Saturday, March 15, 2008


Criminal Minds: Please use this thread for the discussion of Criminal Minds "Identity" starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Paget Brewster, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook and Kirsten Vangsness.


Anonymous said...

This episode hasn't aired yet but I know I will love it since I love all the episodes this season!But if the writers are reading this then please give more backstory on all the characters and what kind of people they are! I would like to see some more personal involvement, just enough not to take away from the professionals they are!More insight into Hotch,Dave, JJ, Morgan, Garcia, Emily,Spencer's lives would be awesome!And some more hot stuff between the characters! I vote for JJ and Reid to hook up and get married!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to watching it in just a few hours!

Anonymous said...

I like this pattern of opening episodes with Reid rambling. It's cute.

Anonymous said...

That was cute but I loved them snooping in his office and getting caught. They were so wrong about the beige walls. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

Well they popped Mantegna's quote cherry and gave him his first CM quote.

Anonymous said...

Reid is catching on to Rossi. I loved how he asked why Rossi had glossed over the one case in his books. Reid is so smart.

Anonymous said...

Prentiss is really good in this one. She is really profiling at her best. Love it so far. I am seeing lots of team work in this one. Reid is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks that taking hte talk between Hotch and Rossi about Goren out of context could result in some seriously funny moments? I like the whole team so far. They're working so well.

Anonymous said...

One freakin sick unsub. This is a creepy story. Talk about women victims. This one has them stacked up. The team is doing great together but Rossi seems to be taking the leader. Hotch is pretty quiet tonight.

Anonymous said...

Loved Morgan telling Rossi that he is relentless and will figure out why Rossi came back. They all want to know what Rossi's story is. I don't understand why he doesn't just tell them.

Anonymous said...

How awesome is Morgan? Loved that last line. Rossi is in fact starting to grow on me. Again much like a fungus. He did well in tonight's episode bouncing ideas off Hotch. But he was real mean to Morgan and Reid and that kinda irked me. Reid was sweet and cute and i just adored him and all his ramblings. Prentiss was in her element with her profiling, loved her. JJ was out in the feild which was kinda cool. Garcia so didn't have enough air time. Factoring everything together I give it an 8.9. Pretty damn good.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Rossi knows how to make nice with people. He seems competent with the cases but not with how to get along with his co-workers. I agree that he was mean to Reid tonight.

The story didn't do much for me but it was a good episode. B+

Raphael0877 said...

Very good teamwork this episode. Rossi seems to be trying more to fit in more. At least he stopped calling Reid "Dr. "Loved the "profiling" of his office - they looked like kids getting caught raiding the cookie jar.

Interesting take on the whole militia/Ruby Ridge stuff; seems Rossi has more backstory than it appears. And I absolutely loved Morgan and JJ in the bar - only Morgan could've pulled that off; good drama and wonderful dialog.

Woulda liked more Garcia, but I know she's going to the focus of the next episodes, so I can wait.

Anonymous said...

Somebody called Reid a pipecleaner with eyes...OMG SO FREAKING FUNNY!!! Also the comment about how he wears his gun, I mention that every week so I was glad someone touched on it.

The "roleplay" between Rossi and Hotch could have really made my day had it been between Reid and Hotch instead. Fan-ficers start your engines!!!

It was an okay episode. Not my favorite but not bad. The kid Henry, he was on the 4400 and I was ready for him to go from that show so I wasn't thrilled to see him move on to my other favorite. :(


Anonymous said...

Liked it. Rossi is blending better in this one than the last one. I wish he would try to be nicer but Morgan is so going to nail his backstory for us. Go Morgan baby.

Anonymous said...

I'm really, really sick of Rossi already.

And where did Reid and JJ disappear to?

dearlydead said...

Several really good scenes.
Loved Rossi catching Morgan, Reid and Emily checking out his office.

Bar scene, good job Shemar.

Reid, a pipecleaner with eyes. LMAO!

Hotch and Rossi profiling, another good scene.


P.S. Thank you, Shemar!

Anonymous said...

wow finally they have group team vibe again. so loved the beginning when they gained up to profile Rossi. he so need to get the message that he rubed everyone the WRONG WAY.
love Reid little ramble that was so cute!!
i like Morgan's line at the end he so knows that Rossi is trying to blow smoke about why he is really there.
Rossi still sending the vibe that he is not going to be there long. HALLELUJAH!!!
one more thing i feel sorry for Garcia she had to watch all of that psycho's ramblings and torcher. oh and she not on there enough.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Rossi. He doesn't bother me as much as I thought he would. But I really thought he would bother me so that might not be saying much. I get sick of the constant back story comments they make about him. Also, I have never been a J.M. fan. I can't tell if it just his accent or if he really and truly can not deliver lines. He just isn't a favorite for me.


Anonymous said...

Rossi gets his first quote.

Why are they so fascinated with Rossi's past. They are usually so private about their own pasts. Is it because he is such a legend?

Reid was typically adorable and Garcia was sadly lacking.

The two unsubs were interesting. I felt sorry for the submissive one.

Good episode.

Anonymous said...

No other show blows up things as convincingly as CM. lol. The episode was good. It is going to take Rossi awhile to really fit in. Reid is intrigued with him and Rossi wants no part in it and blows him off too much but I think he just doesn't know what to make of Reid.

The case was creepy. When he "became" Goren it really got creepy.

Ruby Ridge????

Anonymous said...

Pipecleaner with eyes!

Thought I would wet myself laughing.

The episode was average. That's okay.

Anonymous said...

The episode was pretty good. I am still not enamored with the unsub being identified early in the episode. There was a side helping of social issues dealt with in the episode, such as racism, sexism and the role of the authorities. The interactions with the militia members were a bit tame compared to the reality. A bit hard to believe any one would cooperate with the FBI though.

The characters were pretty true and learning to get along with the new guy. Reid was questioning Rossi as he always did Gideon, and it remains to be seen how Rossi will take to the questioning.

It seems Rossi learns to play in the sandbox pretty quickly. He is pretty astute at figuring out how to fit in, even if he is acting. I am guessing he is using the team’s curiosity about his background to get them to help him with his unfinished business. Possibly without their knowing they are helping?

Pipe cleaner with eyes is a bit much of an insult for our boy Reid. And saying it twice is over the top. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

Oanh Ly writes very dark episodes with lots of torture. I like her style. The guest stars were fab in this one.

Anonymous said...

Things I liked:

The super snoopers in Rossi's office profiling him. Awesome scene and then they got caught. It is just the base coat. lol

The gas station lady was a loaded pistol.

The last victim was smart and trying to get him to personalize. She was smart.

Rossi is learning to play better with others.

Things I didn't like:

I'm already tired of Rossi's big secret. Tell us already and get it over with.

Reid is NOT a pipecleaner with eyes.

Not enought Hotch or Garcia.

Anonymous said...

I don't like knowing who the unsub is in the beginning of an episode. I am really not enjoying the episodes this season that are using that format. I liked everything else but the format just kind of ruins it for me. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Rossi is like the strange neighbor that all the neighborhood kids keep daring each other to get close his house. Curiosity overcomes fear and our "kids" venture into the scary house to find out the strange neighbors story. OK I'm over thinking this. lol

Anonymous said...

I am really eager to find out what this "unfinished business" is that Rossi is always talking about.

And Reid being called a pipe cleaner with eyes is one for the record books. I think I've heard it all now. :LOL

At first I didn't think it was a good idea to send Morgan into the bar. At first I thought, "What that's like throwing a piece of meat into a den of hungry lions!" When Morgan and JJ walked into the bar, the tension was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. But Morgan handled that situation very well.

Anonymous said...

Ruby Ridge has to do with a group of militia in Idaho and their distain for the government so why were these militia people willing to help the BAU under any circumstances? I found that part to be fairly farfetched. I had a couple of problems with this episode.

I love my man Morgan but he is so very private about his past and his personal life. Why has he made it his mission in life to dig around into Rossi's past and why are they making such a big deal out of Rossi's past? I'm not invested in his present yet let alone his past. I thought he was less irritating this episode.

Garcia we missed you! :(

Anonymous said...

Morgan and Prentiss were really sharp tacks tonight. They were very ontop with the profiling. I loved it.

Anonymous said...

What exactly was Reid contouring to produce a topographic map? Any ideas as to exactly how topo mapping is used in profiling?

Anonymous said...

Excellent episode!

Rossi seems to be finding his way.

And I like the way Reid and Rossi are seems real. Think about it. If you were Rossi walking into this group and were faced with Reid, how would you react? Rossi's a seasoned FBI agent with a peculiar, eager young pup on his heels. Doesn't quite know yet how to take him or what to do with him.

Can't wait to see what happens next week!

Anonymous said...

Garcia having to watch the tapes was torture on her. Poor dear. She hates looking at a picture of a dead person and she had to watch all that footage.

The episode wasn't my cup of tea but it wasn't terrible. Maybe I will like it better on rewatch.

slashgirl said...

Loved the scene with Morgan, Prentiss and Reid in Rossi's office--and I like how he handled it. Although...*sigh* Rossi says he's 52, yet his badge, which I pointed out last week (the one with retired stamped on it) has J. Edgar Hoover's signature on it--which means that if Rossi joined in 72 before Hoover died? He would've been 17. I know that currently, you have to be 23--but I somehow doubt the entrance age was EVER 17. Unless we have yet another child genius on our hands who got special dispensation to join young. *remove tongue from cheek*

*headdesk* I should give up, but my brain refuses to stop noticing these things...oh, well.

Reid geeking out on Morgan, Morgan gets up, Reid asks where he's going "To get the last 5 minutes of my life back." Heh.

Rossi seems to be getting the team concept much better in this ep, which was nice to see.

Hotch knowing what Reid was doing and Prentiss didn't...heh. Hmm, maybe Hotch IS a genius too.

JJ trying to make phone calls and getting hung up one. Both Reid and Rossi telling her to drop the FBI part.

Garcia's comment about the government specialising in redundancy. That's true up here, too.

Rossi was at Ruby Ridge; he doesn't respond when Reid tries to talk to him about it, but does a little bit with Morgan at the end.

Rossi sending Morgan (and Hotch sending JJ with him) to the bar to talk to the militia guys--very interesting.

Oh, yes, Hotch actually took off his jacket tonight, out at Goehring's place. *dies of shock*

Finding the torture implements--Pear of Anguish (more info if you want it: ) I figured out what it was used for on the woman right away, as did Prentiss.

I figured out that the unsubs were gay (okay so it was just one, for sure) about a commercial break before Prentiss and the team did...being a slasher pays

Nice Em and Garcia moment and poor Garcia having to watch the tapes.

Hotch and Reid discussing dominance and submission...Oh, my little slashy heart leapt with glee.

Turns out Frost was in love with I said, called that one.

The woman at the gas station who had the shotgun--at least she was smart enough to not shoot.

Hotch and Rossi "role playing", kinda, the two unsubs. Really, CM writers? I do not be needing the slashy thoughts about those two...kthx?

Hotch decided to not be the sharp shooter tonight? Probably because he was unfamiliar with the terrain/weather. Loved their reactions when the sharp shooter was brought in. Heh.

Rossi and Morgan talking about Ruby Ridge and Waco at the end; Morgan asking why he came back, and Rossi saying "unfinished business" and Morgan telling him "I'm relentless".

Overall, other than the mind bending timeline issues (have they NOT learned ANYTHING??????) I thought it was a pretty good ep. I pretty much like Rossi. He's still a little pushy but I guess that's his style. I look forward to more.

Elizabeth Bear said...

My show! It's back!

I'm not in love with this one, but it's doing the echoey spirally thing I love, and there are great subtle and not so subtle bits throughout.

Anonymous said...

Anon. In regards to the topo map. Geographic profiling is done in different ways, depending on the type of area being examined. A simple profile uses a regular street map and by plotting known information,such as home address, work address,and other pertinent locations the area where the criminal is likely to act is calculated.

A more complex one also considers elevation and terrain, because where a criminal chooses to act might depend on the need to post a lookout for example. Math can be used in all of it, but it is often not that complex. There are a lot of military applications used to locate the enemy's hiding place.

Hope this helps. You can put "geographic profiling" in google and you can read more.

Anonymous said...

This was a really creepy episode!

Google *Pear of Anguish* - ew!! I loved the look on Prentiss' face when Reid told her what she was holding! I'd have dropped it like a hot potato!

Rossi is learning pretty quickly to share his thoughts and I loved the scene where he and Hotch are role playing as the unsubs! It was great.

We learned that Rossi was at Ruby Ridge, which is the case he didn't write about in his books. I still didn't like that he tried to brush off Reid, but we all have a soft spot for our boy.

I loved that Morgan, Prentiss and Reid got caught in Rossi's office. Just how long had he been there listening to him? He seemed to get jibes off on everything they said! But hello! Leaving an original 15th century piece of art that cost more than his first house laying around in his office!! I guess he doesn't have to worry about theft at the FBI. lol!

And Reid, at the beginning, rambling about how long it took to build the Death Star in Star Wars, and Morgan telling him that he wanted the last 5 minutes of his life back. Too funny!

This was a creepy episode, and like a lot of you, I like to see the unsub at the end, but in this one, I think they needed to be shown all the way through because of how the second unsub unravelled and tried to become his mentor. Very interesting.

Another great episode! Go writers! I hope your demands are met and you are back doing the fantastic job you always do--maybe an episode about a labor strike??

Anonymous said...

I liked the little comedic moments as well Lori. There were quite a few in this episode. I think Rossi is boring but getting to be bearable. :)

Anonymous said...

"pipe cleaner with eyes"

This is sure to become a classic CM quote. Loved it. I truly got into this episode. Female victims with brains but still victims like in real life.

Prentiss was dynamite tonight. So awesome how she handled the profile and interrogation of the ex-wife. I was impressed.

Anonymous said...

I liked the opening scene so much. They were like kids searching in their parents private closet. When he caught them it was precious.

I thought the unsubs were terrific and the story was chilling and intense. I am not a fan of the new tell in the beginning format but it was nec in this one so you could understand why he became Goren. I thought those scenes were great.

The scene with Morgan and J.J. in the bar was really intense and incredibly well acted. A.J. is so great and so under used. Whenever she is in a scene I am thrilled about it.

It was a good CM night. I hope our writers are okay. I am looking forward to next week.

melz said...

twas pretty great, in my opinion.
loved Reid as the star wars geek [and pipecleaner with eyes! lol!], Morgan as the minority working for the man, and the three of them profiling Rossi's office.
would like more Garcia & Hotch, plz ^^
u guys are great for explanations! wow! i too would like some more background info on our characters. and i think Rossi is starting to fit in better, but i still SERIOUSLY miss Gideon T_T

[& no. JJ & Reid should not be an item. just no, plz T__T]

Anonymous said...

Liked it.

Anonymous said...

i like this one alot. can,t waite tell next week.

Anonymous said...

For anyone that was confused with Reid's map, and also watch Numb3rs, it is EXACTLY what Charile does in the pilot to help Don find his rapist. (And ironically the same math I used in my Numb3rs/CM crossover....go figure :) )

Again, loved it. I'm really liking Rossi personally. And I think the "unfinished business" line will probably be droped for a while now. I'm betting (and this is assuming we have a full season) that it will be dealt with in the season finale. Then when season 4 starts, Rossi will have dealt with it but decides to stay.

Loved it; great plot line we haven't seen yet. And the pipecleaner with eyes line will forever be remembered. I want to know which writer thought of that. Did they just see Matthew standing around one day and were like "Oh! Oh! I got a line we need to use?" LOL

Anonymous said...

This was a great ep. Creepy plot line, lots of "fun" moments, lots of "dark" moments, our typically great CM guys and gals at their best.

Rossi is growing on me. He's trying to fit in betten than he did in the beginning. I loved how he handled the three little kiddies snooping around his office, especially the part about the base coat and the painters coming next week. Classic.

Morgan shone for me this ep too. The way he handled himself in the bar, the way he talked to JJ trying to be there for her, was sweet. I liked his quote at the end about being relentless, even though I am intrigued because of how private Morgan keeps his own personal lfe. But I think this case affected Morgan too with the facing of racist comments, how the man at the bar said that nobody cared about his kind or him, etc. I just wanted to hug him.

Pipe cleaner with eyes...that doesn't require any additional thought. That is pee-worthy in humor.

I felt badly for Garcia when she was talking to Emily. She was really affected by those videos, and it showed in her voice and look. Emily felt bad for her too.

Lots of great scenes in this one. Now I can't wait for the next two eps, I've been waiting like....all season for these!

Tom Bryant said...

Ruby Ridge is an interesting and sad story that is a part of the FBI mind set. They accurately showed the militia and how they would react.

Some great scenes like where Rossi let Spencer talk to the militia guy first and then played the bad cop to get what he wanted.

Kirsten said...

Another great episode. Not enough Reid and Garcia, but when is there ever enough Reid and Garcia? I loved the team profiling Rossi's office, Reid's rambling on about the Deathstar ( Geek Alert!), and the eeire way Rossi and Hotch role play the relationship of the unsubs. Less said about the torture devices, the better.

Anonymous said...

I could have lived a lifetime without knowing what a “pear of anguish” is. Jeez. I think Garcia and I share the same eek meter.

This was a solid episode. Great case if you like the dark side of life. I am kidding. It really was an interesting case.

Rossi catching them in his office and then putting them in their place was fun to watch.

Reid is trying so hard to connect with Ross. Pipe cleaner with eyes was too funny! Loved it.

I have mixed feelings about knowing who the unsub is in the beginning of an episode. Sometimes, like last night, it is completely necessary. The story would not have worked and we would have missed the pathology of the dominant/submissive relationship the unsubs had which was fascinating.

I really liked the episode. A.

Anonymous said...

NOt enough JJ in my opinion!! I feel like they are putting her on the baack burner I sure hope she gets a episode soon!!!

Anonymous said...

So Rossi's past is obviously going to be a big part of this season. Wow another FBI agent with a tortured past reminds me of Gideon but maybe that is just me. I expect we will learn more about Rossi and the Galen family in upcoming episodes. We had all better brush up on Ruby Ridge. It has been mentioned in both of Rossi's episodes. I remember bits of it. Time to hit google. lol. Good episode last night.

Anonymous said...

I still find Rossi to be too aloof for my taste but I felt that way about Prentiss when she joined and now she is an integrated member of the team and I adore her. I loved that she reached out to Garcia by asking her if she was alright when she was watching the tapes and then told her she was sorry when Garcia said she was not okay. That is a level of caring and sympathy that developed with Prentiss over time. I think the same thing will happen with Rossi. He is new to this team. He doesn't know or understand them as people and fellow agents yet. I think that when he does he will value them like Prentiss does now. Between Reid's genuis and Morgan's persistance I think they will have a handle on what makes Rossi tick in no time at all.

Anonymous said...

While I found Hotch scenes to be few and far between in my opinion, I did think that he was allowing Rossi to think off of him when it came to the sub/dom portion. It reminded me of how Gideon and Hotch would bounce off of each other. I think that is a good sign.

I would like more JJ and more Hotch and before we delve too deep into Rossi's past could we please know more about the pasts of our existing members. I really want some clarification on Hotch's backstory.

Anonymous said...

Garcia is headed for a large story arc but what about J.J.? She is such an important part of this team. Why is she so under used?

Anonymous said...

I thought it was an okay episode.

What drove me nuts was the moving around of the guns during scenes. Reids went from his front pointing at his crotch to being on his hip then right back to lets shoot my crotch off. (and yes everytime I see where he's got his gun, I want to say he really wants to become a girl).

JJ's went from the small of her back with the butt facing out to the right and then moving to her hip with the butt facing well her butt (In the bar).

The parts I couldn't get into was the whole deputizing the sharpshooter, that just seemed way out there and just a plot contrivance.

The points I do like are the subtle humor and taking care of each other. For example the whole profiling the office and getting caught. Emily asking if Garcia was ok from watching the video. Morgan trying to look out for JJ and well JJ shooting him down. The pipecleaner comment so true, especially when we're all like reid would you eat some food and gain some weight a strong wind would blow him over.

Rossi didn't grate as much this time out.

Anonymous said...

Loved them getting caught in Rossi's office. What I thought was really funny was Reid hanging out in the doorway at first, continiously looking over his shoulder. Then Morgan and Prentiss seem to get him to come in and give his opinion on the art. He's the one profiling when Rossi comes in. As someone else said, they seemed to look like kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar. I thought that Hotch was going to ask them all what was up when they went in to the conference room.

Loved Morgan in the bar and how he kept his composure. I also loved him telling JJ to keep her eye on the door. Loved the biceps too.

Morgan is relentless and that's one of the things I love about him. Can't wait to see him in the "Penelope" episode. He's going to be so protective.

Loved Reid's rambling. Our lovable Reid is back. I like the way they have him paired with Rossi, as he was always paired with what's his name.

I thought Rossi did better with bouncing ideas and theories off of Hotch.

Good episode

Anonymous said...

pipe cleaner with eyes......badly worn gun...and pear of anguish....all in one episode!

sent three calls to the voice mail without even looking at the phone as I got quite into this ep!

Anonymous said...

What anyone else waiting for Morgan to ask Reid how the heck did he know what a "pear of anguish" was? Exactly what kinds of books is Reid reading these days??
The look on Prentiss' face was priceless- You could tell she really wanted to drop it and wipe her hands on her shirt.

Anonymous said...

Prentiss definately wanted to wash her hands. She was great last night. Really good episode.

Anonymous said...

So, Rossi is a fast learner in that he already stopped his age-old habit of writing in a notebook and already can work so well with Hotch. Who needs Haley if Hotch already has someone who can finish his sentences for him? Rossi must have bionic ears if he can hear people quietly talking about him from another room. He's loosening up but Morgan still has his suspicions about him.
It's cute that Reid is trying to talk as fast as he can read! And then he gets insulted but there could be worse things to be called. At least he wasn't called a toothpick with hair.
The episode was a bit too gruesome for me because the women were tortured to death slowly. That's a bit much and poor Garcia had to watch the whole thing. Otherwise, it was a well-written, tightly paced show.

Anonymous said...

I loved the episode. Rossi is not that bad. Reid is so wonderful and so geekish in this one. Hero worship much??

Anonymous said...

Pscho creepy episode. LOVED IT!

Snooping in his office was a great touch. They were so caught and so squirmy.

Loved Morgan saying he is relentless because he is. He is the master of figuring it all out.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to re-watch it again tonight and try to catch all the little things I probably missed. It was so intense. I am so glad that the girl lived in the end.

srangerfan said...

I loved this episode. Last weeks not that much.

I liked Rossi a whole lot better in this episode. He just seemed overall more likable, he also wasn't so tensiony and 'I'm a BAU vet that knows everything.'

I especially loved the scenes when Reid, Morgan and Prentiss profiled Rossi's office; and the scene with Morgan and JJ at the bar.

With what lines AJ had, she commanded them as JJ (who was amazing with what scenes she had aswell.)

This episode takes my top episode spot. Knocking out 1x02 "Compulsion" until another comes along and does the same.

Anonymous said...

I like this one. It was a little different then the others this season but it was good. I laughed when the militia guy called Reid a pipe cleaner!

Anonymous said...

Love the pairing of Reid and Rossi working together on the case......Really love the opening fun. I am liking Rossi. I didn't see him as mean to Reid. Think he is a great addition. Only wish we could see more of him before scripts run out.

Anonymous said...

angelninjagirl and sherlockette:

Thanks for the replies. Helpful, but would really like to have more information as to precisely what Reid was contouring. I was taking care of a 5-month old and only got a glimpse when he was contouring the map. Any additional details will really be welcomed. Thanks in advance. -Rockspecialist

Anonymous said...

Topo map profiling takes the locations of where victims go missing to calculate a likely hunting ground, for both the authorities and the unsub. It also narrows down the location of where the unsub(s) live or work. When dealing with multiple crime scenes, the overlap of all the scenes is the hot zone. The map and profile is up dated at more information comes in, or new victims are found.
Specifically Reid was mapping where the girls went missing and comparing it with the unsub's home address to find a search area for the bodies. A criminal will usually "work" with in an area in which he or she is most comfortable and familiar. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Angel, thanks for the additional information. It is a little clearer now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love this ep. One of the best uses of teamwork and some good insights into Rossi's character. Loved Prentiss' reference to coloring books when Reid is doing high-level math in his head to scale down the map.


Rossi gogogo! they will start to love you too, one of these days! Look at Prentiss, she managed, and at the beginning she was not loved at all.
Reid you are always in my heart.