Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Currently portraying Aaron Hotchner on CBS's show "Criminal Minds".

Thomas Gibson is best known for his five years in the comedy series "Dharma & Greg." His additional television credits include a starring role in the CBS series "Chicago Hope," the movies "Raising Waylon," "The Inheritance" and "Brush with Fate," on CBS, "Tales of the City," "More Tales of the City," "Evil Never Dies," "A Will of Their Own" and "The Lost Empire," and the mini-series "Category 6: Day of Destruction," on CBS, and "The Kennedys of Massachusetts."

Gibson made his feature film debut with a starring role in the epic drama "Far and Away" and has since appeared in films such as "The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas," "Eyes Wide Shut," "The Age of Innocence," "Barcelona," "Love and Human Remains," "Sleep with Me," "Pyscho Beach Party," "Jack the Dog" and "Stardom."

He made his New York stage debut in "A Map of the World" at the New York Shakespeare Festival and worked on and off Broadway for more than 10 years in a wide variety of plays.

Gibson lives in Los Angeles.
HOMETOWN............... Charleston, SC
BIRTHDATE.................. July 3
Info from: touchstonetvpress.com


Anonymous said...

thomas is really wonderful. loved him in dharma and greg

Anonymous said...

He is wonderful. I adore him.

Anonymous said...

He was so good as Nyland on Chicago Hope.

Anonymous said...

He is a great actor and sweet eye candy.

Anonymous said...

Impressive bio

Anonymous said...

Thomas is a great actor. Very talented.

Anonymous said...

I think he shows lots of range to be able to portray such vastly different characters on tv. I really think he is very talented and he is also not hard to look at. What a handsome man! I am so glad that he is on CM.

Sigrid said...

He has a very impressive bio, and I really adored him in Dharma and Greg. He was actually the main reason I began watching CM, I saw him in the previews.

Sigrid #10

Anonymous said...

I am a Thomas Gibson fan so what can I say? He is a wonderful actor who can portray many different characters and who still surprises me every time I see him in a movie or show. He is also handsome and seems to be a nice person, wonderful husband and father. What else can one wish for? :D

I think Hotch should be allowed to smile more often.

Sabine #12

Anonymous said...

*drool* This guy rocks in everythign he does, and he's so grogeous!!! *sigh* And even though I can't stand Haley, I hope their marriage gets over this rockiness, because he's too sweet to go through a divorce!!!

Jemma #13

The Boss said...

Thomas Gibson is a fantastic actor, he plays the character of Hotch sooooooo well. Very easy on the eye which also helps!!!

Boss #6

JJ said...

He is a great actor.He has so amazing talant in everything he dose.
Jssica # 16

otontv said...

Love men in suits, so what can I say... ;-D
Saw him the first time on CM and then started watching Dharma & Greg, which is a great show, too.
Just love TG for being so multisided (and handsome).
CU sindee #15

Anonymous said...

this show made me fall in love with Thomas Gibson all over again. Hotch is most definitely my favorite character on CM.

jacqui #15