero
says KV was only casted for the spinoff under the condition that her participation on CM's original recipe wouldn't be lessened. He stated clearly that he only agreed to her "double duty" on these terms. Btw, the spinoff is set to premiere midseason, which means anytime between January and April.

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