Monday, January 25, 2010


Criminal Minds blog question of the day: Now that half of season 5 is behind us, tell us what you think of season 5?


Anonymous said...

Season 5 has been consistently strong, I think. I loved the development of Hotch's character, and that focus - a new departure, and a very welcome one! Rossi has finally won my heart, and the little snippets of team love and togetherness have been a joy to behold. The writing/stories have been fresh and interesting, while retaining that comforting familiarity we all adore. I can't believe we're halfway through already...time flies when you're having fun, I guess :)

Brigitte said...

So far it is my favorite season. I like all the epsiodes. My all time favorite episode is from season5 "100". What an amazing episode! Great writing and great acting from Meredith Monroe and C Thomas Howell. What can I say that hasn't already be said about Thomas Gibson performance in "100"? Simply amazing. If he and CM doesn't get nomminated for Emmy we will know that award show is not about rewarding the best performance but about hype.

Other episodes do stand out, Haunted, Slave to Duty, Faceless Nameless, The Uncanny Valley, Outfoxed, Hopeless. Really there are not episodes that I didn't like.

'Thank you' for all the great work goes out to the cast, crew and writers! Your hard work pay off as I make sure to be in front my TV every Wednesday night at 9h00PM!

Now if only we had a new CM this week...


Anonymous said...

I think that this season, so far, it's been amazing! There such strong stories. The writers are fantastic. I mean, when you probably think that the show can't get better, it gets! Not to mention the actors. It's probably the best cast ever! :)

runsher said...

Just when you think this show can't get any better, it does. Wow! The first half of season five has been disturbingly amazing, and I have never seen anything on tv before like episode "100." "The Uncanny Valley" has been another favorite of this season.

Brigitte said...

I agree with anonymous, I agree with you I love the developement of Hotch's character and the focus he had. Hotch is an interesting and complex character and I like when the writers tell us more about him. That said I want to know more about Emily and Rossi. Not enough focus on them so far.

Michaela said...

So far, season 5 is my favourite Criminal minds season. All of the episode standards have been so high that I don't think I would be able to pick my favourite episode. I love that we are getting to see so much more of the of the characters beyond the BAU!

Anonymous said...

I love season 5 so far. I don't think that there has been a "bad" episode all season. There has been a lot of character development which is a good thing. Episode 100 was absolutely amazing because there was such great acting. I think that this is definitely an award winning season.

sockie said...

so far, my favorite season. (although, in all honesty, I just started watching cm in may and watched all 4 seasons over the summer. so, this is my first "live" season). the writing and acting have all been fantastic this year. can't wait to see what is in store for the back half of the year!

jenny0285 said...

i think this has been one of the best seasons so far!!!!
I have absolutely loved watching the Hotch / Reaper Storyline, and it's opened up so many interactions between Hotch and his team!!! Thomas Gibson has performed the part amazingly, so subtle, and i think the season can only get better!!!
I can't wait to find out even more about Hotch!! and i think there will be an emily focused ep coming up soon.... i'd love to find out more about emily also! :-)

Anonymous said...

Already half way through the season?? I'm still only recovering from last season's cliff hanger, I'm not sure I can build myself up for another one!

It's been an absolutely terrific season so far. At the start of the season we had the blog about why Hotch had to live and, not that there was ever any room for doubt, but this season has shown just why Hotch and Thomas Gibson are the heart and soul of CM. The whole cast and set of characters make a wonderful ensemble, but Hotch really is just so compelling to watch.

I started off the season hoping for a Hotch backstory, but half way through and the thing I've taken most from the season is that life is not always about the things that happened in the past to make you who you are, but it is about how you live as who you are now and the choices you make today. Hotch's past seems less crucial when his battle now is how to live in the present. And now I'm rambling ....

But great season, may there be many more with all of the current cast!

Lisa said...

when the season 4 episodes were running, i remember thinking it was going to be difficult to top it, and then with the shakeups in the writing staff i was really worried about what season 5 might bring. i guess i should have learned by now that criminal minds doesn't disappoint. every single episode so far has been solid, and i've really enjoyed hotch's story arc. one thing i love about this show is that the writers allow the characters to grow and change; if you look back at older episodes, it's obvious how each character's experiences have affected them. if there is any justice in the world, this will be the season criminal minds finally gets an emmy!

Sofie said...

Season 5 has been so awesome so far! We have been taken in a rollercoaster of with amazing episodes that has been keeping us on the edge of our seats all the time. Seeing some of Rossi's past life, the Hotch/Reaper story so poignant, the temporary assignment of Morgan, etc... All this and much more makes make you impatient to see the upcoming episodes! Each episode has their own surprises and makes us go through so many emotions in 1 hour.

Little side note though, has a Rossi fan; I would like to see more of him. I miss seeing Rossi the way we would see him in season 3 and 4. With his background and his experience there should be more that can be use to make good episodes.

Season 5 is so exhilarating! Everyone his doing a wonderful job, cast, production, crew, etc, .... You guys a GREAT!

Anonymous said...

I think it has been a very strong,complex, interesting season (probably the best so far) both, cast and crew are doing an amazing job.
Thomas Gibson has done a brilliant job developing Hotch's character.
I would love to know more about Emily because she's an extremely complex character: she said back in season 2 she's able to "comparmentalized" BUT we have seen she's very empatic with victims and cares a lot about her teammates. Also, she completly lost control in The Slave of Duty. So, it would be interesting to know more about her personal life, her past, her parents (we don't have clues abour her father), goth past, once she said to Rossi "I used to do a lot of things", what does that means?
Oh, and another Girls Night Out just like the one in season 2 when we met Brad the Real FBI Agent :P. Because, AJ, Kirsten and Paget have great chemistry together.


Anonymous said...

i think season 5 has been the best so far also. i have not seen one bad show, hotch has really developed this season. read has grown up

Connie said...

I'm awed by season five so far and can't believe half the episodes have already aired. Kudos to the show runner, Ed Bernero and his cast and crew on giving fans a wonderful season to date. I'm really looking foward to the second half of the season.

Jess said...

It's been an amazing season so far. Every episode gets better and better. Of course, "100" ranks at the top for me; watching the ending just broke my heart for Hotch. But looking back over the last 5 seasons, you really see a development of all the characters. I feel like the episodes are showing more the impact it has on the members of the team, i.e. Risky Business for JJ. It's been great and I can't wait for the rest of the season and then buy the DVDs!

PickyNykki said...

I love this season! The stories keep my on the edge of my seat. I like how they are focusing more on each characters strengths and emotions. I am not going to lie, Matthew Gray Gubler is my fave character and watching how he has evolved over the past seasons is amazing.

Anonymous said...

The season has been fabulous. The compelling stories, the angst and frustration among our heroes and learning more about them has been a great asset to the season.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I think it's been the best season yet. The cast and crew have put together so many great episodes so far and we're only half way through the season. Which means it can only get better from here.. :) Hopefully! But we've really gotten to see the teams relationships with each other and as a big family grow throughout this season. And the acting and scripts are just getting better and better! As have their ratings.. at least I think I read that..

Anonymous said...

Season 5 is amazingly great.
I think that its doing great...I wish I can see a love interests between Morgan & Prentiss. My favourite episode so far is 100.


gubegirl said...

I'm with the rest of you: Season five is by far the best so far which makes it even more amazing to watch; the quality of the writing and acting, inc. the guest cast is truly incredible and just keeps getting better. Since all the epis have been superior, it is hard to name a favorite but "100" will forever stand out in my mind because is was so emotional and gut-wrenching. Enuf said - I get goosebumps just thinking about it again. "Risky Business" showcased some wonderful acting on AJ's part and MGG really shined in "Uncanny Valley" plus showed how much he has evolved as a member of this fantastic team. It's time to see more of Rossi and Morgan for sure even tho' we got to see a bit of Morgan and his leadership while he was the temp leader - well, it just wasn't enough. I know we don't want to see this show turn into one that dwells on all the cast members' personal lives, but little glimpses are just so very tantalizing and make our favorites ever so much more endearing, I can't resist asking for more.

And let me ask: HOW DO WE GET CM NOMINATED FOR AN EMMY? They are WAY overdue and I say Season Five needs to be the one that earns consideration. Let's push hard for the recognition our wonderful show so richly deserves!

Lori said...

I am really happy to say that I love season 5 so far. After the loss of some of our writers last year, I was a little worried, but I guess I didn't need to worry, because everyone has outdone themselves this season. Well done, writing staff.

The case, as always is rock solid. They work so well together and have become a true ensemble - the best on TV.

If CM isn't at least nominated for an EMMY this season, it will be a darned shame.

Anonymous said...

Amazing season, and I agree with you guys: great cast ensemble CM must have an emmy nomination. Also agree with the ones who wants more girls interaction maybe during work breaks or while at hotels resting itwill be nice to see those kindaa aspects and past story for them

Diana J said...

Season 5 has been phenominal. The acting just gets better every year. Episode 100 had me in tears. The writing just keeps topping my expectations as do each of the actors. It is just wonderful to watch the interaction between the characters and the respect and love they share as a team. I'm sure that some of that must spill in from the people they are. Thank you Criminal Minds for being top on my list each and every year.

Sandra said...

Season 5 is the best season! The storyline with the reaper, the great acting by Thomas Gibson. Its great. Best regards from europe!

BB said...

I love season 5! It is one of my favorite, if not THE favorite, season of mine so far.
I love how everyone gets equal screentime out of the episode, yet we're also still focused on the case. It's a nice balance.
I love the dynamic and intensity of this season. And the writing.. wow, it's just fantastic.
There's a good bit of funny, and there's also a good bit of sad.
I know episode '100' had me in tears! And 'Risky Business'!

I'm a hardcore JJ-ian/AJ-ian, so I'm just very excited that we've been getting so much screentime and info from her this season! Yay!

Keep it up! =D

kobi said...

season 5 is stellar. it's been consistently awesome plots, every episode invoking shrieks and jumps from my friends and i. as a few people have already said, it is my favourite season thus far. and as far as i'm concerned it keeps getting better. the cast is a really good balance and the crew does an incredible job with everything from costumes to soundtrack.i also have to say that this seems to be the season for feelings of empathy towards the unsubs. it's a little scary when you start to feel sorry for them. all in all double thumbs up.

Mummy Addled said...

Season 5 has been great. Loving that we get to see a little more of JJ and Garcia 'in the field' over the last few episodes.

100 was of course... awesome! I'm feeling more emotionally attached to this season, because of the stories so close to the team...

But I do think some things are starting to repeat, like in the last one it was centering around another misunderstood goth kid, a la Elephant's Memory and The Popular Kids. Still, it's good that only one of those has actually been the killer perhaps it gives out positive messages to people about goth-y sorts not actually being psychos.

Anonymous said...

I absoulately love season 5, its the best season by far. The way the writers come up some of the storylines its brilliant, a stroke of genius.I just love it season 5. I probably would like to learn more about the characters
Criminal minds is just getting better with each episode and withe each season that goes by.

Sierra said...

Awesome! The scripts keep getting better!

Anonymous said...

I can only agree with everyone here: season 5 has been an amazing and strong season so far, and I also especially loved the little team snippets the writers gave us.

Some stories weren't as strong as others ("Performer", for example), but still high quality and I loved them anyway because either there was the long awaited JJ action (more of that, please! And big thanks for "Risky Business"! :D) or great team interaction, so I'm re-watching theses episodes as often as every episode xD

"100" - a very special one: the end of the Reaper storyline and so extremely intense and cruel! T. Gibson, C.T. Howell, incredibly awesome acting! So please don't get me wrong when reading the following: I can't watch that episode again atm, I even avoid the screencaps! Best episode of a Crime Show I've seen, I guess, but I also guess that I'll need some more time to be able to deal with what happened in there.

"Uncanny Valley" - ha! I can only repeat myself that I am extremely happy now that I've always been more of a cuddle pet girl than a doll girl, otherwise I couldn't look at them the same way anymore.
Same goes with my webcam, btw. I keep it covered since watching CM :p

To finally come to end: thanks for an amazing 5th season so far, and I hope there will be lots of more seasons to come. Kudos to the crew, writers and actors, keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Season 5 has been awesome and like everyone else says, "100" was magnificent. It was one of the most disturbing and heartbreaking episodes of television I've ever seen and someone give Thomas Gibson an Emmy please! I love this show and hope it goes on for many more seasons! : )

Michelle said...

Season 5 has been different for me. It's had some huge episodes that we so full of energy, like 100, and then some quiet shows that amazed me.
I feel like the writing has been very strong this season. The actors have been pushed and stood up to the challenge.
I'm not sure how I'm going to like this season compared to how I loved season 3 and 4, but I have a feeling that it's sneaking up on me like some of those episodes...

Jenn said...

I have absolutely loved Season 5!!! Episode 100 was spectacular, and my blood pressure was up for a good hour AFTERWARDS! Episodes like The Uncanny Valley make me never want to get my laundry after dusk! It's that kind of intensity that a LOT of shows lack. Coupled with the consistent character development, CM IS my favorite, and Season 5 has been the very best!!!!!

Ed, the writers, the cast, the crew... you all do not get enough commendation for your work! Thank you for everything you do! You make the show the success it is!!!!

Shadow said...

Season 5 is my second least favorite season so far, only season 3 was worse for me. I don’t want to ever see a story arc spanning more than two episodes on my favorite show again, and I don’t like any shake-up of team dynamics. The cast changes caused enough upheaval in the past, so I don’t see why we needed the artificial shake-up this season (though I admittedly enjoyed Morgan as temporary unit chief).

There were some great, award-worthy episodes this season and I’m still a big fan of CM, but so far I’m not too happy with this season overall. There’s hope for the second half of the season, though, and I definitely like the many plane scenes we’re getting this season.

Also, it may be an unpopular opinion, but for me CM is NOT the Hotch show (and not the Reid show, either). I would continue watching it without any of these characters (though losing any of them would make me incredibly sad) as long as the majority of the team is still there - just as I continued watching after first Elle, then Gideon left.

Therefore it is only logical, that I prefer team- or case-centric episodes to the ones that focus on one character specifically, especially when the character in focus is once again shown as damaged somehow (be it JJ with a suicide-sister, Emily with a dark secret, Rossi with a lost love, Morgan’s abuse history, Reid’s trouble what-so-ever etc.).

I guess I would like character-centric episodes better if the character in the spot-light for once was shown to shine and not to suffer, CM has been very one-sided about that lately. Why can’t the focus for a character be something positive for a change, like Morgan receiving a mention for bravery or our ladies just being tough, kick-ass agents or one of the male characters being able to build and maintain a stable and happy relationship?

Something that I would really appreciate is if this season could, for a change, end without a cliffhanger. I know they serve a purpose, but I’ve never liked them on any show and they get plain boring after a while. So I’d be happy to get spared that experience this year. Maybe the writers can come up with a new concept?

Anonymous said...

i don't this season so great the new writers are awful

Unknown said...

What impresses me most about this season is that the writers were thrown a giant curve ball in MGG's knee issue and immobility, and also Moore's broken leg, both at the worst possible time. They must have had to throw out a lot of planned material and rework the rest.

Even without that consideration, this would have been one of the best seasons of CM, but with all that going on, the excellence is spectacular. Kudos to all those involved.

Pat said...

I have really enjoyed Season 5 and can't believe it's half over. The writing has stayed excellant even with all the losses. There seems to be more team oriented eisodes which are my favorite. I would have liked the Foyet arc to have been a little shorter, but, oh well. I really have a hard time saying which season is my favorite. I have enjoyed all of them so much and have wathced them many times. Each has its own good moments and it has been interesting to see the change in the team.

Sarah said...

I do like the fifth season. As for if it's my favourite, I'll have to wait until the end to decide but there have been a lot of episodes I really like.

I like the episodes more character-focus, however I don't want it to take over the show. I love the case-centric episodes even more and I think it's a good mix. The Reaper story arc was enjoyable however I didn't like the switching of Morgan/Hotch. Yes, it was a good showcase for Mr. Moore for his acting talent but it did little in the long run.

I liked the episodes that made my jaw drop, or had to turn my eyes (The eyes have it/ Risky Business) or get me thinking (Cradle to the Grave). I like how the cases are different then the usual homicides/arsons.

Speaking on behalf of my significant other, He stopped watching the show because he felt that particular story arc was to long. He lost interest. However I'm trying to get him back into it ;)

Final thoughts for the second half, mix it more up between cases and character, keep up the awesome work, give us more action on the characters who we don't know a lot about (Prentiss/JJ and I'll even put Rossi in there) and last but not least keep up the awesome work!

RMF said...

Halfway through? Already?

I like the new emphasis on character. They've always been good character writers, although I've never seen them given credit for it, which is sort of paradoxical for a show about human behavior. I like the Hotch arc a lot, because Hotch is just plain interesting enough to support an extended story, and they're also using the opportunity to reflect on team dynamics and how the other characters respond to the tragedy. I suppose if you are invested in one-offs it would drive you nuts, but I think it's more realistic that things aren't All Better Now after just a couple angsty episodes. The crime of the week plots haven't always grabbed me, though. I wouldn't correlate that with the new focus on character, but probably with the reduction in writing staff that puts more pressure on the remaining members.

miss anthrope said...

Reid needs a haircut but other than that it has been great. The Uncanny Valley is probably my favorite so far.

Kirsten said...

I've been so pleasantly surprised by the 5th Season after the worry over lost writers. I've laughed, I've cried and been kept on the edge of my seat at times. Given the physical limitations of some of our actors, great job everyone involved w/ CM's delivery!!!

I really respect the attempts at some new ideas even though I've enjoyed some better than others. I have loved the emphasis on character and a longer story arc to see greater development. Although I'll be accused of being biased (and partly true) with the attention on Hotch's character, I also realize that an important part of the success of the Reaper arc was the inclusion of the rest of the TEAM in exploring their reactions to the angst; nobody was left out.
Add me to the list of fans who are relieved that the residual effects continue (which is more realistic), although I'd like a bit more reference to them, if only in subtle hints. In particular, I'm interested in learning HOW Hotch is healing... is he seeking professional help or going it alone or ??? And Jack time is always a winner! ;)

Fave epi? Hands down, '100'. This was an incredible episode deserving of an Emmy for all involved but TG in particular since he has been so underrated for so long and his performance was so moving that I still have trouble re-watching the epi.

Moving forward, I'm looking to some solid cases (like the Uncanny Valley with all of its cool little details), the famous & witty plane scenes and more team interaction independent of the cases.
I'm still waiting (patiently... for the promised Hotch backstory, and would also like to learn more about Rossi & Prentiss. And since I'm already pushing my luck, how about some Hotch smiles and some more time for our kick-butt ladies??! :)

Most importantly, I'm just so happy that we have all our cast back on their respective feet and can't wait for the next 1/2 of the season and beyond! Go CM Go!

Jen said...

I've really enjoyed the season. One of the things that stands out is that even though I don't remember the last time an episode actually surprised me, the stories are so gripping that i don't care. Kudos to the writers for focusing on the dramatic elements and character-building rather than trying (and likely falling flat) to keep the audience surprised. there's nothing worse than a big reveal that everyone had already guessed.

I think the Hotch drama has been well played out, and not *too* invasive. I was starting to get a little tired of it, but it's been less dominant over the last few episodes, so I don't feel as fatigued by it. I enjoyed it, but it was getting time for a break from the angst.

I'm also ready to see some Emily development, and I hope hope hope that Hotch meant it about bringing Garcia along in the field more often. It's fun to watch her interact with something besides a computer.

Uncanny Valley is one of the creepiest things I have ever watched. That is going to haunt me for years. Episodes like that, where the entire situation is so sad and the unsub so sympathetic makes for an incredible story. Although, i'm also ready for another baddie that i can really hate. There haven't been many slimeballs this season that I was truly glad to see brought to justice. Most of the unsubs have seemed more misguided or disturbed than truly detestable. I'm hoping that we'll see another good villain soon.

Debbie said...

I have enjoyed this season very much - more than season 4. The plots this year seem to be stronger - more substantial. Last season was way too gory - this season is more emotionally and intellectually satisfying - at least for me! I'm glad we're going in this direction rather than going for the easy stuff (gore/shock).

Anonymous said...

Well, I liked this half of 5th season but for me, it is not the best one . However,I regret that a great part was mainly focused on Hotch.
Of course, the 100th was moving but please, there are 6 others characters who are as much interesting as the boss!

I can't wait the second part!

Mahële said...

It was not a bad season, of course.
But it's really not my favorite season either.

Team and case centric episodes are my favorite kind, and I missed them a lot this season.

I enjoyed the temporary role reversal between Hotch and Morgan, it was interesting and Morgan was extremely competent and devoted.
He would make an awesome team leader.
I'm also really glad to see Hotch back in charge, but it was great to see Morgan having a story line.

I was disappointed by a couple of episodes in the beginning of this season, but I have hope for the second half of this season.

Shadow said...

There is another reason aside from personal distaste why I don’t like longer story arcs:

I live in a European country that is kind of a secondary market for US TV shows. They air here with one or more years delay in synchronized and censored (butchered to the degree of losing some of their meaning) versions. Some episodes deemed “inappropriate” won’t be shown at all or, if we’re lucky and after some fan protest, months later completely out of context sometime during the night like it happened with 3 episodes from season 2.

Also, episodes are often shown in the wrong order, like Fear and Loathing with Reid’s flashbacks aired before Revelations. The episodes being shown in the wrong order doesn’t matter that much if each episode is a stand-alone, but with longer and complex story arcs it can get very confusing and annoying. I already dread that The Slave of Duty might air sometime between Faceless, Nameless and 100 and that 100 might not be shown at all or badly censored in the part where Hotch kills Foyet. Also the part where Morgan is temporary boss might be completely incomprehensible if shown out of context.

In the past I have ditched a few series that I didn’t follow directly on CBS but only on my country’s TV when the “customized” version for my country stopped making sense due to confusing story arcs. Now I have no idea if it hurts/affects a series’ business back in the US in any way when secondary markets abroad suffer because of issues like that, but if it does, then maybe it’s worth giving a thought.

Theresa said...

I think this season is amazing! The storylines are brilliantly written & the acting superb! I look forward to future episodes!

Becky said...

Season 5 is definitely the best yet! Love the focus on Hotch; his character is so strong and Thomas Gibson brings so much to him! Didn't like Morgan as Unit Chief at all so glad things back to normal. More Garcia please!

Anonymous said...

I've been a bit disappointed this season. The Foyet arc lasted too long for me. I would have preferred if it were half as long but have the episodes concentrate more on trying to locate Foyet. The last 3 episodes have been great though so I'm looking forward to more.


MKT said...

The quality of Season 5 speaks for itself: superb! We've reached a point where all the actors are comfortable in their characters and the writers can take it up a notch. Love the concept of using a story focussed on the Unit Chief to explore all the characters; a great cookie to the weekly viewer.

Disappointed in the constant errors in continuity like with Emily's universities. Maybe that's why we haven't had Hotch's yet? Hopefully the writers will sort out all the team's backgrounds and we get to learn more about each of them (Rossi, Hotch).

Have to say how I've loved Hotch and T Gibson has been just so good! Please tell us how we can get him and the show some awards.

Anonymous said...

I love Criminal Minds and Season 5 is no different. I can watch the same episode and be fascinated. I look forward to Wednesdays for my favorite show!

Kaja said...

I love CM show, although I must say that I was tired of Foyet - but thanks to episode '100' and fantastic performence T. Gibson this filling has gone away. And I agree with most of You, I want more Rossi's and Emily's stories, and maybe little more focus on the case than on the team.
I am already looking forward for episode directed by Matthew ;)

Elisabeth Rousset said...

This season is good but not great.

I didn't really enjoy the Hotch/Foyet story arc.
The idea in itself was good, but we should have seen the whole team more implicated since the beginning, and not just in '100'.
Instead Hotch acted the part of the lonely hero for quite a while.

'100' was still a really good episode though.

I found 'The Uncanny Valley' and 'Risky Business' marvelous.
I was positively delighted to see Reid more and now that Matthew has recovered I hope it'll stay that way.

Anonymous said...


I wouldn't write that I've enjoyed the first part of season 5, because of two things :
1) too much focused on Hotch backstory (at the point where I can't stand this character anymore right I see him on my tv screen!)
2) Derek Morgan like Unit Chief was an unreasonnable idea. This guy acts like a Maverick the most part of time, and is unable to obey to orders of his superiors.
So, how can he be a leader?!

I'd like to kno more about Emily, JJ, Garcia and even Rossi so, I hope the second part will answer to some questions about them...

Jessica said...

Disagree that Hotch got backstory. The Foyet arc was not backstory, just story and all characters got time on tv even if it wasn't about them. TG was excellent; love his acting! Season 5 is great.

gubegirl said...

What backstory of Hotch during the Reaper wrath? Zero! Zippo! Nada! unless you are counting the tidbits they mentioned during the epi: how they met when she was in drama, etc. all throwback to things said during seaon 1 when he found a mask while cleaning his garage. Or are you referencing the fact that they were separated/divorced, which actually took place in season 3 (I think "Damaged" where they played the "Fallin' Apart-Barely Breathin'" song by Lifehouse) when he was served with divorce papers. But "backstory" to me means something that took place PRIOR to the filming of a show that gives you insight/understanding of a particular character - am I wrong?

Altho' Reid and Morgan are my favorites, in a million years could I ever imagine not marveling at TG's acting ability and loving him for the intense but quietly strong character that he portrays.Never will I tire of seeing that face on my TV screen.

The Morgan in temp position as Unit Chief: perfect way for the bureau to ascertain his abilities/strengths in this area: so very credible in my book (as a former human resource professional - EXACTLY what we would do to test the maangerial abilities of an employee prior to promoting them) I thought this was exceptionally good writing because it was insightful and real.

Anyway, that's my take on these recent comments, for what it's worth. How about the rest of you?

Sorry to not have gotten even a rerun last nite - so-o-o looking fwd to next wk!

Dawn said...

I'm loving season 5 and the focus on Hotch. Althought I might like all the characters the one that really gets my attention and keep me watching every week is Hotch. 100 was such a good episode, I did rewatched it last night, no new or even a CM rerun, and I was still amazed at Thomas Gibson acting. He got me crying, again, when Hotch was talking to Haley. What a powerful scene! Another favorite was Faceless, Nameless. The whole scenes with Foyet and Hotch was scary, it hurt watching Hotch get stabbed. Poor Reid getting shot. Uncanny Valley was good too so was Haunted and Outfoxed.

I hope we will get the promised backstory on Hotch soon and more Emily.


CheetoBreath said...

Woops, I'm a bit late to the party but here are my belated $0.02 if anyone still reads this. LOL.

Season 5 has been great! Can't say I've loved all the episodes equally, but in each episode there is at least one "cool" or touching moment. I really can't say that about the other crime dramas like CSI or NCIS. Especially CSI: Miami, which sucks worse than a 10-year-old vacuum cleaner about to bite the dust. Especially that dude who plays Horatio whose name escapes me; he really needs to take notes from Thomas Gibson. The constant posing (at least in the earlier episodes - I've stopped watching for a long time), I would assume, is to achieve a "look cool" or "look pensive" moment but all it comes across to me is "look like a douchebag" moment. Please take lessons from TG who somehow can manage to look cool, pensive, and ultimate G-man all at the same time. LOL. Anyway, back to Criminal Minds, sorry.

In the beginning of the season I was a little afraid they were possibly working towards a Hotch-Prentiss hookup which I did not like at all. IMHO, main characters romancing/boinking each other are fine when that is part of the premise of the show (like in Bones) or if they poke fun of themselves because of that (also Bones). But when a show that is built on some other topic/premise starts having main characters boinking one another, to me it is often a sign that the creative juices are running out. The show turns into an injured racehorse that limps about on 2 or 3 legs until the Execs have to come and put it out of its misery. Poor horsie. Case in point: Battlestar Galactica. Totally freaking awesome show. Until all the soap opera horsecrap. Gaius and #6 were from the beginning of the show so that doesn't count, those two were cool. But then it started with Apollo and Dualla and went downhill from there. Umm, I tuned in for the scifi, not for "As the Spaceship Turns". LOL.

I like a mixture of one-off episodes and episodes that contain a story arc. I've really enjoyed the Reaper and Hotch story arcs. My favorite episode of the season (and of all the seasons) is "100". So well written, so well acted, so cool, so slick - like buttah, yet so so heartbreaking. :( Poor Hotch. The other standout episode of the season (indeed, among all the other seasons as well) for me was "The Uncanny Valley". Considering there was so little Hotch/TG in it, I hope Mr. Frazier knows what an amazing feat it is for it to be so high up on my favorites list!!! LOL. The only thing on my wishlist is to see Hotch lighten up eventually. Poor guy has been through the wringer. Do you guys ever wonder if Thomas Gibson's facial muscles hurt at the end of the day after frowning so much? LOL.

This is Hotch >:-|
And this is Reid when he wears his glasses 8-)

OK, so you guys know how much I ♥ my Hotchy-pooh and Thomas Gibson, but really with all that time with his brows knitted together he is becoming reminiscent of Bert:

Except, of course, Thomas Gibson does NOT have a bulbous nose. . . . nor is he made out of foam. . . . or have such an oddly shaped head . . . and such crazy hair . . . . LOL.

Seriously though, if this show, writers, and TG do not get an Emmy this year, or at least nominated for an Emmy, then I will be so disappointed. But that is one of the things I admire about this cast and crew. For five years they have consistently put out excellent work, not for the limelight, but just to do their best and please their fans. How awesome is that?!??!!! You get a Cheeto award from me!!!

Dear Dude who plays Horatio,

Sorry I was so harsh on you. Pay no mind to me, I am just a big meanie.


CheetoBreath said...

Woops, I guess that was a bit longer than just $0.02. More like $0.75. Sorry for my rambling. I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. LOL. =P

Anonymous said...

Unlike most of you this has been my least favorite season so far. As one who turns on her set to see Dr. Reid in action, the fact that he has barely been a blip on the radar for the first half of the season just hasn't made me love it at all. I loved Uncanny Valley because we FINALLY got to see some Reid (God bless your Breen).

I didn't like Morgan at all in the role of unit chief, he seemed very stiff in the part to me.

That being said, no one could say that 100 was not the most amazing and compelling episode ever. No doubt an Emmy worthy episode.

I'm holding out more hope for the second half that perhaps the writers will give us a little more Reid (I'm not saying Reidcentric, just to have him involved a little). I just missed him so much the team just didn't seem right without him.

Penny said...

I can't say which season I like best yet since I only started watching CM last year but I wouldn't miss an episode since I get to see TG in action! I have fallen for our charming, strong silent Chief so like his epis the most. "100" made me bawl and I hope the show and thomas get an emmy. The rest of the cast is good too so can't wait for the rest of the season.

Christine said...

I am new CM recruit, but have purchased the previous seasons to be able to follow the team from the beginning. It must be difficult to continue writing episodes that will maybe top the previous season, but this season already has remarkable shows,like the 100th episode, just couldn't be better written, directed and acted. That episode set the bar high for all the crew. In the subsequent episodes, there were memorable moments already multiplying, one example, the very touching exchange between JJ and Hotch at the end in the episode, I believe, is "Risky Business." Moved me to tears with there sharing of losing a loved one. All the actors are superb, but, Mr. Gibson, your "Hotch" should garner an emmy nomination, as should the show. You deserved the Golden Globe for "Dharma and Greg" a very underappreciated comedy, and if the EMMY "Brass" ignore CM, which is now a ratings giant, then they need to revamp their nomination protocol and start to take notice of what TV viewers are watching!

Anonymous said...

So far for me season 5 has been disappointing (especially the first episodes of the season). The last few episodes have been far better. For me the best episode has be Retaliation (100 while well acted was too predictable). I am interested to see what they have planned for the remaining episodes.

Andrea said...

The 5th season is for me by far the best. I cannot think at all how the individual characters have developed very much. Because I am an absolute fan of Thomas Gibson/Aaron Hotchner, I only can say, hardly outbid, fantastically, excellently... This impressive performance earns for Emmy! The heart and the soul of CM is Hotch.
Since "Omnivore" I have trembled around him and suffered with him, I think I am not alone here. I want happier times for him and his little son now and for me as a fan great film sequences. - And a big request still: please, don't let worry the fan community at the final of 5th season again about Hotch. If HE leaves, CM also dies!
Many thanks Ed Bernero, I am pleased about the success of CM.
Kind greetings from Germany

Anonymous said...

Love the focus on Hotch (Thomas Gibson). As the leader, he should get the same billing and treatment as did Gideon. Gibson has the talent to carry it and has proved that with his performance. Love the scenes between Hotch and Prentiss and would like to see more of them. Season 5 has been great; however I didn't care very much for The Performer.

Anonymous said...

Season five has been utterly-
FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love how they're also focousing abit more on the every episode characters.
I am sooo peeved, I didn't get to see '100', I just saw the end D':
anyways, I absoutly love it, espically the uncanny Valley, I watch it on Rogers on demand, like 24\7, best damn thing ever!

Kim said...

So far this season, I have loved every episode of CM. The cast is excellent in all of the shows. I especially cannot wait for the directoral debut of Matthew Gray Gubler. I know it will be awesome. The show mixes drama with a little comedy and I like that. Keep up the great work you guys. All of you.

Jenn Brown said...

I have enjoyed every episode of criminal minds I feel like I know the BAU team. Season 5 has been great as well.

SAHNTEL said...


Sierra said...

This is the best season so far! I think all the actors have really developed their characters, especially Hotch and Rossi. My two fave hotties I think the scripts have shown improvement and "100" and the "The Uncanny Valley" are my two top faves so far. I think the acting as well as the script tied up that cliffhanger quite nicely.

Anonymous said...

I’ve loved season 5 so far, granted the intensity of the episodes have certainly stepped up from prior seasons but overall every episode has been awesome, storylines have been amazing and I absolutely loved the development of Hotch’s character, in my opinion CM has gone from strength to strength and what’s more the characters have gone from strength to strength.

“100” was the most amazing piece of television that I have seen and I have to give Thomas Gibson all the adulation for this, I know the rest of the cast, writers, directors, editors etc. all made it happen but Thomas Gibson’s amazing performance was absolutely the stand out for me.

I’ve watched and re-watched every season of Criminal Minds and love them all, although the character development & Hotch storylines have edged season 5 up just that little bit for me. I can honestly say that until season 5 I didn’t have favourites in the context of characters, the best thing for me with CM is that the entire cast work so well together & are so dynamic on screen that I love them all, even Rossi has won me over, but this season Thomas Gibson is the absolute stand out for me and has me hunting down everything he has ever done, he is such an amazing and consistent actor that he has had me in awe of his performances(not that he didn't before).

The biggest thing for me is the consistently high standard of the show, and I agree with CheetoBreath comment that what’s nice about this is that it has all be done for the love of the show & the fans and not for the awards, this said if CM & Thomas Gibson don’t get Emmys or nominations this year I would be shocked & I can finally say this process is truly flawed.

If a show grabs you enough that you hang out all week to watch it and you go to any lengths not to miss a single episode, if you can watch it and re-watch it and still love it then I think it has made it, for me this is Criminal Minds and no other crime show holds a candle to it … my thanks go out to each and every person involved with this show for bring us a masterpiece each week … I’m not from the US and you have me following you from the other side of the world …love the show love the cast and a huge thank you from me.

To the wonderful, awesome cast of Criminal Minds you are absolutely the best 

ps. CheetoBreath .. I second your comments you had me laughing on the Horatio comment, I gave up watching CSI Miami after the first couple of episodes, I used to sit there and count how many times he took off his glasses!! … Not sure if he still does that but agree he definitely needs to take a leaf or two from TG’s book